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Rectangular Fire Pit Pad Grill Mats Deck Protector

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An all-in-one protection mat for patios, lawns, and decks. The waterproof, heat resistant, and easy to wipe material of this mat retains your patios temperature and acts as a barrier from damaging it when setting up an open fire. In addition, the multiple layers offer three levels of security along with the ability to lower the environmental impact on your area when using this product. You can rest assured that you have our permission to use this reliable heat mat without hesitation when throwing a party outside in any weather condition leading up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit!

The Rectangular Fire Pit Pad Grill Mats Deck Protector is for your 42 inch 30-inch barbecue grill, fire pit Smoker, Charcoal grill, Flat top grill. The product size will still work when carrying the heat source 8 inches away. It also offers you protection from any splashing of food or liquid that might hit off the side of the grill while cooking which would be dangerous if not cleaned up before it could cool and harden on to your furniture. With its light weight design and portability, this mat can accompany you anywhere!

Homenote Large Under Grill Mats Durable 36 X 65 Inches Deck And Patio Protective Mats

Protect your deck or patio with style by installing the HOMENOTE deck protect mat. The stylish and user-friendly mat wont burn or melt, providing optimal protection when you use your grilling tools on charcoal or gas grills. Unlike cheaper mats our HomeNOTEs grill mat wont be ripped, curl at the edges, or break due to high heat exposure. And the initial layer of fibers are made using organic silicone that makes it ideal for protecting your patio or deck from grease spills, food slicks and stains. So get ready to cook up something epic with this essential accessory!

Make grilling easy-peasy with this handy grill mat. The HomeNOTE Large Under Grill Mats are low profile black mats that are gentle, yet powerful enough to make your gas or charcoal grill clean as a whistle. You can also fold these large under grill mats for simple storage and transport after its time to call the dishes in from being grilled.

Favorite Part The mat is able to collect splatters and spills without absorbing any of the liquids so the material doesnt have an unpleasant taste or smell when youre finished cooking on it or when you go to put it away in between shifts! Give yourself plenty of protection with one of these amazing kitchen tools today.

Bbq & Open Flame Safety Clearance

Every year, hundreds of houses, garages and patios catch fire as a result of the improper placement of a grill or smoker. Whenever you plan to use an open flame in your backyard space, you need to put safety first and keep the grill a minimum of 10-feet away from covered areas, hanging plants and other combustibles. Common combustibles include outdoor furniture, posts, overhead structures, trees, bushes, and ground level plants.

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Help Where Do I Put My Grill

Archadeck of Columbus welcomes the season for grilling with designs especially suited for grilling out on your deck, porch or patio.

With the season of outdoor living in full swing many of us look forward to the smell of delicious food cooking on the grill and the camaraderie that so often comes along with it. If you want your grill to be part of your new outdoor living area, you need to take some serious considerations into account when designing your new area. You want the location of your grill to be extremely convenient. You can either allocate space on your deck, porch or patio for a grill. Another viable option is to actually add space by extending an area for your grill on your deck, porch or patio such as a deck bump-out or a grill rack.

A few helpful hints to remember if you are planning on incorporating your grill into your or patio is that sizes of various grills can differ. A typical gill is 4.5 wide, but larger models can span from 5 to 5.5. With this in mind you want to consider the amount of space the grill will take up and allowing enough space for walking room and maneuverability around the grill. If you have a smoker, or are planning on getting one you will also need to allocate enough space for it as well. You will also want to leave a 2 x 6 area for the grill and additional room for any accompaniment pieces, such as a smoker.

Which Type Of Mat Should I Choose

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Answer: There are two main types of grill mats available on the market. The first is made from PVC material that makes it easy to clean up after use. However, it can warp over time due to direct contact with flames. A silicone alternative grips better but doesnt allow food to slide off easily since it has a sticky texture instead. Before purchasing a new mat, make sure you know which type is best for your needs.

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How Much Gravel Do You Put Under A Deck

The depth of crushed gravel placed on the weed membrane cloth or plastic under your deck needs to be thick enough to cover and hold the barrier in place. It should also be thick enough to prevent weeds from taking root and keep water from displacing it. A thin layer is also easily displaced by critters or people moving around or placing items underneath the deck if it is elevated.

An inch of gravel may hold the garden cloth down but wont prevent seeds from taking root. Using 3 to 4 inches of clean or washed 3/4 gravel under deck it is the best rock for under deck use. The deeper stone provides a deep enough layer to allow dust to settle through but keep seeds from rooting. The few that do take root should be easy to remove as there is no soil base.

