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7 Best Pellet Smoker Grills Reviews in (2021) – [Top Rated]

Back in 2007 when I first become aware of pellet grills and smokers the only brand I was really aware of was Traeger. Traeger is really where this whole concept of cooking with pellets started in the 1980s. It was a slow burner but since the 2010s is really when pellet grills and smokers started to get mainstream awareness, discussed alongside gas and charcoal grills. There are now over 30 pellet grill/smoker brands that Im aware of, and the link above goes to my A to Z list of brands article.

Now, you may already be aware of a few of the other brands such as Pit Boss, Camp Chef, Z Grills and Im sure you are aware of Weber, though you may not have known they have entered the pellet grill game. However, they are now many, many more brands to look into. Some may be what are commonly referred to as Traeger clones, but many others are offering their own unique designs and features.

How Does A Pellet Smoker Work

Load a pellet grill’s hopper with pellets , calibrate the onboard computer to your desired temperature and walk away for 15 or so minutes. The grill’s computer ignites the firepot at the center of the grill, and begins turning an auger which feeds pellets into it to generate heat and smoke. This process is typically helped along and regulated by a series of interior fans and temperature monitors. For the most part, fire pots are not directly exposed to the grill grates they’re usually separated by an angled steel plate, which catches dripping grease and feeds it away from the fire pot and into a catch. This means the majority of pellet grills cook with indirect heat, which is why temperatures are lower than their gas and charcoal counterparts.

How To Select The Best Pellet Grills & Smoker

A few different shapes and sizes come with these versions. But all of them function exactly the same way. But from producer to manufacturer, consistency and characteristics differ.

What to Look For -The Thermostat

There is a bit more going on with models that use wood pellets than the average pellet smoker. Since they use the thermostat and a mechanism to feed pellets into the fire, youve got a little more to remember than size and BTUs.

The thermostat is the first thing that youll want to remember. Many model-fueled grills do not achieve very high heat, with the limit for many being about 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. If you intend to do some seeding while cooking, thats something youll want to remember.

Remember that:

How the pellets get adjust into the grils, and what kind of pellets can be used is another major factor.

Many companies, such as Traeger, recommend that their grills use only items manufactured by them. While others may operate, it may not be the same result.

Other Features

Other characteristics, such as separate searing compartments or integrated meat thermometers, are also included in many versions. There are other units with fold-up legs, suitable for tailgating or camping.

There is an issue with conventional versions. Youve already had such a fantastic brisket or side of ribs expertly smoked by a barbeque pro. Its not that they dont make great food.

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Are You Ready To Fire Up Your Pellet Grill In 2021

If you want to enjoy some fantastic meals this year, cooked low and slow in a smoker, or have that wood-fire flavor in your grilled food, youll definitely want to pick up a pellet grill sooner than later.

Want to learn more about pellet grilling? Click here to Learn The Science behind pellet grilling.

Weve looked at a variety of pellet grills here, from luxury models to budget friendly grills, and weve seen units that offer some special features .

Which one do you love?

  • Your website is very informative and its very impressive how you have it all set up.Look forward to looking into my next grill base on the information.

  • Ozark Grills The Razorback

    The 10 Best Wood Pellet Grills Of 2018

    Ozark Grills is a relatively unknown brand in the marketplace but their Razorback Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is one of the best pellet smokers for lots of people because of its size.

    A lot of the cookers weve looked at so far have generous amounts of cooking area. That works for some people but not for everybody. The Razorback is 35 x 37 x 19 in in dimensions which really isnt that big of a footprint at all. So if you are tight on space on your patio or an apartment dweller, this could very well be the one for you.

    Despite the smaller profile, theres actually a pretty reasonable amount of cooking area with 305 square inches. That might not sound like a lot compared to some of the other units weve looked at so far, but its enough space to handle around 10 burgers at once.

    It comes with all of the features youd expect from any quality pellet grill. It has an easy to use temperature dial and LED display for easy temperature management. The hopper fits 11 pounds of pellets which is on the smaller side, but proportional to this grill.

    Things We Like:

    • Smaller footprint is ideal if youre tight on space or an apartment dweller
    • Easy to use temperature interface with intuitive dials and an LED display
    • 305 square inches of cooking area is a lot considering the profile of the cooker, and is enough to handle 10 burgers at once

    Things We Dont:

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    Best Features Of The Pellet Bbq

    Here we will explain the main attributes, tips, working, and weaknesses that will assist you in getting critical knowledge about the smoker components.

    Digital Temperature Control: First, with the help of automatically adding wood pellets as required, it is easy to regulate temperature with a digitally controlled node. Moreover, this temperature stays at 10 degrees from the set. You are more assured that every meal is cooked evenly and that everyone can enjoy it.

    Ample Space: Second,you need to make your food quickly, so these 450 square inches of grilling area come with it. As a result, to serve your large family and friends, you have enough room to prepare lots of barbecues at the same time. Additionally, the cooking top delivers the heat from every side that properly cooks the edges of the meal.

