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New Features On The 2020 Silverton 620

Why Traeger Grills is the Best Grill & How it Works

The biggest update to the Silverton is that it is now has the same WiFire controller and D2 Direct Drive system as the premium Ironwood and Timberline models.

The WiFire controller allows for tighter temperature control as well as letting you run the grill entirely from an app on your smart device. The D2 Direct Drive system is a more powerful, and smarter motor/auger combination.

One of the big things to note is that the initial setup of the WiFire system is buggy. The guys over at Reddit have a pretty good description of how to do the initial firmware update needed to get this grill going.

Pro Tip: The WiFire app will not connect to your 5 GHz WiFi signal. You need to split the signal on your router to make a 2.4 GHz channel available. Your 5 GHz channel is great for fast data transfer but has limited range. The 2.4 GHz channel uses longer waves that are able to penetrate walls and reach your grill.

Best Traeger Pro Series Grill

The Pro Series line of Traeger Grills is the most popular and it offers you the most model choices by far. Check out this chart and see just SOME of the models in the Traeger Pro series lineup.

Which Traeger Grill Pro Series Model is right for you?

From the list I showed you in the pic above, youre best bets are going to be either the Traeger Pro 780 or the Pro 575.

The other Pro Series models you see only have the basic digital controller, but the Traeger Pro 780 and Pro 575 both have Traegers new WiFire Controller along with other newer features not always available in older Pro models.

How do you decide between the Traeger Pro 780 vs 575?

We recommend the Traeger Pro 780 over the Traeger Pro 575?

The most popular Traeger Grill Pro Series model is the Traeger Pro 575 however we are recommending you strongly consider the Traeger Pro 780.

Check Current Prices of the Traeger 575 & 780

You really cant go wrong with either model, but you can go RIGHTER with the Traeger Pro 780 because time and again on forums and Facebook groups youll hear people who have the 575 say I wished they would have bought the 780 instead.

Why do people like the Traeger 780 vs the 575? It really comes down to grilling SPACE. Remember, the Traeger Pro 575 has 575 square inches of grilling space, while the Traeger Pro 780 has 780 square inches. Thats a pretty big difference.

Traeger Pro 780 Features

Whats all this add up to?

Traeger Pro 780 Grill Current Prices

How To Troubleshoot Your Traeger Grill

Im lumping a lot of things together here, because this is where things start to break down for a lot of people from the instant they start using their Traeger pellet grill.

The first thing you should always do when youre having some kind of nondescript problem with your grill is to check the pellets. Make sure the pellets are in good condition and havent taken on moisture.

Your pellets should snap or crunch when squeezed if they crumble, then theyve likely gone bad. Likewise, if they appear a dull or light color, they may have gone bad in the packaging.

More on Traeger Grill Troubleshooting here.If you want to see how amazing this brand check out these comparisons

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Features Pro Series 575 And 780

  • WIFIRE technology

There are several differences between the Ironwood and the Pro Series. Here are the main upgrades.

Downdraft Exhaust System

One of the key features of the Ironwood is the downdraft exhaust system. Most pellet grills have a chimney or smokestack on top, but the downdraft exhaust system in the Ironwood pushes the smoke through the exhaust out the back of the grill, producing better smoke for your meat.

Double Side Wall Insulation

Another upgrade from the Pro Series is the Ironwoods double side walls for better insulation. Smokers and grills constructed with solid metal can hold in heat, which makes them more efficient when cooking in the colder months. Pellet grills with thinner metal have to work twice as hard in the cold and burn through twice as many wood pellets.

Super Smoke Mode

The Ironwood also has a Super Smoke mode which gives you three times more smoke. Super Smoke lowers the temperature of your grill into the 165°F to 225°F range. By slowing down the grill, the meat will have more time to sit in the smoke and absorb more smoke flavor.

Bigger Pellet Hopper

The Ironwood holds 20 pounds of wood pellets, an upgrade from the Pro Series which only holds 18 pounds. The extra pellets allow you to cook longer without having to worry about topping up the hopper halfway through a long cook.

Pellet Sensor for Remote Monitoring

Higher Temps

Probe Storage

Larger Digital Control

Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill And Smoker


Why youll love this:

If you want size over anything else, this grill has you covered.

Similar to the Pro Series models above, this one comes with most of the Traeger Grills trimmings. While it lacks the shelving of the Select Elite, it has a nice sawhorse design that makes it very sturdy, while maintaining 4 wheels instead of the usual design that sports a pair of large wheels and a couple of posts. This makes this huge grill a bit more mobile than it otherwise might be.

