What Is The Best Type Of Grill To Buy

How Much Setup Does An Outdoor Grill Need

What Type of Grill to Buy | What is Real BBQ | Barbecue vs. Grilling ?

How long it takes you to set up will depend on the grill you buy.

Some grills need little or no setup while others come disassembled and can take up to 1-2 hours to put together.

Some barbecue grills need two people to put them together so, if you live on your own youll need help. You may want to consider both these factors before buying!

Every grill should have an instruction manual. Some are very clear while others can be rather confusing and not so easy to understand.

Are you looking for the type of grill you can move from one place to another, or take with you on camping trips or tailgating?

If so, consider buying a small one thats lightweight, or invest in one thats quick and easy to set up and take down.

If youre not the type to take a grill with you camping, on a picnic, or to the beach then a grill with wheels might be enough.

What Is The Best Grill In 2021

Our top pick of the best grill this summer is the Weber Genesis II S-335. It’s got everything we love from Weber, including a smart sear station to ensure your steaks and burgers get those classic char-marks. We think the three burners are a good size for most families and would serve well at small-to-medium-sized gatherings.

If you want to step away from gas cooking, the Traeger Grills Ironwood 650 is also a top pick. It runs on wood pellets and has an in-built meat probe to make cooking easier.

What Is A Health Grill

A health grill looks a bit like a toastie maker, comprising two heated plates that sandwich food between them, cooking the top and the bottom together. Most are slightly slanted, with ridged plates that allow rendered fat to run off food instead of cooking it in its own grease. This excess is collected in a pot at the front of the grill.

Like a barbecue, health grills leave distinctive lines on foods that help sear meat and impart flavour. All the models we tested have non-stick plates, so little-to-no fat or oil is needed, making them an all-round healthier option.

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Best Electric Grill: Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill

This stainless steel grill is meant for indoor use because of its electric fuel source and small size. The Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill also has a built-in viewing window so that you can watch your food while it cooks without lifting the lid and releasing heat. Additionally, its large drip tray catches any juices that run off of your meat for easy cleaning.

What Is A Smoker

The 11 Best Gas Grills You Can Buy in 2020

A smoker, often known as a BBQ smoker, is an outdoor cooking apparatus that can keep temperatures low for long periods while generating smoke and holding it around the meat for absorption. Box smokers, offset smokers, kamado grills, and pellet grills are among the many types of smokers available, and they can be fueled by gas, charcoal, electricity, or wood pellets.

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Testing Notes: What To Look For In A Gas Grill

BTWho?: BTUs are an outdated and easily manipulated measurement of grill power. The numbers grillmakers provide are calculated on per hour measurements, and are derived from data on how much fuel the grill burns, not its temperature levels. A bigger grill that chews through more gas could have a sky-high BTU figure and not breach the 500 degree barrier, which should be the absolute bare minimum. Ignore BTUs and look for max temperature output, which is a better gauge of a grill’s power.

Want steaks? Go infrared: Infrared burners get dramatically hotter than standard gas burners. Using standard burners, most gas grills will struggle to exceed 600 to 700 degrees, and won’t develop a browned crust on a steak before you’ve overcooked it the infrared burner solves this issue by channeling heat from a burner into a ceramic tile, which converts that convective heat into infrared heat, dramatically increasing its intensity. You need an infrared burner to brown a steak properly. It won’t matter how long you let the grill warm up with the lid down if the grill’s max temperature is meh. Note: some companies give infrared burners a branded name like Sear Zone or something in that vein.

How To Buy The Best Barbecue For You

With fine days becoming more frequent, the coast is clear to don the shades and start stocking up on grill-friendly grub to singe in the sunshine, with all levels and types of al fresco cooking catered for, from high-end smoking to, basically, setting fire to a bucket.

There are plenty of other brands that offer excellent, interesting and distinct takes on the outdoor cooking game, and we have plenty of them to pore over here.

Big Green Egg definitely offers something extra for the more ‘pro’ chef , while the likes of Char-Broil, Everdure, Napoleon, Traeger and LotusGrill offer some great innovations for fuss-free outdoor grilling.

Patio the size of a Subbuteo table? No problem, get one of these portable BBQs, and get busy with the tweezers.

Got a large and agreeable decking area? We’ve got altogether more serious grills starting right after these words from our sponsors.

Of course, you don’t want all of the gear with no idea. Thankfully, T3.com is here to help with advice from three masters of the grill.

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What Type Of Fuel Should You Choose

It is easy to spot on the list above that your fuel options comprise gas, charcoal, and electricity.

