Best Luxury Gas Grills 2022

The Top 10 Best Built

2022 Top 5 Premium gas Grills!! ( Sedona, Aspire, DCS, AOG, Blaze!! )

Using the above criteria, Ive compiled a list of the 10 best built-in gas grill inserts to act as a guide.

The list includes a variety of grills, prices, sizes, and features. You should always do your own due diligence, however. Dont be swayed by salespeople and never buy a grill on-sight.

On to my picks for 2022!

Warranty & Company Reputation

Which brings us to the warranty. A reputable grill manufacturing company that stands behind the quality and durability should offer the best warranty available.

Warranties can range from 1-year to a lifetime. Know your warranty and register your grill with the manufacturer before the first barbecue.

Although it seems arbitrary, it is essential to read the fine print. Ask questions to make sure you know what parts of your grill are covered under warranty. These include the burners, body and control valves, and what may be covered under a limited warranty, like the electric ignition system or a rotisserie motor.

Warranty information is included in all of our reviews.

How Far Should A Built

There are a few safety concerns that will decide how far your built-in grill should be located from your house.

Regardless of whether you have a pellet grill or one that is powered by charcoal or gas, it is recommended that you install it at least 10 feet away from your house and any other buildings. Correct grill spacing is important for the following reasons.

Of course, it is important for the occupants of the house, as it will avoid the smoke damaging your property, but it is also important for ventilation purposes. If your grill has an inadequate amount of air space there is a risk of gas and carbon monoxide accumulating and this may result in a fire if it is not monitored.

Some people enjoy grilling in all weathers and if you have a garage you may one day be tempted to use your grill inside it, however, this is not advisable. All of the rules that apply to locating your grill too close to your home are the same as your garage.

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The Best Luxury Outdoor Grills Right Now

Thats our round-up of the best outdoor grills for a luxury dinner party or backyard BBQ on the market right now, including gas, wood-burning, design-driven and high-tech models. Were thinking that any one of these would make for the perfect Fathers Day gift for the grilling maven in your life. They get the grill of their dreams, and you get delicious meals all summer long. Win-win!

Which one is on your list? Did we miss anything? Whichever one you go for, save us a burger. Were on our way over right now.

The Best Gas Bbq For 2022

The 5 Best High

Why you can trust Gardeningetc Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

One of Webers’ most immense barbecues to date, the Weber Genesis II EX-335 GBS is a state-of-the-art option. Our editor tried it and she still loves it to date. It’s the top gas BBQ for serious foodies and offers total control over three burners. And, it’s definitely built to last, backed by a 10-year warranty.

We enjoyed using the Weber Connect Smart Grilling app for notifications about when our food would be ready. This made it a lot easier to deliver that perfectly medium-rare steak. We found that the Weber Genesis II EX-335 GBS is as smart as they come when we put it to the test. It has three gas burners, smart cooking, and a great warranty.

With a generous cooking area, you can serve up for a large party with this model and the warming rack means you can get all the timings right. We really enjoyed the height of the grill, and the side burner is also far more capable than many of the best barbecues we have tested. The stainless-steel Flavorizer Bars of this model promise the flavour barbecued food should have, but with the adjustability of gas and the simplicity of electronic ignition.

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What Is The Best Month To Buy A Grill

The best months to invest in a new grill tend to be June, July, and September. Depending on the brand you may also discover sales and promotional discounts at different times throughout the year.

During the months when the weather starts to warm up, grills tend to retail at a lower price because this is when the majority of people are likely to start using their grill.

Then as the weather begins to cool, you will find even better discounts because this is when the majority of stores are trying to get rid of the remaining grills that they have in stock.

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What Is A Btu

A Btu, or British thermal unit, is the precise amount of heat required to bring 1 pound of water up to 1 degree Fahrenheit at sea level.

This is a useful measurement for many heat-producing appliances but perhaps not as useful as you might think when it comes to deciding on a gas grill. Almost all gas grills reach a maximum temperature of 500 to 550 degrees, no matter how many Btu they have or what they cost.

A Btu measurement will give you some idea of how hot a grill will get, but it shouldn’t necessarily be a deciding factor in your purchasing decision. Since grills are designed to retain heat, you’re rarely at risk of buying an underpowered grill.

What We Dont Like About Charcoal Grills

Consumer Reports: Best gas grills of 2022

We found two big downsides to grilling with charcoal: time management and temperature management.

First, it takes much longer to get the grill fired up and hot enough for cooking than with any other method a good 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the grill size. This means you cant just decide to throw some burgers on youll have to think ahead. The ignition process also takes a little work as well as an extra tool such as a torch or chimney. And its much harder to get a charcoal grill started in windy or rainy weather.

