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Old Smokey Charcoal Grill #18 Review

Tasso : on an Old Smokey Jumbo Grill

For some people, the Number 18, Old Smokey Charcoal Grill conjures up long-lost memories of childhood. It was one of the earliest front runners in retail level charcoal grills. Its success as a charcoal grill, smoker, and portable grill has endeared many. To this day the original design has changed very little, beyond material upgrades.

The modern-day Old Smokey #18 is made from something called Aluminized Steel. This industrial process involved taking the steel body of the grill and hot dipping it in molten aluminum. The end result is a grill with the heat retention of steel, as well as the rust and corrosion resistance of aluminum. It also gives the Old Smokey an appealing gleam that you dont find with competitor grills that powder coat or porcelainize their grills in black.

This is a no-frills grill that can also be repurposed as a smoker. It has an 18-inch diameter, chrome plated grill grate, and two adjustable bottom vents that act as dampers. The volume of the lid is tall enough to let you grill tall dishes like beer can chicken.

How To Choose The Best Old Smokey Grill

An old smoky grill is a type of barbecue grill which has been smoked using natural materials such as oak hickory mesquite etc. Smokey grills are very popular because they give food a unique flavor. In addition these grills are easy to maintain and require little maintenance. However there are several disadvantages associated with smoking foods. First the process takes a lot of time. Second the smoke produced during cooking tends to be harsh and overpowering. Third the smoke does not permeate into the meat evenly. Fourth the smoke produces carcinogens which could cause cancer. Finally the smoke contains harmful chemicals which could affect health. Therefore smokers who wish to enjoy barbecuing must ensure that they follow certain safety precautions while doing so.

The main reason why smoking affects food safety is due to the fact that it causes the formation of carcinogenic compounds called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons . PAHs are formed when organic material burns. During the smoking process the heat converts the organic matter into carbon dioxide and water vapor. As a result the PAH content increases significantly. Some of the most common PAHs found in smoked meats include benzopyrene benzopyrenes chrysene indeno pyrene naphthalenes phenanthrene anthracene fluoranthene fluorene pyrene and perylene. All of these substances are known to cause cancer. Hence it is important to avoid eating smoked meats especially those containing high levels of PAHs.

Look Out For Warranty Information

Most manufacturers provide warranties for their products. Make sure that you check the warranty information carefully before purchasing a product. Most companies offer extended warranties for their products. Look for brands who offer lifetime warranties. Also read reviews online to see what previous customers have said about the brand. This way you can avoid buying a defective item.

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Best Deals On Old Smokey 18 Charcoal Grill That You Will Find Inside Our Online Shop

Before commenting in the price, inform you that grilling on a outdoors bbq grill you will put away calories by a tube, considering that the main source is fats and with this system you simply will not need to use olive or sunflower oil to grill your food.

The outdoors bbq grills on offer that you saw a minute ago are of various types, some gas, wood, and even portable, but to decide which one you intend to buy, you must first be clear in what you will make use of it for and undoubtedly its price, which obviously hinges on several factors that we will explain to you later.

Benefits Of Using A Smoked Grille

Old Smokey Charcoal Grill 22 in Silver Aluminized Chrome

Smoking is a traditional method of preserving food. It preserves the taste and texture of food. Moreover it enhances its nutritional value. For example smoked fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Also smoked salmon is considered to be healthier than regular salmon. Furthermore smoked meats contain lower amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats compared to non-smoked ones. Thus smokers are recommended to consume smoked meats regularly.

Grilling has become very popular these days. People love grilling because it gives them the opportunity to cook food outdoors while enjoying the fresh air. Grills are easy to set up and maintain. However there are many different types of grills available today. Some are designed for outdoor cooking only while others are meant for indoor usage. There are also those which are designed for both purposes. In order to ensure that you get the best possible grill here are some tips to guide you in making the right choice.

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What Is The Best Way To Grill With A Old Smokey 18 Charcoal Grill

One of the better options that come with this grill is the fact that it is almost prepared to use once assembled. Its very easy to use, as what you need to do is heat it to your optimum temperature within thirty minutes of lighting it.

The folding table in the side has space for everything required. For example, you can put most of the tongs, skewers along with other utensils you employ once you make kabobs. You are able to put plates on which to serve the food, in order that everyone can cook for themselves.

When the meals is from the grill you are able to forget about it and watch for it to be done but not without checking using the thermometer in the event that temperature is suitable for the type of food you are making.

When you yourself have finished utilizing it also it cools down, you can easily remove it. On the other hand, one of the greatest difficulties with grills is that food sticks into the walls, but that is far from the truth with this model. Using the grill brush, you can easily clean off the dirt.

Old Smokey Charcoal Freestanding Grill Silver 22 In

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  • Made of rust resistant aluminized steel
  • Two extra side handles for easy transport
  • 21 inch diameter cooking surface is hard to overload
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Large cooking area, great for grilling for large parties
  • Made in the USA
  • 333 sq. inch cooking area
  • Brand

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Construction & Ease Of Assembly

The Old Smokey Number 18 is incredibly easy to assemble. You basically unbox it and you can put it together in less than half an hour.

The aluminized steel keeps it lightweight, ringing in at just under 15-pounds. It also helps with rust resistance and heat retention. The chrome plated grates have a reputation for being pretty sticky, but they are on par when you consider the Old Smokeys incredibly friendly price tag.

One knock on the Old Smokey Number 18 is the lack of a lid thermometer. You cant blame Old Smokey Products for not installing one in the 1923 original. Its also not something that you see in competitor grills in this price range. Still, the Number 18 has a reputation for being able to act like a smoker, which means it will really benefit from having a thermometer.

