How To Convert My Propane Grill To Natural Gas

Before You Convert Your Grill

How to Convert a Propane Grill to Natural Gas

First and foremost, we want to preface thisarticle with, gas conversions should be performed by a licensed professional especially if you do not have experience working with gas. We know there are lots of do-it-yourselfers but gas is flammable and safety is always number one with us.

Every day we get calls from customers askingfor information about converting their grills to a different type of fuel. Itsnot uncommon for people to need to convert their grills there are plenty ofreasons that may have led to such a decision. Sometimes you move to a home thatno longer has the gas type of your grill, you inherit one or even you get agreat deal on a grill and figure you will just convert it.

They may have believed they wanted a propanegrill, but then got sick of buying propane tanks. Perhaps they moved to an areawhere natural gas is available. Or maybe theyve decided that charcoal briquettesare their preferred grill fuel.

Whatever the reason, converting your grill toa different energy source is almost always more affordable than purchasing anew grill altogether especially if you made an investment in a built-in grill.

If you purchased the grill from us initially,the chances are good that its in pretty good shape the grills we sell aremade with high quality materials. If youve been taking good care of yourgrill, it can be used for decades therefore converting the grill makes sense.

When purchasing one of these brands , we would suggest purchasing a propane model.

Can You Convert Natural Gas Grill To Propane

Can you convert natural gas grill to propane? It is possible to achieve this is you follow a few steps. But first, you need to ensure that there are ample volume and pressure to get the job done. Here are some simple steps that will help you do that safely.

Is your gas grill convertible?

You need to check if your gas grill allows conversion. All this information is available in the user manual provided when buying the grill. If you dont find the manual, you can look for a conversion kit.

Switch off the natural gas supply

After getting the conversion kit, the next thing is to turn off the natural gas supply and then disconnect the gas line. If there are front and side panels, take them off so that you can have an easy time accessing the inner parts of the BBQ.

You should also remove gas valves, regulators, and orifices and replace them with those that are compatible with propane. Fit them tightly to avoid leaks in the future.

Check for leaks

You should ensure there are no leaks on the connections. You can test for leaks using soapy water. Switch on the gas supply, but do not turn on the burner. Pour the soapy water in small amounts along with the connections. If you find some bubbles, this indicates leaks. Therefore, you need to tur off the main supply and tighten the connections. Do the same test again until you see no more bubbles.

Do You Need A Regulator For Natural Gas Bbq

Do you need to use a natural gas regulator on your NG barbecue grill or fireplace? The answer is both yes and no. As the 2 psi gas line runs through your house it splits off to go to various appliances and each split should have a regulator to step the pressure down to where that appliance needs it.

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Key Differences Between Natural Gas And Propane

The most prominent difference between these two fuels is the method by which they are delivered at your home. Not every state or city has the option of natural gas or propane. So, this may be varied depending on the city you live in. You may be restricted to a single option or need to convert if you have moved recently.

The method in which the fuel is stored and refilled is also important differentiating factors. While the natural gas stays in a gaseous state and is delivered to homes using a pipeline, additional deliveries are not needed, but the infrastructure needs to be developed.

Building an infrastructure form the scratch includes digging up the yard to receive the pipeline. The cost involves converting all the home appliances to be compatible with natural gas, and hiring contractors to help you with the upgrade. For complete conversion, it may cost over $10,000.

Switching to propane due to a move or any other reason is comparatively easier as this type of fuel comes in portable canisters or storage tanks. The tanks are refillable and you need to go to a nearby retail location or request the service provider for delivery.

How To Convert Natural Gas To Propane

Weber Grill Parts Natural Gas Conversion

While converting natural gas to propane is quite simple, some city codes mandate that it be done by a professional. You will want to check the coding for your appliance to make sure that the conversion is possible. Some water heaters for example warn that you should not try to convert them and that they are only good to use with either NG or propane not both. Keep this in mind when purchasing or if you are thinking of converting.

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Why Do People Convert Grills

People have different reasons for wanting to convert their gas grills. The most common conversion is propane grills to natural gas grills because its the simplest conversion, as the natural gas hookup is larger than that of the propane hookup, so users can enlarge the hole to make it work.

Because the propane hookup is smaller than the natural gas hookup, its harder to convert in the other direction .

How Much Does It Cost To Hook Up A Natural Gas Bbq

How much does it cost to hook up a natural gas grill? Typically, installing a natural gas grill will cost between $200 and $400, according to HomeAdvisor. This includes running the gas line to your grill and then hooking it up. Low-end installations may cost under $200, while high-end installations may cost up to $800.

