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Best Indoor Grills 2021 | Smokeless

The grill should be just the right size. Too big and youll eat up precious kitchen space, and it will take longer to cook the food. Too small, and a family of four will need to take turns cooking burgers one at a time. Generally speaking, a 100-square-inch surface provides enough area to cook for two to four people. If youre having guests over, you may need a 200-square-inch grill top to accommodate your banquet.

Best For Beginners: Gotham Steel Indoor Electric Grill


GOTHAM STEELs expertly-crafted 14 x 9 grill and drip pan are made from a high-quality nonstick ceramic coating, which means you can sear the leanest meats with very little grease.

The super slick ceramic is as practical as it is durablethe material more evenly conducts heat over the surface of the grill while making it a breeze to clean off burnt bits later on. GOTHAM STEEL has also added a burn-proof base to the bottom of the grill, which prevents any excess residue or grease from smoking up your kitchen.

While some users may be disappointed at the lack of precise temperature controls, we love the simplicity of the grills 4 settings, Warm, Low, Medium, and High Heat. The whole set comes with a grill plate, a griddle plate, and a 4-pronged kebab fork, and all the pieces easily pull apart for cleaning and storage.

Be aware that while this is indeed an indoor grill, this isnt a totally smokeless grill especially when the fat drippings fall through the grates. The grease catcher does a great job of sealing in the smokiness, but you may need to crack open a window or use this under a kitchen fan.

Best Budget: Elite Gourmet Emg

Dimensions : 17.5 x 16.5 x 4 inches | Cooking Area: 14-inch diameter | Weight: 6 pounds

A high searing temperature of 450 degrees will lock in flavor and an adjustable temperature knob will customize your cooking with this compact indoor grill. Your veggies, burgers, and fish will come out deliciously on the 14-inch round grill .

This comes with a large, slightly domed lid to let you cook without splashing grease or oil, and the drip tray, grill plate, and glass lid are dishwasher-safe to make cleaning up a breeze. The handles and base do stay cool to the touch, so you can safely use this without any burns to you or your countertop.

The downside is some reviewers complained that the nonstick coating doesnt hold up after ample use and washing. We recommend you hand wash it to be on the safe side.

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The Best Indoor Grill Can Pull Double Duty As An Air Fryer

While most indoor grills are single-purpose appliances, there are a few high-quality models that also air fry. Air frying is a method of cooking that circulates hot air around the food and uses a minimal amount of oil. Its slightly healthier and easier than deep frying. And best of all, the food tastes great.

The Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 indoor grill is a good example of a multifunction grill. It can grill, air fry, roast, and bake. Do you need a grill with such robust talent? It depends. These features can be nice to have but unnecessary if you only want a quick, no-nonsense way to grill a steak. Some people swear by their beloved air fryer. Some think this is just the current culinary fad. The choice is yours.

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Best Budget: Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill Griddle And Pitchfork

The Rock Indoor Smokeless Grill

The price is right on this indoor grill with a nonstick ceramic grate and griddle. The grease catcher below the grate is designed to prevent food drippings from burning, which reduces the amount of smoke created and makes cleaning easier, too. The cooking temperature is controlled with a simple dial that runs from warm, low, medium, and high.

For even more fun, a kebab fork is included that has four large skewers to hold plenty of food. The griddle and grill plates each have their own heating elements, and both are dishwasher safe, although hand washing will likely improve the longevity of the nonstick surface.

Rotisserie chicken is a favorite, and now itâs possible to make it in your house with this infrared grill and rotisserie. The infrared technology and special drip tray reduce the smoke thatâs created during cooking, even if there’s a fair amount of drippings. Heat reflectors make sure food cooks evenly whether youâre grilling or using the rotisserie, and the rotisserie turns the food smoothly, for perfect browning on all sides.

The nonstick cast aluminum grid is ideal for sturdy foods like steaks, burgers, and chops that look best with hearty grill marks, while the wire grids are designed for more delicate foods like fish or fruit. When cooking is done, the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

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Best Korean Style Bbq: Poke Hot Dual Pot Barbecue Machine

  • Handle: heat insulation, high temperature, the use of more secure
  • Health: the use of stainless steel, no rust, safety and health
  • Portable: folding, easy to carry, easy assembly, easy transportation

One may say it is more of a stir-fry combined with a BBQ experience than an ordinary grilling session. What an unusual way of preparing your meat and other delicacies in typical Korean style. This non-stick all powerful stovetop meets the challenge head on of turning an ordinary experience into something out of this world good.

Healthy eating is only minutes away when you make use of the stainless steel, no rust Dual Pot BBQ Machine. You can carry it with you to any area within your home thanks to the portability features and easy assembly functionality.

