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I ordered a vegan/plant based stir-fry with tofu and was impressed with the portion size and variety of veggies. And it was not greasy, in fact there was hardly any oils.The rest of our plant based/vegan family loved their rice noodle dishes, also with copious amounts of veggies and not greasy.

The restaurant and service was great, but it wasn’t my wife’s “cup of tea.” My daughter and I both greatly enjoyed our meals. But my daughter was able to educate her mother about the food culture on our way home. I believe she will enjoy the food experience better the next time we pop in for a visit/meal. The food met and exceeded my expectations. Thank you

The area is tight but well enough to fit through, the food here is very filling. They are pretty fast but the iced tea in my opinion has something a little off, the place is a five star. I would recommend this place.

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