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Heart of the House

Enjoying SMG is easy. Here are some helpful tips on how to SMG: Purchase tickets online or at the theater. We encourage guests to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to show time. If seating hasn’t begun for your movie, please enjoy a cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage from our lobby bar until seating is announced. Once seated, service is available by pushing your Service Button, conveniently located at every seat, table or counter. Our team is trained to deliver your order to your seat without compromising your viewing experience or interrupting other guests. You can order from our menu as often as you like throughout the movie. Towards the end of the movie, we will drop your check for payment. Enjoy your show!

How Healthy Is Cinemarks Popcorn

If youre on a diet or looking to keep your calories low, skip the popcorn. A medium-sized popcorn from Cinemark is 800 calories with 45g of fat. Upgrade to a large and youll get a massive 1,120 calories in total, with 63g of fat.

Heres a table with some caloric information on all their popcorn, and a few of the other snacks as well:

Menu Item
Iced White Chocolate Mocha 450

So instead of asking How much does a large popcorn cost at Cinemark?;You may be wiser to ask;How many calories does Cinemarks popcorn have? But lets be real, youre going to the movies to enjoy yourself, not to count every calorie in every bite you take. Choose what you want to eat, and enjoy it!

to download the full PDF with all the nutritional information on the menu at Cinemark.

I Missed My Movie Can I Get A Refund

If you were unable to refund your tickets during the timeframe in which refunds were available, unfortunately, you will not receive your funds back. At the time of your purchase, SMG removes your selected seats for the chosen show time from our inventory. While this allows us to provide our guests with the benefit of guaranteed seats, it also prevents SMG from reselling the tickets in the event you do not attend your chosen show time. In the rare event that a show is cancelled or the theater is unable to honor your tickets, you will be entitled to a gift card credit or ticket exchange. Please contact Guest Services by for any additional questions. Please select Guest Services from the dropdown. A representative will contact you back as soon as possible.

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My Gift Card Is Not Processing On The Web Site Help

You will enter the 19 digit serial number into the payment information at the end of the ticketing purchase. Do not put spacing between the numbers and you are not required to put the 4 digit pin number in this box. Please note: Unfortunately, our current online system does not support split payments. If the ticket value exceeds the value of the gift card, then the payment will not process. Multiple transactions might be required to complete the order. You can always use the gift card for any purchase including food and beverage.

Studio Movie Grill Menu Prices

Hearne: Alamo Logistical Nightmare or More Millions @ AMC ...

Studio Movie Grill combines everyones two favorite activities: eating and watching movies. The dine-in movie theater has locations throughout the United States and plays new releases, just like an ordinary movie theater does. However, instead of munching on popcorn before your show starts, lounge at Studio Movie Grills bar and order a drink. Then, once youve taken your seat, you can order off their extensive menu. Studio Movie Grill serves everything from pizzas and flatbreads, to burgers, bento boxes, quesadillas, and fish and chips. They also have a menu for appetizers, kids meals, and desserts, along with cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

To ensure you get a seat for the movie youve been dying to see, simply visit their website;beforehand and get your tickets online. And while youre at it, take a peek at what food you might want to order, as well as what it costs, below.

View Estimated Prices in Your State

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When Does Smg Publish Movie Listings And Show Times

Movie listings and show times for all SMG locations are posted in full schedule every Tuesday evening for the upcoming weekend through the following Thursday. Sometimes, Federal Holidays may delay a schedule from being posted. Please note: Some films have advance ticketing available for purchase online and in-theater up to several weeks in advance of opening. You can see what movie titles are available for advanced purchase through the Movies page. Movie titles and show times are subject to change. Our web site is the most accurate website for show time information. We recommend to check the listings on the day you plan to see the movie.

Costco Tires Installation Fees

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How Do I Redeem A Groupon / Promo Code Online

Please review your code’s fine print to ensure the movie title is valid for use of the code in question. If applicable, choose your film, location and show time. At the ticketing section, enter your Groupon / Promo Code. Click the submit button. A promo ticket option will appear below if your code is recognized. This code acts as your ticket so you do not need to select another ticket ticket type. You can adjust the quantity of the code, if applicable. If you have multiple codes, repeat this step. Complete your purchase by selecting your seats and finalize the transaction on the payment page. Redeem your confirmation at the box office by using your QR code, confirmation number, or credit card used.

