Blaze Professional 27-inch 2-burner Gas Grill

Other Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Gas Barbecue

Blaze Professional Grill Overview

Are materials important?

There are several materials used for a gas barbecue that need to be carefully evaluated, as some of them will come into contact with the foods to be cooked. In contrast, others will affect the robustness of the structure of your appliance. It will be necessary to ensure that the materials used for grids and plates are safe and easy to clean, as well as adapted to cooking itself, for example in the case of a dish made of non-stick material or natural stone. Ideally, stainless steel would be preferred not only for the cooking grill but also for the structure itself since it is an easy-to-clean, robust and durable material. The wooden models, for example, are certainly lighter and more manageable than steel models. Still, if left in the garden exposed to the weather or used intensively, they may not be the ideal choice from longevity.

The materials that make up the outside of the gas barbecue cooking area are also worth considering: some models are entirely steel, while others only include inserts in that alloy and, although cheaper, have less resistance to shocks, scratches and external agents.

Is the brand valuable?

Among the brands now most popular in the production of free-install or recessed gas barbecues are Camping Gaz and Broil Master, followed by companies that produce even cheaper models such as Sochef.

Is the price important?

Performance: Blaze Professional Provides Incredible Burner Quality Guaranteed Ignition And Fine

Blaze Professional isnt just about the looks and feel. Under the hood, youll find 18,000 BTUs of cooking prowess apiece thats 54,000 BTUs total in this configuration in formidable H-style, cast stainless steel burners. Though it sounds tongue-in-cheek, wed be remiss to ignore that we frequently receive feedback stating these burners really are exceedingly powerful. Used to cooking on grills in the Practical or Entry-Level class? Buckle in. These burners get white-hot, and they dont apologize about it. If youre willing to be flexible in your grilling style as you settle in with those premium knobs, theyll show you that all your results before were a compromise and the time for good enough is over.

California Proposition 65 Compliance

Proposition 65, requires entities doing business in California to provide warnings to consumers about significant exposures to chemicals that have been identified by the state to cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm.

Specific products that contain these chemicals are marked during shipping. Should you like to know before purchase, please feel free to give us a call at 1-

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We strongly encourage reading the entire freight delivery guide, but heres aquick snapshot of what you need to be ready for when you order a large package:

  • Your freight carrier will call you to schedule a delivery window of about 48 hours
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Features: Blaze Grills Clearly Put In The Elbow Grease To Craft A Truly Luxury

Blaze Professional 27
  • Protecting this Luxury grill is a best-in-class limited lifetime warranty on all stainless steel components, including burners, housing, flame tamers, cooking grids and more. Beyond the immaculate construction, excellent peace of mind, and luxurious grilling experience, Blaze saw fit to pack their heavyweight grill with more capability than a Swiss Army knife. For starters, Professional arrives with a premium rotisserie kit no need to pay extra for this one with a fully-enclosed, waterproof motor. When youre not adding steakhouse-level crust with the 10,000 BTUs out of that back infrared burner, simply store the spit rod on the hanging hooks in the rear.

    Keep your side dishes toasty and squeeze more out of your hood volume with the removable warming rack, adding 201 sq. inches of cooking space . Further beneath the grill, a full-width drip pan on smooth glide rollers makes clean-up a snap. Equally smooth on the roll are the 4 heavy-duty locking wheels easy to maneuver around whenever you want, and rooted to the spot when you dont. Speaking of cart configuration features, Blaze packed in every inch of space that physics would allow them: 2 spacious, folding side shelves up top, 2 deep drawers to the left, and a large access storage door to the right.

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Blaze Professional Grill Cart For 27

Blaze Professional Grill Cart for 27-Inch 2-Burner Gas Grill
  • 2 folding side shelves provide a convenient work area while grilling
  • 4 heavy duty casters allow you to repositon the grill as needed
  • Double doors allow for easy access and storage of propane tanks or accessories
  • Door racks for convenient storage of sauces, spices, or marinades
  • Stainless steel construction is durable in outdoor conditions
  • Blaze Grills offers an impressive Lifetime Warranty

This Blaze Professional stainless steel 2 burner grill cart is specifically designed to house the Blaze Professional 3 burner grill. The two fold down stainless steel side shelves keep your BBQ tools at hand and provide a convenient work area while you cook. The cart also features two doors below the grill for storing your propane tank, grill cover and BBQ accessories!

