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Muscle Maker Grill Piloting Delivery

MMG Founder Rod Silva on Fox Business Channel


Muscle Maker Inc., the New Jersey-based parent company of Muscle Maker Grill, Healthy Joe’s, Meal Plan AF & MMG Burger Bar, is partnering with Reef Technology to build two pilot kitchens this summer.

The first will open in Union City, New Jersey, but the brand hasn’t revealed the location of the second. Both will operate on a delivery-only model.

“After exploring Reef’s Neighborhood Kitchens we knew right away that the model made sense for Muscle Maker Grill as a part of its non-traditional growth strategy,” Muscle Maker Grill CEO Michael Roper said in the release. “Consumers and restaurant owners are increasingly embracing technological evolution and these delivery-only models continue to make our industry thrive as indicated by the exponential growth delivery has represented in the Quick Service Restaurant segment over last year.”

Roper expects the trend to continue not only due to the current business climate and desire to social distance, but also as consumers grow more comfortable with format.

“Through Reef, we believe we can scale quickly in major metropolitan markets with limited capital expenditure, allowing us to continue to expand our nationwide brand awareness and serve up our delicious ‘healthier for you’ options to millions of guests,” Roper said.

Choosing Happy Meal Prep

Muscle Maker Grills decision to use Happy Meal Prep was a nice move. The software company specializes in meal prep order management software and has proven to be a leader in the meal prep space. In 2020 alone, Happy Meal Preps customer base has grown over 8000%, expanded into 7 countries, and now services hundreds of clients subscribed to their white-label software platforms.

Happy Meal Prep, who works with some of the biggest names in the food industry, currently processes hundreds of thousands of meals monthly and should have no problem handling order fulfillment for Muscle Maker Grill. Another key aspect is clients typically see a 3x improvement in conversion rate, a $20 increase in average order value, and a 30% decrease in time spent on routine tasks.

Muscle Maker Grill Begins Construction On Third And Fourth Delivery

Fast-Casual Brand Kicks Off Construction at Two Additional Ghost Kitchens in Downtown Chicago

Burleson, Texas, June 11, 2020 — Muscle Maker Grill, Inc. the parent company of Muscle Maker Grill & Healthy Joes, a fast-casual concept known for serving healthier for you meals, today announced that it has begun the construction phase at its third and fourth delivery-only ghost kitchens to open in the downtown Chicago market. The first two locations, which are now in the hiring and training phase are set to open in the coming weeks. The final kitchen out of the five Chicago locations is anticipated to open later this summer. The kitchens will feature menu items from both MMG Brands, Muscle Maker Grill and Healthy Joes. Individually packaged MMG meal plans will also be sold from all of the ghost kitchens. The Company announced its partnership and a ten-location deal with the major industry leading ghost kitchen provider in February and has recently hired a Vice President of Real Estate and Non-Traditional Development to execute against its non-traditional growth plans.

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Reviews For Muscle Maker Grill

Review about the bowls/chicken dishes only. Food was terrible, one dish was bland and tasted like nothing and the other tasted like eating spoons full of salt. Two gross chicken dishes over, over priced chow hall quality food. Would never go back. Chicken is in cubesWTH? Cubed chicken? It was gross.

My go to place to avoid unhealthy cravings! Coz this spot right here sells delicious yet healthy food. Some “healthy restaurants” deprive foodies of good flavor and seasonings. But muscle maker grill doesn’t. I don’t really care about counting my calories, but it’s always good to know what you put in your body. The only thing I wish they could do is lower the prices of their drinks. Other than that, two thumbs up!

Muscle Maker Grill Lodi

Order Muscle Maker Grill (Grant Ave) Delivery Online ...

#39Restaurants in LodiDon’t order delivery from muscle maker in Lodi!!!

I had a terrible experience with muscle maker Grill in Lodi. I used to order from carlstat but they shut down and lodi took over the customers that carlstat had. I ordered my food at 2:10 PM and I called them at 3:45 wondering where…my food is. I threaten to cancel the order and they were fine with that. That got me really mad. I had to request them to comp me my food because I am a loyal customer. They finally did comp me my food and I did not pay nothing for it but it did not come here until 4:15 PM. Two hours and five minutes later. I will never order from there again. If this is how they do business they will lose customers very fast. Hope you guys all have a better experience than I did. I did order from them a couple of other times and they came on time but this was just unacceptable.More

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Muscle Maker Grill Partners With Reef’s Delivery

BURLESON, TX — Muscle Maker, Inc. the parent company of Muscle Maker Grill, Healthy Joes, Meal Plan AF & MMG Burger Bar, a fast-casual brand known for serving healthier for you meals, today announced it has been selected as a target partner with Reef Technology and has signed an agreement to launch two pilot kitchens this summer starting in Union City, New Jersey which will bring Muscle Maker Grills healthy meals to a new set of consumers. The second location will be announced shortly. These locations will operate on a delivery-only model, where customers can enjoy Muscle Maker Grill dishes packed with fresh veggies, all-natural chicken breast or grass-fed steak by placing their order through any one of the established third-party delivery platforms, and have it brought right to their door via contactless delivery.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, restaurants are transforming the way they do business. Individuals that were once dine-in guests now have to order online and via mobile applications to reach their favorite foods. By embracing this new approach and partnering with REEF, MMGs fast-casual suite of menu options can be scaled through REEFs proximity-based network to consumers across the country.

