Weber Genesis Ii S-345 3 Burner Gas Grill Review

How Did Weber E330 Fare In Customer Reviews

Weber Genesis II Gas Grill Review | Special Edition SE-335 |

The Genesis E330 is very well rated and received by customers. As said, people attested to how it can really cook well. You can barbecue just about anything on this machine, and expect nothing but excellent and tasty food.

Many users also like that the unit comes pre-assembled, so the total assembly time is faster.

People also took note of how it is priced cheaper compared to other brands, and still gives you excellent grilling quality.

Overall, this gas barbecue is highly recommended for anyone looking to get an outdoor gas grill. This is actually a good buy, especially if you are the kind of person who uses his or her smoker every so often. This might prove to be an excellent and wise choice for a gas grill.


Many people noted that the Weber Genesis E330 grill hits all the right spots.

Users can honestly attest to how it can cook and sear food beautifully, and well, deliciously. They like the design of the burners, going all the way back to front, for indirect cooking. Not all grills have such an option.

Users also love the additional space below the grill and on the side tables as this made it easier and much more comfortable for them to cook.

Many find the assembly to be quick and uncomplicated since most parts came pre-assembled.

Its price is also considered to be reasonable, given all of its features and quality.

Why Do Customers Choose The Weber Genesis Ii E

Weber is a name known throughout the barbecue world from novices to pitmasters. But theres more than just name recognition theres trust in the brand that keeps people buying Webers over and over.

The Genesis II E-310 is an upgrade from your average gas grill and tops our list of the best propane grills roundup. Its an ideal replacement grill or step-up for someone looking to expand their grilling options.

Choose Your Weber Genesis Ii Model

In our selection of the Genesis II lineup, find a wide range of gas grill cooking powers and available features, with highlights including:

  • e-310: A compact but powerful liquid propane grill with three burners and a large cooking area, ideal for families and small groups.
  • e-315: A propane grill featuring three powerful burners and porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates that retain heat superbly while staying easy to clean.
  • e-335: Take your grilling to the next level with high-performance main burners, a searing station, a side burner and a locker for storing your grilling tools.
  • s-435: One of Weber’s most advanced grill designs, with options for grilling, baking and stir frying all in one convenient unit. When you need to create restaurant-quality food in your yard, the Weber Genesis II s-435 is the model to turn to.

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Weber Genesis Ii 335 Review: E S Se Ex And Sx Models

Pin on Backyard

The Weber Genesis II 335 is a great grill that has plenty of power, heats evenly, has minimal flareups and is built like a tank. The problem is that Weber has FIVE grills in the Genesis II 335 series and picking the right one can be confusing!

This article will walk you through what all of the Genesis 335 grills have in common and what the primary differences are so you can pick the right grill for your needs and budget.

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Where To Buy Weber Genesis E330

Where to buy the Weber Genesis E330 gas grill and where can you find Genesis E330 best price are the most common questions from people ready to buy the barbecue.

If you are looking for a place where you can buy Weber Genesis® E-330 Gas Grill, you will generally have two possible options: to get it from the local box store or to purchase it online.

If you do not have the time to go out and shop for a grill, I suggest you to consider buying it from Amazon. Other online shops that offer the product include Walmart, Home Depot, Shop The Woz, US Appliance, Aim to Find, Gerhards and BestBuy, among others.

If you want to see the actual product and feel how it will work before making a purchase, the best way to go is to visit your nearest store Ace Hardware, Lowes, Home Depot, and True Value to name a few.w

Regardless of where you buy your Weber E-330 BBQ, some things should be ensured. For instance, check the covers of the warranty provided. Make sure as well that the product does not have any defect, especially when you were given the opportunity to have it inspected before purchase.

Consider all possible options before finally buying this grill. Their differences lie not only on the actual price, but also on added services such as delivery, warranty, and additional items that are sold along with the actual product. Make sure to check these things before making any decision.

What about the price?

How did the old Genesis I grills look like?

What Is Weber’s Smart Grill Hub And Why Is It Useful

Weber’s Smart Grilling Hub is a connectivity accessory that mounts to the side of your grill. The way to “connect” the accessory piece is by downloading the Smart Grilling Hub app on your phone.

The app is Bluetooth connected and will send alerts to your phone, such as temperature readings for four different meat types. This includes alarming you when it reaches a minimum or maximum temperature.

You will know when your food is done cooking without cutting into the meat, checking the color, or standing by the grill. All this functionality is now built into the Smart grills.

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Natural Gas Vs Liquid Propane Weber Genesis Grills

You can buy many Genesis grills in natural or LP gas. However, they are designed to be one or the other and should not be field converted. Most Genesis series grills are available in natural gas, but the colors may vary.

