What Are Traeger Grill Grates Made Of

Traeger Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

Frozen Burgers using Grill Grates on Traeger

This is a formidable, eye-catching pellet grill with steel construction and a powder-coated finish, complete with locking casters on the wheels and porcelain coating on the grill grates. With a grilling capacity of 646 square inches, it can easily accommodate up to 25 burgers, six chickens, or four full rib racks. With a hopper capacity of 18 pounds, you wont have to worry about reloading until after the second or third use.

As far as temperature control goes, the Texas Elite earns average-to-low marks. While the unit advertises Traegers Digital Elite Control system with Advanced Grilling Logic, its only accurate to within 25 degrees Fahrenheitand thats in moderate weather. If the temperature outside is chilly, then the grill might not perform up to its usual standards. Also, be forewarned that its only equipped to heat up to 450 degrees, so it might not the best choice for searing or other high-heat cooking applications.



Traeger Renegade Elite Wood Pellet Grill

With just 380 square inches of cooking space, this model is geared toward families with moderate grilling tendencies. Unlike some comparably sized pellet grills, it includes a caddy rack for holding barbecue tools and secondary ingredients. This can be a huge asset if your outdoor cooking area is located many steps from the main kitchen. The E-Z Drain grease system helps keep cleanup to a minimum, another plus for busy cooks.

The Renegade Elite boasts a digital control system to help keep the temperature accurate to within 20 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, it isnt particularly good at maintaining higher temperaturessay, over 425 degrees. If you plan on using your Traeger pellet grill for high-heat cooking applications like baking pizza or flatbread, you might be better off with another model.


  • Includes convenient racks for tools and storage
  • Temperature probes are exceptionally accurate
  • Turns out great results across most cooking applications


Traeger Lil Tex Elite 22 Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker

For grillers requiring a more modest amount of space, the Lil Tex Elite is worth a second glance. The unit offers the same 6-in-1 versatility as the Pro Series 34, but it wont take up nearly as much room on the patio. With 418 square inches of grilling space, this model should easily suit the needs of a family of four to six people. The temperature control tends to be accurate within 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a slightly broad window for a unit of this size. For this reason, Id advise keeping a close eye on the fire itself during use.

The Lil Tex Elite is sturdily built, with wheels included on two of the legs to help with maneuverability. The hopper capacity is 18 poundsan impressive size for any unit, especially one with a relatively low grilling capacity. Still, since the temperature control can be finickyparticularly during high-heat cooking applicationsits a good idea to check the hopper frequently.

Seasoned grillers, take note: While Traeger includes a recipe book with every purchase, Ive been underwhelmed with the results when following their instructions. If youve already had good luck with your own recipes, especially for smoked foods, then I would recommend sticking with those instead.


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Traeger Tailgater Temperature Control

A digitized panel controls the temperature of the ailgater. It should warm up to the desired temperature within 15 minutes with the lid closed. This grill stayed within the desired temperature range after an initial break-in period. We didnt notice any fluctuations greater than 5 degrees. It doesnt come with a dome gauge, however.

Introduction To Grillgrate For Pellet Grills

Traeger Upper Grill Grate for Ironwood 885, KIT0446 ...

GrillGrate LLC was founded by Brad Barrett of Cartersville, Georgia in 2007. Like many good inventions, the inspiration for GrillGrate came from Brads personal frustrations at an uneven temperature cooking surface on his grill which also dried out his food.

What Brad came up with is a raised rail design sitting over a bottom plate that is perforated with holes. GrillsGrates are multifunctional offering several improvements to the cooking performance of your pellet grill. First off, lets discuss higher temperature grilling/searing.

GrillGrates are able to capture more of the heat from the pellet fire to provide a higher temperature cooking surface for improved grilling/searing performance

As is shown in the video above, with GrillGrates fitted a pellet grill will typically benefit from a cooking surface 100-200 degrees hotter than standard. For instance, on a Z Grill pellet grill with a maximum temperature setting of 450 degrees and thin wire racks you would see a dramatic improvement in grilling/searing performance with a set of GrillGrates. On the lowest specification pellet grills, you may get close to that 200-degree increase in cooking surface temperature.

How GrillGrates work: Image Grillgrate.com

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Traeger Ironwood Midline Buying At Its Best

The Ironwood 660 retails for $1199.99 USD and the Ironwood 880 retails for $1499.99 USD. The increased price comes with a few improvements and features above the Pro Series. If youre going to be buying a Traeger grill and have the extra bucks lying around, the Ironwood might be the one for you.

Downdraft Exhaust and True Convection

Unlike the Pro Series, which emits smoke from a side chimney, the Ironwood uses a Downdraft Exhaust positioned at the rear of the grill. This allows for a better exhaust system, which pushes old smoke out of the grill through the back, while simultaneously introducing new smoke produced in the fire pot. It also creates what Traeger refers to as True Convection.