Second, managing the temperature of a charcoal grill takes some work. Once youve got everything going, it isnt a set-and-forget process as with a modern kitchen stove. Youll need to interact with the pile of hot coals and get used to manual venting to maintain temperature and get the results you want it can be a wonderfully tactile experience, but its more labor intensive than other grilling methods.

Lastly, charcoal grilling produces a lot of ash, so it involves more cleanup than other methods. And because you cant start tidying up until the grill cools off, theres even more waiting before you can dispose of the ash left in the hopper.

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How We Tested Gas Grills

The skys the limit when youre talking about how much gas grills can cost, but I wanted even our top picks to have relatively accessible price tags, so I set a price cap of $1,000. For the best budget gas grills, I looked at popular gas grills under $500 and ended up with a few promising options under $300. Additionally, I only chose grills that were available and in stock from major retailers like Amazon, Ace, Home Depot, or Lowes and could be shipped to a residential address . When considering size, I included the only grill I could find that was billed as a true compact gas grill to see if it could stand on its own in the compact category.

After receiving all of the grills, I put my two expert testers to work building them. I timed each build and took notes on the assembly process. We then hooked each grill up to a standard 20-pound liquid propane tank and performed the initial burn-off according to the manufacturers instructions.

On our main testing day, we experienced some serious wind, so we were able to see how each grill performed in windy conditions.

Over the course of a week, we continued to cook our dinners on the top grills and performed side-by-side testing on the sear functions, if available.

Where Should I Keep My Gas Grill

Gas grills are pretty hardy and can be left out in the elements, but you’ll want to buy a cover for your grill to protect it, predominantly from collecting water.

Cast iron elements in particular are prone to rust if exposed to rain or snow. If you live somewhere with regular inclement weather, you may want to move your grill into a basement or shed for the winter. Just remember that propane tanks should always be stored outside.

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Gas Grill Safety Tips

With proper care, cooking on a gas grill can be just as safe as cooking on your stovetop. Here are some precautions you’ll want to take to have the safest grilling experience:

  • Ensure your grill is placed at least 10 feet away from your home and any flammable structures like sheds or trees. You’ll also want to make sure nothing directly above the grill can catch fire.
  • Always store propane tanks outside.
  • Clear grease traps regularly to prevent grease fires.
  • Flare-ups are a normal part of grilling. If drippings from your food are causing the burners to catch fire, keep the lid open and move your food to the cold side of the grill until the fire burns down. For really fatty cuts of meat, you may need to keep the food moving to prevent flare-ups in the first few minutes of cooking.
  • When you’re finished cooking turn off all the burners and close the valve on the propane tank. The valve should never be left open when the grill is not in use.

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Rsib Natural Gas Grill W/ Infrared Rear & Side Burners

Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills in 2022 Reviewed

Best Gas Grill with Sear Burners

  • Not 100% made of stainless steel


Click here to see more features and specifications: Napoleon Prestige PRO 500 RSIB Natural Gas Grill w/ Infrared Rear & Side Burners PRO500RSIBNSS-3

This Napoleon Prestige PRO grill makes you grill like a pro by bringing professional grilling into your backyard and simply spit-roasting great meals! Do you know why its the best grill with side burners/sear burners? Not only does it have 900 sq. in. of a total cooking surface but it also features an infrared zone in the rotisserie burner, which is perfect for high heat sears and slow roasts.

We have tried and tested the Napoleon Prestige PRO Best Natural Gas grill for several months now and we absolutely love it. It is a premium quality grill with excellent heat distribution and control due to iconic WAVE cooking grids.

You can achieve that smokey flavor with the rotisserie infrared rear burners without the hassle of charcoal and wood chips. Get that ultimate steakhouse perfection with the help of the infrared sizzle Zone side burner of this grill, which seals in the juices and creates caramelized crusts.

If evening cookouts are your favorite activity, youll definitely enjoy the RGB Spectrum Night Light knobs of this grill. SafetyGlow is integrated and glows red when the gas is left on for added safety.

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Summerset Trl 44 Deluxe Series 4

Best Luxurious Built-in Grill

  • Infrared sear burner not included
  • Smoker tray not included


Click here to see more features and specifications: Summerset TRL 44″ Deluxe Series 4-Burner Built-in Gas Grill

A classic grill with premium features and a fully loaded powerhouse. The Summerset TRL 44″ Deluxe Built-in Gas Grill redefines value with luxurious construction, power, and a generous warranty to back it up.

This Summerset grill offers a ton of features in addition to the high-quality construction material and reasonable price. Grilling at night wont be a problem because its equipped with bright interior cooking lights for a premium grilling experience.

When we tested this out, the food cooks so much better and evenly sears steaks and chops. It has a large cooking area and is absolutely built to last. This grill has a sophisticated gourmet look when you have it sitting outside on your patio or backyard. For anyone who cooks as frequently as backyard grilling enthusiasts do, we heartily suggest this grill!