This has prompted more than one do-it-yourselfer to drill a small hole in the lid to accommodate a probe thermometer. If you take it upon yourself to do this, you need to find some high heat silicone to seal the hole and prevent air exposure to the center steel layer.

Another option is to try to work a probe thermometer into the upper lid damper. This isnt ideal, as the rising smoke and heat can affect accuracy.

What Is The Recommended Way To Grill With A Old Smokey 22 Charcoal Grill

Goodbye to Two of My Old Smokey Grills

Among the best options that come with this grill is the fact that it is almost prepared to use once assembled. It is extremely simple to use, as all you have to do is heat it into the optimum temperature within 30 minutes of lighting it.

The folding table on the side has space for everything you need. For instance, you are able to put all of the tongs, skewers as well as other utensils you employ once you make kabobs. You may want to put plates by which to serve the food, making sure that everyone can grill for themselves.

When the meals is from the grill you can easily forget about it and wait for that it is done yet not without checking using the thermometer in the event that temperature is suitable for the sort of food youre making.

When you finish cooking with your old smokey 22 charcoal grill clean it if you dont wish to have an issue removing the dirt later. Just in case the remains are extremely stuck by repeated uses without cleaning and corrosion you should use the spray or liquids which can be used to wash the oven. Simply put it on in the grill and leave it overnight. The next day, wipe the grill with a cloth to remove the dirt.

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Details You Need To Know About Your New Old Smokey 22 Charcoal Grill

Read on to see the description of various of its qualities and advantages, as well as its negative aspects and price so you wont get any surprises:

  • Avoid trembling thanks to the large surface that holds perfectly.
  • The grill is covered with a protective enamel coating.
  • The stand is chrome plated as standard.
  • The handle is made of steel to hold the lid.
  • Dont worry about the height anymore, this one has the perfect size.
  • Folding side shelf to disguise it.
  • A fairly large grilling area for your meals.
  • Incorporates a thermometer to monitor the temperature at which you are cooking.
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    Old Smokey Bbq Grillmodel # Os #14

    • Not available online – check store for availability

    Ship to Address

    14 In. W. x 21.5 In. H. x 14 In. D.
    Grill Wheels
    Country of Origin United States of America
    • 123 Sq. In. cooking surface area
    • Made of aluminized steel for corrosion and rust resistance
    • Ideal size for small families or to take camping

    Features To Look For When Buying An Old Smokey Grill

    Old Smokey Products Company

    The best way to get the most value for money is to shop around. There are many different brands available and each has its own unique features. Here are some important factors to take into consideration when choosing a smoker.

    Smokey grills are designed to produce thick clouds of smoky flavourful food. The thicker the smoke the stronger the taste. So be careful when selecting a smoker because there is no point spending lots of money on a fancy cooker if you end up cooking bland meals.

    Look for a good quality stainless steel body. Stainless steel is very durable and easy to maintain. Also check the temperature gauge – it should be accurate and easy to read.

    Make sure the lid fits securely. Some smokers have lids which slide open and shut rather than lifting upwards. Make sure the lid stays closed while smoking. Otherwise you could lose valuable heat.

    Check the burners. Are they large enough to cook big cuts of meat? Do they have adjustable vents?

    Does the grill have a thermometer? Most modern models include a digital display showing the internal temperature of the oven. This makes it easier to monitor the progress of your meal.

    Is the grill dishwasher safe? Dishwashers are useful for washing dishes and pots and pans but they aren’t suitable for removing grease from cast iron cookware. Check whether the manufacturer recommends using a non-dishwasher cleaner.

    Can you assemble it yourself? Can you put together the parts yourself?

    Will it fit in your car boot? Does it fold flat?

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    Old Smokey Classic Charcoal Grill


  • Q& A
    • Adjustable top and bottom dampers for temperature control
    • 220 sq. in. of cooking space offers enough room to cook for 4 – 6 people
    • Constructed from rust-resistant aluminized steel for durability and lightweight portability
    • Manufacturer warranty – general: 2 years limited
    • Product depth : 18
    • Old Smokey Classic Charcoal Grill
    • This product is currently not available for purchase by customers in the State of California.

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    • Product Type: Grill Cooking Grate
    • Size Capacity: 11-1/2 in.
    • This is the plate on the lower level where you put charcoal or wood

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    Old Smokey Products Company

    Old school spare ribs on the Old Smokey charcoal grill

    Old Smokey Products Company has been at the same location in Houston, TX under different names and owners, manufacturing different metal products from stove pipes to lard cans to smokers since 1923. Today they make charcoal and electric smokers and related products and accessories.

    8/26/2015 6/15/2021

    • Max Good – Max Good, AmazingRibs.com’s Vice President of Product Reviews & Keeper of the Flame, is the man in charge of finding the best products for the AmazingRibs.com Equipment Reviews section. Max bottles his own barbecue sauce recipes and now sells them around the country.

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    • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer :No
    • Product Dimensions :6.35 x 2.54 x 71.12 cm 521.63 Grams
    • Date First Available :Aug. 7 2014
    • Manufacturer :Old Smokey Products Company
    • Place of Business :BROOKLYN, NY, 11236 US
    • ASIN :B000WYANDI

    4.8 out of 5 stars

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    Properties That Characterize The Old Smokey 18 Charcoal Grill

    Why would you spend money on a old smokey 18 charcoal grill? Its features will convince you:

  • A holding surface that wont disappoint you.
  • The grill is coated with a protective compound coating.
  • Hot chrome stand.
  • The handle is made of steel to hold the lid.
  • Dont worry about the height anymore, this one has the ideal size.
  • Folding side support.
  • Multiple grills, so you can grill several things at once.
  • A thermometer to control the temperature inside.
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