How Are Grill Pellets Made

Why Buy Mak Grills:

Why Traeger Wood Pellets | Traeger Wood Pellet Grills
  • Pellet grills designed and made by diehard bbq owners mean that the company understands your BBQ needs, such as lots of room for grilling, multiple grilling surfaces, and the ability to achieve 500°F+
  • They are committed to producing reliable grills to enrich your grilling experience. For instance, the temperature control shows consistent performance regardless of the weather.
  • They use the highest grade material for their grills. Your MAK grill will most likely be made of corrosion-proof 304-grade steel, the highest grade in a pellet grill or smoker.
  • Long-lasting products MAK Grills provides a limited lifetime warranty on their grills and their components.
  • Precision manufacturing has helped this award-winning company win 6 awards since 2011 for outstanding bbq grills.
  • Attentive and responsive customer support.
  • Have a look at the The MAK Grills Family Story below on YouTube.

    Choose The Best Flavor

    Next, you want to pair the best pellets with the meal youre cooking on the grill. The flavor of the pellets has less to do with the actual flavor of the wood and more to do with the strength of the smoke flavor you get from burning it. You can think of pellet flavor on a scale from mild to strong mild flavors work best with delicate foods, while strong flavors work best with heartier foods.

    Check out our flavor guide below.

    Are There Other Pellet Grill Brands That Used To Be Made In The Usa

    Another example, while a much smaller company than Traeger is Grilla Grills. They are an American owned company thats more than 40 years old with a factory based in Michigan focused on metal processing. Hence, making their own pellet grills just seemed a natural step for them to take.

    And for the first couple of years when Grilla Grills came onto the market they were 100% made in the USA, at their Michigan based factory. While their pellet grills were very well received by their customers, and still are, the price of their grills was stopping them from being able to grow.

    Hence, they chose to move the main manufacturing of their grills abroad. Though they still manufacture some of the accessories in the USA. You can read more about it here, but Ive also included a video below from Mark Graham who is the sales and manufacturing manager over at Grilla Grills.

    Mark Graham explains why Grilla Grills chose to move the main manufacturing of their pellet grills overseas: Video

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    Pellet Grill Innovations: Wi

    In the past few years, many advances have been made in the pellet grill industry. One of the most convenient changes has been the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity in the latest generation of pellet grills. Several brands have created companion smartphone apps to go along with their grills, providing temperature monitoring and control in the palm of your hand! Another major breakthrough is the inclusion of a sear zone a cooking grate located directly over the fire pot of the grill for searing steaks or getting a flame-broiled char on burgers. Some of the newest pellet grill models even have features traditionally found in gas grills, most notably propane gas-powered burner attachments.

    Temperature Range And Temperature Control

    30 Barrel Pellet Grill  LANDMANN USA

    Pellet grills provide you with slow and low cooking procedures. It will take time to cook food and is not ideal for those who want to cook their food in a quick manner or on an urgent basis. Then we have control over the temperature. The temperature control function in pellet grills is obtained and operated on a complicated algorithm that provides the user with impressively accurate temperature controls.

    200 degree Fahrenheit to 350 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature which is provided by pellet grills in general units. This temperature is not fixed for every pellet grill but is used in most of such grills. Some products come with a temperature range up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit too.

    On the other hand, a gas grill can work well and without any problems with high temperatures. Some products can reach up to 700 degrees celsius in temperature range without any complications. But the temperature condition to achieve such high units is that the product should be highly qualitative and efficient. Moreover, the temperature control with this function of grilling in gas grills, specifically for the grills with low temperatures, becomes complex compared to the grills with high temperatures.

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    Smoked Pork Tenderloin Recipe

    Youll love this smoked pork tenderloin recipe whether youve cooked it 100 times before or youre learning how to smoke pork tenderloin for the first time.


  • Create the marinade by mixing apple juice, warm honey, pork rub, brown sugar, chopped thyme, and black pepper in a large bowl.
  • Add the pork tenderloins to the marinade, turning to coat.
  • Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. Marinate the pork tenderloins for 2-3 hours.
  • Preheat your Z Grills pellet smoker to 225 F.
  • Place marinated pork tenderloins directly on grill grates.
  • Smoke pork until the internal temperature reaches 145 F. It will take about 2 ½ to 3 hours.
  • Once the internal temperature rises to 145 F, remove pork tenderloins from the grill.
  • Allow them to rest for 5 minutes before slicing and serving.
  • Pellet Grills Made In Usa

    Below is the list of pellet grills that are currently being manufactured in the USA as of July 2021.

    Contact me if you notice a pellet grill brand missing from this list that manufactures their grills in the USA and I will add them to this list.

    As mentioned above, these manufacturers may start producing their grills overseas if they need to cut costs so make sure to double check that the pellet grill is made in the USA before purchasing it.

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    The Pros And Cons Of Pellet Grills

    The biggest pro to investing in a pellet grill versus other types of grills is its simplicity, according to Lampe. The cooker does all the work and makes it pretty easy to cook barbecue, he explained.

