Where To Find Model Number On Weber Genesis Grill

Remove Replace Install Weber Piezo Module Igniter And Electrode Ignitor

Find the Model Number on Your Grill

In older Weber models Genesis, Spirit, Summit the ignition module was a simple mechanical push-button piezo module. These old modules only sparked one time with each physical depression but the never stop functioning unless they are somehow physically broken. Which is highly unlikely in a Weber barbecue grill that mounted the control valves and ignition module on the right side shelf, far from the fire box and any flames.

The mechanical push button piezo module was also used in extraordinary high end gas grill like DCS and Lynx and was also the module of choice in hundreds of other brands of barbecue grill. No barbecue ignitor module has been more widely used than the Weber piezo ignitor module.

This instructional video also shows how to replace the electrode and the collector box which is where the ignitor sparks and ignites gas inside the barbecue.

The smaller tab on the collector box is designed to hold the ground wire. Because the fire box is cast aluminum the electrode is not grounded in the collector box as igniters are in thousands of steel and stainless steel and cast iron fire boxes in other barbecue grill models. The Weber module has a round male plug at the tip for the electrode wire but the module has another male tab that is flat on the side of the module. A wire connects from this side tab to the smaller tab bent on the collector box.

Instructional Video Shows the installation of the module and the collector box.


How To Replace A Grill Igniter Instructions:

Make sure the gas is turned off, your grill is turned off, and it is cool before proceeding.

Before you go to the effort of replacing the igniter module and wires, check the battery inside the igniter button. Remove the igniter button by turning the cover counter-clockwise.

Lift off the igniter button cover to expose the battery.

Pull out the AA battery. Replace with a brand new AA battery and replace the cover. Check to see if your grill will light. If yes, great! If no, keep reading.

Put on your rubber gloves and remove the cooking grates and place them on newspaper or plastic to protect the surface from grease.

Remove the heat deflectors.

Remove the igniter retention nut by turning it counter-clockwise.

Set the retention nut aside where you wont lose it.

Remove the screws for the wind deflector that are underneath the control panel. There are two screws that need to be removed, one on the far right and one on the far left.

Remove the wind deflector. Youll need to tilt the back of it down and then slide it out toward the back to remove.

Remove the igniter module by reaching underneath the control panel and gently lowering module.

There are wires connected to the back of the igniter module. Make a note of where each wire goes so you will be able to connect the new module properly when the time comes. Let the module hang to the side while you remove the control panel.

Unplug the wires from the back of the igniter module.

Lift the control panel off the grill and set aside.

Still Cant Find Your Model/serial Number

If you still cant find the model/serial number sticker on your grill, you may be able to review our collection of Weber Product Catalogs to determine an approximate model year or range of years. Its for reasons like this that you should always register your grill online or by phone with Weber Customer Service after purchase.

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Edward Dannewitz Overland Park Ks

Date Code: C

Although its not in top shape, my C model WSM still cooks up a storm. My father found this gem for me approximately 12 years ago sitting in a moving sale. Asking price was $15.00 and he talked them down to $5.00. Didnt fully appreciate what he had gotten me until I found out what it was and what real Qing was about. I now own three, and all are being used in competitions yearly.

Example Of Mechanical Igniter Installation

Locating Your Weber Gas Grill Model/Serial Number

Im going to demonstrate how I replaced the igniters in my 2002 Summit 450. The steps are similar on most older Weber grills:

  • Remove the burner control knobs and control panel to access the igniter parts. Remove the cooking grates and Flavorizer bars to access the gas catcher.
  • Remove and replace the igniter parts and gas catcher.
  • Test the new parts.
  • Put the grill back together.

On my Summit, the knobs and control panel are on the front of the grill and there are two igniters to replace:

On other grills like the popular Genesis 1000, the knobs and control panel are on the right side of the grill and theres only one igniter to replace:

Thats my 1992 Genesis 2 in the photo above, now being used by my parents. Heres how the igniter is configured on that grill, shown with the control panel removed. This is the same on Genesis 1-5 and 1000-5000 grills.

Someday Ill photograph the replacement of the igniter in that grill and post them here. Until then, the photos that follow from my Summit igniter replacement will have to do.

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Clark Hodgson Wyocena Wi

Date Code: B

I was driving past my neighbors place in Wyocena, WI on Memorial Day weekend 2006 while they were having a garage sale. I saw what I thought for sure was a WSM sitting in his driveway. It was a little rusty, the access door and legs anyway, but appeared to be in excellent condition otherwise.

My neighbor had a price tag on it of $20.00. He said, Dont buy that because then youll have to cook! I told him I used my Brinkmann to cook all the time. Since I am his neighbor, he said $10.00 would take it away. I couldnt pass up that deal.