    Woodfire Technology: Thirdly, it gives you the best barbecue flavor. You can get the taste of fire you are longing for with its sophisticated wood fire technology. Although, you can make eating on it safer and more straightforward when youre helped by propane or gas. Consequently, this technique makes cooking at 20 lbs per stretch of pellets for around 20 hours. And the temperature you get is between 180 degrees and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, you can burn your food powerfully.

    Best For Limited Space: Gmg Davy Crockett

    The Ranger and the Scout are definitely good solutions for a certain user: namely someone looking for a portable-only pellet grill. And for an RVer or boater, it may be the only option because of limited storage. The GMG Davy Crockett, however, offers more cooking space and remote control via phone for only a slightly larger footprint .

    Runner-Up: Traeger Ranger

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    Smoke Hollow Ps2415 Pellet Grill And Smoker

    When you want the best, make Smoke Hollow your top choice for a pellet smoker. The Smoke Hollow PS2415 is loaded with all the features and benefits to live up to its reputation. Start cooking ribs or other meats ASAP using this large grill that can cook 466 cubic inches of meat at one time! From chicken pieces, burgers and fish weve got it! Make sure you take advantage of our high-tech grilling and smoking gauges that help regulate and monitor efficiencies while letting you keep track of intake.

    The Smoke Hollow PS2415 pellet grill is for the person who enjoys their food, especially beef. Whether you are cooking whole turkeys or trying to make the perfect farm eggs benedict every morning, this smoker will allow you to cook your meat and recover quickly with a porcelain resin coated griddle surface. It also features an air damper adjustment that makes controlling temperature easier than everjust tighten and loosen like a set of controls on an airplane.

    The close gas and ash control system ensures that no bad stuff happens in our backyard we want healthy meals for all! With easy-to-clean grease management systems, top quality metal build with sturdy frame construction, and lots of cool extra perks like swivel casters for easy mobility, its no wonder what makes this our top choice.

    Pellet Consumption And Running Costs

    The Best And Most Affordable Pellet Grill For 2021! The Z Grills 7002C2E Pellet Grill, Awesome!

    Higher quality pellet grills made from thicker materials are more insulated, better sealed, and retain heat better than cheaper models made from thinner materials. This affects your ongoing running costs and often means spending more on a better grill in the first place, saves a lot of money over years of life.

    So do take pellet consumption into account. Spending more on a grill that consumes fewer pellets can save a small fortune over time when it comes to pellet grilling.

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    The Best Budget Pellet Smoker: Pit Boss 71700fb Pellet Grill With Flame Broiler

    What Made It To Grab our Budget Pick Spot?

    Budget Pick

    Best Under $400

    Pit Boss 71700FB Pellet Grill

    Whether its smoking, grilling, searing, roasting, braising, char-grilling, baking, searing or barbecuing, you can do all of that with just one product and that too, at a very cheap price!!

    Among all the low priced smoker grills we reviewed, this one is the most feature-rich smoker. Some of its features include 700 sq. inches of cooking space , sliding patented Flame Broiler Plate which allows for 8 in 1 cooking option with both direct and indirect heat, 180°F to 500°F temperature range, porcelain-coated cast-iron grids, heavy-duty 12-gauge steel construction, 21 LB Hopper capacity and easy to use Digital Control Board which makes it a Set it and forget it smoker.

    Additionally, it comes with a 5 years limited warranty and its priced less than 400$ on Amazon. It also has a very good average customer rating on Amazon which speaks for its popularity. Considering all these, we chose it as our budget pick.

    Iv: Louisiana Grills Lg1100 Pellet Grill 1061 Square Inch

    • One of the first pellet smoker manufacturers after Traegers patent expired
    • Advanced design a shorter distance from hopper to firebox
    • 1100 sq. in. cooking area including removable grid.
    • Cast iron grids with porcelain coating
    • Built from 14-gauge heavy-duty steel.
    • In-line skate casters for maneuverability
    • Set-and-Forget temperature controls with meat probe
    • Flame broiler

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    The Features Of A Pellet Grill

    Let us take a look at the standard features of a pellet grill.


    The best wood pellet grills are made from the highest quality stainless steel to ensure durability. Their rust-resistant feature allows you to use them for a long time. Since pellet grills are quite heavy, the grill offers sturdy wheels for easy transportation too.

    Besides this, the best grills contain heavy-duty cast-iron or tempered steel cooking grates to distribute heat evenly and quickly.

    Cooking Space

    Depending on the size of your pellet grill, you can get a sizable primary cooking space and an additional secondary warming rack. Generally, the latter is smaller and best suited for indirect heating.

    While some pellet grills may provide the option of attaching a sear box, some of them include a separate sear box on the side for searing meat at high temperatures.