The Best Affordable Gas Grill Under $500 With Extras: Cuisinart 3

Cuisinart’s 3-in-1 Stainless 5 Burner Gas Grill is a pretty nice package deal for a pretty low price. It’s called 3-in-1 because it’s a gas grill that comes with a smoke tube and a cast iron griddle. When grilling, the heat profile of 3-in-1 is remarkably even and has an impressively high temperature range. The smoke tube, however, is nothing to get excited about. As with all gas grills, 3-in-1 is so well ventilated for safety reasons that the little bit of smoke from wood chips in the tube blows out the large opening in the back without much effect on the food. But the big, heavy cast iron griddle is an attractive extra. If you haven’t tried outdoor griddling, you should. It’s not just for bacon and eggs. Griddles excel at sizzling meat and veggies. Shrimp don’t fall through the grates and griddles put a delicious brown finish on fish, burgers and chicken breasts.

This is a great gas grill for a nice price and the included cast iron griddle makes 3-in-1 a compelling choice. Just remember to keep the lids glass window clean. A little windex between uses does the trick.

Price at time of publish: $397.

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The Best Gas Grill Under $200: Weber Genesis Ii E

Also available at Home Depot, Weber, and BBQ Guys.

Genesis is one of the most popular gas grills in the USA. Its easy to use, easy to clean, versatile, durable and backed by Webers excellent customer support. The basic models with an open cart and no sear burner work fine, but we highly recommend spending the extra money for models with a sear burner like the E-335. With all three main burners up high, we clocked E-335’s temp at 680°F. Not bad at all, but crank the sear burner and you blast past 800°F for super searing!

Our main complaint for just about every grill is the obligatory, built-in heat estimator in the hood. These 19th century gauges placed up high in the lid are almost always highly inaccurate. Its always better to use a modern, digital thermometer and position a temperature probe at the cooking surface. With their acquisition of iGrill Digital Thermometers, Weber is addressing this issue. Genesis II is iGrill3 Ready with a mounting location on the right side shelf for an optional iGrill 3 digital thermometer. iGrill let’s you clip a probe to the grill surface to ensure you’re cooking at the right temperature, and stick another probe into foods to monitor cooking progress. Download the iGrill app and keep an eye on what’s happening under the hood from your smartphone.

Price at time of publish: $1,319.

Best Natural Gas Grills

Embers Top 5 LUXURY Gas Grills Review!! ( Which brand takes the top spot!)

Whether youre looking for a new grill to connect to your homes natural gas utility line, or want to replace an old post-mounted or freestanding grill, we have the grill thats right for you. Our experts at BBQGuys have over 20 years of experience cooking on every kind of gas grill, and weve curated the top-rated natural gas grills for this season based on our expertise.

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Ask For Advice From People You Know Such As An Expert In The Field Of Interest Or A Friend Who Has Bought It Before

If you consider purchasing the Best Luxury Gas Grills under $300 on Bestbuy, talking to someone who has recent experience with the item can be very helpful. Be sure to reach out to an expert in the field or friend for some advice before making your purchase decision.What have you found most helpful when seeking information about products? Do you prefer consulting experts in their fields of expertise or friends and family members? Let us know how it goes!You can also ask your friends and family for advice. An excellent way to do this is by asking them questions like What did you think of ? or Do you know anything about it?. If theyve bought it before, make sure to inquire what their experience with the product was like .Remember that most people enjoy giving others tips and insights into things theyre knowledgeable in significantly if those pieces of knowledge will help someone else out! So dont be afraid to go around and solicit opinions from as many different sources as possible.

Weber 2840301 Summit S

  • Gas Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Rating: 4.4 / 5 stars

Thinking of making a bit of an investment into a grill that has pretty much everything , a grill that will be the last grill youll need to buy? This Weber Summit is one such grill, available in liquid propane or natural gas options. The Summit Line is Webers crown jewels if you want the best, these are they!

This grill is nice and big! The cooking area is It claims to be able to cook for 8-10 people with ease, and because it has the handy side burner , you can cook your full meal at the grill with ease!

One of the things youll love on this grill is the full rotisserie system! It comes with a flip-up motor and separate spit and fork, has storage in the enclosed cart, and can be tucked completely away out of the way when you arent using it!

This grill includes all of the standard awesome Weber goods and then some!

  • SS Flavorizer Bars, 4 SS burners, grease management system, 9mm Stainless Steel cooking grates
  • Extra burners: a sear station, smoke burner, and rear-mounted Infrared rotisserie burner
  • Center mounted thermometer built into the hood
  • Enclosed tank storage area for the LP models
  • Large prep areas made of stainless steel
  • Grill-Out handle light and control knob lights for night time grilling ease
  • Snap-Jet igniters for each burner, letting you do direct or indirect heat per your preference

This grill certainly has it all! Check out this video for some extra details!

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