How To Convert Weber Grill From Natural Gas To Propane

How To Convert Propane Grill To Natural Gas:

Convert Weber BBQ Grill from Natural Gas to Propane or vice versa

When you are confirmed that your grill is compatible with natural gas and your gas line is secure, you can follow the procedure described below to convert your propane grill to.

  • Turn off your gas supply at both the main store and at the canister: Before you start changing the valves and stuff, always remember to turn off the gas supply. It is a necessary precaution you always need to take. Switch off the main supply of natural gas. Also, please turn off your LPG canister and put it away. Later, you can let your grill valve open to let it get rid of any gas and then turn it off too. It may seem an unnecessary step, but it is essential to keep yourself safe.
  • Remove your grill parts: After switching off the gas supply, you need to remove the grills warming rack, grill grates, and flame tamers to reach the grill. This way, you can easily access the necessary connections to alter for its conversion to natural gas.
  • Remove the Hitch pins and carryover tube: There are hitch pins in the grill responsible for holding the burner to the brackets and the carryover tube and providing the gas to pass from one burner to another. You can remove them easily with a firm push by considering their springs and clips to avoid any damage. Check out our list of best 2 burner gas grills.
  • Remove the Burners and the Orifices: Inside the burner connections are small brass orifices. Remove them with tools provided with the conversion kit to unscrew them.
  • The Hard Part Of The Conversion

    The hardest part of performing the conversion is figuring out what size orifice you need based on your grill. The size of the orifice Weber uses has changed over the years. Depending upon when your grill was made and whether it had front or side mounted burners there are different sized orifices.

    Some examples:

    Part # 88832: 3/8 inch orifice for Weber Genesis and Spirit grills with Side Mounted Burner Controls

    Part # 88815: 7 mm orifice for Weber Genesis and Spirit grills with Side Mounted Burner Controls

    Part # 88813: 1/4 inch orifice for Weber Summits made after 2005.

    I did not find any information on converting the fuel source for a Weber Q 3200.

    Are Natural Gas Grills Safe

    Regardless of your fuel source, be sure to follow these grill safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association: Only grill outdoorsdont move the grill into the garage or on the porch when it rains. Never leave a hot grill unattended. Turn off the supply of gas to the grill when its not in use.

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    How Do I Convert My Weber Grill From Natural Gas To Propane

    Some still utilize charcoal, while others run on propane or natural gas. Additionally, propane is readily available for purchase at gas stations and home improvement stores. Converting a natural gas BBQ to use propane can be done at home however, caution should be taken.

    Secondly, why are natural gas grills more expensive? Natural gas is also cheaper than propane and is considered to be a greener gas because it burns cleaner. You’ll also need a professional to install the line and to hook up your grill, so your up-front costs could be high, particularly if you live some distance from a natural gas main.

    Consequently, can a Weber Spirit grill be converted to natural gas?

    In order to convert a Weber barbecue grill to use Natural Gas or to use Propane we will need to change all the orifices in the barbecue. This 88832 orifice was used in Weber Spirit and Genesis models with side-mounted control valves Only when the original orifice is three-eighths hex-head diameter.

    Can you convert a Napoleon BBQ from propane to natural gas?

    Napoleon N370-0956 Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kit for Prestige P500RB. This kit is to convert your Prestige 500 from Propane to Natural Gas.

    Things You Will Need To Converts Natural Gas Grill To Propane

    Weber Summit natural gas to propane conversion

    In order to change a natural gas connection to a propane tank, you will need three basic things air shutter/mixer change, smaller burner orifices, and a hose with LP regulator. When connecting your grill to a propane tank, you must ensure that the pressure and volume are adequate enough to manage the load. Here are the steps to follow.

    #. Step 1

    First, check whether or not your gas grill supports the conversion and you will usually find this information in the owners manual that came with the grill. When not sure or if you have loosed the manual, we suggest that you contact the owners manual and ask if he can provide or recommend a conversion kit for complete transformation.

    Sometimes, even though the gas grill model does not come with a conversion kit, the manufacturer may still have one that can send you for an additional fee.

    #. Step 2

    When you have the kit ready, shut off the natural gas supply to the grill, and then remove the gas line completely. Next, you must remove any side or front panels to access the barbeque parts within the grill.

    #. Step 3

    Now, take out the gas valves, regulators, and orifices that are meant for use with the natural gas supply and replace them with new grill parts that are propane compatible. Next, you must ensure that all the BBQ fittings are perfectly secured. Dont close the panels so quickly.

    #. Step 4

    # Step 5

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    What Size Gas Line Do I Need For A Natural Gas Grill

    If you are running the line off of your house or taping off a common area, then a less than 30 foot run and a ½ gas line will be the very minimum you will want. You may not see a degradation in your grilling flame or performance until your pool heater, firepit, and gas lamps are all running a the same time.

