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Local Gifting Made Easy

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We all want to support small businesses but shopping for someone locally can be inconvenient and confusing. Not anymore. With the Buffalo Local Gift Card we have rolled up the power of many gift cards into one convenient solution. You can now give anyone the ultimate local gift with options they will love!

About Buffalo Local Gift Card

The Buffalo Local Gift Card is designed to promote and support local businesses in Buffalo.

Buying a Card that can only be spent at local businesses like Applebee’s Grill + Bar locks dollars into the area and works to introduce people to businesses they might not have tried before. It’s a win for consumers, small businesses, and the community!

Order A Family Meal To Go From A Restaurant Near You

Takeout a family meal for lunch or dinner near you today. Not in the mood to cook? We understand and are ready to prepare a delicious meal for you & your family to enjoy.

Try our handcrafted Cheeseburger Family Bundle and includes crunchy onion rings & fries or our Chicken Tenders Family Bundle and includes spinach & artichoke dip, tenders with honey mustard sauce, caesar salad and 4-cheese mac and cheese! See all our family meals from the Applebees restaurant nearest you.

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Viral Tiktok Sparks Debate About Restaurant In Buffalo

A now-deleted viral TikTok video has caused some controversy about a popular chain with several locations right here in Buffalo.

TikTok user @heavyprophet13, who has since turned his account private after going viral, filmed himself preparing a pasta dish at his job as a line cook at Applebees grill + bar. Since the users profile says they live in Buffalo, New York, one can presume that it was filmed at one of its seven Western New York locations.

We first see this behind-the-scenes chef dumping uncooked penne into a pot and bringing it to a boil. Then, when the pasta is done, he dumps it into a plastic container of some sort.

After that, he dumps a few ladles worth of what is presumed to be some sort of cheese sauce, transfers the sauced pasta onto a plate, and tops it off with three pieces of saucy-looking meat, crumbly bits of bacon, and some sort of green garnish .

After a thorough investigation , it can be concluded that the dish he is preparing is the four-cheese mac and cheese with honey pepper chicken tenders. The pasta dish, described on the menu as four-cheese penne mac and cheese topped with applewood smoked bacon and crispy chicken tenders, clocks in at a whopping 1,400 calories.

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