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What Temperature Do You Cook Steak On A Pellet Grill: The Verdict

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To make the perfect steaks on a pellet grill, you really will befeit form having an area to sear them such as on a Grill Grate.

This will ensure that the steaks are cooked at the best possible temperature resulting in a quality maillard reaction, and give you that sizzling crispy exterior you are looking for rather than a soft, pot roast like texture.

In regards to the internal temperatures, this will vary on how you like to eat your steaks.

Please see the list above to note the internal temperatures. The best tip we can give you when cooking steaks is to not rush the process.

Take your time and try not to overcook your steaks, this can make them tasteless and not as enjoyable to eat!

We hope this article helped you to discover what temperature you cook steak on a pellet grill.

The Pellet Grill A Quick Overview

Many people do not realize that pellet grills are actually convection cookers. The firepot where pellets are ignited is covered by a deflector plate. A fan then distributes air and heat around the cooking chamber in a convection-style manner.

Because of this, you might logically think that a pellet grill cant sear since direct heat grilling isnt used. While thats somewhat true, its certainly possible to get a sear and beautiful grill marks on a pellet grill steak.

Searing happens when food comes into direct contact with heat. If you were to cook a steak on a griddle, for example, the entire side of the steak comes into contact with the cooking surface so an entire seared crust builds up on the outside of each steak.

A pellet grill steak can achieve seared grill marks where the steak comes into contact with the scorching hot grill grates. The key is to really crank the grills heat up when its time to sear ideally up to 475 or 500°F if your grill supports it. Searing will occur on the portion of the steak that directly contacts the grate, forming beautiful grill marks.

How To Cook Steak On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

Grilling steaks on a Pit Boss pellet grill is not an easy job. However, if used correctly, the Pit Boss pellet grill can help you to get good results every time.

Learn how to cook steak on a Pit Boss pellet grill. It is not too difficult to cook the perfect steak. You can even become popular among friends and family with great tasting steaks.

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Traeger Grill Top Sirloin Steak

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A Traeger Grill is a great tool for cooking steaks and many other cuts of meat. Were sharing how to grill top sirloin steaks on the Traeger the easy way. This grilling method yields a tender and juicy steak that is perfectly cooked every single time!

Grilling is a great summertime activity for the family.

This easy sirloin steak recipe is a great beginner recipe for all the new Traeger grill owners out there.

Were sharing all the keys to success so that you can make these delicious steaks at home for your family.

Disclosure I may get a small commission for purchases made through links in this post.

You Need A Meat Thermometer

How to Cook Steak on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill (2020 ...

If you dont have one, invest in a meat thermometer. Now Ive seen cooking shows where Gordon Ramsey touches the outside of a piece of meat and he just knows if it is rare, or overcooked. Let me tell you, Im no Gordon!

But a meat thermometer will let you cook a steak to the perfect temperature, just like any well-seasoned chef.

We cook our steaks to medium rare. Once your steaks reach between 125 to 135, take them off the grill . Let them rest!

The hard sear on the outside will finish cooking the steaks once they are taken off the heat, while they are resting, and will prevent your steak from being overdone.

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Do New York Strips Have Any Other Name

Most people I know and most places I see it sold call it New York Strip steak. However, it does go by other names too even though it is exactly the same cut of beef.

The New York Strip steak also might be found as Boneless Club Steak, Hotel-Style Steak, Ambassador steak, Kansas City Steak, or Top Loin, and even Veiny Steak. Just to make it even more confusing, in New Zealand and Australia, it is known as Porterhouse and Sirloin or striploin steak.

The New York comes from Delmonicos, a famous New York Steakhouse that became famous for its strip steaks.

Also, a T-bone steak is a steak with the New York Strip on one side of the bone and the tenderloin on the other side of the bone, which explains the tenderness. It also explains the sticker shock most people experience when they see the price of a T-bone.

All of the Traeger Beef recipes you can handle. All of them.

How Long Do You Grill A Steak At 350

Grill, covered with grill lid, over medium heat 2 1/2 minutes. Using tongs, turn each steak at a 60-degree angle, and grill 2 1/2 more minutes. Flip steaks, and grill 2 1/2 minutes. Turn steaks at a 60-degree angle, and grill 2 1/2 more minutes or to desired degree of doneness.

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How Do You Reverse Sear A Steak On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

To achieve a reverse sear on your Pit Boss, start by cooking your food low and slow until you reach the desired internal temperature. Then, open the slide plate flame broiler and brown the outside until you reach a deep brown color. This can range from 30 90 seconds on each side depending on how hot your grill is.

Rest Wrapped To Relieve Meat Muscle Tension

How To Cook Steaks On A Pellet Grill

So for some reason youll still find youtube videos where people dont bother to rest the meat.

