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Sunshine State Of Mind Citrus Grilled Mahi Mahi

Is a Pellet Grill Right for me? What is a pellet grill? How does a pellet grill / smoker work? 2021

If you are looking for the best way to cook mahi mahi on the grill, then look no further! As a Floridian, Mahi Mahi is a part of life and we cook it regularly. Luckily, these days you can find frozen mahi mahi just about anywhere, making it easy to make mahi mahi on the grill no matter where you live!

Electric Grill Surface Materials

The surface material of your electric grill can influence a range of factors including cook time, clean time, and the types of foods that cook the best on them. Review these grill surface types and their benefits to get a better idea of the best outdoor electric grill surface for your needs:

Metal: Metal grill surfaces can be made of a wide variety of metals, from carbon steel to cast iron blends, stainless steel, or enamel-coated options. This makes metal grill surfaces optimal for transferring heat from the electric coils beneath to slabs of meat, vegetables, and other barbecue must-haves. Metal grills usually come with a non-stick coating for a stress-free cleaning experience and for easy food transitions from the grill to the table.

Porcelain-Coated Grates: Electric grills with porcelain-coated grates make cleaning up a breeze, as well as protect the base metal from rust or corrosion over time. Be sure to clean porcelain-coated grates with a sponge or rag instead of scraping them with a spatula to keep the coating intact and guarantee long-term quality. The best part about porcelain-coated cooking surfaces is that they include non-stick properties so you don’t need to worry about meat scraps or oils getting stuck in the grates.

Are Weber Grills Worth The Money

For lots of people, the solution is a definite Yes!

Weber grills are still worth the money.

When contrasting Weber vs Traeger grills, some individuals might favor one brand name over the various other. Each of these units has special advantages to make them a fantastic selection, relying on exactly how you like to prepare.

The Weber grills that weve evaluated right here are all resilient, modern tools that use a selection of mediums, including natural gas, gas, or charcoal.

These units are easy to use, with push-button ignition systems, straightforward temperature controls, integrated lid thermostats, and also even IGrill 3 compatibility on several of the systems.

They are additionally as easy to tidy as they are to make use of. For these factors, the Weber grills are our recommended versions.

These grills offer you superb results, hassle-free attributes, as well as incredible toughness. That being claimed, some of the Weber models launched in the past number of years arent worth the financial investment so constantly due a little due persistance prior to you make a purchase. Second Hand Weber Grills For Sale Near Me

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Types Of Grills: How To Choose The Best Grill For You

Learn more about the different types of grills available and how they compare to each other.

Jeff FlowersArticle Author

We all know there are different heating and fuel sources that can be used while grilling. Each of these fuel sources have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, with some may possibly alter the overall flavor of the food you cooked. Today, lets take a closer look at some of the different types of grills that utilize each of these fuel sources.

Whats Your Grilling Style

First Stainless Steel grill for me. What

Before you decide which kind of grill is best for your lifestyle, consider your space and cooking style.

  • Is your deck or patio wired or within range of an extension cord? Without a plug-in outlet, a pellet grill is not going to be the ideal choice.
  • Are you feeding a small army? Consider some of the gas options with lots of cook space and side burners for keeping everything from baked beans to chili or chowder ready to serve whenever the gang is ready to eat.
  • Do you have space and proper support for a heavy grill? A kamado is a commitment, in terms of weight and space, depending on the size. But, its a fantastic grill to choose.
  • Do you grill on the fly? If spontaneity is your style, a slow-heating and stabilizing grill probably isnt a good fit.
  • Are you a purist who wouldnt dream of serving a burger without grill marks and a smoky flavor? Gas may not bring the best flavor, but it is clean, affordable, and fast to get to temperature.

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How To Choose A Gas Grill: A Buying Guide

The very first thing youll need to do is to determine which type of gas source youll be using to fuel your gas grill: Natural Gas which requires a hook up on your patio, or Liquid Propane , which means youll be fueling your grill with propane from a tank.

The answer to this question will narrow down your choices. Many of the best gas grills on our list do come in either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane models, but not all!

This video here covers several other important aspects about Gas Grills in depth, such as the grate/grill material differences, the number of burners, flame-tamers, and the types of burners. Check it out:

To recap , you want to decide on the following:

  • How many burners do I want? The more burners you have, the larger the cooking area and the more versatility you have . If youre counting on cooking simple foods for 2 or 3 people, youll likely be just fine with 1 or 2 burners.
  • What kind of cooking grates do you want? Stainless steel and porcelain-enameled/coated cast iron are the 2 popular types.
  • Are Flavorizer bars important to you? These flame-taming systems that sit between the burners flame and the grill reduce flare-ups, protect the burners, and convert drippings into flavor-infusing smoke. Not all grills come with flame tamers, although many in this list do.

What features do you want?

