Beef Short Ribs Grilled Recipe

Roasted Red Pepper Polenta:

  • To fire-roast the red peppers, place them over a high flame on a stove-top burner and roast, turning occasionally, until the skins turn black on all sides. Place the peppers in a medium bowl, cover with plastic wrap and allow them to steam for 10 minutes. Peel away the blackened skins from the peppers. Cut away the stems and then seed, core and coarsely chop the peppers. Place them in a food processor and puree until smooth reserve to the side.
  • In a heavy bottom medium pot, bring 8 cups water, salt and the roasted red pepper puree to a boil. Add the stone-ground cornmeal in a gentle stream, whisking or stirring vigorously in the same direction as you pour it in. Reduce the heat to medium-low and simmer, stirring continuously for 2 to 3 minutes. Cook the polenta, stirring every few minutes and scraping the bottom of the pan to prevent from sticking for 35 to 40 minutes. When the polenta is thick, glossy and pulling away from the side of the pan, add the Pecorino Romano and butter, stirring quickly to incorporate. Pour the polenta into a medium serving dish and serve immediately.
  • Prep The Beef Short Ribs

    With any piece of barbecued meat, it pays dividends to invest a few minutes up front into preparing the meat for a long cook. With BBQ beef short ribs, theres typically not too much work to do, but lets cover some basics.

    First, check for any loose or dangling pieces of meat or fat. These are sometimes a byproduct of the butchering process, and can dry out or burn over the course of a long cook. No need to go crazy detailed on this, but if there are any obvious offenders simply remove them.

    Next, your short ribs may have a small fat cap on the top this is good, as it will help baste the meat during the cook and keep it from drying out. Give the fat a quick once over to check for any obviously uneven areas. Again, no need to be perfect here, but trim down any parts where the fat is super uneven. This will ensure that you dont get any cuts of your finished product with way more fat than meat.

    Lastly, the underside of your ribs may have a thick, white membrane over them. If you can, slide a butter knife under this membrane and using a paper towel for grip, peel it off. Just like with baby back ribs, this membrane wont render quite as well as the meat, and could lead to some tougher bites when all is said and done.

    How To Prepare Grilled Beef Galbi At Home

    Preparing galbi is as simple as marinating the Beef, throwing it on the grill for a quick sear on both sides, and cooking down the marinade into a dipping sauce.

    • Place the Beef Short Ribs in a plastic storage bag. In a small bowl, whisk the marinade ingredients together and pour them over the ribs. Massage the marinade into the ribs and place them in the fridge for at least 4 hours.
    • Grill the Ribs: Remove the ribs from the bag and grill the thin slices of Beef Short Rib on each side for about 4 minutes.
    • Boil the Marinade: In a small saucepan, boil the marinade until it reduces in half.
    • Serve the Galbi: Garnish the galbi with chopped green onions and a side of the sauce. Enjoy!

    Did you know? The safe internal temperature of Beef Short Ribs is 145°F. If youre unsure if your Beef is properly cooked through, enlist the help of an instant-read meat thermometer to double-check.

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    Time To Grill The Beef Ribs

    Place your beef ribs bone-side down on the grill opposite to the heat source if you have two burners and in the center if you have three.

    Allow ribs to cook undisturbed with the lid closed for 30 minutes. This keeps both heat and smoke inside the grill. Adjust your grill so the temperature stays between 200 and 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Grilling Boneless Ribs

    The method to grilling boneless short ribs, for example, is the same as for bone-in beef ribs. Apply your rub to all sides of the meat.

    Cook with indirect heat at 225 degrees Fahrenheit with your wood chunks and drip pan set up. Count on approximately four hours per pound for the ribs to be ready to eat.

    *Pro-tip Without the bone, you can grill a pound of boneless ribs for two hours or until it reaches a core temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and it is similar to a steak.

    Why Grill Short Ribs Like An Argentine


    The truth about these ribs are they are not for the faint of heart. These guys are for meat lovers. Short ribs are a fatty, tough cut of meat which is why they are traditionally braised for many hours. The Argentines push all of that aside though and grill them up for just a few minutes which results in a flavor-packed piece of meat which is very chewy, but in a good way.

    Its strange to say, but I think it brings out the carnivore in people. Its impossible to eat these without literally knawing on the bone, and most people dont even notice they are doing it. Its not something you would want to serve at a fine dinner, but man is it good.

    In Argentina when you order really anything at all, you are given a big bowl of chimichurri. As far as I can tell there are about a million different versions of chimichurri, but here is a pretty good one.

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    Grill Your Short Ribs To Medium Rare

    Now comes the fun part. Instead of set-it-and-forget-it slow-cooked ribs, this recipe requires about 10 minutes of hands-on grill time. Arrange your seasoned short ribs on the oiled grates, cover the grill, and cook, flipping the ribs every two minutes and then closing the grill again, until theyre golden brown on the outside and beautifully medium rare within.

