Potato On The Grill In Foil

Grilling Whole Potatoes Without Foil

Grilled Potatoes in Foil Recipe
  • 1Wash the potatoes. Rinse your potatoes in cool or cold water to wash away any dirt. Scrub them gently with a soft sponge to clean them.
  • 2Prepare each potato. You may have to cut away some green or brown spots. Use a sharp knife or vegetable peeler to carefully slice away the blemishes.
  • 3Pat the potatoes dry. If you plan to season the skins, dry potatoes are much better at absorbing seasonings.
  • Do not pierce the skins of the potatoes if you are not wrapping them. Piercing allows the moisture to escape, which will dry out the potato.
  • 4Brush the skins with oil. This will prevent the potatoes from sticking to the grill and create a crispier skin.
  • In a small bowl, mix cooking oil with a small amount of butter, salt, pepper, and garlic for a tasty seasoning spread.
  • 5Place potatoes on metal skewers. Placing your potatoes on skewers makes the grilling process easier. Place 3 to 4 potatoes on each skewer depending on size.
  • You can also place your potatoes directly onto the grill if you prefer.
  • 6Put your potatoes on the grill. Using indirect heat, place the skewered potatoes on the edge furthest from the direct heat source.
  • 7Cook your potatoes. Cook over the indirect heat for 30 to 40 minutes with the grill lid down. Gradually roll the potatoes toward the direct heat.
  • Can You Use Aluminum Foil On A Weber Grill

    Aluminum foil meals on the grill are great, but here you can learn about other uses for aluminum foil for your grill you may not have thought of, from Weber Grills.

    Can you cook hamburgers on a gas grill with aluminum foil?

    The foil keeps the burger fat from flaring up the grill flame and also keeps the burgers cooking in their own juices so you get moist burgers. Place the cheese on top of your cooked burger.

    Should You Wrap Baked Potatoes In Foil

    Wrapping potatoes in foil is necessary when grilling them because the direct heat can char their skins. Otherwise, its optional and a matter of choice. Foil will prevent potatoes from drying out while they are kept warm one of the reasons restaurants serve their baked potatoes in foil. but it will also leave the skin soft and moist, not crispy.

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    Tips For The Perfect Dish

    • Although any potatoes will work just fine for these potato foil packets, I suggest using russet potatoes. Theyre inexpensive, readily available and really give these grilled potatoes a baked potato taste.
    • There are a couple of ways you can cook your grilled potatoes in foil. Dont let the name deceive you. These definitely can be made on the grill, but if youre unable to grill or dont feel like it, they can also be made in the oven without sacrificing any flavor. Instructions are provided for both routes of cooking in the recipe card below.
    • This dish is best when served immediately. Any leftovers can be stored in the fridge, and will stay fresh for two days.

    Garlicky Tender And Super Flavorful Grilled Potatoes In Foil Delicious Addition To Any Summer Cookout Meal

    Grilled Potatoes in Foil  A Couple Cooks

    These grilled potatoes are just the best. Honestly. And this is coming from someone who doesnt really care for potatoes. Not even French Fries. Well, unless they are my Oven Baked Seasoned French Fries I can finish off a batch of those in about 2.2 minutes.

    But, yeah. I do the happy dance when these Garlic Herb Grilled Potatoes in Foil appear on the menu. Okay, I set the menu, so its no accident, but whatevs. Just remember that, I.am.woman. Nuff said. But, also: I.am.mom. I.am.wife. I.am.cook. Obvi, the menu is my domain.


    Have you ever made potatoes in foil and on the grill? Its SO simple! And! and! Like, nearly zero clean-up. Check it:

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    How To Make Grilled Potatoes In Foil Recipe:

    STEP ONE: In a large bowl, add potatoes, butter, and Ranch seasoning and toss to coat.

    STEP TWO: Next, divide the potato mixture evenly among the foil pieces. Fold the foil to seal the potatoes.

    STEP THREE: Next, add the foil packets to the grill and close. Cook for 25-30 minutes or until the potatoes are tender.

    STEP FOUR: Finally, open the foil packets and serve with sour cream and chopped chives .

    PRO TIP: Make sure the grill heat and flames arent too high. Its best to not let the flame hit the foil directly. This will cause some of the potatoes to burn instead of turn golden-brown.

    Storing & Reheating Best Practices

    To keep your potatoes fresh for up to a week, store them in an airtight container in the fridge. This will prevent them from drying out and turning gummy in texture. To reheat them, pop them in a skillet with a little oil and saute them until crispy. You can also reheat them in the oven or an air fryer.

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    Why The High Heat

    Weve found that the sweet spot of baking a potato to get that fluffy inside and crispier outside is cooking them at high heat. So, 450ºF it is!

    How long to bake potatoes at 375 in foil: a medium potato at 375ºF will take around 1 hour to fully bake. If you use a larger potato, youll likely need to add time.