Which Flat Top Grill Works Best For Me

We know that some of the best memories are made around a dinner table. Creating quality products engineered for all types of families allows us to embody the family brand that we’ve been preaching for over 30 years. The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill line was designed for just that. We’ve carefully crafted three universal sizes to assist you in feeding the family or cooking for a crowd. Gone are the days of hot spots-the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill line has True Seasoned, non-sick surface-perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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Weber 54060001 Q2200 Grill

  • Company: Weber
  • Rating: 4.7 / 5 stars
  • Price: $

Are you looking for a gas grill you can take with you to the beach, camping, picnics, or pretty much anywhere? This portable gas grill is one of the best ones out there right now. With a compact shape but decent size grill area, fold up sturdy size shelves, and ergonomic handles, youll love taking this one with you on the go!

The Q2200 is one of the Q series of Webers they look similar to each other in shape and style. The differences are in the size of the grilling area, the BTUs, and a few small extra bonus features that some have, and others dont.

This particular grill is our top pick in the Q series as it combines a nice size with great power . It also has awesome ratings and reviews!

Lets take a look at what youd be getting:

  • A fully assembled grill right out of the box! All you need to do is attach a 14.1 or 16.4 oz LP cylinder , flick the electronic ignition system, and let it heat up!
  • A handy thermometer built right into the lid so you can better avoid under or over-cooked food
  • The grates are split down the middle so if youd like, you can order a Q2000 compatible griddle grate and use your grill as a griddle as well!
  • Its made of serious grill materials: porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body its no cheap-o portable grill that will only last you one summer!

Weber 6600100 Genesis Ii S

How to Choose The Best Gas Grill 2019 | BBQGuys.com Grill Buying Guide
  • Company: Weber
  • Gas Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$

The Weber Genesis II S-310 is one of our favorites in this Best Gas Grills list it combines quality, nice features, and great price all in one! Weber is simply a name you can trust when it comes to grills, and the Genesis II design is one of their more popular lines.

This particular model comes in your choice of Natural Gas or LP fueled, and also in your choice of black painted steel or stainless steel . Going the black painted steel route can save you about $100, and youll still get the side shelves and handle bar in stainless!

There are some fantastic features on this grill that we think youll love:

I also think you techies out there will love this grill as it is iGrill3 ready! Its not included, but you can add this digital Bluetooth grill thermometer and monitor your food from your smartphone!

And a note about this grill is for you dog owners the Open Cart Design means no doors to protect the drippings pan from your hungry dog! You may find you dont appreciate this however your dog will probably love it!

Check out this review of the LP model by a satisfied customer:

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Best Outdoor Electric Grill: Spark One Electric Grill

This new-age charcoal and electric combo is a competitor in the outdoor grilling space for more than just its minimalist design. Perhaps the brand’s most unique feature is its proprietary charcoal Briq that quickly lights to infuse every hamburger and hot dog with that distinct smoky taste you simply can’t get from propane.

Plug the Spark One into a standard three-prong outlet and slide the Briq into a perforated cast iron drawer, and it’ll preheat within just a few minutes for quick and convenient weeknight use. It gives you precise temperature control up to 900 degrees Fahrenheitin fact, it’s the very first charcoal grill with that capabilityso you can really get creative with how and what you cook. When you’re ready to power it down, the grill’s no-mess ash disposal takes care of clean-up.

To buy: Spark One Electric Grill, $899 at sparkgrills.com

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND FULLY ADJUSTABLE: The Economy Steerable Knee Scooter weighs only 21 pounds and offers a robust 300 lb.
  • GREAT VALUE: The proven Knee Rover Economy steerable knee scooter is the best knee walker value in the industry from the brand you can trust.

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Your Guide To The Best Outdoor Electric Grills

The ultimate guide to the most user-friendly grill on the market.

There’s nothing better than grilled summer vegetables and a juicy hamburger straight from the grill but first, you need the right grill. Electric grills reign supreme when it comes to a stress-free grilling experience, thanks to their beginner-friendly designs. However, with so many types of electric grills out there, you might be wondering: which should I choose? Not to fear! We will break down everything you need to know to make a well-informed choice. Review this electric grill buying guide to learn more about electric grills and their benefits, or skip ahead for specific information to help you find the best outdoor electric grill for your next barbecue.

Determine Your Gas Type

Barbecue Grill For Sale Near Me

Gas grills run on either natural gas or propane, which create virtually identical results and are often similarly priced despite minor differences in composition. Its important to be completely confident about this decision before you purchase a grill converting from one fuel type to another should be performed only by a licensed professional, and doing so can void the warranty from certain grill brands. Because both fuels cook similarly, your decision should come down to availability and convenience.