So I came back with my truck, loaded it up, took it home and gave it a good cleaning. All of the porcelain was in really good shape. The grates were all rusty, but a wire brush took care of that. Since it did not have a thermometer, I searched the Web for retrofit ideas, which is how I happened on your site and learned about the date codes.

Clark cleaned up the old steel legs as best he could, but took a wire brush to the steel access door and sprayed it with black barbecue paint to make it look better.

Kevin Steers Cedarburg Wi

Date Code: B

Kevin says, Days after an estate sale in my neighborhood in northern Wisconsin, this WSM was found in the bushes, where it had been abandoned. The new homeowner told me to take it, as he knew I was a barbecue guy. I will need to reverse a mod, as the original owner converted it to propane, I believe, as evidenced by the holes in the base.

In the first photo, you can see the propane valve attached to the front leg of the charcoal bowl. In the third photo looking inside the charcoal bowl, the rectangular hole is probably access for the propane burner the small hole in the bottom is probably a weep hole for water.

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Weber Fba 7628 Igniter Kit For 310

Price: & Return this item for free

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  • Go to your orders and start the return
  • Select the return method
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • Reignite an old grill
    • Fits Genesis 310 and 320 grill
    • This item is not compatible with Genesis II series grills.

    Genesis Silver A / B / C

    How-To Find My Weber Model Number

    Older Silver Grills had an open cart

    2004 – Silver was placed on the emblem. These grills had a center mounted hood thermometer. They had plastic shelves on the left side of the grill and control knobs to the right.

    2005 The Silver series had a closed cart, plastic left side shelf and a center mounted heat thermometer. The A has 2 stainless steel burners. The B and C – Three Burner Grill. The difference between the B and the C is the B had no side-burner and the C included side burner attached to the right of the control panel


    Control Knobs were on the Side.

    The 310 featured 3 main burners and the 320 has 3 main burners and a side burner

    2007: E/S 310, 320 – The E has an emailed hood with an enclosed cart with corresponding painted steel doors with stainless steel trim, porcelain cast iron cooking grates and porcelain steel flavorizer bars while the S has a stainless hood, stainless cooking grates and stainless flavorizer bars.

    2008,2009E/S/EP 310, 320 The EP was a special edition grill that had an enameled hood but included stainless cooking grids and Flavorizer bars. This series was offered to specialty alliance dealers.

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    The Virtual Weber Gas Grill

    Locating the model and serial number of your Weber gas grill can be tricky, especially on older grills that have been out in the weather for years. You may need your model and serial number when registering a gas grill with Weber Customer Service or when trying to order replacement parts from Weber.

    On current and recent grills, the model and serial number are printed on a sticker inside the storage cabinet. Sometimes its horizontal, like in this Weber Summit S-670:

    And the model and serial number are here:

    Sometimes its vertical and part of a collection of stickers, like in this Weber Genesis S-310:

    And the model and serial number are here:

    On an old grill like the first generation Weber Genesis 2, the model and serial number are on a tiny sticker on the frame on the right side of the control panel:

    L3 is the model number and the six digits are the serial number:

    Unfortunately, on some models Weber places the model/serial number sticker on the exterior back panel or frame of the grill, where exposure to weather can cause it to fade or peel off. Most recently they did this on the 2017 Genesis II E-310:

    And heres the model and serial number:

    Weber Genesis Vs Genesis Ii: Hashing Out The Difference

    In 2017, Weber updated its popular Genesis models with the introduction of the Genesis II line. What are the differences between these grills, and how might the changes affect your grilling experience? In our Weber Genesis vs Genesis II review, well walk you through the answers.


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    Weber Rolls Out New Genesis Ii Gas Grills

    Where Is My Serial Number?

    Consumer Reports has tested the eight grills in the new line

    When you shop through retailer links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. 100% of the fees we collect are used to support our nonprofit mission.Learn more.

    Weber revamped its iconic Genesis grill line this year, rolling out eight new grills that step up in size, features, and price, from two-burner to six-burner. They range in price from $500 to $2,000. To see whether the upgrades are indeed improvements, Consumer Reports bought all of these grills for testing.

    What’s Different? The first thing youll notice is that the Weber Genesis II grills arent as blocky as their predecessors: They have rounder hoods and a more streamlined appearance.

    The propane tank has been relocated to the right side of the grill, making it easier to change, and two of the four casters have been replaced by wheels.

    Under the hood and beneath the grates, the burners ports are bigger and rounder, replacing the old slits, and the burners are tapered. Weber says the tapered shape ensures that the heat is evenly distributed across the cooking surface. Our tests found that it is.