Costco Tires Coupons And Discounts

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Richardson

Review Highlights

It’s miles ahead of Studio Movie Grill , and tastier than 88 reviews

From the food, to the great beer selection, to the movies…love their curated stuff, quote-alongs, 25 reviews

Also remember to get there early to enjoy their free pre-show entertainment that is tailored to each 14 reviews

Show more review highlights

  • How much does a ticket cost?

    For an adult evening showing, online purchase is 11.50 plus 1.59 convenience fee. Matinee is $6.50 and then I think Tuesdays are $5 all day. I think convenience fee applies to all, not sure if that’s just online purchases or in person purchases.

    Lauren D.;View question details

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My Card Keeps Declining What Is Up

As a continual effort to provide our guests with a safe and secure payment platform, we require address verification for all transactions processed online. More often than not, the billing information is incorrect causing a decline in our system. Please make sure your zip code matches the credit or debit card being used. If problems continue, contact Guest Services by. Please select Guest Services from the dropdown. A representative will contact you as soon as possible. Please note: the seats you selected may appear as sold. Our ticketing system will hold seats for approx. 12 minutes before they are available again for purchase.

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An Error Occurred During My Transaction Help

In the event that you are experiencing an issue online, SMG recommends clearing your cache and browser history before attempting your purchase again. If you received an error message during your transaction, it is unlikely you were charged. Your bank may authorize funds which may appear as a temporary charge but should not post to your account. If you received an error and could not find your confirmation, please contact Guest Services by. Please select Guest Services from the dropdown. A representative will contact you back as soon as possible. Please note: the seats you selected may appear as sold. Our ticketing system will hold seats for approx. 12 minutes before they are available again for purchase.

How Do I Earn Points

CineShow 2019 Visionary Award: Brian Schultz, Founder ...

Once you have an account created, you earn points on movie ticket purchases made on online, at the box office, or at the kiosk machines in the facility. Simply log into your account before any ticket purchase and your points will accrue within 48 hours of purchase. Currently, the program only allows for points to be earned on ticketing transactions. All other transactions would not have a point value. We hope to install more point accumulation opportunities in future development of the program.

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Are There Any Cinemark Popcorn Coupons

You bet! The best way to lower the Cinemark popcorn prices for yourself, or any other snack at the concession stand, is to signup for Cinemarks weekly newsletter. Its 100% free and the only way to get real discounts on their food.

If you do want to Google for coupons, most of the ones youll find on the most popular coupons sites, unfortunately, dont work. These sites just advertise combos that are available at all so you click on them .

The only sure-fire way to save money on popcorn is to get coupons from Cinemark themselves. Interested? to sign up for their weekly newsletter.

Youll get info on movies, updates on the food they have, special invitations to certain events, and most importantly, the latest and greatest coupons to save some bucks.

I Have Multiple Charges On My Card From A Ticket Purchase Help

More often than not, if multiple charges are present on your statement, it is likely they are pending charges. Pending charges will occur for every attempted transaction made by the consumer. Your bank may authorize a pending charge which unfortunately we cannot remove nor can we call in on your behalf as the credit card companies will not share account information with non-account holders such as the merchant. This charge should drop off your account within 2-5 business days. In the event multiple charges dopost to your account, please contact Guest Services by. We will investigate into the situation and resolve the situation to the best of our ability.

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Where Do I Park At Smg Upper Darby

SMG Upper Darby offers free parking available in the parking lot located off of Chestnut Street between S 69th Street and Heather Road. The parking lot is located behind the theater itself. Please note: Upper Darby parking attendants may request payment prior to entry on certain evenings without advance warning. SMG is unable to provide cash payment to patrons who have prepaid so please inquire with the parking attendants prior to utilizing the parking garage behind the facility.

More About Sport Clips

At The Table: Studio Movie Grill Opens in Bakersfield

Sport Clips originated in Georgetown, Texas back in 1993 by Gordan Logan, Sport Clips has been ranked as one of the top 20 Fastest Growing Franchises and in the 10 percent of the Franchise 500 by the Entrepreneur Magazine!