It still has digital temperature control built in, as well as a spacious and easy to load hopper, and a great chimney for smoking.

My issue largely lies in the price. 884 square inches of grilling space is an immense amount of space, and it commands an equally immense price. Its also, quite frankly, overkill for most people.

Unless youre cooking meals for a crowd of people every day the size of this is likely to be well beyond your means, where something in the roughly 500 to 600 square inches range will probably do you better.

Basically, its in both an awkward sizing and awkward price bracket a little too large for most people while not large enough for others. Youd need a very specific usage requirement for this to be worth it, in my opinion.

  • Awkwardly sized too small for many professionals, too big for most home cooks.

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Traeger Grills Select Elite Wood Pellet Grill

Why youll love it:

This is the Big Kahuna of Traeger Grills. It combines everything that made any other grill on this list a good choice, save two: Its not easily portable , and it doesnt have the side grease drain.

What it does have is an even better front shelf around the grill, giving you plenty of space to rest your utensils, tools, trays, plates, and whatever else you need, without even the annoyance of it is a grate , and even MORE storage space underneath, giving you a whole cabinet to work with.

Im a real sucker for this kind of thing because I NEVER have enough shelf or storage space anywhere I live, so being able to combine multiple things into one space makes me excited every time. In this case, storage space is storage space. While you can store your grill related stuff here, it also gives you extra space for, say, a toolbox or something to get it out from under your feet whenever you walk on your back porchbut I digress.

The smoker box remains and is slightly larger than the others. In fact, everything is a bit larger than others on this list. It boasts an enormous 589 square inches of grilling space with an 18 lb hopper capacity. This is basically your nuclear option for grill space: if everybodys not fed with this bad boy you must be trying to feed an army or something.

And as you might expect, big size comes with a big price tag: It will run you near to a thousand bucks on average.

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Traeger Ptg+ 15 Portable Electric Grill

Why youll love it:

While the Ranger is more geared toward portable smoking, with some grilling ability, this one flips it its a great grill, with very limited smoking capability.

The size is compact and it latches for even easier storage and travel. Its electric , so its perfect for RVing and campground camping. The interior give you enough grilling space to work with so you dont need to worry about needing to cook multiple batches just to feed your group.

Besides its smaller size, it has most of the other big Traeger features, including the digital temperature controls that keep everything within about 20 degrees of your set temperature, making for a very consistent grilling experience even on the go.

The only real issue is the smoking ability while it says its capable, I wouldnt recommend it. Many users report issues trying to slow smoke with this thing, up to and including burning out the machine. If you want a portable smoker, stick to the Ranger theyre about the same price anyway.

What we didnt like

  • Not recommended for use as a smoker.

Control Of Temperature Which Traeger Grill To Buy

Traeger Timberline 850 Review: The Best Wood Pellet Grill you can Buy

Despite many grills consisting of a temperature scale, these arent really precise. Food preparation at precise temperature levels is less complicated with a pellet Traeger grill considering that it operates even more like a stove.

The temperature level control of the Traeger system isnt precisely as precise as the one in your kitchen, but it generally works well.

The temperature settings for some low-cost pellet grills are limited to low, medium, or high.

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Can I Leave My Rec Tec In The Rain

The research that I found on websites indicate that owners use it in the rain with no adverse effects. I would strongly recommend that you buy the cover from Rec Tec or another 65 inch waterproof cover for protection. Avoid the cheap fabric covers as they will not prevent water from coming in and may cause problems.

Buy The Traeger Grill Thats Right For You

Buying a Traeger grill really boils down to what youre looking for, how much you want to spend and how many mouths you want to feed. Are you a weekend warrior who wants to smoke a rack of ribs a couple times a year? Or do you plan on cranking out brisket, pork butts, legs of lamb, loads of burgers, steaks and veggies any day ending in the letter y?

Either way, no matter which Traeger grill you buy, I think youre getting an amazing product and are going to be cooking some of the best tasting food youve ever enjoyed.

Disclaimer: This article may contain affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the links provided. This is one of the ways I am able to support my blog and provide free articles and recipes for readers.

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Traeger Grills Century 22 Pellet Grill And Smoker

Why youll love it:

Heres another quite large grill, only 17 square inches smaller than our winner. It has a darker, black design with much more of a bent towards smoking than grilling this time around. It certainly functions as a grill, but the telltale factors here are the lack of any trays and the side mounted grease bucket all signs that this grill expects you to spend more time sitting back while it goes low and slow than messing around with the meat.

