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Compilation Of Real World Customer Reviews

New From Z-Grills! American Made Hardwood Pellets! Awesome!

I pulled all of the real world customer ratings for the 700 and 1000 series grills from Amazon and Home Depot and combined them into two data sets.; For the 700 Series grills there were 2,099 ratings and for the 1000 Series there were 213 ratings .

I am attributing the lower number of reviews for the 1000 Series to the fact that they have not been out as long and I suspect the less expensive 700 Series is more popular.

Here is a look at the data for the 700 Series.

The 700 Series has 75% 5 Star and 15% 4 Star reviews for an overall customer satisfaction rating of 90%.;

Here is a look at the customer ratings for the 1000 Series.

The 1000 Series has 78% 5 Star and 13% 4 Star reviews for an overall customer satisfaction rating of 91%.

The satisfaction ratings for the Z Grills is significantly higher than you find for other value priced competitors like the Pit Boss Austin XL; and is slightly higher;than you find with pellet grills that cost almost twice the money such as the Traeger Pro 575 and 780.

Wifire As Well As Traeger App

A distinct feature of the Timberline Traeger 1300 is that it features an inbuilt Wifi function allowing you to connect the pellet grill to the cost-free Traeger application for simple control as well as surveillance.

When you use the app you can surf over 1.600 recipes, adjustment temperature level settings, inspect the level of pellets still in the receptacle and read the actual food preparation as well as probe temperature level without needing to rise from your chair.

Which Grill Should You Purchase

When it comes to purchasing a grill, you willeither spend your money upfront on a quality grill that will last for decadesor youll spend it later. Oftentimes consumers find themselves buying the sameimported grills over and over again.

Instead, we offer the solution of buying oneAmerican-made grill from BBQ Depot that youll be able to use for years tocome.

We have vast experience and knowledge when itcomes to grills. We have been selling and repairing grills since 1956! We lookforward to serving you and your family and helping you find a grill to joinyour backyard festivities for many years.

FYI: Some of these links have been updated.

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Z Grill L6002e Assessment

This Wood Pellet grill is a functional 6-in-1 wood pellet grill that uses a spacious 600-inch grilling area. With the advanced temperature level control system, this bbq grill can establish temperature levels from 180 ° F to450 ° F. You can bbq, bake, roast, grill, braise, and also smoke. The vehicle electric feed system works instantly and also preserves the warmth inside so that you can cook effectively.

With its electronic auto-start ignition, LED temperature range, digital automobile controller, as well as wonderful useful features, the grill takes your grilling experience to the next degree. The ending up of every meal you prepare with this grill is unbelievably ideal with the appropriate structure and also taste.

It has a food preparation volume of 600 square inches that supplies extra grilling at the exact same time. It stands in advance of the others in terms of providing a massive cooking area. You will see that the Z GRILL has a 10-pound receptacle capacity when it comes to container ability.

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker 700 Sq In

Z Grills 700E Pellet Smoker

Doesnt just words bbq make you fired up? Have you ever salivated about grilling and also eating mouth watering steaks as well as hotdogs? You are certainly not alone if yes. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker 700 Sq In

Just how do you accomplish the one-of-a-kind equilibrium in between smokiness and also tenderness in your meat?

Most essentially, you need to get your hands on one of the finest pellet grills.

There is a certainly huge series of makes as well as configurations of wood pellet grills on the market today. Year on year a lot more makes and configurations are included or improvements/upgrades are provided on previous pellet grill/smoker models.

Even for somebody that has owned a pellet grill in the past, it can be tricky to work out which make/model is going to be their ideal option when shopping for a brand-new grill. If you have never ever had a pellet grill prior to Im certain the possibility of purchasing the ideal pellet grill to meet your requirements could feel really daunting.

Consequently, with any luck, this post can help. Im mosting likely to go over the various types/classes of wood pellet grills on the marketplace to assist you narrow down the search for a pellet grill that will certainly best fit your necessities.

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Differences Between The Z Grills 700 And 1000 Series

There are four grills in the 700 Series that are identical in capacity and performance.; The difference between these models are cosmetic styling preferences with the 700E and 700D having enclosed lower cabinets.

700 Series Specifications

  • Main Grate: 504 sq in
  • Secondary Grate: 190 sq in
  • Hopper Capacity: 20 Pounds
  • Controller: Standard Dial in Digital
  • Temperature Range: 180-450F

You can usually buy a 700 Series grill for about $500.

Here are a couple of videos I made about my 700 Series grill.Here is my video review of the ZPG 7002B after two years of use.

My only complaint about my 700 2B grill when I shot that video was that it didnt get hot enough to seriously sear a steak.

After I got the ZPG 1000 2E I finally figured out the trick to get the grill as hot as I wanted.; Here is my video showing how to do serious High Heat grilling on any Z Grills pellet grill.

