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Grill: Best Weber Grills (Buying Guide)

Over the course of four days in Spring 2017, we put our gas grills through a battery of tests designed to demonstrate their qualities and highlight their differences. We cooked burgers on high heat to see how well the grills seared meat and how intense and even was the heat they could generate across the whole grate surface. We slow-grilled cut-up chickens to see if the grills could hold a low temperature evenly across the whole grate. And we roasted whole chickens indirectly on both low and high heat to see if the grills could create browned skin and perfectly cook meat without charring. Sam Sifton, editor of the Cooking section of The New York Times joined us for these tests. In 2018 we repeated these tests, pitting the new Weber Spirit II E-310 against our upgrade pick, the Weber Genesis II E-310.

For the high-heat, whole-grate burger testan indicator of the grills ability to pump out uniform, high heat without creating an infernowe heated the grills on high with their lids down for 15 minutes . We then oiled the grates and distributed 12 to 15 6-ounce patties across the whole cooking surface. While the burgers cooked we kept an eye out for flare-upstheyre not desirable, as they char the meat and create rancid smokeand looked at the evenness of cooking on the different areas of the grates. After about 10 minutes of cooking , we compared how well each grill had seared the burgers, looked for any patties that were charred or still unacceptably raw, and took a taste.

Weber 45010001 Spirit Ii E

as of February 17, 2022 1:51 pm


  • Boasts the GS4 grilling system with improved infinity ignition, burners, porcelain-enameled Glamorizer Bars, and grease Management system
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates
  • 529 Square inches of cooking space over three burners. Left Table down width – 42 inches
  • 30, 000 BTU-per-hour input main burners with fuel gauge
  • Open cart design with six tool hooks and two large wheels.Built-in lid thermometer

Best Gas: Weber Spirit Ii E

What We Love: Reversible porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, open cart design with side tables and room for tools

What We Don’t Love: Assembly can be challenging

Though Weber is famous for its charcoal grills, its propane gas grills are not to be overlooked! The Weber Spirit II E-310 boasts what Weber calls a GS4 Grilling System, made of four components to make grilling as easy and enjoyable as possible. This translates to an Infinity Ignition that starts up the grill every time, powerful burners, Flavorizer Bars, and a grease management system for less mess.

Inside the grill, reversible porcelain-enameled cooking grates give more flexibilitythe thin side is ideal for delicate food such as fish and shrimp, while the wider side creates great sear marks on steaks and burgers. Those grates sit above 3 stainless-steel burners that can get up to 30,000 BTUs per hour. The grill comes with 424 square inches of primary cooking space, with a 105-square-inch warming rack. Side tables, with plenty of room for grilling tools, provide space for everything you need at your fingertips.

There’s an easy-to-read fuel gauge in case you need to fill up the tank. The grill is also compatible with Weber’s proprietary app so you can check your food’s temperature from your phone.

Dimensions : 27 x 52 x 44.5 inches | Cooking Area: 529 square inches | BTU/hour: 30,000

What We Love: Can feed a crowd, great temperature range, smartphone compatibility

What We Don’t Love: Expensive

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How To Choose The Best Weber Gas Grill


The ideal size of the best Weber natural gas grill changes according to the buyers preference. The size of a product can be determined by the space occupied by cooking surface, warming rack, number of burners, and other additional accessories. A Weber gas and charcoal grill combo of size 400 inches will be sufficient for a nuclear family. For family meet-ups or weekend parties, a red Weber gas grill of 650 inches is the best preferred. One should always be specific and clear about their needs to pick the right size.

Grate Materials

The grate materials are the essence of these products, as they provide the foundation for cooking food. There are two preferred materials in this category:

Stainless Steel

These grates can avoid damage and rust. These can continue to function for a long time. A significant disadvantage with this material is the inability to season well compact to cast-iron. The surface can also be prone to the incidence of sticking on occasions.

Porcelain Enamel

This material is never prone to rust. It is also considered an excellent surface for Weber genesis gas grill, as the seasoning does not wear away due to acidic foods. However, users may have to pay more for this material.

Cooking Space

Heat Rating






Best Budget: Weber Spirit E

The Best Rated Gas Grills of 2020

Burners: 3 Burners totaling 30,000 BTU’s | Fuel: LP | Cooking Grates: Porcelain Enameled | Color: Black Only | Capacity: 529 sq. in. Appr. 12 Burgers | Side Burner: No | Rotisserie: No

Weber Spirit E-310 grill has the best price vs performance ratio among all grills on or around $499 price range. This gas bbq is reliable and comes with a 10-year warranty to back up its workmanship.

3 burner design gives you the ability to cook indirectly .

The ignition works with a touch of a button. Make sure to light up burner 1 first to get the gas flowing to the rest of the burners. Although it may not be the most convenient way to start a grill, you can cook with any number of burners on this Weber Spirit bbq.

