How To Use Kamado Grill

How To Cool Down A Kamado Grill

Beginners Guide To Kamado Cookers

When youre finished with your grill, close the intake damper at the bottom of your grill. This will stop any more oxygen coming into the grill, therefore cutting off much of the fuel that your flames need to keep going.You should see the temperature on the built-in temperature gauge start to drop. Once the temperature falls below 400°F close the exhaust damper at the top of your grill, but leave it open ever so slightly to help prevent any smoke buildup.

Once the dome of the grill chamber is completely cool to the touch, you can cover it or remove the grill grates for cleaning.It will take a while for the grill to cool down because Kamado grills tend to retain heat so well, especially the HJMK mini kamado grill model.

Control From The Top Down

The Kamado Joe can achieve temperatures ranging from 225°F to 750°F . Its easiest to reach and maintain your target temp by setting the bottom vent and adjusting with the top vent. With the dome closed, keep the top vent all the way open until you are 50°F away from your target temp. Then begin closing the top vent down, wait a minute or two and make necessary adjustments by closing or opening the top vent more.

Enjoy A Burning Love For Kamado Cooking

As you become more comfortable with your Kamado grill, you will be amazed at all the uses you have and the foods you can make! Charcoal, with or without wood pellets, transforms dishes for any meal. Sear up some sausage for breakfast, a juicy burger for lunch or a vegan delight for dinner, all Kamado-style. Find your Kamado grill at Grilla Grills!

Looking for Kamado recipes? Wed recommend:

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The Difference Between A Kamado Grill And A Skillet

A skillet is the most common type of grill. Kamado grills are made to be more popular because they look and feel different. When you have one without flexibility, you have to be performance-minded. The main difference between a kamado grill and a skillet is that a skillet can be used for both medium and large cookers. A Kamado Grill can only be used on medium-sized cookers.

Let’s Light Some Fire

Kamado Customer Feedback

We prefer using Kamado Joe Fire Starters to start our grills. They are manufactured from paraffin and saw dust which is then compacted into rectangle briquettes. You’ll use two every time you light a fire.

When using two of the fire starters you can give it a twist, tearing one side and giving you a thin area to light. This will allow it to catch easily so you can place it down in the charcoal. That’s going to allow it to light and catch fire and before sneaking it into the charcoal. To light your starters you can use a match, a small lighter, or a propane torch. There is no right or wrong method here.

This is one of the things that draws people to Kamado-style grilling, the interaction with the flame.”

So now your dome is up, you’ve got charcoal in the fire box banked toward the rear, and you have great airflow coming from the fully open bottom vent.

Many times we will see people place their fire starter on top of the charcoal expecting the flame to burn down. But since we know that the heat rises you will instead make space in the charcoal, place the fire starter, and then loosely place some charcoal around the flame.

This is one of the things that draws people to Kamado-style grilling, the interaction with the flame. You’re not thinking about work. You’re not thinking about your cell phone. You’re scratching that primal itch.

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Kamado Grill Smoking And Slow Cooking

Kamado grills are great for cooking slow and smoking. You can start with a small amount of charcoal and increase it as time goes on. You can use the top-down method by building a mound of charcoal that will burn slowly.

Once you master the art of direct heat, you can use indirect heating and other methods for smoking meats or fish effortlessly. For each of these methods, youll also want to close both your vents almost all the way. The first few times you try, keep an eye on your thermometer and make adjustments as necessary. By practicing often, youll get better at grilling. Eventually, youll be able to grill on a kamado just like a pro.

Its always best to get a smoking stone to place over the coals to deflect heat. You can also add wood chips to the fire to achieve a wonderful smoky flavor.

One of the best things about Kamado is that you can cook low and slow for long periods without adding additional charcoal.

How To Grill Steak On A Kamado Grill

Grilling steak on a kamado grill is as easy as it can get. Start by setting your coals to one side of the grill.

Make sure your steak is at room temperature before you begin cooking it. It will ensure that your coals are ready for cooking, and you will evenly cook your steak.

Season your meat, then place it on the side of the grill opposite the coals. Use a temperature gun to monitor your cooking progress and flip after five minutes. You can also use tongs for flipping if you dont have one of these gadgets available.

You could also use a fork but make sure not to pierce too deep since this could cause juices leaking. These little bits of juice are called burn-off or blackening because they turn black during grilling due to high temperatures. They are tasty bonuses that cook into your steak resulting in juicy flavor! Another way how to grill steer is by using searing techniques.

