Best Luxury Gas Grills 2021

Where Should I Keep My Gas Grill

Best Luxury gas grills (Embers Top 5 grills ever made!)

Gas grills are pretty hardy and can be left out in the elements, but you’ll want to buy a cover for your grill to protect it, predominantly from collecting water.

Cast iron elements in particular are prone to rust if exposed to rain or snow. If you live somewhere with regular inclement weather, you may want to move your grill into a basement or shed for the winter. Just remember that propane tanks should always be stored outside.

Want Steak Go Infrared

Infrared burners get dramatically hotter than standard gas burners. Using standard burners, most gas grills will struggle to exceed 600 to 700 degrees, and won’t develop a browned crust on a steak before you’ve overcooked it the infrared burner solves this issue by channeling heat from a burner into a ceramic tile, which converts that convective heat into infrared heat, dramatically increasing its intensity. You need an infrared burner to brown a steak properly. It won’t matter how long you let the grill warm up with the lid down if the grill’s max temperature is meh. Note: some companies give infrared burners a branded name like Sear Zone or something in that vein.

Best Outdoor Gas Grills For 2021

2020 has been a tough year . The grilling industry was not ready for the growth they were about to experience with more people at home looking to move outdoors by purchasing new grills and outdoor kitchens. When purchasing a grill we want to give you the most information whether or not you make your purchase with us. Though we surely hope you do!!

Now more than ever we see the importance of supporting US Manufacturers.

Our list of the Best Grills for 2021 , will only be American Made. We list the brands along with the sizes available versus choosing one model. This is because we know that every backyard is different along with everyone’s needs. One size does not fit all when it comes to grills.

In fact, you are better off getting a smaller grill of quality than a large import that will fall apart!

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Best Portable Gas Grill

  • Side burner: No
  • Side table: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 years for cookbox and lid, 3 years for grates, 2 years for all remaining parts

Pros: Sets up and breaks down in seconds, sturdy metal construction, side table, fits up to eight burgers, two big wheels for easy portability

Cons: Only one burner, relatively small cooking surface compared to regular-sized grills, heavier than other portable options

If your living space only has a small outdoor area or you’re frequently on the go, the Weber Traveler gas grill offers the most flexibility. It has two rugged wheels for easy maneuverability and folds down for easy wheeling and travel, yet still has the solid, all-metal grill basin Weber is known for.

After testing for this guide, I’ve kept this grill in my apartment’s backyard, and I rarely find myself needing anything bigger. It’s got a roomy cooktop with space for eight burgers, a small side table, built-in thermometer, and heavy-duty metal handle. As someone who used the Weber Q1000 for many years, I can say that the Traveler is a vast improvement.

Despite having just one burner, this grill can get quite hot, and its smaller size helps disperse heat. However, when we maxed out the grill’s capacity while cooking for a crowd, we noticed some inconsistencies in charred level and doneness. However, if you’re usually only cooking for a few people, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Monument Grills 77352 Grill Review: User Reviews Online Shopping

In general, the Monument Grills 77352 Grill performs well. It’s capable of going very hot, with a massive BTU output available to the main grilling surface, though a few users have noted that it has certain hot spots.

These can be evened out a little with third-party ceramic briquettes, but we’d prefer they weren’t there at all. The rotisserie portion is a great idea, and certainly seems capable of a good roast once you’ve figured out the optimal heat settings, but some have noted that it lacks a little vertical headroom.

When dealing with larger chickens, for example, you’ll come into contact with the grill bars, and there’s unlikely to be enough room for a drip tray underneath.

Other users have noted that the material used in the main body is relatively thin, though existing customers praise Monument Grills’ customer service department and how the team responds quickly to reports of dents or bumps. Very few users seem to have had any issues with corrosion, though we’d still recommend leaving the 77352 Grill under a cover if you’re in a salty coastal environment.

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Alfresco Alxe 30 Built

The Alfresco ALXE 30″ Built-in Gas Grill is one of the most durable luxury gas grills on the market. This grill is constructed with heavy-duty commercial-style 304 stainless steel. In addition to its durability, the construction of the Alfresco ALXE 30″ Built-in Gas Grill gives it a sleek and high-end design. Furthermore, the 27,500 BTU burners give you powerful and consistent heat that produces restaurant-quality food all the time.

What makes this grill unique is its integrated and hidden rotisserie system that can hold up to 120 lbs of meat. You’ll also find a dedicated smoker burner, giving your food that iconic flavor, and an infrared rear rotisserie burner for more flexibility in your grilling. You can cook any time of day thanks to the LED interior and front panel lights. Whether it’s a holiday meal with extended family or a relaxed summer barbeque, the Alfresco ALXE grill will exceed your expectations every time, no matter what you decide to grill!

Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 Rsbi

Though its not without a substantial bump up in price, Napoleons Prestige PRO 825 is undoubtedly a premium grill through and through. Featuring all stainless steel construction with chrome details, the 825 is outfitted with a smoker-box-equipped main gas grill head, helped along by a second head with dual ceramic infrared burners for restaurant-quality searing. Part of this grills top-shelf price also gets you a slew of proprietary amenities such as Napoleons integrated Accu-Probe temperature gauge, instant Jetfire ignition, Lift Ease center-gravity roll top lid, and 9.55 stainless steel Iconic Wave cooking grids. Other thoroughly premium touches include adjustable RGB spectrum knobs, a two-stage power side burner with a reversible cast iron grid, interior grill lights, dual-level stainless steel sear plates, and an integrated ice bucket and cutting board.

Class: Premium

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George Foreman Indoor/outdoor: Best Electric Grill

Looking for a classic yet versatile grilling solution which can feed a large number of people? With a circular grill large enough to make food for fifteen people at once, this George Foreman electric grill can be used indoors and outdoorsand features a removable stand, so it can be used on a countertop or free-standing as your space demands.

This all-electric grill features adjustable temperature control and a tough non-stick coating on the grill itself, which translates to even, precise cooking and remarkably easy cleanup. Requiring no charcoal, matches, or gas for fuel, this electric grill can be used anywhere at a moments notice. Its a great choice for small apartments, outdoor parties, or for barbecues happening indoors due to inclement weather.

Grilling in any season really cant get much easier than this.

Best for: A failsafe, apartment-approved barbecue grill.

BBQ fuel: ElectricityGrill surface: 1,548 cm2   fits 15 burgersWeight: 9.5 kg Dimensions: 56.4 x 52 x 33 cmCooking grates: Metal with tough nonstick coating

What Is A Natural Gas Grill

Lynx Gas Grills Review (Should I get the professional series or the Sedona series?)

Natural gas grills are very similar to propane grills. However, they do offer some added benefits. Natural gas grills use hydrocarbon-based fuels as a heat source rather than charcoal or a propane tank, making them much more eco-friendly. This heat source also makes them more cost-effective. They may cost you a bit more to purchase, install, and set up, but once you have your natural gas grill ready to go, you will be sure to save money from not having to buy propane or charcoal. Unfortunately, they are not portable, so if that is a priority in your next grill, opt for a charcoal or propane gas grill.

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How Did We Choose The Best Gas Grills

Millie Fender is Head of Reviews at Homes& Gardens. Formerly our head of all things cooking, she put the Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill through its paces in 2021 and still uses it regularly to this day.

Millie is currently testing the Everdure FUSION grill, and has recently finished her Weber SmokeFire EPX6 Wood Fired Pellet Grill STEALTH Edition review, which almost converted her away from the ease of gas grilling.

Alex Temblador is a award-winning author and freelance writer based in Dallas, Texas. With an expansive outdoor space for thorough testing, she has tested everything from hot tubs to grills for Homes & Gardens and our sister brand, Gardeningetc.

Alex tested the Weber Genesis SPX-435 Smart Gas Grill, assembling it with the help of her cousin for three hours straight. Once assembled though, she was wowed by the quality cooking she was able to achieve with this large and impressive gas grill.

At the moment, this page is split into two sections: the top section is full of grills that we have completed testing, with thoughts on how well the performed, and our honest experiences of how well they cooked and how easy they were to assemble and clean. Below, there are some of the internet’s most popular grills. Some of these are currently being reviewed by members of our expert team, but if you’re in a cinch and need to buy your grill right now, we still think they are worth considering even though our testing process is not complete.

Best Gas Grills For 2022 Top Models For Every Budget Reviewed

Today we look at the best gas grills available, from small and basic two-burner models for the budget-conscious, up to huge feature-rich high-end professional units. We review the best in several categories to help you decide on the right product for you.

In this article, we take a look at the best gas grills on the market today, that have the right mix of features and quality at a reasonable price.

Well talk about why you might want a gas grill , what features you should look for when buying to match your needs, and of course, what to avoid.

If you love to cook outdoors, but youre not interested in messing around with charcoal, or you have a charcoal grill but would also like the option of simply firing up at a moments notice, then youre in the right place with our guide to the best gas grills in 2022.

There are so many gas grills available to choose from, with a confusing array of options and prices ranging from under $100 up into the thousands. How will you know which one is right for you?

Easy you find that out right here! So read on to find your new gas grill today.

At a Glance Our Top Picks for Best Gas Grill

  • All-stainless steel construction for maximum longevity.
  • The ability to sear on the side without using main grate space.
  • Rotisserie included for perfect chicken.


  • Not including the charcoal accessory is a little stingy.
  • We really prefer wheels to casters, but for a deck or a cement pad thats not a big deal.

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Best Designed Luxury Grill Kalamazoo Gaucho

Handcrafted in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Kalamazoo Grill is an Argentinian-style grill and rotisserie that is also akin to a working piece of art.

Its certainly priced like like one.