As a smoker this thing is excellent, with the same temperature control technology and smart auger system most Traeger grills has, with a very adjustable chimney and a squat, firm design.

Its sturdily made with good wheels and perfect for setting in place, while being easy to load and use.

Plus, its a lot cheaper than our winner, so if you dont value the storage space and shelving very much, this is a great money saving purchase.

  • Easy to load and fire wood pellets.

What we didnt like

  • A bit on the heavy side.
  • Complete lack of prep shelves or storage space.

Green Mountain Grills Vs Treager

5 Best Small Traeger Grills (Reviews) For Backyard &  RV ...

Green Mountain Grills have been gaining a lot of popularity since they launched in 2008.

They were ahead of the game when it comes to including WiFi as standard option with their wood pellet grills. No other brand offers WiFi at this low price point.

Well built and competitively priced, they are a strong alternative to Traeger.

A lot of their fame comes from the excellent Davy Crockett grill, which we named our best portable pellet smoker. This grill competes with the Traeger Tailgater, but with the GMG you get WiFi which is really handy when you are camping.

If you arent interested in a portable grill, they also sell the popular Daniel Boone model which has 468 square inches of cooking space.

For the price, Green Mountain Grills make an excellent Traeger alternative. You just dont have the full range of features and sizes available.

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Can You Use A Traeger Grill While Its Raining

Ok, lets get right to it

The short answer is YES!

Plenty of Traeger users have successfully used their grill while its raining without any issues at all.

You should just make sure to keep an eye on how much moisture is being collected in the pellet hopper.

You see, unlike plain old wood chips, wood pellets used in pellet grills and pellet tube smokers are made of densly compressed sawdust that are basically glued together.

You should never let your wood pellets get wet, either when storing them or when they are in the hopper of your traeger grill, otherwise they could partially disintegrate, and likely reform into a big nasty ball of mushy sawdust.

Make sure you have a good tight seal on your pellet hopper so that no moisture can get into it while it is raining.

Are Pit Boss And Traeger Pellets The Same

No, while Pit Boss and Traeger both offer high-quality hardwood pellets, they are not the same. The question makes the frequent comparison of Traeger vs Pit Boss an interesting one because as loyal as individuals are to the appliances, they are less loyal to the wooden pellets themselves.

In deciding between Pit Boss or Traeger, buyers will spend hours researching where Traeger grills are made, and where Pit Boss grills are made however, when it comes to wood pellets, loyalties fade and the only thing that matters is smoking up the best tasting meats. We get it.

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Understanding The Traeger Grill Lineup

Shopping for a Traeger grill can be very confusing. With so many years in business, youve got a lot of different models and versions to compare.

These days Traeger produces 4 main lines of pellet grill.

How to understand the Traeger pellet grill lineup

  • Traeger Pro series The most popular mid-range option now includes Wi-Fi connectivity to the Traeger app for all 2019 models.
  • Traeger Ironwood Series A step up from the Pro series, offering slightly larger sizes plus some funky new tech known as DownDraft Exhaust and TRU convection to help optimize cook times. You also get Super Smoke mode, the option to push a button and ramp up the smoke production.
  • Traeger Timberline series The largest and most expensive option, choose between 850 or 1300 square inches of cooking space. You get all the features of the Ironwood plus pellet sensing tech that lets you monitor your pellet levels on the app.
  • Traeger Tailgater As the name implies this is a portable model, with 300 sq inches and a lot less tech but some nice features for taking it on the go.

For all 2019 models, the number in Traegers product name refers to the cooking surface, so the Pro 780 has 780 square inches of cooking surface.

You can still pick up the older gen 1 models where the number refers to the size of the main grilling rack. E.g. the Pro Series 34 has a 34 x 19 grilling rack.

What Traeger Grill Should I Get

BBQ Chicken With Alabama White Sauce | Traeger Grills

Its really quite simple to pick a Traeger grill because the grill capabilities are best in the name.

Grill designs are constantly adhered to by a number suggesting their cooking capability in square inches.

Primarily, the Ironwood 880grill attributes 880 square inches of surface.

The Pro 780 grill has a surface region of 780 square inches.

There is 1300 square inches of barbecuing space on the Timberline 1300.

Traegers site claims that the Ironwood 880 can suit ten poultries, 7 racks of ribs, or 9 pork rumps.

As a regulation of thumb, bigger grills will need more pellets to be ignited.

Think about a smaller sized grill for times when just two or three people will be cooking at the same time, as opposed to wasting pellets attempting to warm up a larger grill. The less expensive grill could be a much better alternative for you as well as you might use the cost savings in the direction of more pellets.

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