When youre about to flip the steak, place it on a different section of your kamado grill. You can always use tongs for flipping if you dont own a temperature gun.

Remove your meat from the grill and let it rest for at least 5 minutes before serving so that its juices redistribute evenly. I recommend trying one of these delicious steak rub recipes to top things off.

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In What Ways Can You Cook On A Kamado

A kamado can cook food in many different ways.

They are capable of very high heat, allowing for both searing and standard grilling, able to generate and apply high direct heats to cook foods quickly and create fantastic flavor and browning.

You can also use it as a smoker for cooking low n slow briskets, ribs, and more.

Roasting and even baking are also viable with a good quality kamado. Using a heat deflector, you can generate indirect heat at roasting and baking temperatures, mimicking your kitchen oven.

You can also purchase pizza stone accessories and crank a kamado up to 700 F for cooking authentic pizzas.

They really are the Swiss army knife of outdoor cookers, a true all-in-one, highly versatile outdoor cooking station.

Looftlighter Or Electric Starter

How to use a Kamado style grill Beginners guide to Kamado Grilling

Perhaps the easiest way to light your charcoal is with a powered heat source.

Electric starters have been around for decades, and theyre simple to operate. Using an electric heating element not unlike what youll find on a stovetop to ignite the coals, you just plug it in, turn it on, and wait.

A Looftlighter is, essentially, the worlds most intense blow-dryer. It employs super-heated air and a powerful fan to heat charcoal until it fires up. Not going to lie theyre pretty cool.

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How To Use Kamado Grills As Smoker Heres A Quick Guide

What is a kamado grill? Can you actually use it for smoking? These two questions are the same queries I had in mind when a friend suggested that I try the kamado grill. As a fan of smoked food, I have doubts at first. I already have a grill and Im not apt to spend on another if it will just do the same thing. But after seeing one during a backyard party I attended, I was curious. I soon found myself scouring online shops for the best kamado smoker. And boy, it smokes, grills, and bakes like no other! Here are my top picks in a nutshell:


Kamado is fueled by charcoal like most smokers and grills. But what makes it a must-have is its slow-cooking setting. This is a perfect match for briskets, turkey, and baked goodies like pizza and pecan pie. Thanks to its dome structure that it can hold as much heat and smoke to ensure that the food inside is smoked to the bones.

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How To Use Kamado Grill: A Complete Guide

If you have a kamado grill and you do not know how to cook food on this grill. The cooking way is the same as charcoal and gas grill but there are some tips and guidelines which are necessary to follow to cook the delicious food on a kamado grill. We will guide you step by step so that you can get the best result from using it.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Kamado Grill

So, we know that kamado grills offer versatility. You can slow cook meats, grill, bake, steam and more. But there are several other great benefits:

  • Heat retention: the unique design of the kamado delivers excellent heat retention. All heat released by burning charcoal cooks the food
  • Incredibly delicious flavours: cooking with charcoal and hardwood adds sumptuously smokey flavours to food
  • Even heat distribution: The design of the kamado delivers an even distribution of heat every time
  • Steady heat: regulating the temperature is simple
  • Moisture retention: the moisture within the food youre cooking is kept where it should be, in it! Expect juicy food every time.
  • Long lasting cooks: charcoal consumption is a lot lower than that of a standard barbecue
  • Low maintenance: a kamado is virtually maintenance free and ease of cleaning

Also, heres a link to a great video about the benefits of the kamado.

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Rule #: Have Multiple Heating Zones

How To Grill On Your Kamado

Want another quickie way to control how hot your Kamado grill gets? Just pile the charcoal differently below different âzonesâ on your grill. For example, visually divide your charcoal grill in half. Place a regular amount of charcoal on one side, and then double that amount on the other side.

The closer your food is to the heat source, the hotter and faster it will cook. Therefore, if you have some Kamado recipes that call for fast cooking at hot temperatures, you can cook them simultaneously with a recipe that calls for slower cooking with less heat. Basically, you can create a dual burner. You can even set it up so your Kamado grill has three zones. Again, experiment to see what works best.

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How Kamado Grills Work

The design of the kamado grill is ancient and quite simple.

The thick walls and egg shape aid in heat retention and moisture.

There is an air intake in the bottom, and a vent in the top. By adjusting these two vents, you can control the temperature. Once you have found the temperature you are after, the kamado will sit at that temperature with little, if any, fluctuations.

Fuel is placed in the cooking chamber. Once the fuel is lit, all the cooking racks and other equipment are put in place. Food sits on a cast iron grate. The food sits further away from the coals than in other units.