Starting at an eye-watering $23,315 and going up to $30,715 for the free-standing model with side burner, these grills are not designed for your average schmo.

It features a 726-inch square grilling surface with a total of 45,000 BTUs for its two gas burners that quickly and conveniently light your wood or charcoal combined with the cast-bronze starter.

The smooth, ratchetless 30-inch flywheel allows you to position the rack just where you want it for perfect results, while the motorized built-in rotisserie has enough capacity for a whole animal.

Whatever you are grilling, the Kalamazoo will perform with ease and style, making it truly worthy of the title of best designed luxury grill.

Made from 304-grade stainless steel, this model is highly durable and certainly built to last. If you live in a coastal area, you can even get yours built from special marine grade steel to prevent any salt-related degradation.

In short, this is a special grill, designed and constructed from the very best materials to provide a unique grilling experience.

What we like:

What we dont like:

  • Limited locations to view before purchasing If your heart is set on this exquisite grill, youll have to travel to their flagship Chicago showroom to check it out in real life.

Btu Level / Heat Flux

Alfresco 56

BTU has long been the measurement of choice for grilling power. Specifically, 1 BTU is the amount of energy required to increase the temperature of a pound of water by 1 Fahrenheit at sea level.

In truth, its not really a measurement of heat generated. When you read the BTU specs for a grill, youre really learning how much gas a unit burns through at maximum output in an hour.

A more efficient grill will get more heat out of less gas than a less efficient one. So, while the less efficient model might have a big BTU number to grab your attention, that doesnt automatically mean its going to be hotter or cook better than a grill with lower BTUs.

How, then, can we know how hot the grill will get? By knowing its heat flux.

Simply put, heat flux is a measurement of the BTUs per square inch

This is a much better, though still not perfect, indication of how much heat a grill produces.

The average score of our 10 choices is about 85. If youre really into fast, high-heat cooking, look for heat flux around this level or higher. If you have a little more patience, a lower score is ok especially if theres a searing burner included.

Have You Considered

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A Wood Pellet Grill For $100 Off

The Home Depot

Take $100 off this elegant looking Traeger Pro Series 34 pellet grill. Enjoy wood fired taste during your next outdoor bbq. This device can smoke, bake, roast, braise and BBQ your food, so it gives you plenty of food preparation flexibility. You get 884 square inches of cooking space as you cook using 100% pure hardwood pellets.

The Best Luxury Outdoor Grills Right Now

Thats our round-up of the best outdoor grills for a luxury dinner party or backyard BBQ on the market right now, including gas, wood-burning, design-driven and high-tech models. Were thinking that any one of these would make for the perfect Fathers Day gift for the grilling maven in your life. They get the grill of their dreams, and you get delicious meals all summer long. Win-win!

Which one is on your list? Did we miss anything? Whichever one you go for, save us a burger. Were on our way over right now.

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What Makes For The Best Luxury Outdoor Grill

As with all things luxury, best is in the eye of the beholder. Whether its luxury speakers and sound systems, headphones, and even suitcases, the question is whether your top priority is functionality, design, or the use of the latest and best technology. No worries theres a perfect luxury grill out there for you, no matter your Hierarchy of Need. Some of it comes down to whether youre prepared to pay almost $30,000 for a grill.

If money is no object, there are endless choices when it comes to shopping for outdoor grills. There are smokers, gas grills, charcoal/wood grills, hybrid grills, kamado, infrared, rotisserie, smart grills and more.

Here are 12 of the best luxury outdoor grills including one that operates by voice command, and another that can reach up to 1000°! Whether its the Hamptons, the Vineyard, Nantucket, ora chic rooftop terrace,these will all expertly get the job done as the temperatures heat up. Toss the toys into the pool, and youve got yourself a party.

Natural Gas Vs Propane Grill

Top 5 gas grill brands made in the USA (or Canada) Not made in china

Its just like batman vs superman in the barbecue world. If you are a foodie, your primary concern is to eat delicious burgers and steaks, whether cooked on charcoal, pellet grills, natural gas, or propane grills. However, a barbecue enthusiast always looks for the best natural gas grill or propane grill based on portability, setup, cost, and space.

While discussing natural gas vs propane grills, the common factor is that both are gas grills however, the fuel sources are different.

It all drills down to personal preference. For instance, if you are an adventurer or a camper, a propane grill is better because of its portability. You can also read the review about the best portable grills.

Additionally, you can carry a liquid propane tank alongside to set the grill amidst mountains.

On the other hand, you need to set up the natural gas connection from your homes gas line. If you intend to set the grill on your patio permanently, you can go for the natural gas grill.

Furthermore, you need additional space to keep the propane tank near the grill. Alternatively, the natural gas grill offers a neat permanent setup.

The good news is there isnt any difference in the taste of the food you cook on both the gas grills.

However, natural gas grill takes a longer time to heat the griddle as compared to propane. Nonetheless, the natural gas grill compensates for the quick propane burning with cleaner, longer, and even heating.

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