What Every Grill Master Needs

The Best Grill Brands: A Closer Look At Exclusive Features

EVERY Grill Master Needs A Meat Injector | How To Make Super Juicy BBQ Pork

While shopping for a grill, its important to get everything you want, so youll be able to cook with ease. At Casual Furniture World, our showroom floors hold a variety of grill brands, and every model has exclusive features that are ideal for different outdoor chefs. If youre one who loves special cooking features, or needs a little assistance, explore some of our favorite grill brands below for a closer look.

For Steak: Chimichurri Sauce

Its a common misconception that because steak is so hearty that it should be topped with a hearty sauce, but TBH, all you really need is a good chimichurri. This one is made with olive oil, garlic, vinegar, and cilantro. Clean, simple, and definitely yum.

Because tofu essentially works as a sponge, soaking up whatever liquid you pair it with, the sauce is a super important component. This dairy-free avocado-based sauce is mild, yet flavorful. Bonus: it gives great healthy fats to your meal.

Prep Food Before Grilling

Once your grill is ready to go, it’s time to set up your food. It’s helpful to have all of your meats and veggies prepped before you get to the grill, rather than doing it as you cook. Slice vegetables, make burger patties and marinate chicken inside, then bring them outside. Casserole dishes are great for transport, since their high sides stop food from sliding off.

If you’re bringing food out from your kitchen, don’t forget a clean plate to put the finished product on, as well as clean tongs. It’s important not to use a utensil to remove or serve cooked meat if you’ve used it with raw meat.

Don’t forget any other grill accessories you might want nearby, like corn cob holders or a meat thermometer. Be sure to keep paper towels within reach for any unexpected messes. If your grill has a side burner, a trivet for holding hot saucepans will come in handy.

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Different Types Of Charcoal

Lump charcoal

Lump charcoal is made by burning trees or logs in a kiln. Its pure wood without any binders or accelerants which makes it a popular choice. It gives a hot, clean burn and doesnt give off acrid smoke like briquettes do. The downside is lump charcoal doesnt burn evenly, meaning its hotter when you begin and gets cooler. You need to refuel more often to keep the heat consistent.

Charcoal briquettes

Unlike lump charcoal, briquettes are designed to burn evenly and steadily to avoid the need to continually refuel. Briquettes are traditionally made from wood scraps, sawdust, coal dust, borax, and petroleum binders. Because of this, they emit an acrid smoke when first lit.


This is Japans super-premium lump charcoal. Its used in yakitori parlors across Japan as well as in the United States. It burns clean and hot, producing no charcoal flavor.

Accessories Every Grill Master Needs

12 New Tools Every Grill Master Needs

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer. In other words: strike up the grills! Its time to get out of the kitchen and do the cooking in the great outdoors. Of course, it takes more than a grill alone to be a grill master. Youre going to need some gear, too. This list of five essential tools will get you started.

LED Grill Light: Just because darkness falls doesnt mean dinner has to move inside. Shine this light on your grill and youll be able to cook until the sun comes up.

Rubber Handle 3 in 1 Palm Scrubber: When you grill every other meal, the grate is going to need some maintenance. This scrubber is perfect for getting a little elbow grease on the job.

17-Piece Barbecue Set with Digital Fork Thermometer: These long handled tools will protect your hands from getting too close to the heat. And the digital fork thermometer is a total game changer.

Screwdriver-Handle Bottle Opener: Somehow grilling seems to go much better when you have a beer in hand. Use the leather hanging strap on this opener to make sure its always at arms length.

Need to replace your grill this season? Check out our full selection of grills and grill accessories and youll be cooking in no time.

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The Most Important Grilling Tools

Grilling isnt just an American tradition it is one of the oldest methods of preparation! And while all you really need is a fire and something to turn your food around, there are some great grilling tools on the market that can make your life a lot easier.

Instead of risking burns, too little or too long meat, or losing your food in the fire, we recommend that you bring a few essentials that every grill master should have with you.

Grill Basket And / Or Grill Mats

Your grill is not only suitable for steaks and chicken breasts, but hopefully also for grilling vegetables and fruit.

Small and fragile types of meat such as shrimp and fish also benefit from grill baskets and grill mats this is how you protect your grilled food from falling between the grids. Never lose a tomato or asparagus stem again!

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Buca Lapi Florence Italy

To visit Florence without eating a bistecca alla fiorentina would be like overlooking Michelangelos David. Fire regulations make it ever harder to find a restaurant that cooks this magnificent porterhouse steak the traditional way: on a gridiron over blazing hardwood charcoal. But Buca Lapi fights found a way to keep tradition alive in a barrel-vaulted basement. They are famous for their fire-charred T-bone as well as their increible veal chops served with sweet and sour onion sauce.

Unique Gifts For A Master Griller

Every Grill Master Needs This Super Kebab Maker

Nothing says summer like the smell of grilling meat. There are a few things a griller loves more than grilled food, though. But what do you buy for the grill master who has everything? Here are some unique gift ideas to make shopping easier.