    For $200 more, you get a third burner and a larger cooking area, bumping the Weber Genesis II E-310, $700, into our midsized category. Grills in this group can fit 18 to 28 burgers. Performance was similar to the E-210, and indirect cooking was even better.

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    Weber 7629 Igniter Kit For 330 Model Genesis Gas Grills Black

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    $42.49& Return this item for free

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    Where Is My Serial Number

    Weber has made so many different versions of our Q, Spirit, Genesis and Summit models it could make your head spin. While having a huge assortment of grills to choose from is a great thing, it can make it a bit hard to figure out which is the correct replacement part.

    Serial numbers are the single best tool for identifying a Weber gas grill, and every gas grill that Weber makes has one. Weber charcoal models have serial numbers too, but they are even more crucial to have when dealing with a gas grill, due to the gas train parts involved.Whenever anyone calls Weber Customer Service one of the first questions we ask is if they have the serial number for their grill. This ensures that the representative taking the order will order all the right parts for the grill. Not only that, but serial numbers are used to register grills in our system to provide warranty coverage.

    So where does one find a serial number on a Weber grill?

    Well we have a handy chart right here on Weber.com for finding out where the serial number for each model can be found.

    On gas models, the serial number will be on a data label affixed to a component of the grill.

    Here is an example of a serial number from a Weber gas grill.

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    Exclusive: Weber Genesis Ii Se Series 4

    At Designer Appliances, we have been working closely with Weber for years to offer our customers the absolute best grill lineups while also providing unparalleled customer support. This year, Weber has returned the favor by releasing their Genesis II SE Series grill only available to a few of their select Weber dealers, including Designer Appliances. You wont find this model at your big box home improvement stores.

    Weber Genesis II SE 4-Burner Grill

    For only $50 more than the standard Genesis II 4-burner grill, the SE Weber Grill includes:

    • Upgraded grill grates, from standard porcelain enamel to stainless steel
    • Upgraded flavorizer bars, from porcelain enamel to stainless steel
    • Rich Color Options

    How To Determine The Age Of Your Weber Charcoal Grill

    How to Assemble a Weber Genesis II Grill (Step by Step of E435 Model)

    Looking to determine the age of your Weber Kettle? Look no further. This page is a collaborative effort put forth by the club founders and historians owners of 50+ vintage Weber grills and hours and hours of research.

    If your grill was made from 1979 to 2014, the top vent on the lid will have one of these serial numbers which is a one or two lettered date code listed below.

    • A:1979 G:1985 N:1991 EI:1997 DT:2003 DE:2009
    • B:1980 H:1986 O:1992 EZ:1998 DH:2004 AD:2010
    • C:1981 J:1987 P:1993 EE:1999 DO:2005 AA:2011
    • D:1982 K:1988 EH:1994 DD:2000 DR:2006 AU:2012
    • E:1983 L:1989 EO:1995 DA:2001 DI:2007 AT:2013
    • F:1984 M:1990 ER:1996 DU:2002 DZ:2008 AH:2014

    Beginning in 2013, a serial number was added just above the two-letter date code. As of 2015, Weber has switched over to these individualized serial numbers that begin with a two letter prefix. 2014 was the last year for the two-letter code system. See below.CN####### = 2013*

    *: Used in conjunction with date codes AT and AH respectively.

    **: Used exclusively. There is no two letter only date code in 2015.

    : There are no true D code only kettles or WSMs known to exist. There are examples of 1981 C code Webers that have been seen with a small D stamped near or on the opposite side of the C stamp. These examples are believed to be the actual 1982 kettles and WSMs.

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    How Do I Know My Weber Grill Model

    If your grill was made from 1979 to 2014, the top vent on the lid will have one of these serial numbers which is a one or two lettered date code listed below. Beginning in 2013, a serial number was added just above the two letter date code.

    Secondly, do Weber grills have a lifetime warranty? One of the perks of owning a Weber grill is our best-in-class warranty program. All current generation Spirit II, Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Summit Gas series models purchased after 10/1/17 feature full 10 year warranties on all components, excluding normal wear and tear.

    Considering this, what year is my Weber gas grill?

    Weber’s model year runs from October 1 to September 30. For example, a grill with date code DE is part of the 2009 model year and may have been manufactured anytime between 10/1/2008 and 9/30/2009.

    Where are Weber gas grills manufactured?

    Weber grills have been made in the United States since 1952, when George Stephen built his kettle grill from a buoy at Weber Brothers Metal Works in Mount Prospect, Ill. All but one of latest models are still manufactured in Palatine, Ill.

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