Sports Clips;MVP service package is only $23.00 while the Triple Play package is $21.00 inclusive of haircut, steamed hot towel treatment, and tea tree shampoo massage. Get precision haircuts with the Varsity package at $18.00. Sport Clips prices for Senior Varsity and Junior Varsity packages start at;$16.00 and $14.00, respectively.Sport Clips has been an up and running Salon and has been recognized for its efforts. In just 20 minutes, you can walk out of Sport Clips;looking more macho than ever! Theri;trained experts will ensure that you have a great time, and will guarantee, that youll walk out looking more confident than ever! Whats more? Sport Clips wont charge an arm and a leg! With very reasonable rates, enjoy the service that you truly deserve.For more information about Sport Clips;and to find a;location near you

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Where Can I Purchase Gift Cards

Gift Cards can be purchased either online on our web site or at the box office. Gift Cards can carry any amount between $10 and $500 on a card. Gift cards purchased online can be mailed or emailed to the person receiving the gift card. For more information regarding gift cards online, contact Guest Services by. Please select Guest Services from the dropdown. A representative will contact you back as soon as possible.

Is There A Minimum Purchase Required During The Show

There are no purchases required of our guests for food and beverage; however, when a guest requests in-theater service from our staff, a $4.25 minimum purchase is required. This policy is put into place to ensure our staff is being compensated for their hard work. If you do not wish to purchase food or beverage, complimentary water is available at the bar. Please ask your server for more details.

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How Much Does A Front End Associate Make At Studio Movie Grill In The United States

Average Studio Movie Grill Front End Associate hourly pay in the United States is approximately $11.32, which meets the national average.

Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

Studio Movie Grill Prices

Movie Theater «Studio Movie Grill», reviews and photos ...

Studio Movie Grill prices are not just the price you pay to simply watch a movie, but rather a price for access to the rest of the world-class facilities on top of the highly-rated movie theater chain in the United States.;Find out if their prices are worth it by;making a visit and watching a movie at your local Studio Movie Grill cinema. ;

Below are latest Studio Movie Grill ticket;prices:


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How Do I Refund My Tickets

Tickets purchased on can be refunded up to 1 hour prior to the listed show time for up to 9 tickets. You can refund your transaction by going to the help page of the web site. Please make sure that you enter the email address and the full credit /debit card number that was used for the order. Transactions made with a gift card must be refunded at the box office. Refunds of online tickets purchased with 10 or more guests are only available at the box office up 1 hour prior to show time. Tickets purchased using third party services such as Fandango, ATOM Tickets, and can be exchanged for another movie at the box office up to 1 hour prior to show time. No refunds are available for tickets purchased through third party services. Please note: the self refunding system will process a refund on the whole confirmation. Partial refunds can be done up to 1 hour prior to the start time of the movie. If you are experiencing issues, contact Guest Services by. Please select Guest Services from the dropdown. A representative will contact you back as soon as possible.

Is Cinemarks Popcorn Vegan

Yes, Cinemarks popcorn is vegan if there isnt any salt on top. Cinemarks popcorn salt does have some salt and could contain dairy.

Heres a quote directly from their website:

The popcorn salt that we use to pop the corn with does have some soy and could contain dairy.

Additionally, Cinemark states employees would be able to make a fresh batch of popcorn without salt if a guest would prefer it this way.

To avoid disappointment, call up your local Cinemark beforehand to confirm whether or not theyd be willing to make a fresh batch of vegan-friendly popcorn before you head down.

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Movie Theater Room

Whether youre screening a film project, need a big screen for a meeting, or you simply want to host a really fancy movie night for your friends, sometimes you need a little lights, camera, action to take your event over the top. And, believe it or not, its actually pretty easy to rent a movie theater room. Gone are the days when you had to drive down to your local AMC and pay a boatload to close the complex down.

To ease the process of booking a movie theater room, weve gathered some great information to walk you through. We share why you might want to use a big screen to elevate your event and exactly where to book these spaces. And, of course, well also answer the question that brought you here: how much does it cost to actually rent a movie theater room?

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