Can I Hook Up My Propane Grill To Natural Gas

What Is Btu On A Propane Grill

How to Install a Natural Gas Barbecue Grill | Ask This Old House

Propane-powered appliances, including barbecues, are generally rated by their ability to generate electricity, measured in BTUs or British thermal units. Each BTU is the amount of thermal energy it takes to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

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What Are The Best Inexpensive Gas Grills

Best Cheap Gas Grills of 2021 CharBroil Classic 280 2 Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill. * Check coupons, it’s free!. Cuisinart CGG306 Professional gas barbecue on the table. * Check coupons, it’s free!. CharGriller E3001 Grillin Pro 40 Gas Grill 800 BTU. * Check coupons, it’s free!. Master Cook Classic Liquid Propane Grill. Thermos 265 2-burner gas grill on liquid propane.

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Propane Gas Vs Natural Gas

Both natural gas and liquid propane are common fuels, and homeowners often confuse the two. Natural gas is the fuel that usually powers home heating systems and gas-powered stoves, ovens, and clothes dryers when the home is supplied by the municipal gas company. Propane is the fuel of choice in rural areas, where a large tank of fuel sits in the yard and is refilled periodically by a traveling fuel truck that pumps it full of liquid propane. In homes served by liquid propane, the furnaces, stoves, and other appliances that have special valves and burners designed to accept propane gas.

For outdoor grills and appliances, liquid propane is the more common fuel. It is sold in smaller portable tanks or bottles that connect directly to the grill, outdoor fire pit, or heater. The vast majority of grills sold in the U.S. burn liquid propane.

Chemically, there are slight differences between these fuels. Natural gas consists mostly of liquid methane, although it also contains other gases, including some amount of propane. Natural gas undergoes little refinement after being pumped from the ground it is very close to the same gas that comes from the earth. Commercial propane gas, on the other hand, is a refined fuel, one of the hydrocarbons that is extracted from natural gas. Because it is refined, propane requires less gas to produce the same BTU output as natural gas. But there are some distinct advantages to burning natural gas in grills and other outdoor appliances:

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Do Propane Grills Use Liquid Propane Or Gas Fuel

Propane is often used as a fuel for barbecues, but many people do not know how it works. Propane is a liquid form of natural gas and is often used as a cleaner alternative to traditional fuels, such as gasoline or diesel. The flow rate is determined by the amount of oxygen available to burn the propane and prevent it from escaping.

How much does a gallon of propane weighHow much does a gallon of propane weigh in pounds? Convert pounds to gallons. Since propane weighs in pounds per gallon, divide the total gas produced by the pounds. This is equivalent to 20 pounds of propane, which is equivalent to about 4 3/4 gallons of gas .What are the dimensions of a 100 gallon propane tank?Small homes that use propane gas for gas heating and cooking

How Much Does It Cost To Hook Up A Natural Gas Grill

Converting Your Propane Grill To Natural Gas With A ...

How much does it cost to hook up a natural gas grill? Typically, installing a natural gas grill will cost between $200 and $400, according to HomeAdvisor. This includes running the gas line to your grill and then hooking it up. Low-end installations may cost under $200, while high-end installations may cost up to $800.

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Limitations Of Using Propane

Those who have been wondering if they can use a propane grill with natural gas have probably been exposed to the limitations of a propane grill.

Of course, these grills are portable but you are limited on the amount of cooking that you can accomplish.

Propane grills usually have a standard 20 lb tank for fuel and this means your cooking is limited to the amount of fuel left in the tank.

A full tank will allow you just about 8 hours of cooking time and woe unto you if your tank is not full.

You will run out of gas in the middle of a cookout and this can be quite frustrating.

You will have to run to a propane dealer for a refill and this will take a lot of time.

Your uncooked meals will remain exposed and they could even go bad by the time you get back with the refilled tank.

But you will not have to go through all these troubles when you are cooking with natural gas.

Keep Your Grill Portable

When colder temperatures become more frequent, your grilling days are numbered. To protect your grill from the elements, you may want to move it to a covered area or garage.

However, if your grill is attached to your home tank, this task becomes more difficult. It would require you to unhook and safely seal propane lines. And then you will need to reconnect it come next grilling season.

Overall, it is not worth connecting your home propane supply to your gas grill. If you are tired of running out of gas mid-cooking, then here are some tips.

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How Much More Expensive Is Propane Than Natural Gas

The U.S. average cost for propane is $2.41 per gallon. One million BTUs of natural gas is roughly 11.20 gallons of propane. Which means for the same amount of fuel, youll pay $6.23 for natural gas and $26.99 for propane. The more efficient the fuel is, the less youll use, which plays a role in overall cost.