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Are You Prepared To Convert Your Propane Grill To Natural Gas

If you are not comfortable working with gas, you probably dont want to attempt this project by yourself. Please realize that you will void any warranties that your grill may still have. Also, remember that this information is just a guide and in no way do we claim fault or liability if it doesnt work for you. If you attempt this project, you are attempting it at your own risk. Having said all that lets move on!

Inspect Your Gas Grill

If you have a grill thats a few years old, check to be sure its still worthy of converting to natural gas. Take a good look at the burner is it in good shape and not rusted or burnt out? Are your racks in good condition? Is the housing OK and not rusted through? Does the igniter work properly? If too many areas are iffy then perhaps you will want to start with a new grill. That was the case for me.

Since I needed a new grill I figured why not just buy a natural gas grill. Except for the cheapest grill I could find was $260 and it was bigger than I wanted. So I bought a new propane grill for around $100.

Tee Into the Gas Pipe

First, decide where to tee into your gas line. Do not tee by the meter. With the gas shut off at the meter, disconnect the gas line and add a tee with a shut-off. When assembling, seal all pipe threads with a sealant thats approved for use with gas.

Convert a Gas Grill to Natural Gas

Connect Grill to Natural Gas

Enjoy Your New Natural Gas Grill Time for pork chops!

Purchase A Propane To Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Convert Weber BBQ Grill from Natural Gas to Propane or vice versa

Turning a propane grill into one that runs off of natural gas is as easy as installing a conversion kit. Refer to your grills rating label for the details of which conversion kit you will need. The propane to natural gas conversion kit includes new gas jets, a gas hose, quick disconnect gas fittings and gas valve limiter stops.

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Natural Gas Grills Vs Propane Grills

Youre all ready for an outdoor party and barbecue. Maybe its even a summer pool party. You went to the pool supply store, got the pool cleaner and the pool light set up. You have the mosquito net tent on the patio, the citronella candles and the sun tea getting ready. But when you go to light your outdoor grill

Oops! Forgot to buy the propane!

Thats why we like natural gas grills instead.

In this article youll learn:

  • Natural Gas Grills vs. Propane vs. Charcoal
  • How to Convert Your Grill from Propane to Natural Gas
  • Best Low Cost Gas Grills
  • How to Get Smoky Flavor with a Gas Grill
  • Costs of Propane vs. Natural Gas

Get The Conversion Kit

Conversion cant be done properly if you dont have the right tools for it. Thats why you should get the conversion kit that is compatible with your grill.

You should consider getting the conversion kit that is supplied by the same manufacturer as your grill. Also, you can get some recommendations from the manufacturer or an expert on which conversion kit to get.

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Converting Grill From Propane To Natural Gas

I just checked There are many videos on the topic. I certainly think this is a DIY job with some basic tools.Whats the worst that can happen, an overcooked burnt steak. lol

I just checked There are many videos on the topic. I certainly think this is a DIY job with some basic tools.Whats the worst that can happen, an overcooked burnt steak. lol

jmorovich said:I watched quite a few videos on this. All of the people on the videos make it out to be pretty easy, but like someone said earlier, propane isnt something I generally like to mess with . Just figured Id post to see if anyone had any personal experience doing it themselves. Looks like I am probably going to be dropping some $$ on a new grill.

Can You Hire A Gas Grill Dealer To Convert Your Grill


It used to be easy to hire a gas grill seller to do this work for you. In fact, most grill dealerships would have someone on staff who knew how to do it for a nominal fee. That is no longer the case. To avoid major lawsuits, Weber actually had all of their dealers sign agreements to refuse to convert new gas grills.

As a result of the new paperwork, there is nowhere in the country that offers this service. If you want to do it, you will have to do it at home on your own. Some handymen also tend to offer this service, but its rarely ever officially advertised due to the legal implications that it can have.

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Benefits Of Converting Natural Gas Grill To Propane

Whether switching from natural gas to propane was a conscious decision or brought about due to a sudden house shifting, there are several benefits of using a gas grill that uses liquid propane instead of natural gas for fuel requirements.

Liquid propane comes in refillable tanks that may cost you about $30 for a new tank, and the refills are done for $20 range. They are usually available at almost every hardware store around the nation. If you have portable propane canisters, you may take your grill with you to a camping site and still have fuel available.

As liquid propane delivers more BTUs for the money spent, it is often regarded as the preferred choice of fuel to run home appliances efficiently. If you dont mind the harassment of having to fill up the canister, using liquid propane is the right move.