  • 360 Degree Clean Grill Brush Cleaning a grill can be a hassle, but the unique 3-in-1 design of this brush makes scrubbing even the filthiest grill a breeze. The bristles are made from stainless steel, and the 18-inch handle accommodates both hands, while keeping them back from the heat. It is safe to use on all grill types, and a must for any master griller.
  • Monogrammed Personalized Grilling Apron This is more than just an apron. Colored blue and black, it has numerous pockets to hold every utensil a master griller needs, as well as an insulated pocket for their beverage. It also includes an oven mitt, a towel for any mishaps, and a detachable bottle opener. And it looks sharp, too.
  • Beer Jelly Set What do you get when you mix beer and preserves? A delicious treat that can be used to glaze meat, or as an ingredient in salad dressings, baking, or even for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that is not meant for adults only.
  • Golfers BBQ Set This three-piece set includes a fork, spatula, and tongs. The first two have heads that resemble golf clubs, and all three have insulated handles in the shape of golf club grips. Made from stainless steel, this set will be on any golf-loving chefs wish list.
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    Franklin Barbecue: A Meat

    Located in Austin, TX Franklin Barbecue is a country-wide staple in the art of southern cooking. Now, the owner opens up in this complete meat and brisket cooking manifesto covering everything from basic practices to their specific experience in opening and running one of the countrys most well-known BBQ joints.

    Let The Bbq Olympics Commence

    With these BBQ techniques up your sleeve, we think youre now more than ready to take on all your friends at your next cookout. Start putting your newfound mastery to the test and let the BBQ Olympics commence!

    Youve got the secret BBQ tips, now all you need is the perfect grill to give your friends a run for their money steaks. With Napoleons range of grills that have premium designs and superior functions, theres no doubt about it that youll emerge as the BBQ Olympic champion. Start your BBQ Olympic adventure by picking up everything you need at your nearest Napoleon Dealer!

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    Image Magnetic Barbecue Grill Lights

    A pit master knows the importance of proper lighting. Cooking in the dark almost never ends well. These magnetic grill lights from Image feature a flexible gooseneck and a sturdy base to perch on a flat surface of your grill. Plus, this light is magnetized to stick onto any ferrous metal. Check out these 13 before and after backyard makeovers you can do in a weekend.

    Essential Sauces Spices & Rubs

    Grilling Gadgets to Unleash Your Inner Grill Master

    No grilling season would be complete without some great rubs and marinades, . Here are some of the best:

    BBQ Sauce

    Grilling wouldnt be complete without a BBQ sauce and while there are many to choose from, you cant go wrong with a sweet and tangy sauce. It can be made and kept for several weeks and used as a sauce or marinade. Perfect on sausages or burgers.

    Chimichurri Sauce

    Chimichurri is packed with intense flavours and full of colour. It is made using a pile of fresh herbs including coriander/cilantro, red wine vinegar, garlic, shallots and olive oil. This simple dressing hails from Argentina, where its a regular partner with steak.

    Roasted Tomatillo Sauce

    Blended together with tangy tomatillos, poblano pepper, and a pop of garlic, this is a great burger accompaniment thats just the right balance of sweet, smoky, and spicy.

    Spiced Honey Dijon Sauce

    Great as a marinade or sauce and combining the sweetness of honey with the tanginess and heat of dijon mustard, this sauce is perfect with chicken or pork.

    Honey-Lime Sauce

    A great balance of sweet, salty and sour flavours, it pairs well with most meats and will give the meat an intense flavour when grilled.

    Chili Rub

    This smoky, spiced dry rub incorporates crushed cacao nibs for a twist of deep, rich flavor. Its a popular choice for all cuts of steak as well as an option for pork tenderloin.

    Pulled Pork Rub

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    Bbq Accessories Every Grill Master Needs For Fathers Day

    With Fathers day around the corner, now is the time to show our dads how much we love and appreciate them. Or if youre a father yourself, its the perfect occasion to give yourself a pat on the back for being Father of the Year. Either way, theres no better way to celebrate dads than with BBQ accessories.

    Does your father consider himself a bit of a grill master? Chances are he already has a pretty formidable grill that sees regular use. But there are so many accessories that can take his grill game to the next level and what better day to gift these accessories to him than on a holiday created to celebrate great dads?

    Different Cuts Of Beef


    Beef brisket comes from the chest area between the shoulders of the cow, it has fat marbled through it which makes it very flavourful. As a result of the fat and sinews, it usually needs to be slow cooked to get the best results.

    Chuck steak

    Chuck comes from the shoulders and is usually sold ready diced. It can be tough if not cooked correctly, but is one of the most economical cuts and widely available ones.


    Fillet is regarded as the best of the best. It is a prime cut and is tender and tasty, but comes with a price tag. It usually contains very little fat as well, meaning there is less cooking time required to make a stunning meal.


    This is from the lower belly and is favoured in France for its meaty flavour and chewy texture. It can however be very tough if not cooked well. Cooking it rare or slow cooking it is advisable to counter this. It also takes on marinades really well.