    The hopper holds the wood pellets and comes with an automatic auger to feed them to the fire. This feature helps to maintain the temperature of the grill precisely. The hopper capacity, on the other hand, depends on the size of the grill as well as the manufacturer. Large hoppers allow you to cook continuously without taking a break.

    Temperature Control

    Top 8 Best Pellet Grill Under $500 Of 2021

    Top 10 Best Pellet Smokers 2016

    If youre looking for a simple and easy-to-use grill, but still want the best quality meat possible, then this blog post is perfect for you! Well show you how to find the best pellet grill under $500 and give some tips on what features to look out for. Read on to learn more about finding the right grilling machine that will suit your needs perfectly!

    The first thing we recommend when purchasing a pellet smoker is checking out reviews from people who have experience with it. This will be especially important if there are any problems with customer service or shipping time. Reviews can also help provide insight into what food tastes good on the grill as well as which accessories come in handy during cooking.

    Once youve found a few grills you like, we recommend looking at their overall average rating. This will help ensure that the product is a great one and not just a fluke with a few positive reviews.

    Check out the top pellet grill under $500 reviews:


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    Traeger Grills Pro Series 22

    In case you arent up to date on your pellet grill history, Traeger is the OG of pellet grills. They were the first to develop pellet smoker technology and first began manufacturing in the 1980s.

    For a while, they were the only manufacturer thanks to patent protection, but it expired in the early 2000s which led to a bunch of competition entering the market.

    I bring this up to illustrate that Traeger has the most history when it comes to making the pellet grills. They have stuck around and still are one of the most popular pellet grills in the world despite the influx of competitors in the pellet grill space.

    In particular, the Traeger Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill is one of their most solid units and is a great choice for just about anybody.

    It has a temperature range of 180-450°F, which is a nice range to handle just about anything you could need out of your cooker, although slightly higher temperatures might be more ideal for baking pizzas.

    With 572 square inches of cooking area, you have enough space for 4 chickens, 5 racks of ribs or 24 burgers. So its a great size if you plan to cook for lots of people at once.

    It comes with an 18 pound hopper capacity and easy to use LED interface for managing and setting your temperature. All around its just a solid grill and is backed by a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

    Things We Like:

    Things We Dont:

    Stupendous Features Of Pellet Stove Grill

    Lets take the main working features into account to depict the products behavior properly.

    PID Controller: Firstly, this brand new feature works as a sensor that can sense the requirement. Accordingly, it permits heating power to the cooking space. Ultimately, its an industrial component responsible for delivering the correct amount of temperature, pressure and improving the speed of cooking.

    Demanding temperature range: Secondly, it makes sure the imperative temperature ranges from 160 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit covering both intense heat and the lower level. In a similar way, it does not burn the food even at the higher flame because it utilizes this range to finish the bacteria from the food items.

    Meat Thermometer: Thirdly, this Best-rated pellet grill supports the two meat probes that depict the foods internal temperature. It reduces the need to open the lid after very short to assess the maturity of the meal.

    Cooking area: Next, the principal cooking place of 575 sq inches can hold the many food items at once. Subsequently, the cooking grate prevents the food from sticking and gives the perfect texture with uniform heat.

    Pellet Hopper: Then, the hopper capacity provides the constant temperature because you dont need to refill the hopper more often. It remains active for 5 to 15 hours.

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    Pellet Smoker Buying Guide What To Look At

    When shopping for the best-rated pellet smokers, you should, first of all, determine what features you need and what you want to achieve with a smoker. Sure, its nice to have as many features as possible, however, keep in mind that these also bump the price. So, we are going to check out essential features to consider before buying one.

    The Benefits Of Smoking With Pellets

    The Best BBQ Grills for 2021 – Ratings / Reviews / Prices

    The biggest benefit of using a pellet smoker is the ease of use. Rather than trying to get charcoal up to a certain temperature and keep it there for hours, a using pellets gives you an even consistent heat that lasts for many hours.While the same can be done with a traditional smoker, it takes a fair amount of skill and practice to keep the temperature and conditions consistent.

    Safety measures you should know about pellet

    Pellet grills are incredibly safe. The key is to use a high-quality grill and fill the hopper with premium food-grade, all-natural wood pellets. While charcoal and gas grills can be prone to flare-ups due to grease dripping into the flames, this is not a problem associated with pellet grills, providing a more reliable and predictable cooking experience.

    What is a wood pellet? Are they toxic?

    Wood pellets are typically composed of sawdust, wood chips, sticks, and lumber mill scrap. Manufacturers use a hammer mill to ensure the materials are approximately the same size. They then expose the sawdust to high pressure to bind the pieces together. After being in an oven at a temperature of approximately 225°F, the wood pellets are soft. A controlled cooling process allows the wood pellets to harden.

    At no point in the process does the manufacturer require chemicals to create their product. Pressure, heat, and cooling do not add contaminants to wood pellets so they are free from toxic pollutants.

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