To calculate the amount of crushed stone, multiply the length of the deck by the width, and then multiply by the desired thickness. This calculation provides the cubic footage of gravel. Dividing that total by 27 will give you the cubic yardage required.

Using 4 of gravel under a 10-foot by 12-foot deck for example:

10 x 12 = 120sqft x 0.33 = 39.6 cubic feet ÷ 27 = 1.467 or 1.5 cubic yards of gravel.

The total weight is about 2 tons, so shop around for the best deal.

Q: Can You Use A Pellet Grill In The Garage

A: Pellet grills cannot be used in a garage or any enclosed space. Pellet grills produce smoke, heat, and other contaminants such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. The smoke from pellet grills needs space and airflow in order to properly vent away.

Pellet grills can be used underneath a covered porch, balcony, or deck but a garage will not have enough airflow to safely use a pellet grill.

In fact, too much smoke exposure will cause serious health issues, which is why the smoke needs to safely vent away from the pellet grill.

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Fasmov 36 X 50 Inches Under The Grill Protective Deck And Patio Mat

Tired of getting dirty every time you grill, or having to spend tons of money on disposable foil pans? You need our Fasmov Grill Mat! Super-soft and durable, it easily fits beneath your grill to catch any spills or splatters. Easy cut-to-fit size makes it perfect for all sizes of grills. Clean up is about as easy as can be using just soap and water. Best part the mat is reversible so one side does not wear out quickly like other mats!

Protect your outdoor living area from grease, water, and sauce by installing the Fasmov BBQ mat. It is a unique product that shields surfaces below to prevent falls or slips on slick surfaces. The surface of the mat is made to drain away liquids so you never have to worry about cleaning up after accidents. This ensures an extra degree of safety for those who may be prone to falls, as well as keeping your furniture dry and comparatively unharmed. An added perk? You can clean it with just soap and water! Roll it back into place when not using during colder months, then return in spring for another season of use!

A Deck Roof Protecting The Grill From The Rain

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Sheltering the grill from the rain allows you to grill even on those raining days. Even in a rainy region. Like Vancouver, where you have more rain days than sun. A roof over a gas grill allows you to grill even on raining days. One of the advantages of a gas grill, you can use it under a if the sides are open for ventilation. A small roof over the grill allows you to barbeque regardless of the weather.

A small note about grill roofs: ideally, the grill roof should be 8 or higher. Providing enough room for the smoke to rise out of your face.

But rain doesnt always fall straight down. A grill roof 8 high will need to extend past the grill 24 . A higher roof which is better will need longer eaves. A 9 roof should overhang the grill 30-36 to keep it dry in the rain.

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Correct Size For The Barbeque

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini may be fun but not grill pads.

You want a grill mat that is large enough to fit under the grill with a bit of room to spare. An extra few inches past to catch excess grease or splatter is great. That way the deck will be protected. Or grease splattering off the edges or running onto the decking.

Can I Put A Propane Fire Pit On A Composite Deck

Fire pits, both wood-burning, and gas can be used safely on wood or composite decks provided they are placed a sufficient distance from adjoining structures such as the home, and a heat-resistant barrier is used between the fire pit and the deck to prevent potential structural and cosmetic damage due to the high-heat

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Close All Vents When Finished

Once youve brought your food inside, close all air vents to your grill. Doing so shuts out oxygen to your lit charcoal and quickly smothers the fire. If your grill has some kind of ash catching device or sweeping system, use it once the grill has cooled.

However, resist the urge to dump your ash into any kind of garbage container right away. Instead, wait at least 24 hours after youve cooked to empty your ash from your grill.

Even then, it is a good practice to have a metal container you store your ash in after emptying your grill. Bag it and put it out to the curb on garbage day.

If Its For The Inside Of The Grill Or An Under

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When you are looking to buy a grill mat, one of the first decisions you need to make is choosing between an inside-of-the-grill model and an under-the-grill model. While the latter is placed inside the grill to protect the BBQ and the grates from grease, the former is placed beneath it to protect your patio or deck. Apparently, both types have their advantages, and its better to have both to make the most out of this product.

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Montana Grilling Gear Floor Mat To Protect Decks And Patios

Both environmentally friendly and budget-friendly, the Montana Grilling Gear Floor Mat is a real crowd pleaser. It is made from PVC free fabric blends that effectively absorbs the liquid from spills and splatters. This keeps your deck safe from slippery oil and other stains.