    Rib-eye steak

    Rib-eye is one of the most popular steaks on the market. It is a tender cut and has lots of fatty marbling to increase the flavour profile of the steak. The eye of fat at its centre needs rendering down so needs a longer cook.


    A classic cut that is traditionally not as tender as other cuts but still full of flavour. It can be tougher than other prime steaks but can be cooked quickly and lends itself to all degrees of cooking. It can be diced to use as skewers and takes marinades well too.


    Sirloin steak


    T-bone steak


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    Most Essential Grill Tools

    Grilling is not just an American tradition its one of the oldest ways to prepare food! And while all you really need is a fire and something to rotate your food with, there are some great grilling tools on the market that can make your life a lot easier.

    Rather than risk burns, under- or over-cooked meats, or losing your food in the fire, we recommend picking up a few essentials that every Grill Master should have.

    Baskets: Aizoam Portable Stainless Steel Bbq Barbecue Grilling Basket

    Culinary 101 – Tips to Becoming a Grill Master

    One of the saddest moments for any grillmaster is when a wing falls through the grate or a nice fish filet crumbles when it gets flipped. Fortunately, with this handy tool, youll never need to worry about that again. This portable grill basket from Aizoam gives you plenty of room to safely flip delicate items. Its an affordable tool to have in your arsenal that will drastically cut down on food waste. Also, dont forget to pack it for camping trips for cooking over a fire.

    Editors’ Recommendations

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    Having A Grilling Brush Is Important

    A clean grill is a happy grill. You want to ensure that your food is not only tasty but also safe. Your approach to cleaning and the technique can ensure these safety outcomes. You may consider using the grill brush as part of your grilling tools kit.

    The brush allows you to clean the stubborn particles of meat that pile up on the grill. You may also use this brush to clear the soot that also piles up around the grill grates. Ensure that the grill brush is of high quality to deal with the risk of extricated wire bristles.

    The grill brush should have gold standard wires that protect the grill grates. As a grill master, considering the quality of the brush is important in the long-term.

    Top 10 Grilling Tools

    Nothing beats the taste of food cooked on the grill. Add in the pleasure of eating outdoors with friends and family, and it’s no wonder grilling is such a popular pastime. While many barbecue fans focus on finding the right recipes and cuts of meat, the real secret to great grilling lies in choosing the right tools for the job. From selecting the perfect grill to learning how to flip and serve your steaks, the right grilling tools are critical to making your cookout a success.

  • Grill
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    Essential Smoker Accessories Every Bbq Fanatic Must Have

    No matter if youre new to smoking succulent BBQ or a seasoned smoker veteran, these accessories will instantly transform your meal from good to mind-blowing.

    But be warnedOnce you become a BBQ master, youll be responsible for grilling and smoking BBQ for every party, gathering, and family dinner from here on out! Are you prepared to take on the honor and responsibility of the BBQ master title?

    If so, keep calm and BBQ on

    1. Grilling Tool Set

    The most important smoker accessory of all is also the most overlooked:

    A quality set of grilling tools.

    From a sturdy spatula to tongs you can trust not to drop your BBQ, every pitmaster needs their own set of grilling tools.

    Typically, a set includes essentials such as:

    • Tongs

    Other sets may include miscellaneous grilling tools like:

    • Corn on the Cob Holders
    • Skewers
    • BBQ Knives

    For the average BBQ fan, the highly revered and affordable Cuisinart 13-piece Tool Set is a perfect option. This kit includes the core tools youll need to grill smoky, sweet BBQ daily.

    Best of all, purchasing a grilling tool kit is far less expensive than buying each tool individually.

    2. Meat Thermometer

    Most smokers and grills come with a built-in lid thermometer.

    Do not trust them!

    These thermometers are notoriously inaccurate and can royally screw up your BBQ by producing an incorrect reading.

    Instead, youll want to purchase a separate meat thermometer for your home BBQ set-up.

    3. Meat Injector

    4. Charcoal Chimney Fire Starter


    5. Grill Basket

    These Bbq Grilling Tools Will Get You There

    BBQ Master Must Have These Grill Accessories

    Once you have these critical BBQ tools, it is possible to become a grill master. With a little bit of motivation and the various recipes available to you, your barbecue experience will never be the same. Ensure that safety is at the top of your priority by considering the tongs and the pit gloves.

    Invest in iron griddles and bottle sprays to enhance your experience. You may also need to incorporate scrapping paddles and grilling brushes to keep your grill clean. Your options on these critical grilling tools depend on your needs and the kind of the meat and food items on the grill.

    For more insights and tips on preparing the best barbecue, please visit our page.

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    Consider A Scraping Paddle

    The quality of your next bbq is determined by your approach to clean up during your last engagement with the grill. Grill grates tend to have debris and other related articles. The grate may require consistent scraping to keep the grill clear of rust and rot that can lead to bacteria.

    Having a reliable scraping paddle will not only ensure that the grill grates are clean but will also guarantee your safety. A scrapping paddle is one of the best grilling tools you may need to ensure that your cleanup is easy and safe.

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