The science behind it is when you have been using direct heat to cook a piece of meat its very tense from all that extreme heat. So you need to let those tense muscle fibers relax. And this is basically why you rest the meat, it will be softer & juicier.

With its resting time, you can use foil or a couple of plates, top one upside down. There is an old traditional rule, which is you rest the meat for as long as you cook it.

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Moisture Is The Enemy

The Maillard reaction gives grilled steak its irresistible aroma.

That’s why we cook it over fire rather than boiling it something that’s boiling in water can never get over 212 degrees Fahrenheit, because that’s the highest possible temperature of the water.

But some people do effectively boil their steaks on the grill by throwing them on when the surface of the meat is moist with condensation or a marinade.


Grilling wet steak is like starting a race going uphill. Your grill can’t cook your steak until it first evaporates the water which takes a lot of energy. Your steak can’t get past the 212 Fahrenheit marker and toward Maillard levels, until all that water is gone. Meanwhile, the internal temperature of the steak is rising because of the ambient heat around it.

You can end up with the worst of both worlds no browning on the surface of the steak, and overcooked meat within it.

Here are a few ways to banish moisture from your steak:

Traeger Ny Strip Steak

Bring home the immense flavor of the Big Apples favorite steak with our New York Strip Steak recipe. Were marinating this classic Delmonico cut with our Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce and seasoning it with Traeger Beef Rub before searing the strip loin with intense wood-fired flavor. Full recipe found HERE.

  • Combine Traeger Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce into a shallow casserole dish and stir to combine.
  • Place the strip steak in the mixture, making sure the steak is coated evenly on both sides. Cover with plastic wrap and marinate in the refrigerator for a minimum of 3 hours to overnight.
  • Remove the steak from the marinade and season with Traeger Beef Rub. Let steaks come to room temperature before grilling, about 45 minutes.
  • When ready to cook, set the Traeger to 500 and preheat, lid closed for 15 minutes.
  • Place steak toward the front of the grill grate and cook for 4-5 minutes on each side until steaks reach desired internal temperature, 130 for medium-rare.
  • Remove from the grill and let rest for 5 minutes. Slice against the grain to serve. Enjoy! *Cook times will vary depending on set and ambient temperatures.
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    Grilled Steak Kabob Ingredients

    • 2-3 8 oz. Sirloin Steaks- you will want to make sure your steak is properly trimmed and cut into bite sized squares
    • 1 purple onion- this adds flavor
    • 2-3 Bell Peppers- We love using all different colors- usually red and yellow
    • 1-2 Yellow Squash or Zucchini- You could also do both
    • 2 C Whole Mushrooms- This is optional, you can add or omit any veggies you prefer
    • 1 can Pineapple Chunks- optional

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    Three Heat Up The Grill Grates For Searing

    Pin on Pellet Grill Recipes

    Pellet Grills work great for smoking large cuts of meat like brisket, pork butt, and ribs, and maintaining a near perfect consistent air temperature, much like the best competition smokers promise to do.

    The downside is their ability to sear at high heat like you would over direct coals or a propane gas burner.

    In order to get the best of both worlds, we recommend coupling some Grill Grates with your pellet grill.

    Grill Grates are specialtywellgrates that sit right over the existing grates on your pellet grill that help capture and direct all that ambient heat and give you a nice searing station in the corner of your pellet grill.

    They claim to get temperatures up to 200°F HIGHER than the temperature you set your pellet grill, meaning even if your nice Traeger only goes up to 400°F on the control panel, you can still sear some steaks, pork chops, or chicken at 600°F at the beginning or end of the cook to give them a nice sear.

    Make sure to measure the size of your current grilling area.

    While you absolutely CAN cover your entire pellet grill with Grill Grates, like if you were doing a batch of burgers for a big party, in our case we only want to cover PART of the pellet grill, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of the cooking area for our pellet grill steaks.

    That way you can move food back and forth as your are smoking or searing the steaks or burgers, etc.

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    Getting The Flavor Right

    Remember that simplicity is the key when it comes to marinating you just need to figure out the right technique to get that texture on the steak.

    Stick to the basics and just make use of salt and pepper to marinate the meat. You need to have a steak with a dry surface in order to achieve the proper sear. Two hours prior to cooking, use kosher salt and lightly salt both sides of the steak, and put it back in the refrigerator. To get a nice crust, rub same of black pepper and kosher salt on the steak.

    Preparing The Meat For The Steak

    Apart from the right grill and tools, it is also necessary to have high-quality meat for the perfect steak. Beef has 8 primal cuts. When talking about steak the first thing that comes to mind for most people is a marbled ribeye or t-bone. Strip steak and sirloin are also other popular choices. But there is no doubt that the ribeye is the favorite cut for many seasoned grill chefs and connoisseurs. Of course, selecting the cut depends on your own personal preference.

