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How to Grill Salmon~Easy Cooking
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How to Grill Salmon~Easy Cooking
How to Grill Salmon Steaks and Fillets | Food Network
How-to cook Grilled Salmon Fillets on the outdoor grill
How to cook salmon and keep it from sticking to the…
Grilled Salmon Recipe | Power Smokeless Grill
Grilled Salmon Recipe – How to Grill Salmon for the…
Grilled Salmon on the Smokeless Grill
Cedar Plank Salmon – How to Cook Salmon on the Grill…
How to Make Simple Grilled Salmon | The Stay At Home…
How To Grill Salmon in Foil

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How To Cook A Cedar Plank Salmon In The Oven

Cedar plank salmon makes a great addition to a meal. It is a tasty, healthy fish, rich in fatty acids and other nutrients. It also provides a whole bunch of protein, with little of the cholesterol that youd find in beef or pork.

It can be a little bland, though, and if eaten on a regular basis it gets repetitive and boring. There are, however, some ways to improve the flavor of salmon and keep it interesting. One of the best ways is roasting or baking on a cedar plank in the oven.

Cedar Plank Salmon On The Pellet Grill

Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon Recipe

When you are craving salmon, theres no better way to make it than this Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon, cooked right on our Pellet Grill! This method of preparing salmon is super popular, and for good reason. It is easy AND delicious. Just 30 minutes from start to finish, and that includes preheating your grill!

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It Works With Fish And So Much More

The Spruce Eats / Victoria Heydt

Because the heat of a charcoal or even gas grill can be so intense, it can cause foods to overcook quickly and dry out, various techniques have evolved to try to combat some of these unwanted effects.

One such technique is grilling on a wood plank. If you’re familiar with this at all, you’ve probably heard of it as a technique for cooking fish, especially salmon. A wood plank is wonderful for fish, but you can actually use the technique on other ingredients.

How To Make Cedar Plank Salmon Two Ways

Follow the same steps for soaking the planks and glazing the salmon, then choose to cook your salmon in the oven or on the grill. Both methods create flaky, tenderly satisfying salmon every time!

  • Soak the planks. For 1-2 hours submerged in water.
  • Preheat. The oven to 400 degrees F .
  • Prep salmon. Blot salmon pieces dry and sprinkle evenly with salt and pepper. Shake cedar plank to remove excess water and arrange salmon pieces evenly on the plank.
  • Make the glaze! In a small bowl, mix together brown sugar, dijon mustard, bourbon and garlic. Brush glaze evenly over salmon pieces. Top with a lemon slice.

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Grilling Other Foods On A Plank

This same basic technique can be used to cook foods other than fish. Foods like chicken, pork, and beef can also be grilled on a plank. Note that when grilling a steak, the goal is to get the grill as hot as possible and get the steak on and off as quickly as possible, which is directly counter to the effect plank grilling produces.

On the other hand, you can sear your steak over a very hot skillet and then finish the cooking on a plank. Some cooks have even experimented with blackening the plank over a hot grill, then turning it over and placing their meat or poultry on the blackened side before transferring the plank back to the grill to cook, with the charred surface of the wood imparting a more intense wood flavor.

Finally, you can reuse your planks as long as they don’t crumble apart from the charring. Just rinse it off with plain water and let it dry. And keep in mind that they will take on the flavors of what you’ve cooked on it previously, so for instance, you might want to stick with salmon once you’ve used one for salmon.

How To Prep Your Salmon

How To Grill Salmon On Cedar Plank – Ace Hardware

The first thing you’ll want to do, as with most any fish, is give it a good thorough pat-down with a clean dish towel or a few paper towels to get rid of any excess moisture.

Then add your marinade, rub, and/or seasoning to your salmon any way you would like. I like making a marinade of dijon mustard, brown sugar, some fresh dill, and a little sea salt or seasoning salt. Whether you go for a dry rub or a marinade, make sure to coat the flesh of the fish evenly. The skin doesn’t necessarily need marinating, but there are different schools of thought on that, so to each our own. A little olive oil or butter on the skin does help keep it from sticking.

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Bbq Cedar Plank Salmon Recipe

Cedar planks infuse grilled salmon with even more smoky flavor. Even if you’re new to plank grilling, this tangy fish dish is as easy as can be, yet still company-worthy. Most of the cook time is spent soaking the planks in water, the rest of the dish comes together in minutes.

How To Make Pellet Grill Cedar Plank Salmon

This is just the overview so you can see what youre actually getting into here. When you are cooking, youll want to use the full recipe at the bottom of the page.

