How To Cook Sirloin Steak On Grill

Preparing Your Sirloin Steak

Cooking Perfect Sirloin Steak on the Grill | Tenderized & Garlic Butter Topping Cooked Medium

This is the easiest part of the entire recipe. Take the sirloin steak out of the package and dab it dry with a paper towel. At this point, you want to add your steak seasoning. I used Grill Mates Montreal Steak seasoning but you can use your favorite store-bought seasoning or your own at-home combination. You can never go wrong with a basic salt and pepper mixture if youre light on the seasonings in your cupboard.

Tools To Make Sirloin Steak In The Oven

Tap the links below to see the items used to make this recipe.

  • Cast Iron Grill Pan The best pan to go from stove to oven and perfect for steaks. You need this to get those grill marks!
  • Steak Knife Set The only other thing this pan seared steak with butter needs is a good steak knife.
  • Alarm Thermometer If you want perfect sirloin steak in the oven, youve got to use a thermometer. I love this one because you can set the temperature that you want the meat to reach and it will go off when its hit that temp. No more overcooked meat!

How Long Should I Cook The Steak

Cooking times vary based on temperature preference, but for medium rare: a 1-inch steak takes about 4-5 minutes a side, and a 2-inch steak about 9 minutes a side. When flipping the steak, always use that handy pair of tongs and not a fork. A fork would pierce the steak and let the juices escape. We went through so much trouble to seal in the juices with a great sear, so we dont want to let them out!

If youre looking to create professional grill marks, turn the steak at a 45-degree angle a quarter of the way through cooking. Then flip at the halfway mark, and repeat the process.

If you really want to nail your cooking temperature, feel free to use an instant-read meat thermometer. A medium-rare steak should be pulled between the internal temperature 130-135 degrees F, and this handy chart will help you with the remaining temperatures. I dont like using a thermometer because it create an outlet for the juices to escape, but it is the most effective way to nail down an exact temperature. There are also online guides to tell when your steak is done by using your thumb and forefinger to get a really good steak.

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A Primer On Sirloin Cap Steak

If youve ever ordered a coulotte steak in a restaurant, congratulationsyouve already had a sirloin cap steak, even if you didnt know it. The two terms are interchangeable. Both refer to the flat triangular muscle just above the top sirloin.

Another name for the coulotte or sirloin cap steak is picanha, a term thats found on the menus at Brazilian steakhouses (also known as churrascarias. In these cases, the meat is placed on skewers before its grilled, sliced, and served to customers. If youve only had picanha under these circumstances, you may not recognize the cut when you first encounter it in its raw form.

The sirloin cap can either be prepared whole or trimmed into narrower steaks. Youre more likely to find the smaller version, but both are set at an affordable price point, making them appealing to budget shoppers.

If you opt to purchase the sirloin cap roast whole and trim it into steaks yourself, youll see that theres a generous layer of fat covering the top. You can trim as much of this as you like, but we would recommend leaving a thin membrane along the edges to ensure that the cooked steaks are as juicy as possible.

Some less knowledgeable butchers might confuse the sirloin cap with the popular tri-tip cut. Seasoned professionals, however, should be able to tell the difference easily. For more details about how these cuts differ from one another, take a look at this video tutorial.

Sirloin Tip Steak Cooking Methods

3 Ways to Cook Steaks in the Oven

Sirloin tip either has to be cooked low and slow for a prolonged time or briefly at a high temperature which works only if it has been sliced thin.

The first method aims at slowly dissolving the plentiful connective tissue responsible for the toughness of the cut until the meat is tender.

The second method has as its objective to quickly sear the surface and bring the meat to temperature without drying it out. Therefore for stove top cooking or grilling try to purchase thin cut tip steak that has been blade tenderized. If it has not, use a meat tenderizer to pound it thin and break up some of the connective tissue in this manner.

TIP: Blade tenderized means that the steak has been mechanically treated by passing it through a machine equipped with sharp blades or needles. These puncture the surface and break down the muscle and connective tissue rendering the meat a bit more tender.

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How Do I Grill A Sirloin Steak

Sprinkle your room temperature steak with kosher salt and pepper on both sides. Then carefully place the steaks on the hot grill gates, leaving enough room around each steak so that the heat can circulate.

After two minutes, use your tongs to gently lift up the edge of the steak. It should release from the grill grates easily and you will see sear marks on the bottom side of the steak. With tongs, turn the steak 90 degrees and allow to sear for another minute.

This will create seared cross hatch marks on your steak.

With tongs, flip the steak to the other side and repeat: Sear for two minutes, turn 90 degrees, sear one more minute. Then remove the steak to the cooler side of the grill, or to an upper rack if you have one.

Close the cover and lower the burners to maintain a consistent temperature of 350 degrees F, and allow the steak to cook on the indirect heat until done. Our 2-inch thick steak took about 25 minutes to reach a rare level of doneness.