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    Score Some Boneless Short Ribs

    Sure, bones add deep flavor when youre slow-cooking short ribs. But when youre sizzling them in a flash, its all about exposed surface area. When the robust direct heat of the grill meets the abundant fat in beef short ribs, youll get irresistibly crispy bits on the outside. Even better, the marbling means that the interior stays juicy after its hit with medium-high heat.

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    Beef Short Ribs Recipe

    • Prepare BBQ for indirect cooking, use a smoker or an indoor oven. Set the temperature of your BBQ kettle, pellet grill or smoker to 250f or your indoor oven to 302f .
    • For gas BBQ’s with 3 or more burners, set for indirect cooking at 356f .
    • Hood/lid/door will need to be closed for the entire cook whether you use a BBQ kettle, smoker, pellet grill, indoor or gas.
    • You can add 2-3 chunks of wood to a BBQ Kettle for a smoked flavour.

    3-4 bone-in trimmed beef short ribs Olive oil Enough 50/50 mix of beef stock/water, apple juice/olive oil or plain water to spray the ribs throughout the cook

    For the seasoning:1 tablespoon ground sweet paprika 2 teaspoons dry mustard powder3 teaspoons garlic powder1 teaspoon of light brown sugar1/2 teaspoon celery salt1 teaspoon black pepper1 teaspoon sea salt

    Triple the seasoning ingredients and place in a jar, store in the pantry for 2 months.


    Step one – Combine the sweet paprika, mustard powder, garlic powder, onion powder, celery salt, pepper and sea salt in a bowl. Set aside until needed.

    Step two – Trim ribs of excess fat and pat dry with paper towel.

    Step three – Cover the ribs entirely with olive oil and the rub seasoning. Refrigerate for 2 -4 hours if you have time. Allow the ribs to reach room temperature before starting the low and slow cook. Coat the ribs again right before placing them in your preferred heat/cooking source.

    Step four- Place the ribs on grill grates.

    Step five – Spritz the ribs every 45 minutes.

    What Is Korean Beef Galbi

    How to grill Tender Beef Short Ribs | Recipe

    Before we dive into the recipe, lets first cover what galbi is. If youre a huge fan of Korean BBQ, youve likely already come across it, but for those who dont know heres the rundown. Galbi features long, thin pieces of Beef Short Rib that have been marinated in a sauce thats both equally sweet and savory. In the butcher world, this cut of Beef Short Rib is referred to as flanken-cut or LA-style and cooks ridiculously fast on the grill making it a wonderful dish to cook for a hectic weeknight meal.

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    Best Short Rib Recipe

    Grilling beef is a regular occurrence at my house. If I could get away with cooking on the grill every day, I just might! My family and I are a little bit obsessed with these sweet and spicy beef short ribs on the grill.

    Try them just once, and youll know why: they are so tender and juicy, and the flavor is out of this world!

    What really sets this BBQ short ribs recipe apart is that it uses super simple ingredients: boneless beef short ribs, a sweet and spicy steak rub you can make at home in minutes using common spices, and butter.

    Not to mention, grilling beef short ribs takes less than 20 minutes. What could be better than an easy steak dinner thats ready in no time? I especially love to make a grilled prime rib for our Holiday dinners.

    Grilling Short Rib Steak

    Because short ribs have such a high fat contentthey are unforgivingly richtheyre a relatively fool-proof cut to work with. Intramuscular fat acts as an insulator, which means that they cook a bit slower, giving you a larger window of time to pull them off the grill at the desired level of doneness. While a lean cut like, say, a tenderloin might be in that perfect medium-rare sweet spot for a matter of seconds before it starts to overcook, with a short rib, you get a bit of extra leeway.

    Serious Eats / J. Kenji López-Alt

    Because of its high fat content, I treat my short ribs much like I would a high-end Japanese Wagyu-style steak. That is, whether you like your regular steaks rare or well done, I very strongly suggest cooking your short ribs to medium-rareabout 130°F . Any cooler than that and the intramuscular fat will remain solid and waxy, rather than unctuous and juicy. Much hotter and the fat will start leaking out copiously, making your ribs tough and dry.

    Short ribs cook best over a hot but not blazing hot fire. Like all things, fat has a tendency to burn when it gets too hot. If you were to cook your ribs over an inferno, that excess fat would vaporize, leaving a foul-tasting sooty deposit on the surface of your meat. A moderately hot fire is best. You should aim to have the short ribs cooked through to the center exactly as the exterior becomes deep brown and crusty.

    Serious Eats / J. Kenji López-Alt

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    How To Cook Bbq Beef Short Ribs

    Follow my ’10 Things To Remember For The Ultimate BBQ Beef Ribs’ tips and you’ll be smashing these bad boys in no time at all. Over the years and through my many beef short rib failures and success, I compiled a list that I wish I had when I smoked my first lot of beef ribs.

    Smoked Beef Ribs are every carnivores dream. They look impressive, meaty and satisfying. Are they easy to make? Absolutely! BUT read my tips first and gather some patience… then have a rib-a-licious time cooking these beauties.