Soak your planks

30-45 minutes is what youre aiming for. This is a necessary step so the wood doesnt burn.

Preheat your pellet grill

350° is about where you want it. If that varies a little, dont worry. Itll still be great.

Season your salmon

Put the salmon skin-side-down on the plant and season. Dont be shy! Top with the lemon slices.

Onto the grill

Shut the lid and no peeking! Youre going to go for 12-15 minutes. Salmon is best-served medium, so try not to go past 125° for the best results, which for salmon is medium doneness

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How To Cook Skinless Salmon

On a grill, a skinless piece of salmon can be tricky. To pull this off successfully, your grill needs to be very clean, well-seasoned, and your fish will require some sort of lubricant like oil or cooking spray.

Salmon, like most fish, is delicate in nature and overhandling can ruin the appearance and overall structural integrity. Salmon that has no skin tends to stick to the grill and can easily fall apart when being turned over. When it comes to skinless salmon, the major benefit is that the wood acts as a barrier between fish and grill. This omits the issue of your meal getting stuck to the grates.

Another advantage to cooking skinless salmon on a plank is that there is no need to turn the salmon over, this greatly reduces the chances of your fish falling to pieces.

Finally, the use of oil to help prevent sticking can be omitted when cooking on a plank, so we can safely say that the overall fat content of your dish is significantly reduced.

So, before you turn that skinless piece of salmon into something charred and unattractive, consider dropping a plank in some hot water for 15 minutes and becoming this evenings dinner hero.

Matt worked his first kitchen job in the country of Malta at the age of 15. He has worked as a restaurant Chef in Arizona, Maine, Spain, the UK, Oregon and finally North Idaho. Now the Executive Chef at Wildwood Grilling, he thoroughly enjoys his day job. Make sure to also .

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Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon

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Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon cooked on an outdoor grill is one of the tastiest ways to enjoy this omega-3 rich fish. The spice rub is an easy combo of salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, and paprika, and pairs perfectly with the smoky flavor from the cedar planks!

Salmon is a go-to here because its healthy and cooks so fast! When were not grilling, we love to make it indoors. Our Baked Asian Salmon in Foil and Blackened Salmon Burgers with Avocado Crema are also easy to make. I recently shared my Blackened Salmon Tacos as well!

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Cedar Plank Salmon In The Oven:

If you dont have a grill, no problem cedar plank salmon is delicious cooked in the oven as well. You wont achieve the same smoky flavor you get from the grill but it will take up the woodsy flavor of the cedar plank. The preparation is the same but instead of using your grill, preheat your oven to 375 degrees and cook the salmon for about 15-25 minutes or until it easily flakes with a fork.

What Is The Cedar Plank For What Does It Do

Plank grilling uses a wooden board that is placed directly on the grill to provide deep, wood-smoked flavor. Dare I say its better than using wood chips because the food you are cooking on it comes into direct contact with the wooden plank?

Some stores will sell a variety of flavored planks like maple, apple, etc. Most stores that sell grilling supplies will have cedar planks. You can or somewhere like Costco. They are the most common.

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Preparing And Cooking The Salmon

The salmon can be prepared some ways. You can throw together a few simple ingredients to make a glaze or rub and add to flavor the fish. Salmon usually goes with glazes that are a bit salty and sweet. Using soy sauce as a base and adding maple syrup or brown sugar can make for a delicious meal. Dill is a traditional combination with salmon, as is mustard.

However, a little olive oil, salt, and pepper is often enough to complement the flavor of the salmon. The fish usually is tasty enough on its own, and the addition of the cedar plank adds enough flavor that it can be great without a lot of additions.

The oven should be preheated to 350 degrees. Spread a little olive oil on the plank, and place the fish on it skin side down. It can cook this way the whole time. There is no need to turn or flip it. The salmon should cook for at least 20 minutes until the flesh flakes easily. It is important that the fish cook thoroughly.

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Ines Chattas, the Argentina born and bred chef /owner of Miami’ s popular Open Kitchen, as well as the chef/operator of restaurants in two residential buildings in tony Bal Harbour, FL, has been appointed the new culinary director of the kosher UN Plaza Grill in Midtown East.


