How To Do Ribs On The Grill

Quick Overview: How To Cook Ribs In The Oven

How to Cook Ribs on a Gas Grill

Of all the pork recipes on Inspired Taste, these ribs are our most popular . The full ribs recipe is below, but heres a quick overview of the method we follow in our kitchen:

  • Remove the membrane .
  • Generously season both sides with salt and pepper. This is also a great opportunity for adding more flavor with your favorite spice rub.
  • Cover the ribs with aluminum foil.
  • Bake the ribs at a low temperature for 2 ½ to 4 hours or until they are tender.
  • Slather the baked ribs with barbecue sauce, and then broil the ribs for a few minutes until the sauce is caramelized.
  • How To Cook Pork Ribs On The Grill

    You start by rubbing racks of pork baby back ribs with an aromatic mix of paprika, chile powder, cumin, coriander, cayenne, salt, pepper and brown sugar. The ribs are then wrapped in foil and cooked covered on the grill over direct medium heat for 1 hour. I personally prefer using a charcoal grill, but you could easily make these on a gas grill. The key is to maintain a temperature of 350°F 400°F within the covered grill.

    The ribs are then unwrapped and finished on the grill with the addition of hickory wood chips and store bought barbecue sauce. You baste and turn the ribs a few times over 10 12 minutes, resulting in saucy, smoky, charred ribs. So. Yum.

    How To Hold Ribs

    Sometimes time and circumstances wont allow you to enjoy your BBQ ribs immediately, in which case its imperative that you hold and store them in a way that wont heavily impact flavor or quality.

    Remove the ribs from the grill and allow to cool for 10-15 minutes. Using plastic wrap, wrap the ribs tightly in a few layers. Its key here that you dont use aluminum foil as BBQ sauce and foil can actually react due to the acidic nature of the sauce.

    If you are going to be enjoying the ribs any later than an hour after cooking then put them in the refrigerator. For tips on how to then warm them back up again, check out my guide on how to reheat ribs.

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    What Our Readers Are Saying

    If you dont believe that our recipe helps you achieve perfect oven baked ribs at home, take a look at what our readers are saying about the recipe! More reviews are in the comments section below.

    These are the best ribs Ive ever made! Nick

    My first time making ribs and it couldnt have been easier or tastier. M.B.

    This is the best recipe for ribs that I have found. It is so easy and absolutely delicious! Jackie

    Quite literally fall off the bone goodness. Jessica

    OMG! These ribs are incredible!!! Lupita

    How Long Do Ribs Take To Grill

    How Long to Cook Ribs on the Grill?

    CONTENTSTimothy Woods

    Ribs are one of the tastiest meats, and there are many different methods to cook them.

    The most common methods are smoking and grilling.

    Pitmasters will utilize the 3-2-1 rule to smoke ribs, but how long do ribs take to grill?

    Our professional chefs answer this question, and they have also included a few grilling tips.

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    To Be The Resident Pit Master You Need To Know How To Smoke Pork Ribs

    Chad Ward, legendary BBQ competitor, seven-time grand champion, and owner of Whiskey Bent BBQ, is a self-taught BBQ Pro. Throughout the year he competes across the country, runs his BBQ shop in Florida, and teaches BBQ Shop Class where he expounds his wisdom of the BBQ fundamentals. where he expels his wisdom of the BBQ fundamentals.

    To be the resident Pit Master, you need to know how to grill pork ribs evenly. Here are a few tips from Chad himself.

    Internal Temp For Ribs

    The fat on pork ribs begins to break down at about 185-190 degrees. Cooking the ribs past this point helps to assure that the fat has rendered.

    Without the fat rendering, the meat may not be as juicy, it might be a little chewy, and it wont pull off the bone easily.

    Measure the temperature by probing between the bones. Try to get directly between the bones in the thickest part of the ribs. Doing so will help you get an accurate reading.

    The perfect internal temp for ribs is 203 to 205 degrees F. This temperature works regardless of your cooking method.

    Youll find that these ribs are so juicy, tender, and nearly fall off the bone. Theyre perfect for summer backyard barbecues!

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    How Long Does It Take To Grill Ribs On A Gas Grill

    Cooking ribs low and slow on a gas grill takes about the same amount of time as grilling them on a charcoal grill or a pellet grill. You should anticipate about 3.5 hours.

    3.5 hours isnt absolute of course. How many racks of ribs youre cooking, your grills ability to hold a steady temperature, and meatiness of the ribs will change the overall cook time somewhat.

    The Best Pork Ribs On A Gas Grill

    How to Make Grilled Ribs

    My favorite meat ever will always be pork. Always. From ham, pork chops, pulled pork to delicious pork ribs like this recipe I am sharing today. I grew up near pig farms so it’s always been a familiar and comforting food to me. However, I had no idea, until recently that one-third of all the pork raised in the U.S. comes from Iowa! I have a good pork farming friend in Iowa. She has taught me a lot about how her modern family farm works.

