Which Pellet Grills Have Wifi

Pit Boss 700fb Pellet Grill

Silverbac All-Terrain Alpha Connect Quick Overview | Grilla Grills Best New WiFi Pellet Smoker 2021

If youre looking for a grill that gets good and hot for searing steaks while still offering low-and-slow smoking capabilities, the Pit Boss 700FB should be high on your list. This grill has a maximum temp of about 500 degrees, which is higher than many pellet grills. It also has a unique flame broiler feature, allowing direct heat for searing burgers and steaks. This ability is a rarity in the pellet grill market, which tends to opt for indirect heating.

Customers love that this grill holds its temperature well and gets hot enough for a good sear on a steak or burger. And many tout its high quality at a price well below the competition.

700 square inch total cooking surface

Porcelain-coated cast iron grids

Ozark Grills The Razorback

Ozark Grills is a relatively unknown brand in the marketplace but their Razorback Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is one of the best pellet smokers for lots of people because of its size.

A lot of the cookers weve looked at so far have generous amounts of cooking area. That works for some people but not for everybody. The Razorback is 35 x 37 x 19 in in dimensions which really isnt that big of a footprint at all. So if you are tight on space on your patio or an apartment dweller, this could very well be the one for you.

Despite the smaller profile, theres actually a pretty reasonable amount of cooking area with 305 square inches. That might not sound like a lot compared to some of the other units weve looked at so far, but its enough space to handle around 10 burgers at once.

It comes with all of the features youd expect from any quality pellet grill. It has an easy to use temperature dial and LED display for easy temperature management. The hopper fits 11 pounds of pellets which is on the smaller side, but proportional to this grill.

Things We Like:

  • Smaller footprint is ideal if youre tight on space or an apartment dweller
  • Easy to use temperature interface with intuitive dials and an LED display
  • 305 square inches of cooking area is a lot considering the profile of the cooker, and is enough to handle 10 burgers at once

Things We Dont:

*new* Pellet Pro Patriot Pid Controller With Wi


We at Smoke Daddy Inc. are proud to announce the arrival of our new Pellet Pro® Patriot PID Controller with WiFi Capability! 100% made in the U.S.A., this revolutionary controller is compatible with most pellet grill brands such as: Traeger, Camp Chef, Pit Boss, Z Grill, etc.

Experiencing temperature fluctuations? This is the answer to your problems. Weve developed the PID algorithm over the last few years and are more than satisfied with its performance.

With the option of WiFi capability, monitor and control the temperature of the smoker using a mobile device within a home network. Convenience and reliability not available with other pellet grill brands.

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Ash And Grease Management

Cleaning up after you cook is a drag but its an incredibly important step in the process and will greatly increase the shelf life of your grill.

Any grill that has built in features to make that process as quick and easy as possible is doing something right.

A lot of the top of the line units will have built in removable ash pans, or similar features that make the cleanup process simple and efficient.

Camp Chef Vertical Xxl Wifi Pellet Smoker

Best WiFi Pellet Smoker 2021 Top Reviews

If we talk about the best vertical pellet smoker, Camp Chef Vertical XXL Pellet Smoker comes to mind. Camp Chef has been producing exceptional items to bring ease to the barbecue world. This vertical-style Pellet smoker is great for you if you have small space for putting the unit. For people living in flats and apartments, Camp Chef Vertical XXL Pellet Smoker is the best option.

Cooking Capacity

If you are looking for an all-around, solid, and durable unit with sufficient cooking capacity and cooking versatility, then Camp Chef Vertical XXL Pellet Smoker is for you. It comes with four adjustable cooking racks, three jerky racks, and a twelve-hook hanging rack. All these are adjustable. It means cleanliness is easy. You can remove all of them to clean them.

Balancing Temperature

Using Camp Chef Vertical XXL Pellet Smoker, it is pretty easy to balance the temperature. The unit has the PID controller, which enables you to set and forget the smoking experience. You can set the level of heat according to your desire. To add this, the unit has WIFI technology. It comes with two meat probes through WIFI, you can get the exact reading of your meat.


Furthermore, cleaning the unit is pretty easy. Thanks to Grease Management System that has the ash cleanout feature enabling you to clean the unit easily.


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Traeger Tfb57gzeo Pro Series 575 Pellet Grill

Traeger is the original maker of pellet grills and, the Pro Series is the best-selling line of pellet grills in the world. The Pro Series 575 stands apart from the crowd with WiFIRE technology. This convenient feature allows monitoring and adjusting the grill anytime, anywhere through the Traeger app. The Pro Series 575 also comes with Traegers new D2 drivetrain, which heats faster and gives more consistent results than previous models.

While the 575 offers a smaller cooking surface than other models on this list , it gives backyard chefs tons of control through the WiFi connection. You can even grill through Alexa! So for those who want their smoker with a side of technology, Traeger offers a clear choice.

