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Here are some reviews from our users.

“First of all, the temperature in the restaurant was uncomfortable. It was hot, My daughters cheeks were red. The server didn’t ask how I wanted my meat cooked, didn’t really say much of anything and made me feel awkward. The food was terrible. My sprite was flat so I swapped it for sweet tea that wasn’t sweet. My kids mashed potatoes were cols. The fries were bland. It was just awful I had a terrible experience and will never go back to this place. I wasted dollars.”

“The food was okay but nothing particularly special. Didn’t care for the fried shrimp but the Asian chicken salad wasn’t bad. No printed menus, you have to download and try to read them on your phone.”

“Beef Nachos, what’s missing? Everything had more salt than anything else. Totally disappointed”

“I picked my food up to go and the service was quick. I was checked out and received my food in less than 6 min of being here which was amazing! But who cares about fast service if the food is always cold. Ive eaten here many times and honestly its always the same. Very disappointing especially if you like Mozzarella sticks :(“

“Music was very loud, and the service was average. I thought the portions were small in comparison to other local restaurants.”

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