Muscle Maker Grill To Open Four Locations At Northern Virginia Community College

Healthier for you brand signs lease for four NOVA community college locations

Burleson, TX, June 01, 2020 — Muscle Maker Grill, Inc. the parent company of Muscle Maker Grill & Healthy Joes, a fast-casual concept known for serving healthier for you meals, today announced that it has signed a lease for four Muscle Maker Grill locations at Northern Virginia Community College . The expansive menu offerings will vary from campus to campus and include traditional Muscle Maker Grill fare, MMG Meal Plans, Healthy Joes signature menu offerings, Grab & Go and healthier snacks. Individually packaged boxed lunches that include a wrap or salad, side and beverage will be available and can be distributed in a group setting with minimal contact to accommodate social distancing practices. The Company plans to kick off construction on the four campuses this summer with the anticipation to open for the fall 2020 semester.

Muscle Maker will open the four NOVA campus restaurants in addition to the recently announced five dual branded Muscle Maker Grill and Healthy Joes delivery-only ghost kitchens in the downtown Chicago market this summer. The four NOVA community college restaurants and five delivery-only ghost kitchens add to the Companys growing non-traditional portfolio.

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Does Muscle Maker Deliver

4.8/5Muscle MakerDeliverydeliveryDeliveryMuscle Maker

Also question is, why did Muscle Maker Grill close?

Muscle Maker Grill, the fast-casual health food franchise, is facing lawsuits after closing more than half of its company-owned locations in a bid to save money following the failure of its mini IPO to generate investor interest. The company also revealed a mechanic’s lien filed by a construction company.

Likewise, where did Muscle Maker Grill start? Silva was born in Newark, New Jersey, the son of Brazilian immigrants. Silva founded the Muscle Maker Grill restaurant in 1995 to provide healthy alternatives to fast food. The fast casual chain became a franchised brand in 2007.

Just so, how much is Muscle Maker Grill meal plan?

As part of the Meal Plan Starter Kits, guests will receive one day’s worth of meals consisting of two Muscle Maker Grill entrées of their choosing, a Quest bar, and an Oats and Protein cup with kits starting at $19.95 .

Does Muscle Maker Grill have gift cards?

A GiftRocket with suggested use at Muscle Maker Grill is a delightful monetary cash present for friends, family, and co-workers. There is no physical gift card to carry around or lose.

Muscle Maker Grill Also Focused On The Growth Of Their Ghost Kitchen Concept

MMG TV Profile – Wall, NJ

Muscle Maker Grill, who has a commitment to opening 10 new ghost kitchens has developed a plan which currently calls for an additional 30+ ghost kitchens across multiple geographic markets according to their . The newly developed strategy tagged Ghost Kitchens is a new Meal Plan concept that will allow guests to place their orders through third-party delivery platforms providing ease of ordering and the option for contactless delivery. Ordering platforms include DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats, Postmates, ChowNow, and Caviar. As the demand for delivery increases due to social distancing due to COVID-19, many restaurant concepts are looking toward ghost kitchens to expand quickly while meeting the growing need for fast options.

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Muscle Maker Grill Faces Lawsuits Over Closed Locations

Muscle Maker Grill, the fast-casual health food franchise, is facing lawsuits after closing more than half of its company-owned locations in a bid to save money following the failure of its mini IPO to generate investor interest.

According to an SEC filing earlier this month, Muscle Maker Grill disclosed three lawsuits, two of which were filed by landlords over closed restaurants and another was over an unpaid promissory note. The company also revealed a mechanics lien filed by a construction company.

Muscle Maker said that the lawsuits were filed after the company closed eight of its 13 corporate locations between March and July of this year. Muscle Maker operated 53 locations as of last year. Franchisees operate the remaining locations.

The Texas-based company last year announced plans to raise $20 million in a Regulation A+ IPO, otherwise known as a mini IPO.

That IPO failed to generate much interest. Muscle Maker raised just $143,497 after selling shares at $3.25.

The companys CEO, Robert Morgan, subsequently resigned for personal reasons. Kevin Mohan was named interim president, and in May, former Taco Bueno CEO Michael Roper was named to the permanent post.

In May, according to the filing, Crownhall Realty sued Muscle Maker in a New York court for more than $1 million in rent, interest and other expenses over a broken 10-year lease that was signed on Jan. 1, 2016.

Muscle Maker did not respond to requests for comment.

Muscle Maker Grill Launches Online Meal Plan Delivery Service Platform

Company expands access to new audience of health conscious consumers

League City, Texas, Nov. 11, 2020 — Muscle Maker, Inc. the parent company of Muscle Maker Grill, Healthy Joes and MMG Burger Bar, a fast-casual concept known for serving healthier for you meals, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Happy Meal Prep to roll out the companys current meal plan service on a larger scale, reaching millions of potential new customers. Happy Meal Prep, and their marketing partner, Combustion Group, specialize in creating and marketing custom websites exclusively focused on the online meal plan restaurant segment.

Muscle Maker Grill will now be able to offer its current meal plan program to more consumers in a much wider geographical area. Each restaurant location has the capability to be a fulfillment center for online meal plan orders with a radius up to 250 miles around each location.

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About Muscle Maker Grill

Founded in 1995 in Colonia, New Jersey, Muscle Maker Grill features high quality, great tasting food, freshly prepared with proprietary recipes. The menu, created with the guests health in mind, is lean and protein based. It features all-natural chicken, grass-fed steak, lean turkey, whole wheat pasta, wraps, bowls and more. It also offers a wide selection of fruit smoothies in a variety of assorted flavors, protein shakes and supplements. For more information on Muscle Maker Grill, visit

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