You cannot place an LP grill or wood pellet grill on your roof deck or balcony by code for Bostonians. When you think about it, carrying a liquid propane tank up five flights are a bad idea . You can run a gas line and have a natural gas grill.

The Best Weber Genesis Bbq Grills For 2022

Weber Genesis II Review â If You’re Looking for a Gas Grill… Start Here

Steve Sheinkopf | June 15, 2022 | 12 Min. Read

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Weber Genesis is Weber’s most popular grill series.

    This series has decent sizes in three or four burners, has good burner output, and is built to last longer than other competitive grills.

    Buying a Genesis is not easy. There are fewer choices, limited availability, and the model numbers can be confusing. Weber discontinued some of their models earlier this year due to component issues.

    First, you will learn all about the features and differences between available Genesis grills. Then we’ll show you the main benefits of buying a Weber Genesis grill. We’ll also show you how to interpret Weber grill codes, so you will understand what you are buying plus the improvements made in 2022.

    Then you can read a list of the available grills in separate videos. No series of grills are best for every type of grilling, so you will also see a comparison between Genesis and other grill types like charcoal, pellet, and professional grills.

    Let’s get started.

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    Key Features And Specifications

    • Cooking area of 508 square inches
    • Dropdown warming grill, 156 square inches in size
    • Three main powerful stainless steel burners, 39,000 BTUs-per-hour
    • One side burner, 12,000 BTUs-per-hour
    • Sear station, 9,000 BTUs-per-hour
    • GS4 Grilling System including Infinity Ignition, Flavorizer bars, and grease management system
    • Side table for cookware, seasonings, and storage space
    • Spacious Grill Cabinet
    • Internal thermometer and iGrill 3 connectivity
    • Integrated grease management system

    Small Weber Propane Grills

    The situation sometimes calls for a smaller Weber propane grill to meet your needs. But saving space doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavor. When even two-burner gas grills from Weber are too much grill for your space, turn to top-tier portable Weber grills that come in compact sizes. Ideal for smaller backyards, patios or decks, as well as tailgating, camping or beach trips, small propane gas grills from Weber help you take the party anywhere.

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    What Is Different About The Weber Genesis Ii Se Model

    There are two differences between the E and SE versions of the 335. The SE has a handle mounted grill light and a stainless steel grate made on 9 mm stainless steel rods.

    • The handle light is nice but is not a big deal.
    • The upgraded cooking grate on the SE 335 is amazing

    The SE 335 grate made from 9 mm stainless steel rods will last forever, gives crazy good grill marks and is MUCH easier to clean than the cast iron grate on the E 335.

    The S and SX 335 grills also have cooking grates made from stainless steel rods but, while they are both excellent, they are made from 7 mm rods instead of 9mm.

    Customer Reviews Of The Genesis Ii S 345

    Weber Genesis II S

    Here is a summary of the Customer Reviews people have left for the Genesis II S 345 on Costcos website. The data is current as of June, 2021 and includes feedback from over 1,000 customer reviews.

    The primary complaints in the 1 and 2 Star reviews had to do with problems with delivery and having contractors assemble the grill. There were other complaints about the grill arriving with bent/broken parts and the wait time for replacements being excessive.

    Expect to spend at least three hours on the assembly of this beast.

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    Weber Genesis Gs4 Signature Features

    A few years ago, Weber redesigned their grills to light faster, have fewer flare-ups, and more consistent flame. Grease management was also engineered into the grill.

    It was dubbed their “GS4.” Let’s briefly look at the improvements.

    • Igniters – Weber’s igniters allow your grill to start on the first strike. The electrode is protected from the elements with a ceramic coating to capture the gas and ignite consistently without the worry of spills or weather.
    • Burners – Their high-performance burners have large exit ports for a better flame. The burners are made of high-grade 304 stainless steel possessing a high chromium content and nickel to help prevent them from rusting.
    • Flavorizer Bars – Weber also has introduced patented Flavorizer Bars, vaporizing drippings for easier cleaning. At the same time, it protects the burners from grease and flare-ups. The GS4 has a second row of burners, whereas the regular Spirit and Summit have just one.
    • Grease Management – Their new management system allows for easy removal and a taller tray to trap more grease, making your clean up faster. The grease is centered with a better angle to allow a better flow, unlike the other two series.

    How To Pick The Best Weber Genesis For You

    Now that we have outlined the new grill design and features for the Weber Genesis 2022 models its time to guide you through the different features. To make things easier, well quickly list out the features that you need to pay attention to and the features you dont need to worry about when choosing a model. After that well dive deeper into each differentiating feature.