    Cooking Sweet Potatoes On The Grill With Foil

    Foil Packet Potatoes Recipe – super easy way to grill potatoes!

    Sweet potatoes and purple potatoes are much denser than all other types of potatoes and need to be cooked longer. Also, when these potatoes are cooked thoroughly, the texture is much different than a regular potato.

    That is why many people like to make mashed sweet potatoes out of them. If you do this, make sure to remove the skin before mashing them. Knowing how to bake sweet potatoes on the grill in foil is the same as baking any other potato in foil.

    The only difference is that it will just take longer than the other types. The same goes for making foil packets out of them. Just keep an eye, and when they become soft and tender, then they are done. You should be able to press a fork in them with ease.

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    Why Make Grilled Potatoes In Foil

    We are huge fans of grilling veggies in foil because its fast and there is little to no clean-up. These grilled red potatoes are no exception!

    Cooks perfectly: thanks to the foil-pack, these grilled potatoes not only get seared from the flames of your grill, but the insides are steamed perfectly.

    Fast: this bbq side is ready in under 30 minutes.

    Easy Clean-Up: there is barely any clean-up because you can just toss the foil once youre done.

    Best Grilled Side: these grilled potatoes are truly the best side. So many of yo have made these and love them!

    Choose The Right Potatoes For Grilling

    Potatoes are dense so its important to choose potatoes that are similar in size and shape as this helps them cook evenly. Well be using the grill like an oven and want to minimize losing heat.

    To make grilled baked potatoes in foil, simply:

  • Preheat your grill to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cut a sheet of foil that is large enough to wrap around each potato individually.
  • Wash your potatoes and dry them completely.
  • Poke a few holes in each potato with a fork or knife.
  • Rub each potato with olive oil and season with salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you like.
  • Wrap the potatoes in foil, making sure they are completely covered.
  • Grill for 30-45 minutes, or until the potatoes are cooked through.
  • Remove from grill and let cool for a few minutes before unwrapping.
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    Easy Grilled Potatoes In Foil With Garlic

    Tender and flavorful, Easy Grilled Potatoes in Foil with garlic are a fantastic side dish for every occasion. Simple ingredients wrapped up in a pouch and grilled to perfection.this simple recipe will be a weekly staple. Easy clean up, too!

    Im finally.REALLY.back from vacation. Last week I had a hard time getting back into the swing of things after my Caribbean vacation, then the July 4th holiday snuck up on me and THEN.I decided to spend a few relaxing days at the beach. So, I really had my first two week vacation ever in my whole life.

    Other than maternity leave, which.even though a lot of people will argue this point.is not a vacation. Seriously, sleep deprivation with slight starvation and a baby attached to you almost 24/7 is not my idea of a vacation. Not by a long shot. But my last two weeksnow THAT was a vacation.

    And even the days when I did manage to drag myself into the kitchen to make dinner, I made sure I kept things simple.and clean up was a breeze. Because who wants to be standing over a sink full of dishes on their vacation.right? Not me.

    How Long Do You Bake Potatoes At 375

    Grilled Potatoes in Foil  A Couple Cooks

    There are a few things to keep in mind when baking potatoes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The first is that potatoes should be cooked through, so dont overcook them. Second, make sure to use a cool

    oven the hotter the oven gets, the faster the potatoes will begin to cook. Finally, make sure to use a peeled and chopped potato this will help them cook evenly and prevent them from turning into rubbery masses.

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    What Temperature Do You Grill Potatoes At

    Grilling potatoes at home can be a fun and easy project. There are many different temperatures that work well for grilling potatoes, but the key is to find one that is comfortable for you and your potato. Here are some tips on how to grill potatoes at home:

    Choose a temperature that is comfortable for you. vary the temperature according to how hot your kitchen is. Some people prefer high temperatures, while others prefer lower ones. Find what works best for you and your potato!

    Be sure to use a Grill pan with flared sides. This will help cook your potatoes evenly and prevent them from sticking to the grill pan.

    Use oil or butter when grilling potatoes, as these will help prevent them from sticking and turning browned on the outside.

    Try These Delicious Potatoes Today

    Potatoes in foil are so easy to cook and require very little clean up. You will love how simple this is.

    The potatoes and onion have the best flavor. If you love baked potatoes, try this simple recipe for foil pack potatoes.

    Grilled potatoes are the best! They go with just about anything! This is one of my favorite easy side dish recipes.

    Once you try this, you will see why I love it so much. It is so quick and easy and clean up is a breeze.

    Plus, the potatoes tastes amazing. Give it a try and let us know how you like it.

    Please come back and leave a comment once you try them. I think you are really going to love these potatoes. The ideas are endless and they are so budget friendly.

    Everyone loves potatoes and you cant go wrong with this recipe.