In terms of how the Downdraft Exhaust delivers smoke and impacts the flavour of your food, it mostly applies in cases when youre actually smoking foods between 165F and 275F. When cooking above 275F, you are venturing into the realm of grilling or roasting and at those higher temperatures, the grill does not produce as much smoke because the pellets are combusting at a faster rate.

Whats interesting about the Downdraft Exhaust is that it contributes to something Traeger calls True Convection. This helps circulate heat and smoke through specially design channels throughout the grill, resulting in more efficient and reduced cooking times.

Super Smoke

Double Sidewall Insulation;

Side Shelf


Legal Disclaimers And Warnings

Product packaging, owners manuals, installation instructions, and/or operating instructions may include more information than what is shown on our website. The content on our site is intended to be used for reference purposes only. Please fully read all included manuals and documentation before installing or using this product. WARNING for California residents: this product may contain chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects, cancer, or other reproductive harm.

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Z Grills Vs Traeger Final Thoughts

I hope this round up of Z Grills vs Traeger has helped to point you in the right direction!; Even though these brands make similar looking grills, their products are different from one another.; Either brand could be a great fit for you depending on what your needs are!

If youre more budget conscious, Z Grills truly is a great choice.; They offer one of the best values in grilling, regardless of which type of grill were talking about.

Traeger has the history and offers a more premium grilling experience.; If youre into that, you cant go wrong with a Traeger either.

Which one did you end up with?; Wed love to hear about it in the comments section!

Looking for more pellet grill comparisons?; Check out these articles next:

How To Choose The Best Wood Pellet Grill

Grill Grates with Traeger 810 Silverton

While some of the criteria for choosing a grill are subjectivenot everyone will require the same amount of cooking space, for examplethere are certain features that every model should have. Here are a few examples.

Durable Construction

It goes without saying that a grill should be sturdy, solidly built, and able to withstand both the heat of the fire and punishment from the elements. Look for high-quality steel in the body of the grill, and either cast iron or restaurant-grade steel for the cooking grates.


Always purchase the best pellet grill you can afford. Its better to go slightly over budget than to end up with an inferior product. The prices vary widely depending on quality, but its possible to get a decent model in the three-figure range.

If you are on a budget, you might find our review of these affordable pellet grills helpful.

Ease of Use

Though the materials used in the construction of your pellet grill should be tough and sturdy, the setup itself shouldnt take longer than a couple of hours, tops. On a similar note, the cooking grates should be easy to clean. Try to find grates that have been finished with porcelainthis material imparts nonstick properties to the metal. Some of the later models are also equipped with grease management systems, making cleanup even easier.

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Upgrade Yourtraeger Grill With These Grill Parts

If youve put yourTraeger grill to good use, there may be parts that could be replaced.Fortunately, you dont have to buy a whole new grill to enjoy your favorite features.Shop our collection of Traeger replacement parts to enhance your current grill andsave time and money.

To help you make themost out of culinary endeavors, consider upgrading your grill with some ofthese Traeger grill parts:

Cast Iron & PorcelainGrill Grates

Master your grillinggame with new cast iron grill grates. Heavy-duty cast iron grates allow adeeper seer and excellent heat retention, resulting in impressively grilledmeats and veggies every time.

Not only does a rustedgrill grate impart an unpleasant flavor to grilled foods, it can also bedangerous to cook with. With a new grate in place, enjoy the tasty flavors ofwood-fired burgers, hot dogs, steaks and veggies without the worry of rustcontamination. Available in multiple sizes to perfectly fit your grill, Traegergrill grate kits feature the following:

  • One cast irongrill gate for even heat distribution and perfect searing
  • ;One porcelaingrill grate for easy cleaning
  • Compatibilitywith all Traeger grill series

Extra StorageSpace

Wood PelletStorage Buckets

Power Inverters

Traeger Grills Ironwood Series 885 Pellet Grill

The Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill comes off of Traegers premium line of grills, and is absolutely loaded with features.; It is without a doubt one of the highest quality pellet grills on the market, regardless of brand.

The downside is that these extra features come at a cost this grill is on the steeper end of the price spectrum.

But if thats in the cards for you, youre rewarded with a beautiful grill that has 885 square inches of cooking surface area.

On top of that, it comes kitted with the WiFIRE technology we discussed earlier.; Every aspect of your cook can be managed and monitored from the convenience of your smartphone.; You can also set your grill using voice commands via Alexa!

The other significant upgrade of the Ironwood 885 is under the hood so to speak.; It includes Traegers new D2 Direct Drive, which runs on direct current power and allows the grill to vary the speed of the auger.; It can even go in reverse if it detects a jam!

Practically, this means that maintaining a steady temperature is much much easier for the grill to accomplish.; The difference is especially noticeable in adverse cold or windy weather conditions.; Were some other budget grills might have trouble maintaining temperature, the Ironwood Traegers will still perform beautifully.