    What To Pay Attention To
    • Expanded Top Warming Rack
    • Locking Caster Wheels

    The reason you dont need to pay attention to the list of items mentioned above is simple: all of those features are standard on every Genesis grill in the 2022 lineup. Now its time to dive into different features.

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    Do You Need A Regulator For A Natural Gas Grill

    Yes, a natural gas grill needs an appliance regulator. The regulator controls the amount of pressure going into the grill. Natural gas grills use about 110 PSI of gas. The regulator will ensure that an even flow of gas is moving to and through the grill, which will ensure that it works correctly and without surges or gaps in power.

    Summary Of Pros And Cons

    Weber Genesis II E-310 vs Weber Genesis II SE-335 Special Edition | Grill vs Grill


    • Premium feel and build quality throughout
    • Large enough to create different heat zones, and even to use a smoker box for some smoke roasting
    • Ugly propane tank mostly hidden
    • Grease management system that actually works
    • Easy to move with 4 wheels
    • Even heat from front to back
    • Flavorizer bars make everything taste better


    • Storage would be easier with fold-down shelves
    • Upper warming rack is shallow compared to some other grills, but could still hold a half-dozen burgers or 3-4 open buns

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    Do You Need To Season A Weber Grill

    You dont need to season a Weber grill. The grates are made of cast iron, but they are coated in porcelain. The porcelain coating prevents food from sticking, so the grates dont need seasoning. Only very old models of Weber grills would require seasoning, and because they are very old, that surely happened a long time ago. If you purchase a new Weber grill, you dont need to worry about seasoning it.

    Prestige 500/ 500 Rsib

    The Prestige 500 and 500 RSIB both feature four 12,000 BTU Main Burners. The 500 RSIB grill is similarly priced as the Genesis II S-435. Both models feature four main burners with the same burner BTU output. The biggest differences, again, is with the warranty and Weber’s definition of sear station. Searing, in our opinion, is not a 9,000 BTU stainless tube burner. Weber’s is more of a smoker burner where the Sizzle Zone offers true infrared grilling.

    Both manufacturers offer an impressive line of grilling accessories to step up your grilling game.

    One of the accessories we love is Napoleon’s Cast Iron Charcoal and Smoker Tray. You get the best of both fuel worlds. The charcoal tray lights using the gas burner so there is no need for lighter fluid!Easily switch from gas to charcoal. Just remove your sear plates and replace with the charcoal tray, fill with charcoal and light using your gas burners.

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    Best Upgrade: Weber Summit S


    Burners: 6 Burners totaling 60,000 BTUs | Fuel: LP | Cooking Grates: 9 mm stainless steel | Color: Stainless Steel, Black | Capacity: 769 sq. in. | Side Burner: Yes, 12,000 BTU | Rotisserie: Yes, Infrared 10,600 BTU | Smoker Box: Yes, 6,800 BTU

    Who It’s For: Both ambitious grillers looking to smoke big BBQs, and casual cookers who just want more of a backyard showpiece. It’s also for people looking to yield the maximum lifespan out of their new grill, a lifespan backed by a 10-year warranty.

    Why We Chose It: We love that it has a specially designed ignition system, since that’s what breaks down first on most grills. That tells us that it’s really built to last. Beyond that, it’s designed to tackle some ambitious grilling and cooking endeavors with its powerful searing and rotisserie elements. It’s built to compete with even the highest of high-end luxury grilling models.

    Meet the uncontested champion of all things grilling: the Weber Summit S-670. Whether you’d prefer grilling with liquid propane or natural gas, the S-670 has what it takes to deliver across the best of both worlds.

    Both models tout an awe-inspiring six powerful burners, and a simply massive 838 square inches of total cooking area, all in a practically indestructable stainless steel body. All the capabilities packed into this gorgeous BBQ set will certainly make you feel like a grillmaster.

    Weber Crafted System & Extra Side Storage Cabinet

    Pin on Backyard

    We touched on the Crafted System earlier in this article so we wont go into more depth about what the system is in this particular section. Whats important to know are the models that come with the Crafted Frame Kit included. While the extra side storage cabinet is not a Crafted-branded accessory, it is related to the Crafted System. The cabinet is designed to store Crafted accessories.

    You cannot purchase the extra side storage as an add-on later. This is a decision you have to make before purchasing a Genesis Grill. If you do not care about the having the Crafted System but want the extra side storage cabinet, you will have to purchase a model that comes with the Crafted Frame Kit.

    Models with the Weber Crafted Frame Kit and Extra Side Storage Cabinet

    Two-thirds of the Genesis models listed above come with the mentioned features included. Do not confuse having to make a decision on the extra side storage cabinet before purchasing a model with doing the same on the Crafted Frame Kit. You can purchase the frame kit separately. It is only the extra side storage cabinet that is not sold separately.

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