How Do You Convert A Propane Grill To A Natural Gas Grill

How to Convert your Gas Grill to House Supply Natural Gas or LP

To convert a propane grill to natural gas, find out whether or not you can do it by using the ways listed above and see if the conversion is even possible. If not, theres no reason to take any further steps.

If you can convert the grill, the next step is to run a new gas line. Without a new gas line thats dedicated to the grill, theres no reason to go through all the hassle of converting the grill because a natural gas grill is utterly useless without a gas line.

Youll want to purchase a conversion kit thats specific to the grill being converted. Not just any conversion kit will do!

For example, if someone is converting a Char-Broil model 8216842R04 grill bought in 2020 or later, the Char-Broil 8216842R04 Natural Gas Conversion Kit is the one he would need.

Youll need to gather any tools youll need to perform the conversion, which could include pipe wrenches, adjustable wrenches, socket, drills, and more.

Once you have all that stuff together, youre ready to make the conversion.

  • Start by removing the jets. The old jets must be removed and replaced with the new jets from the conversion kit. Then youll need to limit the valve flow by removing the knob, putting on the limiter stop, and replacing the knob.
  • Here is a video that shows you the complete propane to natural gas grill conversion using a conversion kit for people who are looking for pointers:

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    Are Propane And Butane Regulators The Same

    Please note that Propane gas cylinders contain considerably greater pressure than Butane cylinders and as a result, regulators are designed for use with either Propane or Butane and are not interchangeable because of their different design pressures and the different connections on the cylinder itself.

    If Unsure Please Speak To An Expert

    If youre not confident of the laws surrounding the fitting of an NG grill or arent confident of following the process yourself, please stop here and consult a professional.

    Its illegal to run flexible hosing for NG in some areas, so you will need to fit a fixed permanent supply. You must check on this before beginning.

    And of course, if you improperly fit the natural gas supply, it could leak and be a fire hazard, so you need at least some competence with hand tools.

    With that out the way, lets get to the meat of the article.

    But before we detail our step-by-step guide to help you complete your mission, we feel you should familiarize yourself with the process via video. Here are two of the most popular grill brands being converted on film.

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    How Do I Convert My Grill To Natural Gas

    Convert a Propane Grill to Natural Gas in 3 Easy Steps

  • Make sure your grill is designed for dual fuel and able to run off of natural gas. Not every propane grill can use natural gas, so be sure to consult your owners manual.
  • Buy a conversion kit. A conversion kit enables you to turn a propane gas grill into a natural gas grill.
  • Install the conversion kit.
  • Start grilling.
  • Is Natural Gas Better Than Propane For Grilling

    Can I hook up a natural gas grill using this? : Plumbing

    Bottom line: there is NO performance difference between propane and natural gas unless youre grilling in the arctic. The only major difference is the convenience of natural gas and never running out of fuel. Your choice ultimately boils down to which fuel sources you have access to and the costs in your area.

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    The 5 Best Natural Gas Grills

    Believe it or not, natural gas grills are an excellent addition to your background. Unlike traditional propane grills, they have a lot of useful benefits.

    Grilling with natural gas allows you to grill with unimaginable amounts of power. Natural gas also eliminates the need to refill propane tanks constantly, and it burns cleaner than propane. The only way you will run out of natural gas is if you forget to pay your gas pay.


  • Final Thoughts
  • Do Propane Grills Use Liquid Propane Or Gas For Cooking

    Propane starts out in a liquid form and turns into a gas as soon as it enters the atmosphere. Natural gas is still gas from source to burner. Portable grills typically use liquid propane, while built-in commercial or home grills typically use natural gas from municipal gas networks.

    Antique gas stoves

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    Which Grills Can Be Converted To Natural Gas Grills

    The Grillfather website has a convenient list of which propane grills can be converted to natural gas grills. As the website states, the list is ongoing and updated as more manufacturers start selling conversion kits for their grills.

    According to the Grillfather, the following grills are currently convertible:

    • Char-Broil Grills: Some, but not all, of these grills offer conversion kits that owners can purchase at DIY and home improvement stores such as Home Depot.
    • Lynx: Lynx sells conversion kits for most of their grills for an additional fee.
    • Summerset: Summerset offers conversion kits for some of its grills at no extra charge to the customer.
    • Twin Eagles: Twin Eagles offers conversion kits for some of its grills at no extra cost to the customer.
    • Viking: Viking offers conversion kits for most of its grills at an additional fee.
    • Weber: Weber doesnt make or sell any conversion kits for its grills however, Grillfather lists an independent company that offers Weber conversion kits.