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Why Do You Need To Season A New Traeger Pellet Grill

Seasoning your new Traeger pellet grill before its first use is important to laying the foundation for both delicious and hygienic BBQ.

By doing so, youll be removing unwanted odors from the production stage, protecting the smoker from rust and the weather, and also curing the paint, which will help it look new for years to come.

Two Main Reasons Why a Smoker Should be Seasoned:

  • To get rid of debris and odors
  • To protect it from rust and the weather
  • Traeger Timberline Fully Loaded Like No Other

    Traeger Upper Grill Grate for Ironwood 885, KIT0446 ...

    The Timberline is the top-of-the-line, fully-loaded Traeger model. The 1300 is by far the largest of the Traeger grills and an absolute behemoth. It has a larger cooking capacity than 2 Pro 575s combined, handling 12 chickens or 15 racks of ribs or 12 pork butts.

    Because the Timberline is very similar to the Ironwood Series, its actually easier to just describe the differences and additions, rather than go over all of the features again.

    So, along with everything listed above about the Ironwood, the Timberline has the following:

    Fully Insulated Grill Interior with Gasket

    In addition to the double sidewall panels of the Ironwood, the Timberlinefeatures an aluminized steel double-wall back panel and grill door for even more insulation. It also comes with a gasket that runs around the edges of the grill door, which helps keep heat in.

    Stainless-Steel Grill Grates;

    Unlike the non-stick coated porcelain grill grates on the Pro Series and Ironwood, the Timberlinecomes with stainless-steel grill grates. On the one hand, this is a good thing because stainless-steel grates are much more durable than the porcelain ones. Steel is also a better conductor of heat, meaning they get hotter than porcelain grates, which allows for better searing capabilities. However, they are also more prone to having food stick to them. Therefore, you may need to oil your grill before placing food down, depending on what youre cooking.

    Taller Barrel

    Internal Grease Management System

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    Z Grills Vs Traeger: Best Pellet Grills Comparison

    • Darren Wayland

    If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the winner is, then we recommend the Traeger Renegade Pro.

    In pellet grilling circles, the Traeger name is venerated as an industry leader. A younger company, Z Grills, is attempting to make a similar name for itself. As a grilling enthusiast, I couldnt help but wonder if Z Grills stood a chance. Thats why I decided to put together this roundup pitting Z Grills vs Traeger.

    In this article, were going to review the following pellet grills:

    Traeger Vs Weber: Which Pellet Grill Should You Buy

    Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

    Traeger has been the leader in pellet grills for decades. Until 2006, they held an exclusive patent to the pellet grill design, so theyve had a long time to perfect their process. Of course, you cant talk about grills without mentioning Weber, a brand thats achieved high success because of their reliable designs and superior customer service.

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    Weve tested several Weber grills over the years, including gas, charcoal, and portable grills, and weve always been impressed. Almost every Weber grill thats passed through our hands has made its way to the top of the list, and weve named its gas grills our top choice for both standard and portable grills.

    So when Weber announced a new line of pellet grillsthe Weber SmokeFire EX4 and EX6we couldnt wait to get our hands on them. We put it head-to-head with the Traeger Ironwood 650, our top pick for pellet grills to see if the SmokeFire could dethrone the king.

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    Setting Up The Grills

    First, we start setting up the grills since there are proper ways, areas, and techniques to set up these grills. The first advice in setting them up is to get an extra hand.

    The grills are very heavy, with the;Kamado Joe made with ceramics and the Traeger Grills with many accessories that add to the grills weight.

    The Kamado Joe grills weigh over a hundred pounds, so unless you are a heavy weightlifter, it is next to impossible to carry these grills on your own.

    You can remove the Kamado Joes multi-piece firebox to make them lighter when lifted and bring the parts one by one to the area where you will set it up.

    The Traeger grills may not weigh that much, but they are large, so you will still need a helping hand to set them up easily.

    Another thing that you should consider is the electric outlet for the Traeger Grills. See, since they use technology, you will need to plug the grill into an electric socket for it to function properly.

    The electricity will also power up the grill for it to get started, and since you cannot set them up inside, you will need an electric port outside with an extension.

    However, you will also need to set up the Traeger Grill near your WiFi source, so unless you have a router on your patio, you will need to set it up where the WiFi signal reaches it.;

    Do You Desire Additional Includes

    How to direct grill on a traeger

    With respect to cost, Traegers include differing attributes and upgrades.

    With the Timberline, youll be alerted when pellets are running low with a pellet sensor, for instance.

    With the upgrade controllers on the Ironwood as well as Timberline, points are much simpler than on the Pro Series, which has scroll-through food selections.

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    Do You Want Bells And Whistles

    Depending upon the price tag, Traegers offer various components and also upgrades.

    The Timberline, for example, is completely packed with additional features like a pellet sensing unit that will notify you when pellets are running reduced.

    With the upgrade controllers on the Ironwood as well as Timberline, points are much easier than on the Pro Series, which has scroll-through menus.

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