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Features: Rotisserie Kit And Easy

The Monument Clearview 4-Burner Gas Grill Review – Part 1 Virtual Showroom

This Monument Gas Grill comes with a rotisserie kita plug-in feature with its own motor. Its easy to use, though it is cumbersome to install. The long rotisserie spit, however, is thick and rigid, which means it is unlikely to be bent or warped through the long cooking period thats necessary for rotisserie-style cooking.

We liked that we could slide a zinc-coated galvanized tray with grease pan from the rear of the grill once wed finished cooking. The pan can be lifted out of a basket at the bottom of the tray and then emptied and cleaned. Unfortunately, the tray is too large for a dishwasher, but we found it was easy to wash in a double sink or outside sink.

In the realm of grills priced under $500, the Monument 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill stands out for its size and power.

Another bonus is storage: We appreciated the included tool hooks that allow for easy access to grilling essentials like tongs, a brush, and a spatula. The bottom of the grill also has storage space for any additional supplies.

Get A Good Look At The Feast Youre Grilling With The Monument Grills Clearview 6

We recently got a close look at the new Monument Grills ClearView 6-burner propane gas grill at the 2019 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. We already got a chance to review the Monument 4-burner gas grill, but this new version adds two more burners with a total capacity of 96,000 BTUs. At just $599, the build quality and features of this grill make it really competitive and a solid choice for anyone looking for a good-sized grilling solution for those upcoming summer get-togethers.

10-Second Summary

  • 6 stainless steel main burners, 1 stainless steel side burner, 1 stainless steel ceramic sear side burner
  • 96,000 BTU
  • 900.3 square inches of total cooking area 634.3 sq-in primary cooking space and 266 sq-in warming rack
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Built-in ClearView window and thermometer for easy viewing
  • 8-Year burner warranty
  • MSRP: $599

Grilling Additions & Gadgets

It is highly recommended to get some sort of specialized cleaner, grill cover, and scrub brush so you can get the most out of your machine. From here there are other things you may want to consider like smoke boxes, wood chips, and different electronic gadgets that can easily measure internal temperature of grilled foods.

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What Do The Reviews Say About Royal Gourmet Grills

We checked out some customer reviews on Amazon. Their CC1830F Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker clocked up over 2,700 ratings, with an overall score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers love the easy assembly and generous sized cooking area, but theres a fair few comments about paint bubbling in the smoker.

We looked at a gas grill, too, choosing the SG6002 Cabinet Propane Gas Grill, 6-Burner, Stainless Steel model, which has racked up over 800 reviews/ratings and also has a 4.5 stars.

Again, easy assembly, and many commented that its great value for the price. Negative reviews mentioned disappointing build quality .

Performance: Quick To Light Fast To Cook

Monument Stainless Steel 4

To light this grill, we simply opened the propane gas valve, opened the burner at one eye, and pressed the electric ignition switch. Its a fairly easy process, and we found the gas lit within one or two strikes. Once we lit all the burnersthis grill has four, plus a side burnerthe grill heats exceptionally fast.

In our tests, the grill went from start to 400 degrees in under 10 minutes. Thats perhaps no surprise, as all the burners deliver a combined 60,000 BTUs of cooking power. The grill grates, which are porcelain-coated cast iron, also spread heat from the flames quickly and evenly, whether we were cooking with one burner or all four.

Each burner has a graduated temperature control knob that allowed us to select on a curve between maximum and minimum, but even the lowest level produced a steady stream of heat that was great for foods we wanted to cook low and slow.

We tried thick pieces of steak and chicken breast halves first. Theyre among the trickiest foods to cook properly over a high-heat surface. Because the temperature was so easy to control with the knobs, however, we successfully cooked each piece of meat to perfect temperature without searing the outside or burning any of the outer edges.

Even the lowest level produced a steady stream of heat that was great for foods we wanted to cook low and slow.

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Best Gas Grills For The Money Upkeep And Maintenance Guide Propane Grill

When setting up your grill make sure to make safety a priority. This means setting your grill at least 10 feet away from an enclosed space, to give it plenty of breathing room. Once a month you should be checking the propane tank and line for any leaks. A good way to do this is to run some soapy water over them if any bubbles form you might need to tighten the connection.

Properly maintaining your grill isnt difficult, but is a constant thing. You need to get into the habit of cleaning your grill after every use. Ideally you want to start brushing your grates as it is in the process of cooling down not hot mind you, but warm enough that the gunk hasnt solidified yet.

There are numerous types of spray cleaners that will work well some are specifically designed to cut grill grease, while a simple mixture of vinegar and water work great as well. If you choose to use oven cleaner be careful these type of cleaners are especially harsh and can erode the exterior if used improperly.