Is Z Grills A Good Smoker

Z Grills are growing in popularity thanks to their good build quality and low cost price. They are capable of grilling, barbequing, smoking, baking, roasting, braising, and searing. This seems like a lot to expect from one humble appliance, and you would be forgiven for thinking the build quality is low.

Z Grills are wood pellet grills meaning that you will imbue your food with a delicious smoky flavor. They can be used to cook most types of food, and the smoking function can even be deactivated if this is what you want.

They are commonly referred to as pellet grills, but you would not be wrong in calling them a smoker. They maintain consistent temperatures for a long time, giving you an even and high-quality smoke.

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Traeger Lil Tex Elite 22 Pellet Grill And Smoker Tfb42lzbc Grills

Traeger hasnt stopped making grills that do multiple and caters to diverse cooking needs and has kept the good name and reputation. That is why they bring TFB42LZBC, a grill using wood pellet. These pellets are burned cleanly and efficiently. Experience an entirely new level of grilling experience with this Traeger grill, which never leaves you with burned food but only delicious and savory food recipes.

This Traeger grill has been constructed sturdily and durable as well as it has precise heat to serve you only the best wood-fired food. Indulge in the smoky taste of your food. It comes up with heat and smoke. This cooking method is similar to smoking using hardwood but not needing to split logs. It gives you the real taste of food cooked from pellets. Now, set aside your charcoals and get the cooking done.

This Durable Traeger smoker performs the highest level of versatility at its highest. Enjoy your low, slow, hot, and fast way of barbecuing. In addition, you can do grill, braise, and other things you can imagine. In fact, its capacity is more than enough to cater to whether commercial or personal events.

  • The bright orange of the LED display panel
  • Grilling surface coat made of Porcelain
  • Auto-start
  • An easy drain of grease

Things I Would Change About Z Grills

The Brand History Of Z GRILLS

I love my Z Grills, and think they are great value compared to Traeger, but there are a few things that I would like to see improved upon.

For starters, while I appreciate the fact that the grill comes with a cover, the cover is not high quality.; My cover faded to grey within 6 months and is developing tears along the front.; On the plus side, at least the faded color matches the duct tape I am using to hold the cover together.

Another nice feature that should be easy to implement is a dump feature on the pellet hopper.; Sometimes you will want to empty the pellet hopper because you want to change wood flavors or maybe the pellets have gotten damp and have swollen into sawdust.

The only way to remove the pellets from the hopper on a Z Grills is to scoop them out by hand.; A pellet dump mechanism would make these grills a little nicer.

It would also be nice if Z Grills came with at least one built in meat probe.; I use a stand alone meat probe for monitoring the internal temperature of meats but there are a lot of grill manufacturers that have one built into the control panel.

The last improvement that I would suggest is some sort of latch that holds the grease bucket in place. The bucket loosely hangs on a hook and I have accidently knocked the grease bucket off my grill many times.; It makes a mess that is extremely hard to clean.

That grease bucket is also one of the reasons that my dog hangs around the grill while I am cooking.

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Z Grills Vs Traeger Who Is The Winner

Traeger Grills are still better than Z Grills. Traeger Grills use natural wood pellets are safe for home and restaurant use and they come in 11 flavors, offering dozens of flavors specially customized to each user. Also, these pellets add a great aroma to your favorite grilled food recipes and dont harm the environment. Grill like a pro with Traeger Grills in no time without being chained to the grill.

The Traeger Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is one of the best Traeger Grills because of its perfect size and versatility for home cooking. It provides a grilling space that allows you to cook up to 4 whole chickens, 16 burgers, or 5 racks of ribs. For larger cooking space, Traeger Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker, is one of the best with 646 square inches cooking capacity. It can accommodate up to 8 chickens, 30 burgers, or 5 racks of ribs.

Traeger is one of the leaders when it comes to offering high-quality grills and smokers. The materials used are mostly stainless steel with cool features, such as the precision temperature control with the Digital Elite Controller rocking Advanced Grilling Logic and maintaining a +/- 25 degree Fahrenheit temperature control which guarantee precision grilling.

Hopper Capacity & Run Time

As these are very small pellet grills they also come with pretty small hoppers. The Pit Boss 440D can hold only 5lbs and the Z Grills 6002E doesnt hold much more at 8lbs. If you check out my pellet usage article youll see that means for smoking/low-temperature cooking the hopper on the Pit Boss 440D should last for around 3 and half hours and the Z Grills 6002E should run for around 5 hours. However, when it comes to grilling you would need to pay close attention to these small hoppers.