Wait until its your turn to cook hot pot. You will be amazed at how easy it is to put together a hot pot, or cater for any occasion within seconds. All sorts of options are open to you with this Poke Hot Dual Pot Barbecue Machine as you experiment with teppanyaki, hot pot, stewed meals, fried foods, or even boiled delicacies.

Best Family Sized: George Foreman Contact Smokeless

George Foreman grills have been feeding families for a long time, and now it’s created a version that, according to the brand, has all the sizzle without the smoke. The new plate design eliminates up to 85 percent of the smoke, while the open grates drain fat and juices automatically, so food grills rather than steaming or frying. The liquids collect in a dishwasher-safe drip tray for easy disposal when cooking is complete.

Compared to other George Foreman models, this cooks faster, so food is on the table in no time. The grill plates are removable for easy cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher, and they have a nonstick coating that keeps food from sticking. Great for families, this can cook four to six servings at a time on the 90-square-inch cooking space, and the quick cooking time means it can be reloaded with burgers for family members who want seconds.

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Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Design 101

All good cooks know that fat equals flavour.

And its the very reason why a well marbled sirloin or a marinated pork chop tastes Sooo good when thrown on the barbie.

Because as your food cooks all that delicious fat starts to melt through the meat making it juicy and flavoursome.

And after a while, some of it will drip on to the hot coals, causing smokey flare ups which in turn helps caramelize the meat adding even more flavour.

Obviously, when youre outside this isnt an issue, but if youre inside its gonna be a problem.

And indoor grills deal with this in a couple of ways.

Heres how, and some things to look for before you settle on a grill.

Faqs About Indoor Electric Grills

7 Best Indoor Electric Grill | Best Smokeless Grill

Q: Should I apply cooking oil to my grill before using it?

A: If you have a non-stick grill, then this is unnecessary. However, we understand that for many, this has become a habit to do so. Just make sure that youre only using a light coating of oil, as this can create a mess, extra calories, and an increased risk of fire.

Q: How can I easily clean off cheese from my grill?

A: The easiest way to go about this is to heat the grill up just a bit to where the cheese softens, but not too hot that you burn it on even more. You can also use a bunch of paper towels and push them into the grooves of the grill.

Q: Can I use metal utensils on my grill?

A: All of the models on our list can be used with metal utensils, as well as just about any other standard barbecuing and grilling utensils.

Q: Can I cook frozen foods on my grill?

A: While you technically can, we recommend strongly against it. Not only does it take an incredibly long amount of time, but the taste is really going to diminish.

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Best Indoor Smokeless Grills

After hours of research and carefully looking through dozens of candidates, weve come up with a handy list of 10 of the best indoor smokeless grills available on the market.

Each shining in a particular aspect so you can make a better-informed decision.

Here at Cockles n Mussels we hope you enjoy the products we recommend but we need to let you know that if you decide to purchase something through the links on this page we get a small commission. It helps keep the lights on round here..Thanks.

Best Smokeless Indoor Grill Reviews

Here are the complete reviews of the 11 best smokeless indoor grills in 2021. Keep reading after the reviews for a guide on what to look for when choosing a smokeless grill.

The PowerXL Smokeless Grill leads the pack thanks to its sturdy construction, versatility, and extra features.

Crack the hinged, tempered glass lid, and youll find thick non-stick grates and enough room to accommodate four large steaks, six burgers, or eight pieces of chicken.

When youre done, clean-up is quick and easy, especially since this electric grill comes with a drip tray and grates are removable and dishwasher safe.

This indoor smokeless grill also comes with a grill griddle, ideal for cooking breakfast items and other sides.

The PowerXL Smokeless grill includes a built-in fan, which sucks up smoky air, filters it, and channels clean air outside the electric grill.

This unit weighs less than 14 pounds, is 20 wide and 12 deep, so it travels well and stows nicely, even in tight kitchen spaces with limited cabinet space.

This electric grill earns bonus points for its user-friendly design. Just plug it in, dial the LED temperature control to your desired setting , wait a few minutes, and drop your food.

Dont have time to thaw your salmon steaks or burgers? You dont have to. The PowerXL Smokeless Grill provides even heat distribution and enough power to transform frozen foods into perfectly seared dishes.

The Kenyon Electric Grill isnt your ordinary indoor electric grill.

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How To Find The Best Indoor Grill For You

Before buying an indoor grill, consider these things:

  • Size: For one to two people, an area of up 80 square inches is ideal. An area of 100-150 square inches can feed three to five people. For larger groups, you will have to cook in batches since indoor grill sizes cap at about 150 square inches.
  • Design: Open grills mimic the design of outdoor grills without a lid you have to flip the food to cook it evenly. Contact grills have top and bottom grill that can quickly cook your food on both sides simultaneously . Anything you can grill outdoors can be cooked on either of these two types and many of these grills.
  • Versatility: Some models open flat and allow you to swap out the grill with a griddle or waffle plate. Anything that has removable plates that are dishwasher safe makes cleanup a breeze.
  • Heat: Certain models do not allow you to set a cooking temperature, while others are adjustable within a range. If you want a good sear on your steak or burgers, make sure that it goes up to 500ºF.