WiFIRE Technology allows you to monitor and adjust your grill with an app

D2 DIRECT DRIVE Improves searing and heats the grill quickly

Max Temp of 500 degrees gives versatility

Traeger Grills Tfb89blfc Ironwood 885 Wood Pellet Grill

  • Traeger made the first wood-pellet grill because of the supreme approach to attain wood-fired taste. The Ironwood 885 requires it to another level with exact temperature control.
  • WiFIRE technology joins your grill to house WiFi and the Traeger program enables the user to command the grill from any place. Alexa technology Permits You to do everything by voice.
  • The Ironwood 885 pellet grill provides 6-in-1 flexibility to grill, smoke, roast, bake, braise, and BBQ around precisely the exact same grill. The Porcelain grill grates make clean up a cinch.
  • The dual side-wall insulation enhances temperature consistency and exudes efficacy in chilly weather. The Ironwood series also offers an Integrated pellet sensor, which tracks pellet levels remotely throughout the Traeger program.

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Best Wifi Pellet Grills Reviews Of 2021 You Should Check Out

If you do not need to use your time tending the grill, then it is much better to decide on a wifi pellet grill. Technological improvement leaves many attributes to the pellet grill.

Before we begin to talk about what we believe is now a number of the greatest illustrations of pellet grills with WiFi/App performance for different budgets, then we will need to clean up something.

Fitting WiFi to a pellet grill, on the other hand, can immediately link into a WiFi-enabled online router. Hence, using a suitable installation, a WiFi-enabled pellet grill/smoker could be controlled from anywhere on earth using a WiFi/Cellular connection.

From the end of the manual, youll be well-armed together with the understanding to make the ideal choice in regards to choosing. The best wifi pellet grill directly the design for your own personal tastes, needs, and funding for your garden parties.


Rec Tec Pid/wifi Smart Grill Technology Controllers

Grilla Grills WiFi VLOG | New Alpha Connect for Silverbac, Grilla and Chimp Pellet Grills

The entire REC TEC pellet grill range now features PID temperature controllers. PID stands for Proportional, Integral, Derivative. What this means is a PID control panel is constantly reading the thermometer within the grill and comparing that temperature to your set temperature. The PID controller is then constantly making adjustments to the fan/pellet feed auger to maintain the temperature of the pellet grill to within 5 degrees.

The same PID/WiFi control panel is fitted to all REC TEC pellet grills : Image Rectecgrills.com

Now, there are some that claim to prefer older time-based controllers such as the first generation Traeger Pro Controllers. There is an argument to that as those time-based controllers cannot hold temperature as precisely . Hence, they cannot control the combustion process as efficiently, and you get more smoke with inefficient combustion.

Grilla Grills with their Alpha Control panel have chosen to integrate both time-based and PID modes into their controllers to offer both options. Ive not seen complaints about the REC TEC controllers in terms of insufficient smoke production. Therefore, its likely in the lower smoking temperature settings REC TEC has designed in a bit more float to create additional smoke, as Camp Chef has done with their PID controllers.

Quick overview of the REC TEC PID/WiFi control panel.

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Benefits Of A Wifi Pellet Grill

The next generation of BBQs is here. A WiFi pellet grill allows you to set up a grill anywhere you want, at anytime and from any part of the world that has internet access. Also, it gives you a more hands-on control over how your food looks like than with an auto-igniter smoker or blind faith charcoal/wood burner. This article will cover some additional benefits that arent as commonly known about wifi pellet smokers but can really make a difference in how you end up cooking!

Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill And Smoker

If you are a fan of outdoor parties, then Traeger tailgater Pellet Grill and Smoker is best for you. Made to perform excellent results, it is an all-rounder unit in the market on which you can rely. This compact-sized and highly portable unit has several features.


The unit durably builds efficient results. Made of stainless steel body, it is rust-resistant. The stainless-steel body enhances the working years of the unit, saving it from rust. Traeger tailgater Pellet Grill and Smoker is compact. You dont need to worry about the space if you are living in an apartment or flat. The Size is good and can get fit any place. The unit does not hold a large place.

Traegers Inverter is required to get you locked into the power source. The advantage is that you can charge your phone and hook up a mini sound system for some pre-game power tunes it is hardly an inconvenience.

Cooking Capacity

The cooking capacity is also good. It has sufficient room for smoking food for your loved ones. It is the best portable unit. You can take it outside with you if you are a party lover. The cooking capacity is 300 square inches with a hopper capacity of 8lbs. It means you can smoke food continuous eight hours without interruption.


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What Does Wifi Do On Pellet Grills

Pellet grills equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity provide another step forward in ensuring that you do as little hard work as possible and enjoy your free time while your food cooks or smokes on your pellet grill.

The main benefit of having a WiFi pellet grill is that youll be able to run errands or step away from the pellet grill but still keep a close eye on the food being smoked or cooked.