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Q: How Do I Prepare The Grill

A: The answer to this question could literally be as long as this entire product guide. Heres how I prefer to prep any charcoal grill:

  • Empty any residual ash from the bottom.
  • Load a chimney starter with charcoal, place it inside, and light it. Leave the grill open to maximize air flow.
  • Wait for the coals to get mostly gray, with some black left. Empty the starter.
  • Arrange the coals in a concentric bed, like a Mayan pyramid, with tongs.
  • Use the grills vents and lid to land it at your preferred temperature.
  • Brush any debris off the grate.
  • Throw it down, grillin man.
  • Flat Top Grill Buyers Guide

    Instead of buying another gas grill, consider getting one of the best flat-top grills. A flat-top grill is essentially a large outdoor griddle. You can quickly prepare your favorite foods, from eggs to hamburgers.

    So, how do you choose the right flat top grill? Use the following buyers guide to learn more about the most important features and compare the top 8 recommendations for the best flat top grill.

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    Buying Guide For Best Traeger Grills

    Among manufacturers of wood pellet grills, Traeger is one of the best of the best. Theyre known for both the quality of their products and the delicious flavor of the food their grills produce.

    Traeger makes grills small enough to sit on your tailgate and large enough to feed a crowd. There are also models with luxury features like stainless steel grills and controllers with WiFi connectivity. These heavy-duty grilling machines can represent quite a financial investment.

    At BestReviews, were here to give you the facts you need to make informed purchasing decisions. Weve provided a shopping guide to help you wade through the list of features you might find on a Traeger grill. Our top five picks are in the product list at the top of the page.

    Grill Buying Guide: How To Buy A Grill To Fit Your Needs

    ð? Review: Non-Stick BBQ Grill Matsâ Watch Me Grill Burgers, Pizza, & Salmon – THESE ARE THE BEST!

    Nothing says outdoor get-together like grilled meats and vegetables. But if your grilling experience is filled with more flare-ups, rust and frustration than fun, you should invest in a new grill.

    Instead of purchasing strictly on price or recommendations, select a grill that matches your style. Are you into convenience and speed? Or do you grill leisurely and try to maximize the smoky flavor? Selecting a grill goes beyond choosing gas or charcoal. Our grill buying guide will point out key features that can help influence your purchasing decision and fit your needs.

    To begin, use the following questions to help navigate through the key components of buying a grill. Find in-depth information on the topics listed below by simply clicking on any of the following links:

    What is the difference between gas grilling & charcoal grilling?

    When it comes to the epic battle of gas grilling versus charcoal grilling, the bottom line is: grilling is grilling no matter what fuel source you use. Both involve the radiant transfer of heat from the fuel source to the cooking grid. Drippings come off of the food, land on the heat source and sizzle and smoke. The smoke rising into your food creates barbecue flavor.

    What types of cooking grates are available & how do they differ?

    What size grill do I need?

    Which fuel type is best: natural gas or liquid propane?

    What color & design options are available?

    How does grill design impact cooking performance?

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    Second Hand Weber Grills For Sale Near Me

    Numerous yard grill masters, myself consisted of, love their Weber grills. Without question, Weber has a dedicated follower base. Second Hand Weber Grills For Sale Near Me

    If you are thinking about getting your first Weber grill then you have actually probably listened to every one of the buzz about exactly how excellent they are.

    Nevertheless, despite the buzz, numerous very first time buyers obtain sticker label shock when they take a look at the price. There are a lot of various other grills available, a number of them showing up to have the same functions, at a lot reduced price points.

    This elevates both very rational concerns of, What makes Weber grills so pricey? Are they worth it?Second Hand Weber Grills For Sale Near Me

    Whether its coal, gas, electrical, or propane, Weber has actually ruled every sort of grilling market. When we consider a grill, we instantly consider Weber. They really did not get such a high track record for no factor!

    The quick solution is that mostly all Weber grills are worth the money. The value originates from the long-term price of possession integrated with outstanding barbecuing performance. When Weber grills are contrasted straight versus other brand names of comparable quality it becomes clear that the rate of a Weber grill is very reasonable.

    Camplux Outdoor Gas Griddle Combo

    The CAMPLUX Outdoor Gas Griddle Combo is a versatile, portable appliance. It has a removable flat top surface that sits over a grill grate.

    The compact design limits the cooking area but makes this grill easier to move or pack up and take camping. The legs and shelves are removable. It also has two side shelves and a lower shelf. The lower shelf is sturdy enough to support the propane tank.

    The cooking area of the grill grate is 190 square inches while the griddle top is 179 square inches. The smaller size may not work well for a large group but should offer enough space for four to six hamburgers or a dozen hotdogs.


    • Includes a removable flat top surface and a grill grate
    • The legs and shelves are removable for easier storage
    • Relatively affordable compared to other freestanding flat top grills


    • The hot-rolled stainless steel is not as durable as previous recommendations

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