Here are the best indoor grills you can buy in 2021, according to testing and popular reviews:

  • Air fryer and indoor grill in one
  • Large capacity can fit 6 steaks or 24 hot dogs at once
  • Top-performing brand in Lab evaluations

Top 10 Best Smokeless Indoor Grills For 2021

Starfrit The Rock Indoor Smokeless Grill

Grilling has always been a favorite activity for many, but not everyone can enjoy it because of the smoke and odor. Smokeless indoor grills are the perfect solution to this problem. They allow you to enjoy all the benefits of cooking on an outdoor grill without any of the disadvantages. The article will explore some of these types of grills along with their pros and cons so that you can find one that suits your needs best!


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Can I Sear Steaks And Burgers On My Indoor Electric Grill

As long as you make sure you preheat your grill sufficiently, most indoor smokeless models will hit high enough temperatures to sear your steaks and burgers. As an added kicker, many of the best units come with reversible cooking surfaces. As well as a classic smooth surface, youll get a griddle bundled on some indoor grills, allow you to further sear your meat with those trademark ridges.

Best Rotisserie: Syntrax Germany Rotisserie Bbq Grill

If you ever wanted an awesome kitchen gadget that produces tasty, grilled chicken, rotisserie style, then you have just found it. What an innovative way to grill a piece of chicken in a manner like no one else could easily copy if at all.

Now you too can enjoy the one true taste of freshly grilled delicacies in the confines of your interiors. It sure makes for an incredible gift to any grilled chicken lover who enjoys preparing special meals for their family and friends.

Family dinners without the hassle of indoor smoke is about to take on a whole new meaning with this vertical grill and rotating spit that does a 360 all the time until the meat is soft and tender, cooked to perfection.

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How Do You Control The Temperature Of An Indoor Smokeless Grill

Indoor smokeless grills have a control knob or one-touch LED buttons for setting the correct temperature. These two control types are efficient, and you should base your choice on nothing else but convenience. If the control knobs work best for you, pick a unit featuring them. But if you favor the digital buttons, dont hesitate to pick an indoor smokeless grill featuring these controls.

How To Clean A Smokeless Indoor Grill

Smokeless Indoor Grill Review – Which One Is Best?

As we mentioned above, one of the greatest benefits of a smokeless grill is the cleaning process and how its miles easier than a traditional outdoor grill. A smokeless indoor grill is designed in a way that makes cleaning take less time and effort.

Since the grill and/or griddle plates, dripping tray, water tray, and glass lid are usually detachable and dishwasher safe, no scrubbing or scraping is needed to clean them off.

It is recommended, however, that you wait for at least 30 mins to give the grill a chance to cool off before cleaning it.

After unplugging the power cord, you can proceed to wash the base using a warm, damp cloth and cleaning liquid. Do not use any abrasive tools or harsh cleaners on the grill and griddle plates. You can use a plastic scrubbing pad instead.

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Best Value: Gotham Steel Non

Smokeless technology is a premium with the Gotham Steel Non-Stick Indoor Grill as it lets you enjoy BBQs all year round. This is the new way to cook a delicious meal for everyone. All you really need is the specially-designed heated grill plate that distributes just the right amount of heat across the surface so you and your family get to enjoy incredible grilling results.

The grease catcher does double duty as it catches excess oils and prevents it from burning, thereby minimizing the amount of smoke and makes cleaning an effortless experience for the person tasked with this duty. The keep warm setting will have your food piping hot and ready for when you want to eat.

What a brilliant way to ensure a well-deserved treat for the whole family

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Electric Griddler

If you are looking for a multi-functional indoor grill, the Cuisinart Stainless Steel Electric Griddler is an optimal choice for you.

As the name suggests, its a griddle that grills indoors and makes delicious paninis. Fortunately, you can now create restaurant-style sandwiches with grill marks on them.

You can easily wash the 11 x 9 inches reversible grill plates in a dishwasher.

You can fully utilize your creative cooking skills to manage the cooking simultaneously on two grilling plates.

The grilling space doubles when you open it grill on one side and flat cook on the other. It presents you with five functions: contact grill, panini press, full griddle, full grill, and half grill half griddle.

It can heat up to a maximum temperature of 450F degrees, providing consistent heat throughout the 240 square inches grilling area.

The cooking area is enough to cook 12 small pancakes or six hamburger patties at the same time, without any overlap.

It comes with a hidden drip tray which efficiently collects the liquid draining from the grill.


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