    When using a third-party company to convert a grill from propane to natural gas, its important to remember that this could potentially void the grills warranty, just as it will for any Weber grills.

    Can A Gas Grill Burn Propane Or Natural Gas Cheaper

    How to Install a Natural Gas Grill | Ask This Old House

    Natural gas is cheaper for cost reasons, especially if it is already connected to the grid. On the other hand, propane gas grills are generally still cheaper than natural gas grills. So it depends on your situation.

    Propane bottle sizesHow much does a bottle of propane weigh? A 10-gallon propane cylinder holds about 40 pounds of propane and weighs 70 pounds when full. A small propane tank, similar to a 5-gallon tank, holds 20 pounds of propane and weighs 40 pounds when full. Propane cylinders and cylinders are always filled by weight.How to refill 1lb propane bottles?Check the condition of the empty 1 lb. cy

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    Which Way To Go

    Ive found circumstances dictate options for gas grilling.

    If portability is important, Propane makes the most sense.

    If a home or office already has a natural gas line for heaters and/or other appliances, it becomes the fuel of choice.

    Many rural homeowners appreciate the value of Propane because it doesnt require a municipal resource for supply. Propane can even be delivered to remote locations.

    Why Cant You Convert All Propane Grills To Natural Gas

    As mentioned, some grills arent equipped with what they need to be converted to natural gas grills, while other grills dont have conversion kits that work for them, which is especially true of some of the older model propane grills.

    Additionally, people cant convert grills to work in another country. People cant convert grills made in the United Kingdom to work in the United States, and vice versa.

    Another reason people cant convert certain grills is that specific companies refuse to sell conversion kits for them. Weber, for example, doesnt sell conversion kits because the company believes converting a grill results in too many potential safety hazards.

    The company goes so far as to state that converting the grill renders the warranty null and void.

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    Propane Vs Natural Gas Yes There Is A Difference

    But its not the difference that you think

    Its called convenience! If you have natural gas in your home coming from city pipes, you can absolutely tap into this convenient resource to fuel your backyard gas grill.

    Is it any different than grilling with traditional propane tanks? Nope, not when you purchase and install a gas grill specifically configured for natural gas.

    Heres what you need to know.

    Is Propane The Same As Natural Gas

    How to connect a natural gas grill to your home gas system ...

    The two most popular options for refueling at home are propane and natural gas. They are useful both for heating the house and for the operation of certain appliances. Many people seem to confuse the two concepts and consider them synonyms. However, they may have similarities, but they are two different fuels.

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    Is Propane More Expensive Than Natural Gas

    Propane is more expensive than natural gas, but natural gas burns much faster than propane. In fact, it burns at a rate of two to one. This means that you need twice as much natural gas as propane to heat two rooms of the same size. One cubic foot of propane equals approximately 2516 BTUs and one cubic foot of natural gas is equal to 1030 BTUs.

    How To Connect A Gas Grill To A Propane Tank

    To replace your natural gas connection on your propane cylinder you will need three main items: an air valve/mixer replacement, smaller burner connections and a hose to an LPG regulator. When connecting your grill to a propane tank, ensure that the pressure and volume are sufficient to handle the load. Here are the steps to follow.

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    How To Convert Natural Gas Grill To Propane

    If you want to convert the natural gas grill to propane at home, we recommend you to start the procedure with precautions. It is essential since not adopting safety measurements can be detrimental for the conversion and your health as well.

    Things you will need:

    • Soapy solution

    Step 1:

    Even before you start the conversion, is it essential to identify if you can convert natural gas BBQ to propane. You can know about it from the user manual that will come along with the natural gas BBQ grills.

    Read through the guideline and see if the model is convertible or not. If you cant find the right information in the user manual, you may search the manufacturer website with the particular model number and see through the information.

    Alternatively, you can contact the local provider of the unit.

    Step 2:

    Then you will need to purchase the necessary conversion kit from natural gas to propane. You can get it at the nearest hardware shop or get it from the grill supplier.

    Step 3:

    Before you start the conversion, turn off the natural gas supply line. Then find the connector of the gas line with the BBQ grill. Disconnect the supply line using a screwdriver or wrench.

    Then, you need to curve your pathway through the interior of the BBQ grill. For this, use a quality screwdriver to remove the nuts and bolts from the grill outside. Then access the internal parts of the device.

    Step 4:

    A natural gas run BBQ grill comes with a natural gas use gear. These are:

    • Gas valves
    • Regulators
    • Orifices

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