Are Napoleon Grills Worth The Money

Where Are They Manufactured

Napoleon Rogue gas grill vs Weber Genesis E-310 (Which one is better?)

Weber is headquartered in Chicago and most of their grills are built/assembled at their manufacturing plant in Huntley, Illinois. However, most of their grills use parts that are sourced from other countries and some models are actually assembled in China or Taiwan. While there have been some quality issues in the past, Weber seems to have sorted them out and made sure the positive opinion and name recognition it enjoys remains unaffected.

Napoleon grills are mostly manufactured in their facility in Canada, although some models might be put together in China. Known for creating high-end grills, the brand has recently also started targeting the budget market with a high degree of success with its Rogue line of grills.

Similarities Between The Prestige 500 And Prestige Pro 500

Both grills provide a high-end experience with plenty of great features, and before we go over what makes them unique, let’s take a look at what’s similar about them:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Both grills feature 304 stainless steel construction, including the firebox, grill grates and hood, where durability is most important. For more info on the difference stainless steel makes, check out our post on the benefits.
  • Cooking Area
  • Each grill offers the same four burner, 500 square inch cooking surface to provide plenty of grilling space.
  • Dual-Level Sear Plates
  • Both models come with a two-tiered sear plate system to evenly distribute heat across the surface, preventing hot and cold spots while also protecting the burners from grease and drippings.
  • JETFIRE Ignition
  • Every burner shoots a length of flame to reliably start up on the first push every time.
  • Are High End Gas Grills Really Worth The Money

    Before we get started, lets talk about the cost of high end gas grills and whether or not they are truly worth the cost. If youve ever heard the phrase you get what you pay for, this is a classic example of that scenario.

    High end gas grills cost more because they typically have more to offer. They have additional functionality, they are made with the very best materials, and they are designed to be a long-term investment.

    High end grills are something special and while they can cost a pretty penny, its important to understand what makes them so valuable. Weve picked out a few features to highlight to let you know just why they cost more.

    Do you have to spend that much money on a grill? Well, not necessarily. You can get good grills for less but high end grills are truly the best. These are made to last as long as you want them to last and when you make the investment, you will notice the difference.

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    Warranties For Triumph And Travelq Grills

    Napoleon warrants that these grills will remain free of defects in both material and workmanship from the time you purchase the unit for the following periods:

    Aluminum castings / Stainless steel base;;;;;;;;;

    10 years

    5 years of full coverage

    Stainless steel tube burners;;;;;

    5 years of full coverage

    Stainless steel sear plates;;;;;;;;

    5 years of full coverage

    Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grids;;;;;

    5 years of full coverage

    Ceramic infrared burners ;;;;

    5 years of full coverage

    All other parts;

    2 years

    Weber Q1: Best Portable Gas Grill

    Napoleon BIPRO500RBNSS

    If youre on the move a lot, youll be grateful for the Weber Q1200 Gas Grill. Its super-compact yet performs like a champ. In fact, we think its the best portable propane barbecue you can buy, both in terms of build quality and overall performance.

    Despite being small enough to easily take in your car or RV, this packs in 189 square inches of grill space, a stainless steel burner ring for 8,500 BTU of power, and a lid that does a great job of blocking any wind.;

    The result is consistent heat for your food, but Weber has also put usability in mind when coming up with its design; youre even given side tables so you don’t feel cramped while cooking up a storm on the road.;

    Realistically, this is also pretty great for a couple or family that want to save space in a small garden; theres enough space for a good meal, and its easy to tuck away in a garage. It’s not the cheapest but does have a decent warranty and is easy to clean too.

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    Our Pick: Weber Spirit Ii E

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $500.

    The Weber Spirit II E-310 is the best gas grill for most people, offering an unrivaled combination of top-notch grilling performance, a versatile three-burner design, durability, and an affordable price. It excelled at every test, producing the best sear of any grill on our burgers and equaling or outdoing the others on our barbecue chicken and whole roasted chickens. Its overall compact size suits almost any patio or deck, but its grilling surface is big enough to cook a complete meal for a family, or a dozen burgers for a party. With a thick cast-aluminum firebox, itll last for years. The company has refined the Spirits design for decades, too; this version incorporates the easily accessible externally mounted tank and under-grill shelf from the Genesis II line. On top of this, its a particularly easy grill to assemble, maintain, and use; and it comes in four colors . Finally, at its current price of around $500, its a terrific value.

    With 424 square inches of cooking space, the Spirit II E-310 can easily accommodate 12 large hamburgers, two whole or cut-up chickens, or a large cut like brisket for smoking. Or it can cook a complete meal for five or six peoplethe three-burner design means you can, for instance, sear steak or fish on one side of the grill and cook vegetables on lower heat on the other. And you can cook them really well.

    Lynx Sedona Propane Gas Grill L600ps

    We couldnt finish up our reviews without covering the Lynx Sedona L600PS gas grill. This is a 36-inch gas grill so its another compact option but its pretty great and full of features.