Blaze 27 Professional Gas Grill


  • Cutout Dimensions:10 1/2 H x 24 7/8 W x 23 5/8 D
  • Overall Dimensions:24 1/8 H x 26 5/8 W x 28 3/8 D
  • Blaze presents the Blaze Professional Grill as a leader in the industry regarding the thickness of its components resulting in irrefutable durability while providing an effective cooking system. By the precision mixing of fuel and oxygen, Blaze Professional achieves extraordinary searing temperatures while maintaining low gas consumption per burner when compared to the top performing grill brands. The Professionals Illumination system compliments its unmistakable style giving an appearance to catch every admiring eye! As of March 15, 2016 Blaze gas grills have a lifetime warranty that warrants against any defects in the manufacturing and workmanship of the main burners, cooking grids, body, flame tamers, heat zone separators, warming rack, and control valves. While ignition, electronic, and lighting systems are covered for one year after the date of purchase. Grills must be registered within thirty days for the warranty to apply.
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    Blaze 2 Burner Professional Built

    Blaze presents the Blaze Professional Grill as a leader in the industry regarding the thickness of its components resulting in irrefutable durability while providing an effective cooking system. By the precision mixing of fuel and oxygen, Blaze Professional achieves extraordinary searing temperatures while maintaining low gas consumption per burner when compared to the top performing grill brands. The Professionals Illumination system compliments its unmistakable style giving an appearance to catch every admiring eye!

    Blaze 20 Cast Aluminum Kamado

    Top 5 Best Portable Grills You Can Buy In 2021

    Blaze introduces the industrys first kamado grill made out of solid cast aluminum up to 1 1/4″ thick! The unique all-aluminum design provides unparalleled durability, and the same outstanding temperature control and heat retention kamado grills are known for. Also, the non-porous grill body allows for the use of any charcoal or wood fuel, as well as any ignition method or material for the lighting of charcoal without worry of damaging the unit or absorbtion of materials into the grill housing. The Blaze kamados cast aluminum body, stainless steel cooking grids, hinge, and all other parts are covered by a lifetime warranty.

    Entire body is constructed of cast aluminum, up to 1 1/4 thick, for superior durability to last a lifetime

    Cast molded exhaust cap for precise heat control without the usual risk of falling off or breaking

    20-inch diameter stainless steel hex shaped cooking surface provides exceptional heat retention and beautiful sear marks

    Pre-installed lid hinge with lift assist allows for easy opening

    Hinged cooking surface allows for the convenient addition of wood or charcoal without removing the cooking surface

    Tongue and groove sealing of the lid to the grill body eliminates the commonly used gasket and subsequent replacement due to damage and wear

    Innovative seal provides excellent heat retention with no seepage

    Lifetime warranty

    Blaze Kamado Patent Pending

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    Blaze Wind Guard For Professional Lux 2

    • Blaze Grills offers a best in class Lifetime warranty
    • Mounts into existing cutout or insulated grill jacket for easy installation
    • Shields grill from winds of up to 25 MPH
    • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction for durability and longevity
    • Fits Blaze Professional LUX 2-burner gas grills

    The Blaze wind guard is custom designed for high wind situations, such as coastal areas or balconies. Grilling in strong winds is often challenging. The Blaze Wind Guard allows you to cook on lower settings, keeps burners lit, and prevents the fire from going out, even in strong winds. Designed to mount within an existing grill cutout or inside insulated jackets for easy installation. This wind guard is designed for use with Blaze Professional LUX 2-burner gas grills.

    Legal Disclaimers And Warnings

    Product packaging, owners manuals, installation instructions, and/or operating instructions may include more information than what is shown on our website. The content on our site is intended to be used for reference purposes only. Please fully read all included manuals and documentation before installing or using this product. WARNING for California residents: this product may contain chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects, cancer, or other reproductive harm.

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    Blaze Marine Grade 316l Professional Portable Grill

    The Blaze Marine Grade 316L Professional Portable Grill allows people to bring the power and quality of Blaze Grills on the road. Plus, the 316L Stainless Steel offers increased durability in marine environments, giving you more rugged toughness than the standard 304 stainless steel. The Professional Portable Grill utilizes all of the same commercial grade components of the Blaze Professional Series built-in grills. This portable powerhouse uses an 12,000 BTU cast stainless steel H-burner and 12 gauge stainless steel flame tamer to reach incredibly even heat. Pair that with a 12 mm stainless steel cooking grid and you have gorgeous sear marks on the go!

    316L Stainless Steel outer-body construction offers increased durability in marine environments

    304 Stainless Steel internal components

    Has the same flame thrower ignition as the built-in and freestanding grills

    Utilizes the heavy duty cast stainless steel H burner, flame tamers, and 12mm hex cooking grids as the built- in Pro series grills

    Uses 1lb Propane Cylinder or 20lb propane tanks with tank adapter

    Can reach temperatures high enough to sear steaks

    Two front facing clasps for locking the lid in place during storage or transport.