The non-leak backing protects all types of decks from oil or grease that may penetrate thinner mats. This mat can easily be hand washed with soap and water or hosed off using a garden hose for a quick rinse. It is only available in one size, which measures 30 x 48 and fits most standard size grills.

This mat does well in areas with light rainfall. However, if you experience heavier rainfall in your area, you may experience some discoloration to your deck. Montana Grills are also known for their great customer service. So if you find that this isnt the right grill mat for you, Montana Grills is happy to assist you directly. This mat is also not suitable for use with charcoal grills.

Economical Grill Mat For Composite Deck

What I love about Cuisinart CGMT-300 Premium Deck and Patio Grill Mat

Similar to Uperla but almost half the price.

Compatible with composite decking. Also made from PVC, making it safe for composite decking.

Easy to Clean. Same as your decking, spray down with a hose, rinse and enjoy.

Definitely an excellent economical option to protect your composite deck. Not the cheapest but a good price for what it does.

What I love about GrillTex protective mat

Heat Resistance. This is a grill mat that could be used under a charcoal grill or wood fire pit on your deck. Protecting the deck from the heat. Just one more layer of protection, at a very high-level 500°F . A temperature that more than exceeds the heat coming off a grill.

Still, to be upfront, this is not a heat shield. Keep burning coals off, or it will melt the mat.

Easy to Clean. Next to protecting the deck, easy to clean, is important. Which GrillTex is.A little wipe with a paper towel or spray down with the hose, and its looking brand new.

This easily could have been my number pick if it was compatible with composite decking. But it does not seem to be the case. I have seen and heard too many times of damage composite decking after using the GrillTex mat on composite decking. Yes, some of it is because of using a matt to soon. If you let the decking age for a summer before using a grill mat, it will reduce the chance of being damaged but not enough for me to recommend.

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Can You Grill Under A Sunsetter Awning

The answer is yes IF your awning is installed at the proper height and your grill is well maintained. ~Always clean your grill before barbequing to avoid excess grease and flames. ~When having your awning installed, let your professional designer know that youd like to place your grill under the awning for cooking.

Position The Deck Grill For Ventilation


A deck grill under a roof needs to have ventilation. Never enclose a grill on the deck. A cover over a gas grill is fine, but make sure the walls are open enough to allow the air to move the smoke off the deck.

If you want to close in the deck, it will need proper ventilation. Either a vent or open sides to move the air and smoke.

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Premium Grill Mat By Montana Grilling Gear

  • This is made of PVC fabric blend that absorbs and collects liquids preventing grease from getting tracked around your deck or patio as well as reduces the risk of slipping on spills.
  • Has a non skid and leak-proof backing for any surface.
  • Easy to clean by simply spraying it down with a hose. You could also hand wash with warm soapy water.
  • Dimensions 30 by 48

Fasmov 36 X 50 Inches Under The Grill Protective Mat

Before reading the review of this product, lets move to the buying guide section for the moment thats by the end of this article, and see which material is best for the grill mat. Well, after coming back, youll be amazed that this product is also Polyester fiber with a PVC back. So this is the first point that will urge you to go for this product.

Moving to the other key features, this 36 by 50 inches Fasmov patio mat is oil and waterproof and weighs about 1.19 pounds. So you will find it a good helper in your grilling tasks. But if you find it large according to your grill size, hold a pair of scissors and alter it to your required size.

Now come towards the cleaning process. There is nothing to worry about cleaning, and you wont need any specific chemical or liquid for washing.

Simply spray it using a hose, or you can also use your hands to wash it with tap water and dishwashing soap. Its not just a protection for your wooden decks, but its the best to use on concrete, stone, brick patios and fits best for most grills and griddles.

Apart from all this, this charcoal-colored grill mat is reusable, so dont spend it buying this product after a short period. After cleaning, you need to store it properly. And itll quickly get rolled up to avoid using large spaces.

Why love this grill mat?

  • Its a lightweight but long-lasting BBQ mat.
  • The mat is suitable for a variety of surfaces.
  • Its easy to clean.

What are some cons?

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Resilia Large Under Grill Mat

Protecting your floor from the mess created by grilling can be a daunting task and were here to help. Resilia is an eco-friendly mat that will protect your floor and keep it looking long-lasting and brand new for years to come, no matter how many times you use it. Made of Polypropylene, this mat features water-resistant qualities so spills wont ruin the surface underneath as well as long-lasting durability for those indoor or outdoor parties or cookouts.

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