Well go through how to set up and operate a ceramic Kamado grill in a second.

For indirect cooking and smoking, there is a plate, often called a heat deflector or plate setter which is placed under the grate, and sits on three legs.

This heat deflector might not come standard with all models, but it is really worth paying the extra for as it will mean you can do so much more with your kamado.

Of course, there are plenty more accessories that you can purchase, such as stands, grid lifters, and pizza stones.

When Its Acceptable To Burp

For shorter cooking sessions, it is sometimes necessary to lift the lid and see how things are going. What you dont want to do is flip the lid all the way open, then stick your face right in.

Massive amounts of heat build up under the dome, and suddenly opening the lid may unleash a wall of searing heat or a ball of flame as oxygen from the air rushes in and fuels the flames. Either one of those in your face could have devastating consequences.

If you need to open the lid, first raise it just a couple of inches to burp your Kamado, to let more oxygen in, and let some heat escape safely.

After 5 seconds or so, go ahead and open it the rest of the way, though its still a good idea to keep your face clear, just in case.

To see how serious this issue can be, check out this slow motion video of a manufactured fireball after completely closing all vents and then opening the lid:

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Safety Tips To Consider When Cooking In Kamado

Here are some essential safety guidelines for using your Kamado. Safety and proper use of your Kamado are beneficial both for you and your grill.

  • You need to avoid dangerous flashbacks of built-up heat. Before fully opening the lid, open a little way for five seconds so that the heat can escape. Then open the rest of the way.
  • Dont ever use your Kamado in an enclosed space indoors or in the garage.
  • Its dangerous to remove or discard the hot ashes.
  • Heat-resistant surfaces are always a good idea on one can use Kamado. So dont use them on carpeting or wood floors.
  • Avoid moving a kamado when in use.
  • Its vital to wear heavy-duty grilling gloves when cooking on the Kamado. Youll need them if you have to move ceramic plates or cooking grates while the Kamado is still hot.
  • Use on flat and even surface
  • Never look into the top vent while using Kamado.
  • When outdoor cooking, always make sure your kids know not to touch the grill. Or, if they are helping you cook, have them burp the grill every time they open it.
  • Dont let your pet near your grill, as it can get very hot and harmful to pets.

Baking Bread And Pizza

12 Common Mistakes – Beginner Kamado Grill Owners Make

Because of the kamados oven-like properties, combined with its ability to reach high temperatures, its easy to bake crispy pizzas or even loaves of bread inside. Youll likely need a pizza stone plus a deflector plate to raise the cooking surface for ease of access, as well as to ensure indirect heat for an even cooking temperature.

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No 2 Electric Starter

A little more expensive starting method, but a very effective one too, and it works great when lighting charcoal in a kamado grill. An electric starter is self-sufficient, you dont need any extra tinder or paper. It might be a slight downside that an electric starter requires access to electricity in order to work and costs a little more, but you dont have to keep buying new tinder once in a while.

  • Step 1 Open all the air vents all the way, leave the lid of the grill open and pour charcoal into the firebox. Then put the electric lighter on the charcoal and wait for smoke to appear and for the charcoal to get a gray layer on top it usually takes about 10-15 minutes.
  • Step 2 Once you see that the charcoal is burning, take out the electric starter and put it away someplace safe to cool down. Now you can add some more new charcoal to the hot charcoal so that the grill warms up faster. You can close the lid of the grill now and close the upper air vent a little, leave the bottom one still opend all the way until you get your desired temperature.

The price is similar to that of a charcoal chimney starter but the downside here is safety. An electric starter warms up very hot, after getting the charcoal burning it has to be put away in a safe place without any other elements and away from children, animals etc.

How Do I Control The Heat On My Kamado Grill

The most popular kamado grills use very similar components to let the cook control the temperature. The top vent and the draft door determine the temperature the grill will reach. Each of these components is individually adjustable for a wide range of possible temperatures. Understanding how each part works with the others will help you understand the best way to control the heat on your kamado grill.

  • Draft Door: The draft door is in the lower portion of the kamado grill. It’s the primary way you regulate the heat in your grill. Opening the draft door allows more airflow. Fire needs air, so when the door is open, the temperature will rise. When the draft door is closed, the charcoal burns cooler. This is how a kamado grill can cook from 175 degrees to over 700 degrees.
  • Top Vent: The top vent on most kamado grills is for fine-tuning the temperature when you get close to your target temperature. The top vent lets out heat and smoke that accumulate in the lid. You will adjust the top vent much more than the bottom vent when cooking.

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