    I Also Asked Can You Convert Natural Gas To Propane

    Some devices can be converted, others are designed only to burn natural gas. While it is possible to safely upgrade an appliance or stove, switching to propane as a fuel source requires some modifications to the appliance, including replacing parts with a conversion kit. Sometimes switching to propane is a better option.

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    Have You Got Or Can You Get A Mains Gas Supply

    If your house is already serviced by mains gas, extending the supply to your grill is relatively easy. However, if you dont, you will need a professional company to complete a survey about whether they can fit a connection pipe to your property.This might be costly, and it might not be viable. And if you live somewhere remote there is a chance its not possible at all. These costs could be anywhere from a thousand dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the distance to the nearest NG main.

    One way to find out is to jump online to see what areas gas companies cover, or if you know your neighbors already have a natural gas supply, it may be an easy fix and low cost.

    Where Do You Find Gas To Propane Conversion Kits

    Weber Summit natural gas to propane conversion

    Weber no longer sells these kits. You may have to go to sites like eBay to find them. Do not use conversion kits that have visible wear and tear, or worse, breaks. Remember, you are doing something that is not considered to be advisable by the manufacturer. So, you are taking your safety into your own hands.

    Its worth noting that some grills will not have compatible conversion kits out there. If this is the case, then you should not try to convert the grill at all. Sure, there may be universal conversion kits sold by shady third parties, but do you really want to take that risk? We think not.

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    How Do You Convert Your Weber From Natural Gas To Propane

    In order to convert a Weber grill from natural gas to propane, you will need to get a gas-to-propane conversion kit. A conversion kit will allow you to switch out the orifices that the gas pours out from. These can be hard to find in the wild since they tend to be in high demand from Weber.

    Once you find the kits, you will have to follow these instructions below:

  • Shut off the gas. Make sure there is not any gas flowing in. Remove the canister that holds the natural gas, if your model has one. Otherwise, disconnect the gas line from the source.
  • Remove all the orifices and pipes that are labeled natural gas. Set them aside for future conversions, ideally in a nice, easy-to-access box.
  • Add the new orifices and piping that is labeled propane. These will be whats included in the kit. You shouldnt have any openings in the grill setup. Every orifice needs to be replaced or covered.
  • Insert the propane tank and secure everything. Amazed? Right. Its just that simple.
  • Before you turn on the grill, use soapy water to check for gas leaks. Spray the tank, orifices, and hosing with soapy water. If you see bubbles forming, you have a leak and need to address it immediately.
  • Once its been cleared, you can use the newly converted propane grill as you see fit. Yay!
  • Directions To Convert Weber Bbq Grills To Ng Or Lp Fuel

    Weber Barbecue Grills Can Be Converted To Natural Gas or to Liquid Propane Fuel For Cooking.

    Although Weber does not permit gas conversions any longer the policy does not make the process any less simple than it has always been.

    American Made Weber Models manufactured before 2007 have the ability to stay in use for multiple decades with minimal replacements.

    We rescued this old Weber barbecue grill. A client purchased a new Weber barbecue and asked us to dispose of this old model.

    Our work ethics are very strict so please note we tried vehemently to dissuade the client from buying a new model instead of repairing this old model. A 20 year old Weber is worth 10 of the new barbecues being sold with the Weber name on them today.

    Neither here not there.

    We go get requests for assistance with Weber barbecue grill gas conversions. We get these requests because we know gas barbecue repair technology very well with many, many years of experience and because Weber made all their dealers sign a legal contract agreeing not to convert fuel type in any Weber models.

    Which is nuts! Even as a Weber warranty service provider we and they are not permitted to perform a process as ridiculously simple as converting to natural gas or converting to propane.

    NG or LP connection feeds gas to the manifold but the amount fed into the burner is determined by the size of the hole in the orifice.

    Slide off the burner to access the gas orifice.

    Obviously right?

    Last thing to consider:

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    Can You Convert A Weber Propane Grill To Natural Gas

    It used to be that you could convert any Weber LPG grill to NG. However, in recent years they have started to sell separate LPG and NG models.

    Again though, pretty much any Weber grill CAN be converted, with required parts and instructions on how to do so readily available. However, Id be hesitant as it may invalidate your home insurance if you convert a grill thats not officially marked up convertible.

    Are Natural Gas Grills More Expensive Than Propane

    Weber Grill Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kit

    Cost. Observing only fuel cost and efficiency, natural gas is cheaper than liquid propane. But if your home doesnt have a natural gas tank or would require commissioning a professional to add an extension to your grill, its not a simple decision. Plus, natural gas grills usually demand a slightly higher price tag.

