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Add A Portable Bbq To Small Decked Spaces

How to Build a Small Deck for Grill | Backyardscape

A cute, compact space from Dobbies

Maybe it’s just a decked courtyard or balcony garden you have to get creative with as opposed to a sprawling backyard. You can still turn it into a chic space for cooking and eating with the help of savvy space-saving furniture and compact, portable BBQs.

Foldable bistro sets, mini table-top grills, and extendable tables are all top additions for petite plots. You could also introduce vertical garden ideas for fresh herbs.

Grill Maintenance To Protect Your Deck

Summer is just around the corner, which means barbeques, parties, and outdoor living. With all the excitement in the air, it is simple to forget some safety precautions to prevent damage to your deck, but we have you covered. Here are some ways to protect your deck and get the most out of your outdoor living experience this summer.

Luckily For Grilling Maestros When You Take Proper Precautions To Protect A Wood Deck From The Hazards Of Cooking A Fire Is Highly Unlikely To Break Out

According to the National Fire Protection Association , an average of 16,600 patients were admitted to emergency rooms with grill-related injuries between 2012 and 2016.

Wood decks are a popular location for grilling, and its common knowledge that wood and fire dont mix. If you own a wood deck and want to grill on your deck read the following tips.

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Grilling Versus Regular Cooking

  • Thehealth benefits of grilling outweigh the fun of grilling in the summer with mouthwatering aromas.
  • Grillingmeans less fat, fats tend to drop down the grates when you prepare your meateither barbecue or roast meat. During regular cooking, the fat from the food isabsorbed by the food as compared to grilling where the fat cooks off or meltsaway.
  • Grillingretains more vitamins and nutrients in food when cooked over the grill. Thevegetables come out looking fresh when they are placed wrapped in tinfoil onthe grill. In meat, it preserves more thiamine and riboflavin both of whichhave numerous health benefits.
  • Grillingpreserves more moisture in food as compared to regular cooking. If you cookyour food right on the grill you will have juicy meat slices and sweetvegetables.

Apply Diamond Tread Aluminum Sheets

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Now that everything is in place and the grill is where it needs to be, you just have to go back to those pre-drilled holes and apply those diamond tread aluminum sheets.

As a word of warning here, its very easy to have the sheet spin in your hand and mess up the way the screw goes through it.

As a word of warning here, its very easy to have the sheet spin in your hand and mess up the way the screw goes through it.

For this, its really good to have a second set of hands to hold everything in place while you drill.

The reason that this step is put here is that now, you have the entire frame done and everything in place, so you can align the sheets accordingly.

Its like putting on the decals at the end of building a model train you want it to line up with everything else thats already done and in place right at the end.

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Keep Grill Grates Clean

Remove any flammable grease build-up on your grates before and after each use. A leading cause of fires while grilling today is due to unclean grills. You can lessen the mess by utilizing various fire-resistant grill mats or placing water or drip pans underneath the food, eliminating the amount of flammable grease reaching and settling on your grill.

Keep Your Grill Clean To Reduce Risk Of Fire

Let me tell you something you already know and probably dont want to hear. The more care you put into your tools, especially your grills, the longer they will last and the better quality product they will produce.

I use a Weber Kettle. I have two of them. Recently I started getting black specks in my food when I was grilling. After looking it up online, I realized it was creosote that had solidified on the inside of my lid over time. By taking 10 minutes to scrub the lid with a balled up piece of aluminum foil, it was as good as new with no more flaky bits falling into my cooking.

All grills need regular cleaning and maintenance. This will be specific to your model. By taking this time and checking hoses on a propane grill or wiping down the inside or cleaning out the ash tray, you greatly reduce the risk of flare ups or other things going wrong.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Benjamin Franklin

This quote by Benjamin Franklin certainly applies to grilling. Take the time and thank me later.

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Gather Around A Fire Pit Grill On A Compact Deck

This grill from Morso makes a striking centerpiece for the deck

As well as the standard charcoal and gas BBQs, there are some more unusual outdoor grill ideas to consider for your deck. From grills that integrate into coffee tables to grilling attachments that suspend over rustic fire bowls, it’s easy to find a style that really suits your vision.

This freestanding grill is a great example, and creates a stylish focal point for the compact zone. An outdoor rug in an eye-catching pattern and a pair of trendy chairs complete the scene perfectly.

Let’s Start With Weight

Outdoor Hibachi Grill – Deck Projects

You are probably wondering How much weight can my deck handle? It simply wont be possible to install an outdoor kitchen on a deck that cant handle the weight of it. Whether youve built your deck already or not Talk to your builder about the load rating of your deck.

This point is especially important if you are considering building a traditional masonry outdoor kitchen. The materials used are extremely heavy and can be problematic if your deck isnt strong enough.