What this grill is lacking in features, it makes up for with its porcelain enameled grates, and excellent grease management system. Flavorizer bars which are located under the grates minimize flare-ups and help add smoke flavor to your food.

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A Smart Grill That Teaches You How To Grill Your Food

One of the best features of the Weber Genesis EPX-355 is how you dont have to hover over your grill and worry if youre cooking correctly. Even a complete grilling amateur can use this grill and impress everyone they know with their food.

Rather than just having Wi-Fi onboard and an app with recipes, this grill goes one step further. You can insert a probe in the food youre grilling, plug the probe in, and tap on a recipe in the Weber Connect app.

The app will give you step-by-step instructions for cooking your food right down to how thick your steak is. Youll receive notifications in real-time of the exact temperature your food is currently at, the exact temperature of the grill, and when you should flip it. Its practically foolproof. The only way you can not cook food perfectly on this grill is if you ignore your phones notifications.

There are a ton of recipes in the app, and you can cook everything from pizza to chicken, steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, fish, and so much more. The list is endless, and its all so easy. I even grilled beer can chicken with the probe. I just put the chicken in the BBQ and came back when the probe notified me that it was finished cooking.

Weber 57067001 Q3200 Natural Gas Grill

Why youll love it:

Another contender for my affection for portable grills is the Weber Q3200. What can I say? I like to take my grilling with me everywhere I go.

This model has a futuristic look which if you ask me adds to its charm.

But here is what it can really do:

It offers users two stainless steel burners, so you can cook entire meals for a large group. I appreciate the workhorse nature of this grill and clearly Weber created it to withstand consistent use, because the body and lid are both cast iron.

What we didnt like

  • Cooking space is constrained

Why does that matter so much? Stay with me for a moment.

We have established that cast iron retains heat. This grills grates are made from cast iron and porcelain which also retain heats. If the overall construction is aimed at retaining heat, that means this grill is built to be a very fast cooker!

Pure genius on the part of Weber!

Plus, it is environmentally-friendly because it uses natural gas.

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Kamado Joe Classic 18

Best Kamado grill

Reasons to avoid

Cooks who love to try new things, and want to expand their repertoire beyond the basics, will love a kamado grill. The best of the bunch is the Kamado Joe Classic 18-inch KJ23RHC. This ceramic baby is heavy and will set you back a big chunk of change, but it will reward you with unparalleled control over the heat.

That way you can cook an artisanal pizza in mere minutes, smoke a pork butt for hours, as well as grill everything in between. What you dont get is a lot of room to load on the burgers so you should expect to cook about 8 to 10 at once.

Instead of briquettes, youll need to stock up on lump hardwood charcoal. It can be hard to find, but it lights easily and burns slowly. Plus unlike other models, this kamado comes with a wheeled stand and has side tables for resting your basting sauce and a cold one. When its time to clean up, all you have to do is slide out the ash drawer and dispose of the ashes. Safely of course.

Reasons to avoid

The Cuisinart Deluxe Four Burner Gas Grill is a great looking grill that offers even heating whether you cook directly over the burners or indirectly with only some of the burners lit. On this model, theres a very unique feature: a glass window that lets you check on your food without lifting the hood and losing precious heat.

How To Buy The Best Bbq For You

The best Weber Performer Grill Review!

Image credit: Weber

The most major priority is price, so start out with a rough idea of what you want to spend. Once you know this, its easier to narrow down the rest and fit in what you need with what you can afford. Next up is fuel.

This subject is an area of debate. Some claim that charcoals offer the very best flavour, while others claim gas gives the same result. Then, to make it more complicated, there are gas barbecues that use gas flames to heat charcoals.

For more outdoor essentials check out the best fire pits

Essentially it boils down to this if youre cooking meat, its the juices hitting the coals which create a smoke which adds flavour to the meat. Lose the coals and you lose this extra flavour.

So if you want authentic flavour, coals can be the best way to cook. Then there are the smokers which take this idea to the next level and offer slow cooking which not only packs in the smokey flavour but also allows you to give the perfect tenderness to joints of meat.

The problem with gas and charcoal is that you need to buy the fuels, which can be a hassle. Thats where electric barbecues come in. Theyre a great way ta grill without worrying about anything aside from plugging in the barbecue. Of course, many will argue this is akin to cooking indoors. But with a lid for trapping in flavour youre still going to get a great experience.

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For The Spirit Of Grilling

The Weber Spirit II series is designed to get everyone involved in gas grilling and help you taste the difference with a Weber grill. Spirit II grills come in two- and three-burner models and are the most accessible gas grills in the Weber line. The new Spirit II grills have been updated with the GS4 grilling system and iGrill capability. These grills are feature-rich and packed with top of the line options.

Weber 225 Smokey Mountain

Upon learning, smoking can be more effective than standard grilling methods. The Weber 22.5 Smokey Mountain is one of the more comfortable to use charcoal smokers available and does not have any complicated adjustments required for cooking. This smoker cooks meat to precisely the right temperature, which you can observe using the built-in thermometer.