  • start and turn off the grill
  • monitor and control the cooking temperature
  • set timers and alarms for when you need to change the temperature

If your Wi-Fi pellet grill has meat probes, you will also have the ability to check the internal temperature of the meat from the comfort of your home or wherever you are during the cook.

The apps also allow you to choose between different cooking profiles and recipes, depending on the type of food you plan on cooking, which can come in handy when you want to try something new.

Ultimately, WiFi offers complete control over a pellet grill while not physically being close to the pellet grill.

Q: Do You Need Wifi On Pellet Grills

Camp Chef SmokePro SG Wifi Pellet Grill

A: WiFi is not needed on a pellet grill in order for the pellet grill to work. Regular pellet grills can still cook and smoke food as long as the pellet grill has wood pellets and electricity. WiFi allows the food and pellet grill to be monitored remotely so that you can run errands but still check on your food as it smokes. Moreover, WiFi also allows you to adjust the pellet grills temperature remotely.

So WiFi is not needed on pellet grills but WiFi is a very nice and convenient feature to have.

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The Rec Tec Bullseye Pellet Grill

The Bullseye is REC TECs smallest pellet grill. In fact, this is one of the smallest/lightweight pellet grills on the market today. Its actually smaller than most portable pellet grills. Though the Bullseye is not really designed as a portable/tailgating grill, the slightly larger RT-340 discussed below is more suited for that use.

The Bullseye is more intended to be a small grill that sits on your porch/patio and can be used to cook up a small BBQ for a couple of people at a time.

At just 54lbs the REC TEC Bullseye is one of the most lightweight pellet grills on the market today: Image Rectecgrills.com

When I first started doing my research before writing this post on REC TEC pellet grills the Bullseye was very different to the image you see above. For instance, it didnt feature a stainless steel body/lid which the current version does which is a welcome improvement. Furthermore, the control panel on the first version of the Bullseye wasnt really a control panel in the traditional sense at all.

It was simply a variable speed dial for the pellet feed auger motor. However, this latest version of the REC TEC Bullseye features a PID control panel. Further down in this article Ill discuss the benefits of PID control panels.

A look at the features of the upgraded REC TEC Bullseye by the YouTube channel StokedonSmoke.Not sure what GrillGrates are and why you should want them for your pellet grill, check this out.

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Wi

View in gallery

Finally, we will round up this Green Mountain pellet grill. It is the smallest pellet grill on our list today but you can take this grill for camping or travelling as its small and portable. The material is made out of steel so you can be rest assured that this grill is durable and is a beast. It has the smallest hopper capacity on our list as it only holds 9 pounds of pellets but as we said if youre travelling or just need it for a smaller space, its perfect for you.

As far as Wi-Fi capabilities, even for a portable one, you can monitor all your grill functions and temp with your smartphone with their app. Of course itll need to be on IOS and Android systems, so those phones. Another cool thing with this grill because its portable, is that you can plug this grill into your car and grill/smoke away.


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Everdure By Heston Blumenthal Force Gas Bbq Graphite


Description Everdure Force Gas BBQ by Heston Blumenthal is a versatile 2 Burner Gas BBQ that has has a minimalistic design that complements the simplicity of its use. It has various wonderful features such as:Power and graceFast ignition, with instant searing, means you’re ready to cook in just 5 minutes, while slender, contempora…

Landmann 32″ Vertical Gas Smoker

What Is A Pellet Grill

Chimp Alpha Connect Pellet Grill | Best New WiFi Tailgater Wood Pellet Smoker 2021 Under $600

A pellet grill is an outdoor electric grill fueled by wood pellets. But the pellets dont just fuel the grill they also provide a delicious smoky flavour to the meat and other foods you cook on the grill.

And the pellet grill is designed to be used in a variety of ways. You can grill, smoke, roast, bake, or braise your favourite foods all in the same appliance.

The other great thing about a pellet grill is how easy it is to use. Most have digital controls, which means you can set up the grill and relax knowing your food will be perfectly cooked every time.

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Q: How Does A Pellet Grill Work

A: A pellet grill uses electricity and features a thermostat and readout along with a fan and rotating auger that feeds pellets into a combustion chamber. Pellets are supplied at a rate according to the intensity of temperature required. The actual degree of overall temperate control will vary from model to model.

Landmann Triton 41 Bordeaux


DescriptionThe Triton PTS 4.1 Gas Barbecue is a dynamic grill thats designed to make your cooking experience a hassle-free affair. This BBQ boasts four adjustable stainless steel tube burners and a recessed side burner that allows you to prepare extra dishes. Take advantage of the expansive cast iron cooking grills featuring a 65cm x 44cm cook…

Landmann Triton 4.1 – 4 Burner

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Traeger Timberline 650 / Ironwood 850

Way more cook space than the Traeger higher cooking/standing height makes a big difference a lot of other brands like GMG have lower and for most cooks thats awkward! Who wants a sore back when cooking a feed?There are added convenience features for these to grills, and I think pellet grills are all about making cooking and smoking easier. These features are designed around this, as I will list below.

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