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    How To Make Baby Back Ribs In The Oven

    Grilling not an option? Its super easy to make tender ribs in the oven too. Depending on the size of your oven you may need to cut them into smaller racks. Bake them in the oven at 275° wrapped in foil for 2 hours. Then remove the foil and cook for an additional 1 to 1.5 hours until the ribs temp is 200° or you can easily pull the meat off the bone

    The first time I made these in the oven someone had given me some apple wood chips, so I now add a small pan of soaked wood chips to impart some nice flavors when I make them in the oven.

    How Long Do I Cook Beef Ribs In George Foreman Grill

    How to grill ribs on a electric griller preheat the electric skillet to high heat and add seasoners such ingredients fresh spices or seasoning and place the rib inside the pan close the lid and turn the heat to low and let it cook overnight. Then turn off the stove and open the oven door and put the roast back in there and close it again and bake for about two hour. Turn off stove top and remove the meat from the refrigerator and allow it to come to room temperature before cooking. After 2 hours, turn down the gas burner to simmer and continue to cook until done. This is a great way to make ribs without having to do all the work yourself. You can also use a charcoal grill instead of an electric one.

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    How To Buy Ribs

    You can buy ribs at the butcher shop, grocery store, or mass market retailers like Costco. Ribs from the butcher will usually be sold individually and pre-trimmed so you know what you are getting. The butcher will usually have their ribs cut down into St. Louis style while the mass market retailers sell spare ribs that you cut down yourself.

    When buying ribs, look for marbling and uniformity of the rib so it cooks evenly, and make sure there are no shimmers. That is where the butcher got too close to the bone and nicked it with their knife. Look for marbling. Fat provides a lot of flavor but find ribs that have the least amount of fat because youll end up trimming it. Look out for blood spots on the meat. This usually means the animal suffered and muscles tensed up.

    How Long Do You Grill Ribs On Each Side

    How to Cook Barbecue Ribs on a Gas Grill

    Place the rib bones on a grill pan and grill them over low heat, turning them once, until they are browned on all sides. Move them to high heat after about an hour and cover them with aluminum foil to keep them warm. Continue cooking them on high for another hour or two, flipping them every 15 minutes or so. When done, remove the foil and serve. This is a great way to use up leftover pork. You can also use the bones to make stock. If you dont want to do that, you might consider making the stock with the meaty bones and the fat left over from the roast. That will make a wonderful soup. Ive used the bone stock in my recipe for Roasted Pork Ribs.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Ribs

    There are a few things that you need to get out of the way before you can fire up the grill.

    For one, you need to understand that there are different types of ribs in the market. The most popular ones are the baby back ribs, St. Louis style ribs, and spare ribs.

    Most people prefer the first two because they have more meat, while spare ribs have lots of fat and cartilage. Some of your other options are the Kansas City style ribs, the rib tips, the riblets, and the country ribs.

    Once you have made your choice and taken it home from a supermarket, you can start preparing it.

    Hour Of Final Touches Including Saucing

    The 1 is for an hour or less where your ribs will develop that rich mahogany color youve only seen in your BBQ dreams. Youll get them up to the perfect temperature, and then slather with Traeger BBQ sauce at the very end of the cooking process . The sugar in BBQ sauce caramelizes and can burn the ribs if its heated for too long.

    • Carefully remove the foil from the ribs. Discard the foil.
    • Arrange the ribs directly on the grill grate, cover, and continue to cook until the internal temperature of the ribs hits 195 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Slather ribs with BBQ sauce and cook for 10 to 20 minutes longer. An internal temperature of 203 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.
    • Let the ribs rest for a few minutes before serving. Enjoy!

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    How Long To Grill Ribs

    Place the ribs bone side down over the direct heat and close the lid. Set your timer for 35-45 minutes.

    Once the 45 minutes is up, flip the ribs so that the meat side is down. Cook them meat side down for 15 minutes.

    Your total cook time is about 60 minutes.

    As I said, it doesnt matter what kind of ribs you have. Baby back, St. Louis style, they all cook the same when you do it this way! Simply maintain that 350 degrees and youre good to go!

    After 45 minutes to 1 hour of grilling, your ribs should be right around 203 degrees F. internal temperature. Ideally, theyll get to 205 degrees F. but 203 is perfectly acceptable!

    After the 60 minutes is up, sauce the ribs again and crank the heat to high .

    Char up the BBQ sauce on each side for a few minutes and double-check your temperature.

    Thats how to BBQ ribs on the grill, the right way!

    How To Prepare The Grill

    How To Make Ribs on a Charcoal Grill with Myron Mixon, BBQ Champion

    Our main aim here is to turn our grill into a smoker. This actually takes a bit of skill because we need to keep a good, constant heat of about 250F/120 C. Not only will this require the use of a good meat thermometer, but also a little knowledge of indirect cooking.