  • Weber gas grills: Most Weber gas grills are fueled by either liquid propane or natural gas. These models are a great choice in most circumstances. They are easier to clean, easy to ignite, and you can use them in areas where pellet grills and charcoal grills are banned. These areas include many national parks and campsites, so if youre the outdoorsy type or live in a condo where you cant have a charcoal grill, these are your best bet.
  • Weber charcoal grills: Cater to those who love that smoked flavor of barbecued food. Its hard to get it from a gas or electric grill, despite the Flavorizing element patented by the brand. Charcoal grills are also transportable. They are usually compact and relatively lightweight, so they are easy to take with you on a trip. However, they are a pain to clean, and you might not be able to use them in certain areas.
  • Weber electric grills: Weber has a very small collection of electric grills, most of which are portable. These represent a great solution on all those circumstances when you cant have a propane or charcoal barbecue, but they are pretty much useless on camping unless you have a power generator or outlet at hand. If youre not quite into camping and just need a small solution for an apartment, an electric Weber grill might be it.

How Does A Smoker Work

What kind of charcoal should I buy for grilling?

These machines operate at a considerably lower temperature than a typical grill to produce their unique smoke. Whereas a grill cooks food at temperatures ranging from 400 to 500°F, smokers cook at temperatures ranging from 180 to 220°F. As a result, the wood chips smolder rather than burn, filling the cooking space with smoke.

This indirect heat cooks your food and imparts a delightful smoky taste, but the process takes much longer than a standard grillsmoking meat typically takes 6-8 hours, but it can take up to 22 hours for huge portions of meat like brisket.

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A Note On Hybrid / Combo Grills

Want more bang for your barbecue buck? Think about a hybrid grill. There are grills out there that run on more than one type of fuel, namely charcoal and gas.

Why would you want one? To get the best of both worlds, of course. With one of these on your patio, youll have the option to fire up the gas and cook up some lighter fare with no fuss, no muss. But, should you feel like it, you can enjoy an authentic charcoal grilling experience, including real smoke and its associated goodness, or slow roasting a larger cut.

You could also opt for a combination smoker and grill. We touched on them earlier, but to reiterate, combo smoker/grills allow you to choose between smoking low n slow in the smoke chamber and grilling over high heat right in the firebox.

There are too many configurations available to list them all here, but you can expect them to combine the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the dedicated grills weve already covered.

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The best hybrid grills for the money.

How To Choose Between Cast Iron Stainless Rod And Cast Stainless Grill Grates

With all of this in mind heres how we recommend you choose your cooking grates.

Choose cast iron grates if

Buy cast iron if youre going to take care of them and want the ultimate in performance. We cant overstate the necessity of cleaning and seasoning them nor the amazing performance of cast iron.

Choose rod stainless grates if

Buy rod stainless steel if you know youre not going to clean your grill as well as youd clean the pots and pans in your kitchen. Be patient and learn to dial in the temperature precisely to prevent the chicken from sticking and dont be afraid to use cooking oil thoroughly on the grates and your food. Dont expect them to stay shiny, the outside of your grill is supposed to be eye-catching.

Choose cast stainless if

Buy cast stainless steel grates because you want the best of both cast iron and rod stainless. Theyre practically indestructible and perform like cast iron. The upfront cost will be worth the long-term investment. Theyre a great upgrade in any Broil King Regal grill and come standard in Imperial grills. Dont expect them to stay shiny though, these stainless grates should become glossy and black if youre using them right.

Ben Culinary Director, Broil King.

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Whats The Best Type Of Grill Grate Material

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The grill grate is an essential part of your cooker because it is in direct contact with your food.

You want a cooking surface that gives you excellent heat transfer, keeps the food from sticking, and is hard wearing.

Choosing the right grill grate is a big decision, as it can affect how your food cooks. Making that choice can be difficult as grill manufacturers love to use a lot of marketing jargon to describe their grates.

To make things as simple as possible, well be breaking down the different kinds of grill grates. Then giving you the information you need to make the right choice.

Other Products We Considered

15 Best Propane Gas Grills Under $300 To Buy 2020

With so many George Foreman grills to choose from, you shouldnt have any trouble finding a model that suits your grilling needs. The George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Grill is an ideal option if youre looking for a grill that you can use both inside and outside your home. It has a 240 square-inch round grilling surface that fits up to 15 burgers, so you can easily cook for a crowd on a patio, or in your kitchen.

We also like the George Foreman Grill & Broil 7-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill. Versatility is this grills forte. Not only can it grill and broil, but it can also do waffles, paninis, and baked goods. A truly versatile model.

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The End And The Beginning

Theres a lot of information to take in when it comes to grills. However, by doing your research and keeping our tips in mind, youll end up making the right choice for you.