If you have an existing deck, you may have to add more support beams to handle the extra burden of your backyard kitchen. And if youre planning a deck, your builder may have to add more support beams than initially intended.

Or if you dont want to add more support to your deck You may have to reconsider the size and type of outdoor kitchen you desire.

Either way, this is a crucial area to pay attention to.

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    Disc golf courseRichmond hill parkPartially covered rear deckEstablished neighborhoodMature landscapingFirst time on the market! Well-maintained West Asheville ranch in established neighborhood with charming touches and mature landscaping. Located just minutes to Downtown Asheville, all amenities, and Richmond Hill Park . Stainless appliances in the kitchen. The main level primary suite features an oversized dressing room and bathroom. Brand new roof installed in 2022. The partially finished basement features a den, bedroom, bathroom, and a workshop. Entertain or relax on the large, partially covered rear deck. Many updates throughout the years!Show more

  • Flatten The Ground Where Youre Putting This

    I dont recommend building a permanent fixture to your back deck.

    Theres concrete involved, its just going to get messy, but putting this on a spot in your yard is the right way to go.

    Its important to flatten the ground because otherwise, you could end up with misaligned cinder blocks, even if you are meticulous when you laid them out.

    You can get a tamper to flatten out and press down on the soil, giving it a more cohesive feeling all around.

    If you have a partially hilly area, you can use a spade and a gardening rake to move dirt away before you level everything.

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    Watch Out For Grease Fires

    One of the reasons that grills pose a fire risk is the potential for grease fires. This is especially the case depending on the cut of meat being cooked and the length of the cook.

    Most grills have a trap or way of catching grease, but let me ask you this. When is the last time you checked these features to make sure they are in working order? Sadly, many of us are under the impression that we should never take care of our grills. Instead we can simply burn off any debris or harmful material.

    This may be fine if you are doing so on concrete, but this could prove disastrous if you are cooking on a wooden deck.

    Word of Caution: If you are grilling on a wooden deck, the best safety feature you can have is your presence. Simply dont leave the grill unattended. This will almost ensure that an accidental fire doesnt happen. Also, if you are enjoying an adult beverage while grilling, accept the fact that the more you consume, the slower your response time will be.

    What Are The Best Materials For An Outdoor Kitchen On A Deck

    My grilling station is almost complete, just a few more details to ...

    Depending on the outdoor kitchen solution you choose, material for decks dont matter so much.

    The main concern people have is combustibility. Wood decks are clearly made from a combustible material wood.

    For that reason, many people shy away from building an outdoor kitchen on wood deck. Instead, they opt for a composite material . However, when exposed to high heat Composite decks can still melt and catch fire too.

    So what do you do about this?

    The best option is to ensure your outdoor kitchen materials are non-combustible. This will provide you the most peace of mind when installing an outdoor kitchen on your deck.

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    Choose Materials And Appliances

    The appliances you choose depend on the foods you plan on cooking there. Think about this carefully. Do you see yourself heating up a delicate sauce or simmering something? Do you like to stir-fry vegetables? What exactly will you be cooking in your kitchen?

    Furthermore, consider HOW you like to cook. Do you want to cook everything outside, or do the side dishes in your indoor kitchen? Or will the prep work like cleaning and cutting meat and veggies take place in your outdoor kitchen? How you answer these questions will determine the materials and appliances you need.

    Install The Cabinet Door

    Now that you have most of the frame done, you can install the cabinet door on the front of your unit.

    This is going to be great for spare canister storage.

    You can either drill holes through the steel and concrete to keep these in place, or you can use a series of steel L brackets to sort of wedge it into place.

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    Double Check And Clean Up

    Run a check over everything: make sure the countertop is staying in place where it needs to be, check the screws on the aluminum plating.

    Now is your chance to act as your work at OSHA and youre going to either pass or fail this setup.

    Check that everything is level and that all concrete dust has been cleaned up from the area.

    I recommend sweeping and perhaps vacuuming out the new cabinet space just to be sure, and wiping down the counter and grill lid to ensure there are no fingerprints.

    Take a step back and look at what youve done. You made that!

    What Outdoor Kitchen Solution Is Best For A Deck

    INSANE Outdoor Kitchen Build – Building An EPIC Deck Pt. 5

    So you have read all the considerations. But how do you build an outdoor kitchen on a deck?

    Lucky for you, there are many more outdoor bar area and kitchen solutions than in the past!

    There are both DIY and non-DIY solutions you can add to your deck location.

    For now, lets give you a brief overview.

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    Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Material

    The ideal kitchen material for your outdoor kitchen cabinets has to be tough, weather-proof and look good. Were also still taking weight into account.

    Stainless steel is the perfect outdoor kitchen material. Its suitable for outside use and its also lightweight. It gives your kitchen an instant, sleek look which is very fashionable, and also provides a professional edge .

    Another big advantage of stainless steel is that it will protect your deck from heat, so you wont need to think about a heat-proof floor cover.