    Marks agreed that when it comes to ease of use and consistency, a pellet grill wins. Temperature control produced by a pellet grill makes a huge difference for the average Joe, he added. If you want to have a great barbeque with a reasonable amount of work while still being able to enjoy your friends and family when they are over, a pellet grill is the best way to go with the most amount of success and the least amount of stress.

    However, the biggest potential downside is that it’s a mechanical device, so if theres a loss of power or a malfunction, that can disrupt your day of cooking. Good maintenance helps with this, Lampe added. A long-time BBQ pro might like to play with the fire while theyre cooking, but a pellet cooker means there is really no need to tend your fire constantly making it perfect for an at-home cook.

    To help prevent this, he emphasized the importance of keeping your pellet grill dry and protected from the elements with a secure cover. If the electronics get wet they can short out and the replacement parts for those panels generally are not under warranty, as you the owner are responsible for proper care, he said. Also, when pellets get wet they expand and then dry causing the auger to lock up.

    Marinate The Pork Tenderloins

    Home made Pellet Grill. With the Pellet Pro hopper assembly

    Your pellet smoker will give these pork tenderloins a delicious applewood smoked taste, but thats not the only place great flavor will come from.

    This smoked pork tenderloin is also made great thanks to a simple marinade that consists of:

    • apple juice
    • black peppers

    Patience and timing are key here since youll want to marinade your smoked pork tenderloin for 2-3 hours before grilling.

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    List Of Pellet Grills Made In Usa

    Many pellet grills brands, much like most appliances, are shifting their factories overseas to save on manufacturing costs. Thats been the case for brands like Traeger, Big Green Egg, Camp Chef, Weber, and Grilla Grills.

    Although some of these companies design their products in the USA, they either manufacture their components or the entire grill outside the USA.

    Despite the common trend of cutting costs with overseas manufacturing, usually in China, some brands have dug in their heels and retains their manufacturing plants here in the USA.

    All the brands on this list design, manufacture, and assemble their pellets grills in the USA. These brands are proud of their made in the USA heritage badge and market themselves as such.

    Pellet grills that are made in the USA are:

    • MAK Grills
    • Yoder
    • Blazn Grill Works

    The purpose of this list is to highlight and appreciate these brands that still manufacture their pellet grills in the USA.

    We may have our other favorite brands that manufacture their grills overseas, but supporting the brands on this list will help keep Americans employed.

    Cuisinart Clermont Grill And Smoker

    Cooking surface: 1,400 total sq in. | Hopper capacity: 40 lb | Temperature range: 160°F to 600°F | Recorded high: 692.4°F | Temperature probes: 2 | Sear zone: Yes | Wi-Fi/app compatibility: Yes

    The Clermont is a behemoth, at nearly 65 inches wide and with 1,400 square inches of space. Think of it as a multi-purpose outdoor cooker, with sealed glass doors, two oven racks above the grill surface, internal lighting, and a wrap-around workspace. When smoking brisket, we placed it on the middle rack in the center of the grill, where temperatures were more stable. We grilled burgers, chicken, and vegetables on the main cooking grates without issue. But we did find a hot spot to the right of center on the main grill. When we did want to apply some direct heat, sliding the front lever to open the vents and warm up the sear zone to add some color and finish things off was easy.

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    What To Cook On A Pellet Grill

    Ginevra says that a pellet grill is best for cooking low and slow dishes like brisket, pork shoulder or a side of salmon, because with specifically controlled temperature, it gives results that mimic those produced from sous vide cooking. However, she also recommends using the higher heat setting to cook something faster, like a stuffed-crust pizza. “Its amazing how the grill can act exactly like an oven by maintaining a completely stable temperature with a well-sealed, sturdy lid that makes it great for baking things like a crispy pizza.” You can even use the grill to roast a whole chicken! For extra crispy skin, Ginevra suggests cranking up the heat for the last 15 minutes.

    Best Times And Temperatures For Smoked Pork Tenderloin

    6 Best Small Pellet Grills

    When you smoke pork tenderloin, your goal is to reach an internal temperature of 145 F, but there are many ways to get there. Although there are many answers to the question of what temp for pork tenderloin, heres the best answer.

    The best temperature to smoke your pork tenderloin at is 225 F. A low and slow method will deliver the flavor you want. This gives your pork time to absorb the smokey flavor, and it allows the fat to reduce.

    At 225 F, it will take your pork tenderloins about 2 ½ to 3 hours to reach an internal temperature of 145 F.

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    What Smokers Are Made In The Usa

    The Top 5 Electric Smokers Made in the USA in 2021 Electric Smoker Dimensions Weight Landmann USA 32948 Electric Smoker 13.2×16.6×26.7 in 30 lbs. Little Chief Front Load Smoker 11.5×11.5×24.5 in 12.16 lbs. Southern Country Electric Water Smoker 27×21.5×37 in 23 lbs. Smokin-It Model 2 Electric Smoker 24x30x22 in 114 lbs.