    If youre unfamiliar with indirect cooking, its a method that places charcoal lumpwood under one half of your grill grate, leaving the other side clear. You then put your meat on this clear side, allowing the heat inside the grill to cook it rather than the direct heat from the flames.

    For a full guide check out my guide to indirect grilling.

    With this approach, were going to be a bit creative and call on the help of a disposable aluminum pan. Were going to fill it with water and use it to add moisture to our grilling environment, in turn helping to regulate the temperature. More on this in a moment.

    Make sure your BBQs grates and drum are both thoroughly clean before cooking. There are a lot of benefits to having a spotless BBQ, so if your grill is dirty then Id put aside half an hour to really clean it.

    Once clean, remove the cooking grate and light the charcoal. There are a few methods to this, so if youre not sure how to do this then take a look at my guide on how to light a charcoal grill.

    Youll need enough charcoal to cover half the grate area, and also enough to create 2-3 layers of charcoal.

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    Why Youll Love This Recipe

    Whos ready for grilling season? If youre like me summertime means grilling and grilling means ribs! And of course ribs means cooking in the oven and heating up the house

    Not anymore, these tender spareribs are cooked on the grill!

    • No slow cooker, pressure cooker or cooking the rack in the oven first!

    Yes, you heard me right these ribs are cooked entirely on the grill. Its super easy to do, the hardest part is waiting for them to be done.

    Ok so today were talking spareribs. But these arent made in the pressure cooker, these are made entirely on the grill. Thats right, no oven, no pressure cooker no problem!

    If you dont have a gas grill this can certainly be done on a charcoal grill, just cover and monitor the temperature of the grill with a heat thermometer.

    How To Cook Ribs In The Oven

    The easiest barbecue ribs besides slow cooking!

    • Prepare ribs as above, then pat them dry with a sheet of paper towel.
    • Rub with our dry rub mixture . I like to drizzle some olive oil over them for the best juicy, tender and crispy results.
    • Arrange them on a lined baking tray. You can use foil or parchment paper.
    • Bake for a couple of hours, then slather with our BBQ sauce mixture. Use a brush or spoon to spread it evenly over the tops.
    • Broil for an additional 2-5 minutes to get crispy, charred edges.

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    Season The Ribs And Put On The Grill

    With the temperature steady and smoke rolling, its time to season the ribs with a dry rub. I used Christie Vanovers Pork Rub collaboration with Spiceology. The larger granules sit on the meats surface longer, integrating with the fat and smoke as it slowly renders into the meat throughout the cook.

    Season both sides of the ribs, being sure to pat into the meat with your free hand. Once liberally coated with dry rub, place the rack, bone side down on the cool zone of the grill. The one opposite the lit burners and smoking tube.

    Once the ribs are on, its a straight-forward 3-2-1 cook: three hours unwrapped, two hours wrapped in foil, one hour unwrapped.

    How To Gas Grill The Best Pork Ribs Ever

    How to Slow

    So now, let’s get to this delicious grilled pork rib recipe! I know that grilling pork ribs can seem intimidating. I hesitated to grill ribs for a long time. I just thought there were too many steps and that I needed to learn how to use a smoker or to create some sort of makeshift smoker. All of that is well and good, but it’s not absolutely necessary to create delicious, tender, flavorful pork ribs. And yes, you can do it on a gas grill! Just make sure your propane tank is full and I’m gonna show you how you can do this without any fancy tools or tricks.

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    Why Are My Country

    There are many reasons why your country-style ribs might be tough. The meat could be too fatty, the cut might be from the chuck end of the cow, or the ribs might not have been cooked for long enough.

    In order to make sure your country-style ribs are tender and juicy, you should make sure to select a good cut of meat, trim any excess fat, and simmer them over low heat.

    Place The Ribs On The Grill

    Where you place the ribs on the grill is most important. You need indirect heat to cook ribs without drying them out or overcooking them. The goal is to hit temperatures up to 375 F/190 C.

    If you have a grill with the burners running front to back, you will need to use one of the burners on either end. Let’s say you are using the left side burner. This means you place your smoke bombs directly over this burner . The ribs will be placed on the grate to the right of the hot burner. If the rack of ribs is short enough to be placed running parallel to the burners, set it near the hot burner but not over it. Otherwise, you might have to place it in a more diagonal position on the grill, which will require rotating the rack of ribs occasionally to even out the cooking.

    Place the rib rack bone-side down on the grill, close the lid, and adjust the grill until it holds a temperature of 300 F/150 C. Let the ribs cook for 30 minutes. Don’t open the lid as keeping it closed will hold in as much smoke as possible. Don’t expect a lot of smoke to billow out of the grill as there won’t be a tremendous amount of smoke production.

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