    This grill has three stainless steel burners and the power is controllable to your needs. The levels can reach up to 69,000 BTUs. This grill offers 891 square inches of cooking space so it is a pretty great setup if you dont want something huge and it has plenty of power for its size.

    The Sedona heats evenly and consistently. It uses heated briquettes, which helps to make the heat consistent and reduce the likelihood of hot or cold spots in problem areas on the grill. The grill has seamless welds and is made with heavy-duty materials that will hold up for you.

    The grill is super easy to use and lights with direct spark ignition. You can use the grill in any weather, it even has battery backup. There is a halogen light so you can see what youre doing and the controls are blue-lit as well to add a little visual appeal.


    • 891 square inches of cooking space


    • No extra features like side burners or rotisserie settings

    We like this grill because it is simple and yet effective. Its a nice grill with high-quality materials and its built to last. It gives you all of the reliability you need with a high end grill but doesnt have as many special features as some of the options out there.

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    Prestige 500/ 500 Rsib

    The;Prestige 500 and 500 RSIB both feature four 12,000 BTU Main Burners.; The 500 RSIB grill is similarly priced as the;Genesis II S-435. Both models feature four main burners with the same burner BTU output. The biggest differences, again, is with the warranty and Weber’s definition of sear station. Searing, in our opinion, is not a 9,000 BTU stainless tube burner. Weber’s is more of a smoker burner where the Sizzle Zone offers true infrared grilling.

    Both manufacturers offer an impressive line of grilling accessories to step up your grilling game.

    One of the accessories we love is;Napoleon’s Cast Iron Charcoal and Smoker Tray.;You get the best of both fuel worlds. The charcoal tray lights using the gas burner so there is no need for lighter fluid!Easily switch from gas to charcoal. Just remove your sear plates and replace with the charcoal tray, fill with charcoal and light using your gas burners.

    Gas Or Charcoalhow Do You Choose

    Napoleon Rogue gas grill Series product review (What model should I get?)

    In the eternal debate over whether a gas grill or a charcoal grill is better for outdoor cooking, there is no wrong answer. If youre cooking your food on the grill instead of inside the house, it will capture that beautiful charred essence and smoky flavor from cooking over open flames. You likely already have strong opinions on the topic of gas versus charcoal and were not here to change your mind. If youre still on the fence on the subject, however, here are the pros and cons of using each type of grill to help you choose the right one for you. Lets talk gas grills, first.

    Gas grills are more convenient than charcoal grills. That they dont use charcoal as fuel not only makes a gas grill easier to clean , but it also cuts down its initial heating time. That gas grills come equipped with electric starters or a spark wheel to ignite its gas burner helps to get you cooking faster than charcoal users can manage, as well. Its easy to easier to control the heat while youre grilling with gas than it is when using charcoal; to adjust the heat up and down, simply twist a knob instead of fiddling around with hot coals. It is a bummer when you run out of propane, though, so we love these newer grills that have a handy meter right on the side of the grill.

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    Key Features Of Napoleon Bipro500rbnss

    Gigantic Cooking Area

    Napoleon BIPRO500RBNSS-3 Prestige Pro 500 Gas Grill has launched with an extra large cooking area of 500 square inches. You can throw parties with 10-12 people easily via this gas grill. It doesnt waste much gas when cooking. It is capable of cooking Chicken, wings, ribs and all types of food. Not only cooking it allows you to sear, grill and make BBQ.


    The most essential part of a grill is its temperature control functionality. In that case, Napoleon BIPRO500RBNSS-3 Prestige Pro 500 Gas Grill is high-end for monitoring or distributing the temperature evenly. But this grill has no regulator. Its LCD panel allows you to see the cooking portion of the grill.

    Hassle Free Cleaning

    Most of the customers panicked when they went to clean the grill. But as Napoleon Prestige 500 is a stainless steel manufactured grill so users dont have to tense. With just warm water and clean damp cloth you can clean the grill. You dont need to use chemicals.

    Why You Should Trust Us

    Before opening the valve on a single propane tank, we spoke with more than a dozen experts.

    Joe Salvaggio of Big Apple BBQ spent two hours explaining the fundamentals of gas-grill design, function, materials, and maintenance. Joe and his brother Tony have run Big Apple BBQ, one of the New York regions leading grill shops, for over 30 years. The store carries grills from multiple manufacturers, ranging from $400 backyard portables to five-figure custom built-ins. Because Salvaggio is an independent retailer, he was able to speak freely about what he saw as the relative strengths and weaknesses of various designs.

    At the 2017 Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo, we interviewed senior product managers from almost every major grill-maker in attendance, including all the brands that wound up featured in our test: Weber, Broil King, and Napoleon. We spoke with multiple makers of high-end grills, too, as they predominate at HPBE. Though we wouldnt be testing their grills, we felt that knowing what goes into making a $4,000 grill helped us evaluate the less expensive grills in our test.