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How To Grill Salmon On A Cedar Plank

Fresh salmon thats been rubbed with herbs and grilled slowly over wine-soaked cedar planks: Let me tell you, this right here is some of the best salmon youll ever put in your mouth. This is such a simple and elegant technique for cooking salmon. The fish steams gently in the heat of the grill, staying incredibly tender and moist. It also picks up smoky flavors from the grill and woodsy flavors from the cedar, along with whatever was used to soak the planks. So good. Heres our best recipe for grilled salmon on a cedar plank, step by easy step.

How Thick Is Your Piece Of Salmon

Now that we know how long we want to cook our salmon, we can drill it down. Lets go with the middle of the road and shoot for a medium cooked piece of salmon, by removing it from the heat when it reaches 130°F.

If you preheat the grill or oven to 400°F and our fish is about 1 thick at the thickest part, it will be cooked in about 12 minutes. For a thicker salmon portion add 4 minutes of cooking time for every additional 1/2 of thickness.

If you invest in a digital thermometer, you really cant go wrong.

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Can You Reuse A Cedar Plank

Yes, but it will have a less intense flavor output as some of the woods natural oils get used up from the previous cooking, making it drier. However, this can be partially remedied by lightly oiling the surface before soaking again.

I tend to discard the planks after use because the salmon skin tends to stick to the board and its easier and affordable to buy new ones. Although if the plank is still in good shape after the first use, you can wash and dry it for later. I have also used the plank again but by itself. I place it on the side of the grill to add cedar flavor to other foods.

How To Prepare Your Cedar Plank For Grilling

Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon

Depending on the quality of your cedar plank, it may or may not have splinters. If there are splinters, simply brush it with some sandpaper until it’s smooth.

Next, you’ll want to soak the plank, and we recommend doing so for no less than one hour . This step isn’t absolutely necessary, but it will help keep it from catching fire and also ensure that it’s reusable. Make sure the plank is completely submerged in water. A baking sheet or a larger pot works as a good basin, and a small bowl or anything heavy placed atop the plank will ensure that it stays underwater.

When the plank is about 30 minutes away from being saturated to your satisfaction, go ahead and light your grill.

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Traeger Cedar Plank Salmon

It is summer in the Pacific Northwest, and for a lot of the area fishermen, that means one thing.


And lots of them, and lots of time and energy spent finding them.

If you think you dont like salmon, you arent alone. I was also in the I hate salmon club for most of my life. I think thats mostly because the only salmon Id ever eaten until I was in my mid-thirties came from grocery stores or mid-range restaurants in the midwest. Not the freshest, and not the highest quality, by far.

When Jeremiah took up fishing a few years ago, and started preparing things like this Traeger Smoked Salmon, and also this Traeger Grilled Salmon with lemon pepper, I was suddenly much more on board with the quest for these epic, famous fish.

More Easy Traeger Recipes here!

How To Grill Fish On Wood Planks

Grilling fish on a plank is super straightforward. Start by brushing the top of the plank with oil. Don’t oil the opposite side though . Next place your fish skin-side-down on the plank, then brush the fish with oil, and sprinkle it with seasonings, lemon juice, herbs, and so on.

Heat your grill to medium-high heat and place the plank with the fish on it directly on the center of the grill. Cooking time will depend on thickness of the fish and other variables, but a two-pound salmon fillet will take about 15 minutes.

You can also grill a whole fish such as trout on a plank.

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How To Make Grilled Salmon On A Cedar Plank

First, rinse the planks to remove any dust then soak the cedar planks for 2 hours in warm water. Fully submerge the plank in water. Be sure to soak your plank prior to use to prevent burning. Not kidding, they are wood, they will burn!

In a small bowl, combine the olive oil, lemon juice and minced garlic. Place the salmon fillets in a shallow dish. Pour or rub the lemon garlic oil over the salmon filets to coat them. Season the salmon with salt and pepper. Place the lemon slices on top of the filets. Allow to sit for 15 30 minutes.

Preheat your grill over medium heat. Place the soaked cedar plank onto the preheated grill rack, cover grill and heat plank for 3 5 minutes. This starts the smoking process.

Place the salmon filets onto the cedar plank, cover grill and cook for about 20 30 minutes or until fully cooked. The internal temperature should be 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Grill times can vary depending on the cuts of salmon and the grill.

Once finished, carefully remove salmon from grill and let it rest on the cedar plank for at least 5 minutes.

Tip: Check on your fish. It will begin to brown around the edges and should easily flake when it is finished. I tried to keep my grill above 400 degrees Fahrenheit and below 500 degrees Fahrenheit and it was cooked perfectly at exactly 25 minutes. Yours could take less or more, so check after 15 minutes and then every few minutes after that. Happy grilling!

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