After the grill has cooled down make sure to protect it from the elements with a grill cover.

If you are a heavy grill user it is recommended to turn the heat to max for 15 minutes at least once a month to burn off any of the built up gunk.

Your also going to want to clean off the burners and interior as well as possible. Chances are what will happen is that much of the burnt chunks will fall to the bottom, allowing you to remove the bottom plate to throw it all away.

Who Makes Royal Gourmet Grills

As a big global company, Huige Outdoor certainly has the capacity to manufacture and deliver a huge number of grills. Their larger buying power enables them to keep material, manufacture and logistics costs down, and their grills are at the more affordable of the market. They also claim to invest in research and development, keeping their products at the forefront of modern grilling.

Their Royal Gourmet arm offers a standard 1-year warranty and 5-year limited warranty on their grills .

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Natural Gas Grills Final Thoughts

If you are the type of person who likes to cook for a lot of people, look no further than the Royal Gourmet grill this monster has huge rack space and six separate burners.

For some of the highest quality and best warranties you cant go wrong with the Weber E310 Spirit.

Both the Napoleon Triumph 410 and MHP gas grills are of remarkable quality too, and it is the Dyna-Glo Natural Gas grill that has the most well rounded features, balanced with the pricing.

Whatever grill you get make sure to take a little bit of time maintaining it just a few minutes after each session will greatly improve the lifespan of your grill.

When grilling, make sure to always err on the side of caution safety should always take top priority. Whether you are cooking rib eye steaks, bratwurst or vegetable shish kabobs, a natural gas grill will do wonders for you as they are easier to maintain, cheaper on fuel, and better for the environment!

Hopefully, weve answered the question of which are the best gas grills for the moneywe think its pretty clear, and when you weigh out features, quality, size and pricing, the answer becomes simple. Really any one of the gas grills we reviewed fits the bill. Its just dependent on your requirements and lifestyle.

Bon Apetit, and let us know which of these top gas grills you end up buying!

Just a footnote hereif you enjoy cooking outside, be sure to check out our new guide to outdoor pizza ovens.

Benefits Compared To Other Grills

Monument 4 burner grill review
  • The best benefit that youll find with the Monument Clearview 4-Burner Gas Grill is the ability to sear meats after cooking. The ceramic sear burner gets incredibly hot.
  • The fact that this burner is located on the left shelf instead of inside the grills hood with the rest of the burners allows for both searing and cooking to happen at the same time.
  • You wont need to change temperatures or wait to free up space under the grills hood.
  • Another benefit of this grill is that is far outperforms other grills when cooking at mid-range temperatures.
  • While the sear burner works best at high temps, the inside burners are great for cooking meats slower at more moderate temps. The grill evenly distributes this heat and allows for an incredibly even cook every time.
  • Its also great that this grill doesnt require you to lift the lid when checking on your food. Lifting the hood allows heat to escape, changing cooking times and creating uneven temperatures.
  • The Clearview window, however, lets you monitor how your food looks inside the grill until youre sure its ready.

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Buying Guide For Best Napoleon Grills

Who doesnt enjoy a barbecue? Whether youre enjoying a cozy meal on the patio with your partner or dining al fresco with a whole bunch of family and friends, there are few better ways to enjoy great food than cooking it outside on a grill.

Napoleon is well known for making some of the best grills on the market, and with its huge range from lightweight portable grills to giant built-in models choosing the right one for your lifestyle could take a while. The four important areas to look at when choosing a Napoleon grill include construction and fuel type, size and power, cooking options, and extras.

BestReviews has been looking at everything Napoleon has to offer and the features of each. Our top picks offer an excellent overview of whats available, and the following buying guide covers all the details you need to know to make the right choice for your outdoor entertaining.

Construction And Fuel Type

All Napoleon grills are built to an exceptional standard using stainless steel, cast iron, and porcelain coatings to provide the best in strength, durability, easy cleaning, and hygiene. They offer several charcoal grills, mostly the popular kettle type. The one exception is the Mirage, which brings traditional grilling right up to date.

Most of the companys grills are either propane or natural gas. As a fuel, propane is more widely available and burns hotter. Natural gas is cheaper , but the grills are generally more expensive. You cant use propane tanks on a natural gas grill even if you have the appropriate fittings, so its important to make the decision at the outset. Gas models have electronic ignition for effortless lighting.

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Monument Grill Review 4

A grill is no less than a culinary power tool. An item designed to help us cook heavenly meals in our backyards. When it comes to picking the right grill, there are dozens of options on the market. But a brand that caught my attention is Monument. To see if this could be the right grill for you, check out my Monument Grill review.