    Better Than Our Old Grill

    Blaze Professional 27

    I’ve had the outdoor kitchen for a couple of weeks and it exceeded my expectations. We cook boneless chicken breasts, pork chops, and burger patties. All of them are much better than our old grill. We thought it would be difficult to learn how to use it, but it is very easy. We are so glad we chose this grill!

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    Buying Guide How To Choose The Best Gas Barbecue

    When the excellent season comes, there is a growing desire to be reunited with friends and, why not? Organize a barbecue, using a portable grill that you can place both in the garden and taking it to any other open space.

    There are many models of grids, from those powered by the classic charcoal to those of gas. It is precisely on the latter that we have focused our attention on creating this buying guide that helps you choose the product that can meet your needs.

    Cooking management

    , A rather large number of models characterizes gas barbecues, and all the best brands offer different sizes, to meet every need for clutter and transportability. From the latter point of view, the appliances powered by a gas cylinder, compared to, for example, those that need electricity, guarantee the comfort of higher use, since you can place them where you like it most, without the constraint of a nearby outlet.

    Typically, as you can also evaluate by reading the reviews of the models on the market, one of the advantages of gas barbecues is represented both by its simplicity of use and by the ability to adjust the intensity of the heat of the plate, to adapt it to the type of food and to cook it needs.

    Another added value of this device, especially when compared with traditional charcoal models, is that its use generates a minimal production of smoke. In this way, you can exploit it with total safety and tranquillity without causing any annoyance to those who may be in the vicinity .

    Quality: Blaze Professional Boasts 304 Stainless Steel Throughout With Mature Compelling Design Choices

    Firstly, we wanted to fact-check claims that the Blaze Professional is built with 304 stainless steel inside and out, so we put an XRF gun in Chef Tonys hand and put him to work. After a thorough examination of the grill components, he returned impressed the firebox, burners, Flame Stabilization System, Searing Rods, control panel, drip pan, and both the inner and outer walls of the hood are all, in fact, 304 stainless steel. Forged entirely out of such top-tier, outdoor-rated materials, we can confidently say that Blaze Professional heartily embodies superior construction and durability.

    • Speaking to the components themselves, everywhere we looked screams competence and confidence. Lets talk flame tamers: every great grills got them, but not like these. At first glance, the Flame Stabilizing System does what youd expect it distributes even heat along the entire cooking surface, protects burners from wayward drippings, and instantly vaporizes them for added flavor infusion. But what separates them from contemporary tamers is that each of the three panels weighs in at 4 1/2 pounds of 12-gauge thick 304 grade stainless steel.

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    Decisive Factors In Choosing A Gas Barbecue

    1. Cooking surface

    The first factor to consider when considering the purchase of a gas barbecue is related to the characteristics of the cooking surface that the appliance has because these are indicative of the amount and type of food that can be grilled, but also of any additional cooking methods.In the following list, we analyze in detail the elements that need to be evaluated to choose a device in line with your needs and expectations of use.

    Size of the surface: this is the element that makes the most difference, and that makes a barbecue suitable to grill only a couple of burgers now and then or, instead, to prepare large barbecues with friends and family. You will then have to ask yourself how much food you want to grill at once, so you can choose the model that best suits your needs. To give you an idea of the proportions, know that on the market you can find gas barbecues with a minimum cooking surface that houses less than ten burgers, appliances with an average surface for the preparation of about 18 burgers at a time and, finally, barbecue with a cover of about 28 burgers in a single session

    Side cooker: Some barbecues include a side cooker, handy for cooking or even just heating side dishes, sauces or other types of food while preparing meat on the grill so that you can serve food at the same time

    2. Structure

    Type of cylinder

    3. Practical use

    4. Functions

    Toaster: some models include a chamber to lay the slices of toast bread

    5. Accessories

    But Why Choose A Gas Barbecue

    5 Best Portable Gas Grills You Can Buy In 2022

    This kind of BBQ, as explained in the guide to choosing a past article, has some basic features:

    The pros

    • Ease of use: In two seconds you start cooking, if you know how to use the stove, you will know how to use a gas barbecue
    • Easy cleaning: Among the various barbecues the gas grill is the easiest to clean
    • Cheap gas: Choose the size of the cylinder according to your needs, and you will spend very little on gas
    • Of all sizes: The only limit is your wallet, there are professional models such as laptops for home
    • Smokes and smells: A gas barbecue wont make fumes annoying, making it perfect for the balcony

    The cons

    • Costs: Hardly choosing anything under 100-150 euros will be worth it.
    • Transportation: In general they are structures not easy to transport for an out-of-door trip, between grille, pipes, gas cylinder
    • Gas availability: If you run out of gas you wont always have a gas dealer nearby or who is refilling the cylinders
    • Maintenance and safety: With gas, you do not mess around, and it is still essential to have the gas cylinder under control, just like the stoves

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