While the Z Grills 6002E has the larger hopper at 8 lbs its not much bigger than the Pit Boss 440D at 5 lbs, both are very small hoppers: Image ZGrills.com

When grilling/searing on the maximum temperature setting you can be burning through around 3lbs per hour, potentially more in winter/cold weather. Hence, the Pit Boss 440D when grilling may last less than 2 hours and the Z Grills 6002E will probably run out after around 3 hours of grilling. Hence, on these small pellet grills, you frequently need to check the level of BBQ wood pellets in the hopper. However, dont be tempted to leave the lid open so you can see the level of pellets. If rain gets into the hopper youre going to regret that decision, as it may end up causing an .

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Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker Cover + Electrical Digital Controls

Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker with Patio Cover prides itself as the best pellet grill which is worth your money. It fits all your personal, commercial parties outdoors. It has built its name on the versatility it provides so as to give various cooking and techniques, allowing you to master your familys all-time grilled recipes seen in your favorite restaurant.

In addition, its constructed durably to resist any season or weather. Most importantly, it lasts long. This will surely serve as a priceless present for all genders who loves barbecue so much. It works well with an electrical connection for the right range of temperature range and hopper.;

Furthermore, it is convenient with the advanced control plus the monitoring units. Thats why beginners will not be hard up handling it. For accurate and stability of the operation, temperature settings are installed. With all the features, this machine gives your consistency, which makes you cook like a pro every time you cook.

  • Large storage space
  • 25000 BTUs

If you want to indulge yourself with the company of your friend with naturally rich firewood taste and perfectly cooked food, Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker with Patio Cover is the grill you must have.;The use of a hundred percent pellets makes your food savory and your mouth water.;Dont limit your cooking technique since this grill offers you seven ways in cooking. Widen your cooking and learn some more with our grill.

Cookshack/fast Eddy Pellet Grills/smokers

Z Grills 700D Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Ive previously written a full article on the Cookshack pellet grill range, so please check that out that article for the full details. Here Ill just quickly run through a few details about the company and their products. Cookshack is based in Ponca City, Oklahoma and they have been producing electric smokers since the 1960s. Then in collaboration with BBQ expert and Pit Master Fast Eddy they developed their range of residential and commercial pellet grills/smokers. Their smallest unit is the PG500 seen at the top of this post, their other residential pellet grill is the PG1000 which is a more conventional design and features an insulated construction.

The PB1000 is one of two residential pellet grills/smokers made in the USA by Cookshack: Image BBQGuys.com

All Cookshack pellet grill/smokers are made from stainless steel. They feature a 4 cooking zone design. The first area is the hottest cooking area directly over the pellet fire where direct flame broiling is possible. The heat/smoke is then carried up to the upper rack which is the second cooking area before it is pulled down over the second grate which is the third cooking area. Below that is the fourth cooking area in a draw. Frequently used as an area to keep cooked food warm it can also be used as a cold smoker.

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Control & Temperature Considerationswho Should Buy A Traeger Grill

Theres a reason why Traeger is a market leader in pellet grills. They produce quality products with exceptional;tech features. If you want the ultimate in luxurious living, purchase a Traeger grill that allows you to do so much more at a touch of a button, without even getting up from your chair. Existing customers really do enjoy how easy it is to feel like a pro chef and how;effortless;the app makes it to set up your cooking process.

Traeger is also for those who enjoy always being in control. A Traeger can have a pellet sensor. This will alert you when the level of pellets drops too low, so you know its time to buy or refill. These notifications can help prevent cooking disastersyou know you dont want to run out of pellets while smoking a piece of meat.

Another attraction is for those who are all about experimenting with flavor. Traeger sells its own wood pellets and;you can purchase different flavors. Then use features such as;Super Smoke Modeavailable via the appto optimize the taste of your food.

Youll also appreciate the larger models if you need to;cook for a large group of people;since Traeger can give up to;1300 square inches;of grilling surface compared to only about 1000 square inches from ZPG models. Just know that Z Grills is known to reach higher temperature ranges than Traeger.

How Z Grills Pellet Grills Works

Z GRILLS doesnt integrate a rocket science into its pellet grill. So its pretty easy to decipher how they operate. As with other great pellet smokers, heres how Zgrills works.

The Z GRILLS pellet grills incorporate a design similar to other top brands like Traeger and Pit Boss.

The working process is non-sophisticated; it simply burns the wood pellets to form heat and smoke that cooks and add flavor to your food.

Pour the pellet into a dedicated space on your grill. The auger will take over from here to automatically feed the hopper with the right amount of pellet for your desired temperature. Then a sensor monitors the cooking temperature and works together with the digital control feature to not just maintain the cooking temperature but also to control the airflow and pellet flow.

Z GRILLS is designed in a way that you only need to load your hopper, select your preferred temperature, and boom! Here you go. This is popularly called the set and forget feature.

Although they are popularly known as pellet grills, I dont think its a bad idea to refer to them as a smoker too. Thats because they always maintain a consistent temperature for long.

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