    Beef short ribs are marbled with fat which makes them super tasty but due to the connective tissue and sinew they need to be braised in liquid or better still smoked low and slow using a BBQ or smoker. Low and slow beef short ribs need at least 5-6 hours if not more to be tender. They’re not something you should attempt when you’re in a rush. They’ll test your patience but once mastered, you’ll keep cooking these dinosaur bones and loving them!!

    Grilling Beef Ribs Recipe On A Gas Grill

    Grilled Short Ribs with Sweet and Spicy Rub

    No talk of Americas love affair with barbecue would be complete without mentioning ribs. Economical, flavorful, and tender when cooked properly, this finger food is one of the mainstays of casual and steakhouse cuisine. So how do you go about grilling beef ribs on a gas grill? Its not that difficult, as long as you dont make this one mistake that can ruin everything

    However, the art of barbecuing ribs to butter-soft perfection eludes many. Personal war stories abound extolling the virtues of pre-cooking ribs before tossing them on the grill. I used to bake mine for an hour, slather them with barbecue sauce, and awkwardly arrange them on my backyard grill in a haphazard fashion. They turned out chewy and flavorless.

    What if we told you cooking juicy melt-in-your-mouth ribs is not only easy but fun? Grilling beef ribs on a gas grill is an especially user-friendly way to prepare a succulent and delicious meal.

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    Tips For The Tastiest Grilled Beef Galbi

    Much like most Beef dishes, galbi requires some TLC for it to reach optimal tenderness and maximum flavor.

    • A 4-hour marinade will surely do the trick, but if you have time to plan give the galbi 24 hours to sit in the syrupy sauce. This will take the flavor profile to the next level!
    • Grill the galbi over medium heat. Dont rush the process or shock the BeefShort Ribs with too high of a heat. A steady, medium heat is all you need to create the perfect level of caramelization on the outside of the BeefShort Ribs.
    • Let the galbi rest for at least 5 minutes. Before digging in, give the galbi 5 minutes to rest at room temperature. This will help to lock in all the precious juices that formed during the cooking process.

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    What To Serve With These Short Ribs

    The options for serving with these are many, but I would keep whatever else you are serving in a few categories. You either want it light and fresh like a salad like maybe this creamy kale slaw. The other option would be to pair them with something rich that would cut through some of the meatiness of the short ribs. Basically, Im thinking of mac and cheese here like maybe this One Pot Spinach Mac and Cheese.

    Or you could kind of combine both concepts with something like this Charred Scallion Macaroni Salad!

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    Beef Ribs Braising Liquid / Homemade Bbq Sauce

    And heres what you need for the homemade BBQ Sauce which doubles as the braising liquid for the beef ribs :

    • Ketchup is the primary flavour base for homemade barbecue sauce. Youll find it in all my barbecue sauce flavoured recipes, including this midweek Baked BBQ Chicken, BBQ Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork with BBQ Sauce and slow cooked brisket with BBQ Sauce. Sub with Aussie Tomato Sauce its almost as good

    • Cider vinegar the tang in homemade barbecue sauce. Sub with white wine vinegar, sherry or Champagne vinegar OR 1/3 cup normal white vinegar

    • Brown sugar barbecue sauce is sweet. If you dont like sweet, you can cut it back.

    • Garlic I really like using fresh but powder is fine too

    • Onion powder sub garlic powder

    • Mustard powder sub with dijon or normal yellow mustard

    • Worcestershire Sauce savoury element. Soy sauce is an acceptable sub

    • Cayenne for a hum of warmth. This is not overly spicy. If youre concerned, start with less and you can adjust right at the end. If you like it hot, start with the recipe amount then add hot sauce at the end.

    Grilled Beef Short Ribs

    Simple Grilled Beef Short Ribs | Freshly Made | Whole Foods Market


    Theres nothing like grilled ribs on a hot summer day, paired with your favorite cocktail, beer, or lemonade! Celebrate good food with this mouth-watering recipe.

    Recipe Tags

    Add beef short ribs, cut 5-in. long 1 beef short ribs, cut 5-in. long
    Add Lillies smoky barbeque sauce ¼ c. Lillies smoky barbeque sauce


  • Step1

    Preheat a charcoal or gas grill with two grilling zones: direct grilling over high heat and indirect grilling over medium-high heat .

  • Step2

    Sprinkle 1/4 cup Lillies Q-rub on all sides of short ribs. Sear ribs over high heat for 5 minutes on each side.

  • Step3

    Move ribs to indirect heat, grill 1-1/2 hours or until an internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. Remove ribs from grill, wrap in aluminum foil. Return to indirect heat, grill 45 minutes or until an internal temperature reaches 205 degrees.

  • Step4

    Remove from grill let stand at room temperature 20 minutes. Brush with ¼ cup barbeque sauce and cut into 1-inch rib portions.

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    About Beef Short Ribs

    Short ribs actually arent just beef ribs cut into smaller portions. They are cut from the chuck or brisket areas which are tougher cuts of meat. These cuts are usually cooked low and slow to tenderize them. Think braised brisket or beef stew.

    For this recipe you want the English cut which has bones about 4-6 inches long versus the flanken cut which is cut about ½ inch thin.

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