When referring to the Monument Grill in this article, Im going to speak about model 17842. This four-burner grill with LED controls incorporates all you can wish from a good grill. Besides exceptional caloric power, it integrates a rotisserie.

If thats not an essential feature for you though, know that there are five other types of Monument grills.

The differences between the models are minimal. Two of them have clear lids others boast a black finish. For me, versatility is more important than looks though, so I picked the 17842 model since it features all Id expect from an outstanding backyard grill.

Monument Grills 35633 4

Monument 435

The monument grill has all the features that are necessary for the convenience of barbeque lovers. the grill with a large cooking area of 723 square inches which can be used to make multiple foods for large gatherings in less time.

The high quality 304-grade stainless steel burners with 72000 BTUs of heat. the porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grate for high and even heat

The grease tray can be removed easily for clean up after each grilling party. the LED light is fixed in each control knob. the lid side burner can be used to prepare soup if not in use then folds down the lid and you can use the space to prepare sauces.

The one side sear burner with 12000BTUs to increase the grilling experience. The clear view glass window helps to check whether the food is cooked or not.


  • Four stainless steel burner with one side burner and one sear burner delivers 72000BTUs of high heat
  • The primary cooking surface of 513 square inches and the warming rack of 210 square inches to keep the food warm
  • The grill grates are coated with porcelain enamelled
  • The stainless steel flame tamers are fixed for even heat
  • The half part of the lid consists of the clear lid to check the meat
  • Electronic ignition button for quick start-up
  • The thermometer to check the temperature during grilling


  • Cleaning of the grill is easy
  • The grill gets very hot
  • The side burner is great to warm up the toasts and some side dishes
  • High and even heat with no flare-ups


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Monument Vs Weber Grill

Weber 7470001 Summit S-670 6-Burner Natural Gas Grill

Designed with 6 burners, it gets your food cooked within a shorter time. The hose length of 20 inches also provides a convenient connection between gas and grill.

With a 693sq inch primary cooking area and a 145sq inch warming rack, youll be getting an 838sq inch total cooking area.

Grilling a lot of food at a go will not be a problem with this unit. So, if youve planned a barbeque party and youve invited a lot of guests, then I suggest you go and get this unit to make the flow of tasty barbeques go quicker.

This grill does a good job of giving the user a convenient cooking experience. It has 6 tool holders and a handy cookbook included. The main burners also offer you 60,000 BTU per hour. Amazing, right?


  • It consumes a lot of space, so storing it could be challenging

Monument Grills Vs Weber

Everyone wants to enjoy the barbeque parties with friends and family on the beachside and eat the good quality delicious food you should buy a grill with outstanding features. the four-burner gas grill allows you to cook many types of food in less time and with less effort.

The weber and the monument both grill brands are known due to their innovative functions. we will compare the features of both grills so that you can easily pick the best grill according to your needs. before jumping into the features we will look at the comparison table of these grills


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How Do You Clean A Gas Grill

Every time you use your gas grill, you’ll want to clean off the grates using a grill brush or other tool. This is easiest to do while the grill is still warm, as food particles and grease haven’t hardened yet. If you have cast iron grates, you’ll also want to brush some oil onto the grates after cleaning. You should also brush off the sides and lid of your grill after each use.

Periodically, you’ll also want to deep clean your grill. Every month or so, it’s important to clean off the barrier above the burners, and once a year, take your grill apart to inspect the burners and clean the grilling chamber thoroughly with soap and water.

Best Overall: Weber Spirit Ii E

Best Gas Grills 2020 | Top 10 BBQ Gas Grill
  • Price tag is steep for three burners

  • Hood isnt as deep as other models

Weber has a great reputation for grills, and this attractive Spirit grill is a perfect example of why. The design is appealing, the cart is sturdy, and it performs well with its three burners providing a total of 30,000 BTUs of power. Although it comes in just above $500 , we decided it earned our top spot. Our tester found that the burners are indeed high performance, as the company describes them: The grill heated up to 500 degrees in only a few minutes and heated evenly across the board.

The two side tables give plenty of space for condiments and tools, while the open cart offers handy storage space for extras. To save space, the left-hand table can flip down when not in use. Six tool hooks offer plenty of room for grill brushes, spatulas, and tongs, keeping them easily reachable yet out of the way.

With 529 square inches of grilling space, theres plenty of room to grill a whole meal for the family. It features porcelain-enameled cast iron grill grates that are perfect for making grill marks. Plus, there’s no need for seasoning. The built-in thermometer in the lid makes it easy to monitor the internal temperature, and the grease management system makes it easy to clean up after all the cooking is done, saving more time for relaxing after dinner.

Dimensions: 44.5 x 52 x 27 inches | TotalCooking Area: 529 square inches | BTUs: 30,000

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