    Arent Traeger Grills Made In The Usa

    Traeger, the longest and most established pellet grill brand were originally manufactured in Oregon and were produced in the USA up until 2006 when the Traeger family sold the company. In 2006 the patent that Traeger had on the design of pellet grills/smokers since 1986 ran out, then more makes/brands of pellet grills started to enter the market.

    Traeger felt they had to move manufacturing abroad to expand the company to make it viable while still offering a product at a price their customers are happy to pay. Hence, today Traeger pellet grills are made in China.

    While Traeger is still an American company who design their pellet grills in the USA they are manufactured abroad: Image

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    Are Weber Pellet Grills Made In Usa

    Verdict: Are Weber Grills Made in the USA? Although Weber is headquartered in the U.S. and has their primary manufacturing facilities in Palatine and Huntley, Illinois, they can no longer claim to be made in the USA for many of their products because they have some components of their grills that are imported.

    Pit Boss Pellet Grills

    Where Wood Pellet Grills Start by Traeger Grills

    If youre looking for the Biggest, Hottest, and Heaviest pellet grill on the market that is backed by a 5-year warranty, then look no further. A Pit Boss Grill is your best bet. Our grills come standard with our patented SearZone technology that offers the direct heat you need for that perfect sear. Or, turn your grill on smoke and you can go low and slow for fall off the bone brisket all while you set it and forget it. .

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    How Are Bbq Wood Pellets Made

    Wood pellets come in many forms and can be used for a lot of uses, but in the context of barbecue and for pellet smoker grills they are commonly made from compacted sawdust.

    The wood sometimes fresh and sometimes recycled is processed through a hammer mill. The mill smashes the wood and beats it down until it forms a mix that isnt too dissimilar to dough. This state makes it easier to manipulate the wood and to press it through pellet moulds.

    The dough is processed through a press into holes that are about 6 millimeters in diameter. Think of this almost like a cheese grater.

    While the wood goes through this stage, its also heated. This helps the pellets solidify, and also enables the natural binding agents within the wood to reactivate and form a natural glue to hold the pellets together once the wood cools again.

    Once cooled, the pellets are cleaned and dusted down to remove any leftover sawdust. They are then packaged and distributed.

    This process is a great way to make sure that each pellet is packed and densely as possible, so that it can provide as much heat and energy as possible when it comes to use.

    The process also ensures that very little moisture is left in the wood. This ensures that each pellet can burn to its maximum potential without being dampened by any water content.

    A dry, densely packed wood pellet ensures high energy, and maximum burn.

    How Long Do Pellets Last In A Pellet Grill

    Pellet grilling is a fun and carefree outdoor cooking method. Because these handy units are designed to remain within your chosen temperature range, you can have a successful experience even if youre an amateur griller.

    That said, even seasoned pros have been known to ask: Exactly how long do pellets last in a pellet grill? In this guide, well walk you through the answer.


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    How Long Will A 20 Lb Bag Of Pellets Last

    Weve estimated that a 24-inch pellet grill will burn through about 3 lbs. of pellets per hour. Keep in mind that cooler temperatures will make your grill work harder, resulting in more pellets burned. So depending on the temperature and whats on the grill for dinner tonight you can estimate how long your bag of pellets will last.

    Smoking On Pellet Grills

    Pellet Grills Made in the USA

    This is what pellet cookers are really built for. Theyre constructed so that those new to BBQ smoking can adopt a new cooking style with ease, whereas a large offset or cabinet smoker usually requires a good deal of know-how to operate. Even better, pellet grills generate thin smoke thats free of creosote, a byproduct of incomplete combustion common to improperly operated charcoal or wood-burning offset smokers. Vertical wood pellet smokers in particular infuse smoked foods like ribs and pork butts with a cleaner flavor than that of electric or charcoal grills, which rely on smoldering wood chips that may not completely combust.

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    Pit Boss Pit Boss Platinum Lockhart Grill

    This wood pellet grill and smoker is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and according to Marks, its the most versatile pellet grill available. He appreciates the 2,137 square inches of cooking space with 719 square inches for grilling and smoking, plus an additional cabinet with 1,418 square inches of smoking space. It also comes with six sausage hooks and two meat probes with the ability to control up to four at one time.

    I really love the pot access that allows you to brush out the pot and remove the ash that is a huge timesaver as well as a significant safety feature, he said. This pellet grill with all of the combined features, technology, sheer size, best in class warranty and a price tag of $750 make it my choice for best pellet grill overall.

    Should You Buy A Pellet Grill

    Ginevra says that although a pellet grill is a fantastic option for any home cook that loves to grill, theyre not for everyone. They are pricier than your average grill, ranging from $499.99 to $1999.99. Lastly, the required maintenance can be a bit more of a burden than other grills, as pellet grills from companies like Traeger and Weber recommend cleaning the grates after every use. For best results, preheat the grill on high for 15 minutes with the lid closed, and then brush the grates clean with a grill brush.

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