Propane is also considered as a suitable off-the-grid heating solution. This means your propane fuel is portable and it can still work when other systems in the house malfunction or you need to shift home.

What Happens If You Use Propane On A Natural Gas Grill

Natural gas orifices are larger on a BBQ than the propane counterparts. If propane is supplied through an orifice manufactured for natural gas, too much propane will be released and a large flame will result. Converting a natural gas BBQ to use propane can be done at home however, caution should be taken.

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Comparisons Between Natural Gas And Liquid Propane

Most people have no idea that the natural gas they use is actually composed of various types of gases such as ethane, butane, methane, and propane. Propane is the raw part of natural gas that is separated from the other gasses during the processing stage at most facilities. In the past few years, natural gas has emerged as the new alternative fuel for liquid propane.

While a natural gas installation costs a lot initially, the fuel costs much less in the long run. Natural gas tends to taste much cleaner but it is less effective than propane. You may consider natural gas for your outdoor kitchen or to create an in-built grill. However, if you are a beginner or occasional griller, we suggest that you stick with propane.

Use of energy

Liquid propane contains about twice the energy as compared to natural gas, hence it is much more efficient than the latter. In an hour, a natural gas burner burns up about 97 cubic feet, while a propane furnace burns only about 40 cubic feet.

One cubic foot of propane is 2,516 BTUs, and one cubic foot of natural gas is 1,030 BTUs. So, given the fact that liquid propane contains more than double the energy available in natural gas, its much more efficient than the latter

Cost factor

Effect on the environment

Propane is known to be one of the cleanest fossil fuels. Several tests by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency indicate that propane-fueled vehicles emit up to 90% less percentage of carbon monoxide.

Safety measures

Cost Of Natural Gas Versus Propane

Convert Weber BBQ Grill To Natural Gas or Propane

Natural Gas costs less to produce 1,000,000 BTUs of heat than Liquid Propane.

Natural Gas is sold by the cubic foot and Propane is sold by the gallon.

It is possible to calculate the costs by converting the gallon of Propane to cubic feet of Propane gas. Then determine how much of each fuel is consumed to achieve the same temperature.

The math goes something like this:

  • 1,000,000 BTUs from Natural Gas = 1,000 cubic feet = $6.00
  • 1,000,000 BTUs from Liquid Propane 11.2 gallons = $23.00

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How Far From House Should Grill Be

Your grillwhether its charcoal or gasshould be at least 10 feet away from your home or garage, deck railings and other structures. Give yourself enough space, too, says Greta Gustafson, media relations associate for the American Red Cross. Use the long-handled tools especially made for cooking on the grill.

Remove The Control Panel

This step will depend on your grills design. If your grills burners run into the control panel as per the image below then you will need to control panel to give you full access to your grills valve tubes in order to remove them for conversion.

If your grills valve tube and burner connection sits directly under the cooking grates then you will not need to remove the control panel, and can skip this step.

Remove the control panel on your grill. In the case of most propane grills, like the Weber Spirit, this can be lifted and removed quite easily. Removing this should expose the control valves. With the valves exposed, find the gas line that connects the manifold to the valves.

The tip of the control valve is inserted into the burner. The front of the burner is where the air adjustment acts like a carburetor mixing gas with oxygen as the valve sprays gas mixed with air into the Weber pipe burner.

We are going to need to slide the burner off the valve so we can access the orifice. In order to slide the burner off the control valve we have two options. However, the condition of the barbecue will usually choose one of these options for us. If not you are lucky but the build up of grease and the breakdown of materials usually decides this for us.

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Grill Basics: Can You Use A Propane Grill With Natural Gas

Gas grilling is becoming more popular by the year . This is because gas grills dont require any preparations before cooking, unlike charcoal grills.

You just fire up the grill and off you go cooking

But what makes gas grills, even more, stand out is the ability to regulate temperature. Convenience at its best.

These grills come in 2 types, depending on the type of gas they use:

  • Propane
  • Natural gas

Propane grills are popular because the propane tanks are portable great if you travel a lot or grill in different places .

Natural gas grills, on the other hand, have their own gas line which means an endless supply of fuel but limited mobility.

If you have a propane grill and are wondering if you can use natural gas instead of a propane tank, the answer is: yes but not by default.

You can, however, convert it using some basic tools and a bit of elbow grease.

There are, also, conversion kits especially made for this occasion but you cant use them on all grills.

How do you do it and why you just cant connect the grill to your gas line, keep reading and youll soon find the answer.

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