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    How To Convert Your Weber Grill To Natural Gas

    August 31, 2017 By David

    If your Weber grill is designed to run on propane and you want to convert it over to natural gas then this article will show you what you need to do. Please keep in mind that although Weber used to routinely supply conversion kits they now state that performing the conversion is dangerous and will void your warranty.

    Remove The Lp Regulator

    Using a wrench, remove the LP regulator hose assembly from the manifold connection. Save this part in case you want to convert back to propane.

    Your LP regulator hose will be located in either the cart or under the side burner shelf.

    If the manifold connection is located inside the cart, insert your converter kits natural gas hose through the back panel and into the cart. Guide the hose to the manifold connection.

    If its in the side burner, you can also guide the hose through the panel and towards the connection in the side burner area of the grill.

    Secure the natural gas hose to the connection securely using a wrench.

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    Can You Convert Any Propane Grill To Natural Gas

    Basically, no. Many grills are capable, and you can purchase kits to make the change. Also, many forums and YouTube videos show how to convert grills that supposedly cannot be. However, these are unofficial hacks, void any warranty you have, and in case of a fire would almost definitely invalidate any insurance you have.

    If you have a grill that cannot be converted but are sure you want to cook with natural gas, check out our guide to the best NG grills.

    How To Convert Your Propane Grill To Natural Gas

    Convert Weber BBQ Grill To Natural Gas or Propane

    Not sure where to begin with converting your propane grill to natural gas? In my guide today I lay out everything you need to know to make the change.

    You might have considered changing gas sources from propane to natural gas to help save on ongoing fuel costs, and to move to a more reliable means of fuelling your grill.

    This can be daunting though, as you need to take into account potential issues like practicality and safety.

    In most cases, its quite simple and straightforward to convert to natural gas, but there are a few things you need to consider before doing so.

    Want to invest in a natural gas grill? Check out my natural gas grill reviews.

    Before you begin, here are some important checks to make before attempting to convert your grill.

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    Are You Sure You Want To Convert To Natural Gas A Recap Of The Benefits

    Aside from never running out of fuel mid grill, natural gas grills come with many other benefits over propane:

    • Lower energy costs NG is more economical.
    • Better for the environment NG is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel.
    • Convenience no need to schedule deliveries or pick up new and return empty canisters.
    • Natural gas piped straight to the grill is safer and easier with no more canisters.
    • Some would say the taste is better too.

    Need more details and persuasion? Be sure to check out our Propane Vs. Natural Gas Grill comparison guide.Are you already decided?

    Well, read on to find out the main things to consider before you start the conversion work, and more importantly, exactly how to do it!

    How Do You Convert A Natural Gas Grill To Propane

    In order to change a natural gas connection to a propane tank, you will need three basic things air shutter/mixer change, smaller burner orifices, and a hose with LP regulator. When connecting your grill to a propane tank, you must ensure that the pressure and volume are adequate enough to manage the load.

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    Why Are Natural Gas Grills More Expensive Than Propane

    Natural gas is also cheaper than propane and is considered to be a greener gas because it burns cleaner. You’ll also need a professional to install the line and to hook up your grill, so your up-front costs could be high, particularly if you live some distance from a natural gas main.

    Do you need a regulator for natural gas grill? Many, if not most, residential natural gas appliances have their own individual regulator. Most often this regulator is built into the automatic gas valve. The appliance itself usually calls for a gas pressure of 3.5 inches of water column at the burner and that is set by the internal regulator.

    What Is Involved In Converting The Grill

    Gas Grill: Propane to Natural Gas Conversion

    To switch fuel sources you are going to need to change the regulator and install new orifices for each burner tube.

    Something to keep in mind is that you will need to change the orifice for EVERY burner on the grill including any side burners and, if you have a Summit, rotisserie burners.

    Actually changing out the orifice for each burner is pretty easy. Here is how you perform the swap in older grills which have side mounted burner controls:

    Here is how you perform the swap in newer grills with front mounted burner controls.

    The conversion is inexpensive with each orifice costing around $6 and regulators costing about $40.

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    Can I Convert My Cuisinart Propane Grill To Natural Gas

    Hate running out of gas in the middle of your backyard BBQ? Never run out again with the Cuisinart Natural Gas Conversion Kit. Choose to grill your way and convert your Cuisinart Gas Grill from liquid propane to natural gas. Simply remove LP orifices on fuel valves and switch to the natural gas hose.

    Can A Weber Q Be Converted To Natural Gas

    Weber Barbecues A.

    It could be a couple things, but the first I would check is that youre using the correct gas type, as our Qs can run on Natural Gas or LPG. You can see on the back of the Q frame or under the side tables a white sticker- this has the serial number on it, as well as the gas type.

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