    But no matter what your choice, you should pay close attention to how much you want to sear your steak. If you favor rare steak, then you should aim for thicker cuts that are at least one inch thick. With steaks that are thinner than an inch, it is very hard to keep the center rare and the exterior well done at the same time. You can even go for steaks that are up to 2 inches if you are a fan of rare steaks. This type of steak is the best option for a rare reddish center and well seared crispy crust.

    While purchasing the steak, touch it on the packaging to get a feel of what its quality is like. The meat should not be too hard and it should have some amount of solid marbling otherwise it will turn out to be too tough.

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    You Should Know 4 Important Things About Grilling Steaks:

    Bring the meat to room temperature before you put it on the grill. If you dont, the outside will cook much faster than the cold inside, and you will get a dry exterior with a cold interior.

    Use rubs without a high salt content. Copious quantities of salt tend to draw moisture out of the steak. Sugar will caramelize and add that great char on the surface.

    Baste with butter or spritz with apple juice/Worcestershire mix. Or both!

    Let the meat rest about 10 minutes after youve finished cooking. This will keep the flavorful juices inside the steak where they belong. Cut into one too early, and the juices will run all over the plate.

    Technique: As a general rule, you should grill a high quality steaks on high heat . A lower quality steaks will likely benefit from a slower cook . Occasionally, if I have the time, I will cook a steak for an hour or so at 150°F and then turn it up to 500°F to finish it off.

    TIME: Grill about 7-10 minutes per side at high temperatures or 15-20 minutes per side at the lower temperatures mentioned above. The actual amount of time will depend on the thickness of the meat and your preference for doneness.

    Should You Marinate Steaks

    How To Smoke STEAK on a Pellet Grill

    Its not required to marinate a steak. But most cuts of beef can benefit from the marinating process.

    A good marinade will add make the steak more flavorful. Plus a good marinate can help tenderize the meat if you have a tough cut.

    I recommend marinating your steak for a minimum of one hour and no more than 24 hours.

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    How To Make The Pellet Grill Ready For Your Meat

    When it comes to using a pellet grill, never compromise using the best wood for your meat. Woods such as mesquite, oak, and hickory should be highly considered for grilling because of the bold and unique flavor commonly associated with them.

    It is necessary to keep your pellet grill clean for it to function at full potential and efficiency. Though a pellet requires extra maintenance tools, following a regular cleaning and maintenance pattern does maximize the flavor it produces as well as its efficiency.

    Clean the grill grates, vacuum the firepot ash and wipe out the grease bucket and drip trays of any oil. And always cover up your pellet grill when not in use.

    The boat is ready, so put fuel in it as the voyagers-steaks are already prepared for smooth sailing. Be calm and let the meat absorb as much smoke as possible. This will help the meat cook and acquire the right flavor.

    Cooking Steak On A Pellet Grill: Perfect Bbq

  • More Grilling Goodness:
  • Have you been craving a flawlessly cooked restaurant-quality steak lately? Well, you dont always have to make the effort of physically going out to a restaurant for overpriced steaks. Why dont you just fire up the pellet grill and make one for yourself?

    It is a challenging task to cook steak on a pellet grill granted. However, if you put your mind to it, its not rocket science and you can cook a great steak from the comfort of your home.

    Heres what youll need to do.

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    What Is The Perfect Temperature To Cook Steak On Pellet Grill

    Knowing and following the required temperature will go a long way in achieving a concise and appreciated result without any regret of ever venturing on steak grilling.

    For the searing crust method , at the initial preheating stage before placing your steak on the grill, your grill thermometer must read up to 3600F before you place your steaks on it.

    This is because you need a sizzling hot grill grate to make the perfect sear on the steak.

    For the reverse method, a preheat temperature of 1800 is required to set the grilling in motion. After about 15 minutes, take off the steaks and increase the grill temperature to 5000F till your steaks get done.

    Note that you should keep your griller covered when preheating. This will help reach the targeted temperature faster than when left open.

    Should You Traditionally Sear Or Reverse Sear When Grilling Steak On A Pellet Grill

    How to Cook a Steak on a Pellet Grill

    Which type of searing will net you the best results? Honestly, theres no clear-cut winner between traditional and reverse searing except for you and your hungry guests.

    Now that you know how to cook steak on a pellet grill, you have no excuse not to pick up some ribeyes, T-bones or sirloins for dinner tonight. Perfect isnt always possible when it comes to grilling steaks, particularly on a pellet grill. But when youre cooking on a Grilla, youre on your way.

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