    You could also try marine-grade polymer. This is tough, weather-proof and can look great. Its also super-easy to care for.

    Wood is a higher-maintenance material, but it will give your kitchen a beautiful, rustic finish that may fit in better with your deck and yard. Go for a robust timber like teak or cypress, and be prepared to look after it.

    Can I Build An Outdoor Kitchen On My Deck

    As youre in the brainstorming phases of designing your outdoor kitchen, youve got many aspects to consider. One of the most basic questions is where youre going to put it. Many of our clients choose to put their new kitchens on a patiobut what if the best space you have available is an elevated wooden deck? Can you build an outdoor kitchen on a deck?

    The answer is yesbut proceed carefully. Here are some of the important questions youll need to answer before starting this project.

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    Take The Weather Into Account

    If you are grilling on an uncovered patio on a rainy day, you may be vulnerable to a fire breakout. You should also avoid grilling on very windy days as this can make the flames unruly. While this poses less risk for gas grills, grilling on a charcoal grill on a windy day can turn out to be extremely hazardous.

    Gas For Outdoor Kitchen

    Top 50 Best Built In Grill Ideas

    Gas grills run on propane or natural gas. Either option must be piped from your main tank or line. Some grills will have separate, self-contained propane canisters. For a natural gas grill, you will need a line hook up by a professional gas fitter

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    How To Build The Best Outdoor Kitchen On Deck

    Before designing your outdoor kitchen, think about your lifestyle. If you see yourself spending a few months every year eating and drinking outdoors, you want to look into a built-in-grill, fridge, cabinetry, and a prep sink. If you are planning on doing just basic grilling, you may be happy with a basic setup that includes a grill and perhaps a sink.

    We Make It Easy To Create An Outdoor Kitchen On Your Deck

    Like I mentioned earlier, traditionally an outdoor kitchen takes a long time to build. Your backyard space can be disturbed for months depending on the route you choose.

    Unlike masonry or prefab, our assembly process is easy.

    Our outdoor kitchen kits arrive to you in pieces. This makes it easy to carry the panels up the stairs or in tight areas. Its even possible to install on a roof deck this way. No need for heavy machinery either.

    The RTA outdoor kitchen makes it easy to install utilities as well. They dont have an outdoor kitchen frame, which makes planning and running utility lines a breeze. Even when installing on a deck.

    Not to mention, the lack of frame makes our solution more lightweight. Therefore, an RTA outdoor kitchen is more suitable for a deck.

    Best of all, assembly doesnt disturb your backyard.

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    Work With A Contractor

    You may decide on the contractor option. You can hire a contractor to build a built-in grill on your deck from scratch.

    While this may sound great, there are a few caveats.

    Most often an outdoor kitchen contractor will build a traditional masonry outdoor kitchen. This, in particular, comes with its own set of challenges.

    As mentioned before, weight is a concern.

    Your decking simply may be unable to handle the weight of a stone masonry kitchen. These materials can also lead to accidents when transporting them, due to sheer burden. This can severely damage your deck Or worse, someone could get injured on the job.

    Masonry is also quite messy. Theres a lot of cutting, dust, etc. involved that isnt just bothersome It can ruin the finish of your decking if not protected.

    As youre aware, decks provide limited working space. Materials have to be moved up stairs, around railings, etc In some cases, it may not be possible to build a kitchen island according to the traditional method.

    Looking to longevity of your outdoor kitchen At some point you may have to replace a section of your deck. With masonry, its highly unlikely youll be able to move your deck outdoor kitchen to a different location. Youll most likely have to demolish it, which would be an absolute shame!

    Lets look to the next option for an outdoor kitchen on deck.

    How Do You Make Grill Surrounded With Wall Blocks

    How to Build a Grilling Island (w/ Third Coast Craftsman)

    Wall blocks are a great and inexpensive way to make an outdoor grill space.

    Its not quite as awesome as what were going to do, but you can usually get wall blocks for cheap, and sometimes even for free if you check the papers.

    Measure the space each of your side shelves has, and measure the size of your wall blocks.

    Your goal is to position them so that they stack up underneath it and create a pillar for the shelves to rest on.

    For this, youll want to measure the total height from the ground to the side shelves, and the height of your wall blocks so you can figure out where youll be left off.

    Most side shelves are fairly square, few are rectangular.

    Position your blocks in a parquet floor style setup and stack them.

    Position your blocks in a parquet floor style setup and stack them.

    Use a rubber mallet to knock them into place so that they are aligned with your grill.

    Position your grill by sliding it into place. The side shelves should now rest on the stone blocks.

    If thats not an option, you could remove your side shelves entirely, slide the grill into place, and then affix the shelves onto the stone blocks.

    Even if they are a little higher or lower than the grill, its not going to make much of a difference once you open it up.

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