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02 Edie Eve #WOMANOPOLYSF Burlesque at Jolene’s Bar 5 22 2022
  • Where Jolenes Bar & Grill is located?

    This place is located at the following address: United States, Williamsburg, VA 23185, 3032 Richmond Rd.

  • How to reach out to Jolenes Bar & Grill?

    You can dial 808-6193 during work hours.

  • What is the working schedule of Jolenes Bar & Grill?

    Jolenes Bar & Grill is open for business at the following schedule: Sun, Fri-Sat: 11AM – 11PM Mon-Thu: 11AM – 10PM.

  • What is the score of Jolenes Bar & Grill on Nicelocal?

    On average, this place is rated 4.5 out of 5.You can visit theJolenes Bar & Grill reviewssection to see what others have to sayabout this place and to put together your own feedback!

  • Is the information found on this listing reliable?

    Nicelocal is doing its best to place reliable data about businesses in its catalog.If you’ve found a mistake or if you represent Jolenes Bar & Grill, please get in touch with us by using the feedback form.

Heres Something: Theres A New Bar And Grill Coming To Williamsburg

Jolene Menhart has been bartending and managing bars for 20 years.

Now, shes about to open a bar and restaurant of her own in a hotel.

Well I more wanted the bar, she said, adding she used to work in hotel bars. I wanted to have my own place but we never had a permanent duty station.

Menhart, who is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said she moved around a lot because her husband is in the Army. Now that he is retiring, they plan to live in Williamsburg permanently.

Jolenes Bar & Grill, an American bistro-style restaurant, will serve typical bar foods from during normal business hours, which means no late night bar menu, Menhart notes.

You want a meal, you dont want an appetizer, she said.

Inside the venue, customers can expected carpeting, upholstered booths that feel like couches, dining tables, high tops and nine TVs.

Menhart said the place reminds her of the TV show Cheers because of its old-school vibe.

Its an old bar, Menhart said. It has a 60s feel to it.

While she has not yet decided on specific decor, she said she plans to add some military elements because she feels everybody has been affected by the military in some way.

Other plans for the restaurant include a complete NFL package in the fall, karaoke once a week and live bands showcasing local talent.

So why name the business after herself?

Everybody knows my name, she said. They sing it to me everywhere I go.

Bourbon Streets Awesome Bartender Jolene

Tonight we celebrated our favorite bartender “Jolenes” birthday! Thank you for being one awesome bartender and taking care of us! Cheers! Happy Birthday!


Had an amazing drink provided by Jolene, service was friendly, place was clean and the AC works like a champ.

Come out and visit one of the best bartenders ever JOLENE! Always has a smile and a friendly hello.

Great place and our bartender Jolene was the will definitely be back for karaoke later and more drinks.

I should have known when the menu was a photocopy of a word document with eight total items…Burger – Yuck. Frozen garbage.Philly cheese steak – burned with a slice of provolone on it.

Absolutely loved going to bourbon street they have the best bartender named Jennie who serves up great mixed drinks that I’ve never heard of before. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!

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The Queer Version Of Coyote Uglylive Bartop Performances

Online Menu of Jolenes Bar and Grill Restaurant, Williamsburg, Virginia ...
PUSH POP!All the way from LA! and Hawt Mess present PushPop, a fully decked out interactive 90s-2000s queer dance party that will send you back in time to the most nastalgically RAD era of our lives!Were going all out with phat props, throwback visuals, retro games, 90s themed flashback photo booth and all of the jams youll be singing and bumping to ALL NIGHT!21+

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Reviews For Jolenes Bar & Grill

The place was awesome, everyone was super cool except a bartender with a long beard , angry all night long I did try to get hold of him for 5min , ones he give his attention he suspect me of I was snapping him wich is I don’t recall , I did apologize to him couple times before he cool down , but overall I had a great experience.

I’ve worked many places and out of all them I can call this place home. Jolene is such a good boss, Great friend and has a big heart. Thanks for everything mom number 2. Thank you for making me family.

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