    We backed this reporting with comprehensive researchthe in-depth, professional reviews at being a standout sourceand hands-on time with grills at the big hardware chains.

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    Other Gas Grills We Tested

    The Wi-Fi-enabled Weber Spirit SX-315 performed just as well as the standard Weber Spirit II E-310 gas grill, our top pick in this roundup. The most notable differences, beyond the price tag, was the addition of the smart panel on the side table. Unlike most Weber gas grills, the SX-315 doesnt have a thermometer on the grills lid. Instead, the LED panel is hooked directly into an ambient temperature probe, displaying a digital temperature on the control panel. That panel also has two probe temperature ports, allowing you to monitor the internal temperature of the food inside the grill.

    Beyond the panel, the grill is also smart, meaning that its connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the Weber Connect app on your smartphone. That allows you to view the ambient temperature of the grill, monitor the temperatures of food cooking with the built-in probe thermometers, use the apps recipes and guided grilling programs, or receive low-fuel alerts on your phone, all without having to be right next to the grill.


    • Even heat with minimal flare-ups

    • Plenty of space for regular grilling

    • Wi-Fi connectivity

    Blackstone 1554 Station Grill

    ^^Read information on napoleon grills. Check the webpage ...

    The Blackstone 36 inches Grill with Flat Top Griddle Station and Four Burners is here. It is a flat-top that burger lovers would surely love.;This grill is easy to use and set up, so you can start cooking your favorite grilled food recipes immediately. No need for charcoal and other fuel sources because of battery power it. You can push the button of the grill, and youre ready to cook.

    Noticeable Features:

    • It is easily assembled and has a quick ignition button that lets you start cooking right away.
    • The top of the grill is easily removed.
    • It has four independent burners that have low to high-temperature settings that provide a different cooking option.
    • It has four industrial strength and caster wheels which are both lockable.
    • Durable solid stainless steel burners.
    • Thicker Surface of Rolled Steel that ensures great distribution and heat retention performance.

    After some time, you can be an expert cook.;The 720 square inches for top grilling is the best for any meals for breakfast or lunch. It has storage shelves and preparation area, and you will be satisfied with this grill. It has a lot of cooking space and rated highly.

    Blackstone 36 Inch is the best griddle out there. Its best for cooking in the backyard with your family and friends. The price is worth the quality because of the best features you get from it.

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    The Best Gas Grills: An Expert’s View

    Top Ten Reviews acquires as many products as possible for side-by-side testing. During each test on gas grills, we record our personal experience, what we liked and disliked about the gas grill, as well as noting each models strengths and weaknesses. In other words, our conclusions are based on real-life testing.

    Our evaluation team included four members with years of experience using and reviewing gas grills. On top of that, we reached out to grilling experts and others who use gas grills regularly, asking what they look for when they buy a new grill.;

    Antonio Lexerot, Salt Lake City, is a member of a Utah outdoors club. He has catered their bi-annual summer camp for more than a decade grilling food for dozens of people at a time. He owns several different types of grills, including charcoal, smokers, gas and infrared models.

    If youre doing something quick, charcoal is fine, but if you are doing a larger project you need the indirect heat that gas grills provide

    Antonio Lexerot

    Speaking about gas versus charcoal grills, Lexerot noted that gas grills give you even, long-lasting heat, whereas charcoal grills get hot quickly then peter out over time. His advice: If youre doing something quick, charcoal is fine, but if you are doing a larger project you need the indirect heat gas grills provide.

    Why You Should Think Twice

    While not every grill on the market offers internal lights for nighttime grilling, nighttime grillers will be a little disappointed to hear that the Prestige 500 is not equipped with integrated lighting under the hood on this model. ;While it would be convenient to have, theres a definite way to work around this.

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    Barbecue Features Qualities & Reviews

    The first section will deal with the features and qualities you should consider when in the market for a new grill. Followed by this will be the top 5 best propane grills on the market today, with the next section giving you some upkeep and maintenance tips to keep your machine running for many years to come.

    What Is The Difference Between Weber Genesis 310 And 315

    Is this the best gas grill money can buy? NAPOLEON PRESTIGE PRO 500 – Gas Grill Review

    The Weber Genesis II E315 has the same dimensions and features as the E-310. However, in the E-315 model, the cookbox sits on a cart that has two hinged doors in the front. Only the black Genesis E-315 comes with the option of 2 fuel sources. You have a choice of propane gas or natural gas.

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    How Often Should You Replace Weber Grill Grates

    Many grill burners come with a 10-year warranty or longer. Flaking or cracked grates. Scrub icky stainless-steel grates with a wire brush before tossing them; new ones cost $30 to $250. Coated cast-iron grates that are flaking or cracked should be replaced because flakes of coating can stick to your food.

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