  • Uses charcoal
  • Two nickel-plated 22 ½â wide cooking grates
  • 726 sq. in. total cooking surface area
  • Water pan

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Smokey Mountain Cooker Smokers

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker series helps you connect to the true roots of classic barbecue flavor. Perfect for slow-cooking ribs or pulled pork, of smoking fresh-caught fish, the Smokey Mountain Cooker series provides the essence of grilling. In 14, 18, and 22 sizes, these smokers offer a built-in lid thermometer, plated steel cooking grates, rust resistant metal legs, porcelain-enameled water pan, and a heavy-gauge charcoal grate.

In This Article

Learn From The Weber Grill Masters

The Best Rated Gas Grills of 2020

I know my way around a BBQ, but when testing out this BBQ I had a chat with the Weber Grill Masters Michael and Damien. They really showed me the ins and outs of the grill, and make it look so easy to achieve perfect results. With our grocery bills getting higher all the time, its nice to know you have a grill designed to avoid burning your food.

I dont think Ive ever talked to anyone with so much enthusiasm for grilling. I was seriously inspired, and if youd like to improve your cooking skills youll want to take a look at their Instagram and YouTube channel.

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Weber 61006001 Genesis Ii S

$ as of March 4, 2022 4:08 pm


  • This product is a Liquid Propane unit
  • Equipped with the powerful Gs4 high performance grilling system
  • Use the side burner to Simmer BBQ sauce or sauté veggies Infinite control burner valves
  • Sear station creates an intense heat zone to quickly add sear marks on meat
  • Dimensions: Lid Open 62″H x 59″W x 31″D || Lid Closed 47″H x 59″W x 29″D || Primary cooking area 513 square inches || Tuck-Away warming rack area 156 square inches || Total cooking area 669 square inches

Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill

Best smoker BBQ

Cooking area: 3709 cm²Weight: 58kg

A whole new kind of barbecuing Automatically tops up on pellets

Reasons to avoid: Takes getting used to Pellets are harder to source than charcoal

Boy did we love testing the Traeger PRO 575 Pellet Grill. Its smart, easy to clean, and surprisingly versatile. While Traeger is a well-known brand in the States its been making strides in the UK this summer with a range of accessible grills to make smoker cooking easy.

You power the Traeger with pellets, which add extra smokiness and are very easy to ignite and use. The drum-shaped grill has a hopper and controls to the side, which are digital and can even be paired with a smartphone. This adds more pellets as and when is needed.

Ideal Homes rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Burners And Warming Trays

Many Weber gas grills feature side burners, which you can use for whipping a sauce or grilling vegetables while you prepare meat in the main cooking area. Some models have two burners while others have up to six. Once again, consider how many people you usually cook for to determine the number of burners youll need.

Some Weber gas grills also have warming trays to keep cooked food warm while you finish grilling.

Weber 62006001 Genesis Ii S

BEST WEBER GRILL ACCESSORIES : What’s The Best Weber BBQ Tools For Black Friday 2021

Why youll love it:

The genesis II S-435 has four burners and it heats up fast and easily. But then gas grills always do.

What they dont do, however, is sync your grill with your phone, so you can keep tabs on the grilling and cooking from anywhere in the house . The Genesis II E-335 above does though.

What we didnt like

  • No grill light included in this model
  • Grill cover not included with this Genesis model

This is the biggest incentive for me to get this grill. It is perfect for a multi-tasker like me, and its all courtesy of iGrill 3.

I can grill several meats, sauté veggies on one burner and simmer some sauce in the side burner AND still have room left for more cooking.

I know. Sounds like I am a crazy scientist on the grill, but the Genesis II S-435 is highly efficient, so you can get it going on different fronts simultaneously. Read on for the pros and cons to learn what makes this grill infamous.

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Weber Q 2200 Portable Gas Grill

The Weber Q 2200 Portable Gas Grill is precisely the item you need for socializing. It is compact but not too small design makes grilling while tailgating and camping unbelievably easy. The 280 square-inches of cooking surface provides more than enough room for feeding a semi-large group. Since propane is the power source, you will not need to mess with charcoal for almost half an hour before cooking.

  • 12,000 BTUs per hour
  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates
  • One main stainless steel burner
  • 280 sq. in. total cooking space
  • No assembly required!
  • Compatible with a Q 2200-series griddle
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Requires disposable LP cylinders
  • Cast-aluminum lid and body

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

We wish Weber would take a cue from some competitors and make the bars of its warming racks run front to back, parallel to the main grates. That way, you could easily slide a spatula under stuff thats warming. As it is, the warming-rack bars run edge to edge, and you have to awkwardly jimmy a spatula in there sideways.

The Spirit II E-310 should come with a grill cover. It doesnt, nor did any grill in our test group. Youll need to buy one separately Webers dedicated Spirit II cover costs about $55, and a well-regarded generic cover costs about $20.

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