Hopefully, reading this article will be the kick-off to years of grilling pleasure!

If youve got any questions we didnt answer, leave us a comment below, and well address them ASAP. You can also track us down on social media for more content or leave a message.

Thanks for picking our not-so-humble site for your grilling info! And thanks in advance for spreading the word to your friends and fam through email, text, and social. We are what you make us!

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Faqs About Outdoor Grills

Q: What should I look for when buying a grill?

A: Look at what you are planning to use it for first, and base your choice off of your needs. 8 high powered burners in a 300lb set up is great in some situations, but is unnecessary if you cook a few burgers a couple times a summer. Construction should be sturdy, heat retaining, and offer features to fine tune heat control.

Heating and cooking should be even over the whole cooking area, without hot or cool spots when lit. Ease of assembly and competent customer service will keep set-up and maintenance hassle free.

Q: Is it safe to grill on a deck?

A: A large, hot metal box, whether gas or charcoal fueled is inherently dangerous. It is going to depend on your deck. The grill should be at least 10 feet away from the house and away from anything flammable, like plants, furniture and awnings.

A protective mat for your grill will prevent damage and scorching. Never leave a grill unsupervised, keep a fire extinguisher handy, and read through your grills manual.

Q: How do you maintain a grill?

A: Keep it clean, inside and out, and covered when not in use. Finishes on grills chip and crack over extended periods of time, and catching a small problem saves time and labor overall. Rust will rot a grill just like it rots the underside of a car and moisture and salt exacerbate rust.

Remember, never pour water on a grease fire!

Q: Which is better porcelain enamel or stainless steel?

Q: Where should a grill be placed on a patio?

Best Grill Brushes Of 2021

What Kind of Pellet Smoker Grill Should I Buy in 2020 (Checklist)

A good grill brush will provide easy grease and char cleanup on any grill grate surface. Their stainless steel bristles and interwoven build make them robust and reliable, making them stand out from most other regular kitchen tools. Here are 6 of the best grill brushes to help you take perfect care of your charcoal grill.

Regular cleaning is key to keep your grill running as smoothly as possible long term. The importance of a good grill brush cant be understated. Not all brushes are created equal however, and there are even some out there that can do more harm than get.

Here are 6 of the best that will have your grill in perfect condition over barbecue season:

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How Large A Grill Do You Need / Can You Accommodate

Once youve settled on your grill style and fuel type, its time to choose your size. Every kind of grill comes in various sizes theres everything from smokers you need a truck to tow to hibachis that will fit in a backpack and everything in between.

There are several factors to mull over when youre choosing how big a grill to purchase. Uppermost on your mind should be: how much room do I have? You dont want to order a massive 6-burner grill with side tables only to find theres no space in your yard large enough to accommodate it.

Measure your available footprint before you choose. Make allowance for safe traffic flow around it and ensure nothing flammable will be in the way beside, behind, or above.

Now, you dont have to buy the largest grill that will wedge into your outdoor space. If you usually only cook for a few people, that 6-burner I mentioned up there is overkill. Save some money and get a smaller grill. Conversely, dont frustrate yourself with, say, a 14 kettle grill if you have the whole family over every weekend. Its not much fun feeding a crowd six burgers at a time.

This is another good time to think about where you plan to grill. If you mostly want to grill away from home, choose something smaller and more portable. Or, pick something large enough for a modest feast at home that you can still pack and take on the road for a home-and-away solution.

Our Pick: Weber Spirit Ii E

*At the time of publishing, the price was $500.

The Weber Spirit II E-310 is the best gas grill for most people, offering an unrivaled combination of top-notch grilling performance, a versatile three-burner design, durability, and an affordable price. It excelled at every test, producing the best sear of any grill on our burgers and equaling or outdoing the others on our barbecue chicken and whole roasted chickens. Its overall compact size suits almost any patio or deck, but its grilling surface is big enough to cook a complete meal for a family, or a dozen burgers for a party. With a thick cast-aluminum firebox, itll last for years. The company has refined the Spirits design for decades, too this version incorporates the easily accessible externally mounted tank and under-grill shelf from the Genesis II line. On top of this, its a particularly easy grill to assemble, maintain, and use and it comes in four colors . Finally, at its current price of around $500, its a terrific value.

With 424 square inches of cooking space, the Spirit II E-310 can easily accommodate 12 large hamburgers, two whole or cut-up chickens, or a large cut like brisket for smoking. Or it can cook a complete meal for five or six peoplethe three-burner design means you can, for instance, sear steak or fish on one side of the grill and cook vegetables on lower heat on the other. And you can cook them really well.

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