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    Is 450 Too High To Bake A Potato

    Potatoes are an important crop in many homes. They are a good source of potassium, vitamin C, and other nutrients. However, some people may find that they are too high in price to make them a regular

    part of their diet. There is no one answer to this question. Some people might enjoy cooking potatoes at a much lower temperature, while others might prefer ovens with higher temperatures to bake potatoes. It all depends on what someones preferred baking style is.

    Proteins & Sides To Pair With Grilled Potatoes

    Grilled Potatoes Foil Packets

    The simple seasoning on these grilled potatoes makes them the perfect side dish for just about any protein. Here are a couple of our on and off-the-grill favorites.

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    How To Make Grilled Potatoes In Foil:

    In a medium bowl melt the butter in the microwave then add the olive oil.

    Cut the potatoes into about 1 cubes leaving the skins on and thinly slice the onion then add to the bowl tossing to coat with the butter-olive oil. Sprinkle on the ranch seasoning and stir until its combined.

    Preheat the grill to medium high heat .

    Tear off 4 sheet of aluminum foil about 12 each then lightly spray the center of each sheet with cooking spray. Divide the potatoes between the foil sheets then fold the foil around the potatoes, pinching the edges to seal them.

    Grill 20-25 minutes turning about every 5 minutes until the potatoes are tender. Open the foil packs and top with cheese and bacon then continue grilling with the lid closed about 5 more minutes or until the cheese is melted.

    Serve with sour cream for topping the potatoes and eat right away.

    The Easiest Way To Bake A Potato In Foil

    Tinfoil-baked potatoes make the perfect side dish for a summer cookout. Wrapping your potatoes in foil before throwing them on the grill will produce softer skin, according to the USDA â and help you avoid heating up the house with the oven!

    Video of the Day

    Russet potatoes are great for baking but other varieties like sweet potatoes and purple potatoes work well too. Whether you decide to mix colors or keep it simple, potatoes are quick and easy to prepare right on the grill.

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    What If I Dont Have Space Over Direct Heat

    Grilling other things at the same time? Simply sear your grilled red potatoes in foil over direct heat for 5 minutes and then move the foil-pack to the upper rack to continue cooking while you grill your other food.

    You will likely need to grill your potatoes longer due to the fact that they arent over direct heat, but this method also works great.

    Can I Use Different Potatoes

    Grilled Potatoes in Foil

    Yes, you certainly can. Other options include red potatoes, Yukon gold, fingerling potatoes and baby potatoes.

    They all taste delicious but the texture may vary based on what type of potato you use.

    I often will use what I happen to have or can get on sale at the store. This is how I keep our grocery budget reasonable.

    I have never met a potato I didnt like.

    You can also omit the onions if you have some that do not care for those or check out The Best Onion Substitutes. It is super easy to make different foil packs.

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    How To Make Foil Packet Potatoes On The Grill

  • Preheat grill to medium.
  • Chop baby potatoes into bite-sized pieces then place in a bowl and mix with oil, seasoning, whole garlic cloves, and dried rosemary or this garlic butter recipe.
  • Transfer the potatoes to a piece of foil around 28 inches in length. Bunch the potatoes in the middle of the foil, and place sprigs of thyme or dried thyme on top and add a tablespoon of cubed butter.
  • Bring the edges of the foil together and wrap.
  • How long to cook potatoes on the grill: Grill for 40 minutes, then remove from the grill and open up the foil. Remove the thyme and add in more butter and seasoning, then return to the grill with the foil open and cook for another 15 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Top with parsley and enjoy!
  • How To Get The Kids Involved With This Recipe:

    Ages 2-3: Let your kiddo dump the potatoes, butter, and Ranch seasoning in a large bowl.

    Ages 4-5: Let them mix the potatoes, butter, and seasoning. They can also place the potato mixture among the foil pieces and fold the foil to seal the potatoes.

    Ages 6-8: Let them help cut the pieces of foil and spray with cooking spray.

    Ages 9-11: Supervise them while they prepare the entire recipe. Remember to have them read it twice before beginning the recipe.

    Ages 12+: Let them prepare the entire recipe, unsupervised, while you do the happy dance in the corner!

    Discover why we love getting the kids involved in the kitchen and more tips in our How to Get Kids Involved In Cooking article.

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    Favorite Side > Baked Potato Wrapped In Foil

    Spring, Summer, Winter, Fallthere isnt a bad time to make a baked potato in foil! Baked potatoes are my all-time favorite food. Ask my parents, they called me spud growing up because I asked for them so often.

    I love eating a perfectly baked potato next to grilled steak, slow-roasted pork shoulder, or juicy pan-seared chicken. Theyre the perfect vessel to load up on toppings to complete any meal.

    Today we thought wed go back to the basics to teach you how to make a perfect baked potato every time. To get started, youll need just a few thingsand dont worry, youll get both an oven and a grill option!

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