When cooked to your preferred level of doneness, remove your steak to a platter or plate and cover with a tented piece of foil.

Let the steak rest for fives minutes before serving so the juices have a chance to redistribute back through the meat.

Reverse Searing And Resting Your Top Sirloin Steak

As mentioned above, you will want to remove your sirloin from the smoker at 120 degrees. I then take the meat inside and brush a tbsp of extra virgin olive oil on each side of the meat.

For this recipe, Im using my gas grill for the reverse sear as it gets to a higher temperature vs my Traeger pellet grill. You can use your pellet smoker or a cast iron pan on the stove works well too. You want to add the meat to the grill/pan to obtain a perfect sear. For this sirloin, I cooked it for 2 minutes on each side.

After you remove the sirloin steak from the grill let it rest for 5-10 minutes to reabsorb the juices. I recommend cutting the entire steak into 1/3 inch strips. Enjoy!

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Is It Important To Let The Steaks Rest

Yes. The steak actually continues to cook during those few minutes. This continuation of cooking is great because it doesnt dry out the steak, as it would by simply leaving it on the grill longer. Cutting into the steak interrupts that last little period of cooking by releasing the heat inside the steak. Trust me, let it rest a few minutes and your steak will turn out perfect.

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How Do You Grill A Frozen Steak

How to cook a Sirloin Tip Steak on the Weber Charcoal Grill

Never grill a frozen steak. Frozen steak must be defrosted before cooking.

Grilling a steak while fully frozen is a health risk because bacteria can form while the steak lingers at low temperatures. Also, the surface of the steak is likely to burn while the inside is raw.

To defrost frozen steak, put it in a dish in the refrigerator. Most cuts will fully defrost overnight.

If you need to defrost frozen steak in a hurry, put it under cold running water.

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Time To Hit The Grill

Before hitting the grill, make sure your steak comes up to room temperature. This will help it cook evenly from edge to center for that perfect medium rare. Prep the grill by getting it really, really hot. Keep the lid closed up until the moment you place the steak on the grill. Youre looking for a hard sear to seal in the juices.

Using a good pair of tongs, quickly lay the steak on the grill, protecting yourself in the event that the addition of fats and oils causes a flare-up. I usually keep a squirt bottle of water handy for flare-ups, just in case. Set your timer and wait: in order to get a good sear, you wont want to move the steak for a few minutes.

How To Cook Top Sirloin Steak

How to cook steak depends very much upon the cut you choose. Top Sirloin steak is always a favorite steak choice, prized for its hearty beef flavor. The best way to cook top sirloin steak is on the grill. But pan-seared top sirloin steak is also exceptional, and you can broil top sirloin steak in the oven as well. No matter which method you choose, our cooking instructions and video will deliver the tender and juicy steak you crave. Use a meat thermometer and you can be sure your steaks are cooked to perfection!

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Free: 5 Secrets To Fast Healthy Dinners

Today Im showing you how to cook top sirloin steak in the oven! Im a big fan of cooking steaks on the stove and then finishing them in the oven. Its got a little extra flavor from the butter, and always perfectly cooked. But thats not the only reason to love this top sirloin steak recipe. Its also EASY and full of FLAVOR! And definitely fool-proof.

Beef top sirloin steak recipes are a great way to incorporate a reasonable cut of steak, without sacrificing any flavor.

You dont need a grill for this steak dinner, but you can still enjoy it outside!

The Best Steak For Grilling

How to Grill Steaks Perfectly For Beginners  Omaha ...

You can use any pricier cut of beef to grill steak without a marinade such as ribeye, rib steak, filet mignon, New York strip , porterhouse and T-bone and they will all be fantastic but I recommend top sirloin if you dont want to break the bank. Top sirloin steak is often called the weeknight steak because it boasts big beefy flavor but is affordable enough to enjoy any night of the week. Its a great option for grilling because its:

  • Economical yet flavorful: sirloin allows you to reap the juicy, beefy tenderness of a more expensive cut of beef without paying the extra $$. Sirloin is fairly affordable yet still emerges tender even without a marinade and is considered one of the most flavorful cuts of beef, generally second only to the ribeye.
  • Finely marbled: the finely marbled fat melts during cooking, resulting in superior flavor and juicy tenderness. The steak is void of thick pockets of fat that wont melt during quick cooking so your steak is buttery tender through and through.
  • Little connective tissue: means the muscles have done very little work so they arent tough. The lack of tough connective tissue keeps your steak melt-in-your-mouth through and though without chewy pockets.

Note: Please do NOT use less quality cuts such as flank steak or skirt steak. Cheaper cuts will yield tough and chewy results and only should be used if marinated first. If you want to use flank steak, try my

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Grilled Steak Spice Rub

Seasonings MAKE a steak, especially when grilling a steak without a marinade. In this Grilled Sirloin Steak recipe, we will be using a homemade Cajun seasoning made up of a robust blend of herbs and spices. Its smoky, spicy, earthy and utterly fantastic. It adds complexity without masking the meatiness of the steak.

To make, youll whisk together:

  • 1 tablespoon kosher salt
  • 2 teaspoons smoked paprika
  • 1/2-1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

How To Grill A Great Steak On An Indoor Grill

You dont need to go outdoors and fire up the grill every time you get a hankering for a steak dinner. If the weather is just too cold, or you just want the convenience of being in the kitchen amongst all your utensils, seasonings, cookware and dinner companions, turn to your indoor grill.

Indoor grills can help you make a juicy, perfectly cooked steak in no time with minimal hassle. You can also get those tempting sear marks along with the great taste that goes with them. Just make sure your indoor grill has an adjustable temperature that goes up to 425F or has a SEAR option, like our . And as a bonus, enjoy the convenience of a removable drip tray for easy cleanup, included in many models.

Ready to get started? Heres everything you need to know to grill a great steak indoors.

Prep the SteakOur Test Kitchen experts recommend seasoning your steak one of two ways, depending on the cut of meat. For strip, filet or , which are very tender and cook more quickly than other cuts, a dry rub or salt and pepper will give you the best flavor. For tougher cuts, like skirt or flank steaks, in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 hours before grilling.

One final tip have fun with it! Cooking a great steak on your indoor grill can involve some experimentation with your optimal cooking time and steak recipe. Try different marinades or dry rubs on your steak to see what you like best. Skip the expensive steak restaurant and make a great steak at home on your indoor grill instead.

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Preparing The Sirloin Steak: To Marinate Or Not To Marinate

I like to keep it simple when it comes to top sirloin. Since its not a tough cut of meat, it doesnt need to marinate for a long time in an acidic solution. Because it is low in fat, you wont have to trim back much fat to prevent grill flare-ups. The prep time is minimal.

Since the steak already has a robust character and the grill will add some smoke flavor, I only use salt or kosher salt and ground black pepper for seasoning. Just before grilling, rub a small amount of olive oil on each side and hit the steak with coarsely ground pepper. Maybe use some minced garlic or garlic powder to taste.

If you have the time, salt the steak 40 minutes to 8 hours before cooking it. You wont need to use as much salt when you salt in advance and it will enhance the beefy flavor of the steak. Let it rest on a baking rack, uncovered, in the refrigerator if youre salting it overnight.

Traeger Smoked Top Sirloin Steak

How to Grill Sirloin Steaks | Recipe

We have been smoking a lot of beef recently. I already shared with you my recipe for smoked t-bone steak, beef ribeye steak, and whole beef tenderloin. Today I share a recipe for a cut of meat thats far more economical Top Sirloin.

Dont confuse the smaller price tag as poorer quality of meat. In my experience, each cut of beef has a different taste and purpose. For instance, we fried up some shoestring potatoes for our own at-home attempt at Steak Frites. This smoked sirloin steak was a hit with the entire family.

Is sirloin not your favorite cut of steak? I have other smoked steak recipes for you to enjoy:

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How Do I Make My Sirloin Tender

8 Simple Ways to Make Tough Meat Tender

  • Physically tenderize the meat. For tough cuts like chuck steak, a meat mallet can be a surprisingly effective way to break down those tough muscle fibers.
  • Use a marinade.
  • Dont forget the salt.
  • Let it come up to room temperature.
  • Cook it low-and-slow.
  • Hit the right internal temperature.
  • Rest your meat.
  • Slice against the grain.
  • How To Cook Top Sirloin Steak On The Grill

    • Be sure your steak is completely thawed.
    • Bring the meat to room temperature. Remove your steak from the refrigerator 30-40 minutes before grilling.
    • Season steaks as desired we recommend Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning.
    • To cook on a charcoal grill, place steaks over the hottest part of the grill, and sear both sides for 1-2 minutes. Then move to medium, ash-covered coals and continue to grill for the times listed in the chart below. Turn about 1 minute prior to the halfway point.
    • To cook on a gas grill, preheat on high. Sear both sides for 1-2 minutes, then reduce to medium heat and continue to grill for the times listed in the chart below. Turn about 1 minute prior to the halfway point.
    • For the perfect medium-rare top sirloin steak, grill for 9-12 minutes for a 1-inch steak, and 12-15 minutes for a 1½ inch steak, turning about 1 minute before the halfway point. A meat thermometer should read 130°F.
    • Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil. The temperature of the meat will continue to rise about 5°F during this time . The final temperature will read 135°F.
    • Resting steak is also important because the heat of cooking pulls the juices in the meat toward the surface if you slice into it immediately after cooking, those flavorful juices will end up on your plate, not in your steak. Allowing your steak to rest will give the juices time to sink back in and throughout the meat, keeping it moist and flavorful.

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