How To Cook Corn On The Cob On The Grill

Can You Grill Frozen Corn


Grilling frozen corn on the cob is a great way to have corn all year long! It will keep in the freezer for several months.

Corn that has been frozen is partially cooked , so you shouldnt overcook it. Wrap each cob in aluminum foil and place on the grill, turning every few minutes for 10 minutes or until heated through.

New Favorite Cooking Method

Summertime is notorious for being grilling season. We like to grill meats like steak, chicken, and burgers, but we also like to grill vegetables like asparagus or zucchini. A new one we tried recently was corn!

Have you ever grilled corn before?! We typically boil it or microwave it if were in a pinch. Both are delicious, but NOTHING beats the amazing charred smoky flavor that comes from throwing it on the grill.

Once youve grilled the corn, you can enjoy it as a side , or you can cut it off the cob and enjoy it in salads, tacos, or burrito bowls. However you decide to enjoy it, you wont want your corn cooked any other way!

Grilled Corn On The Cob No Foil No Husk

When grilling corn on the cob without any covering, the corn will become the most charred and lose the most moisture . However, it also has the smokiest, nuttiest flavor, with that classic BBQ flavor.

  • Oil both the grill and the corn, then cook it on the grill, turning occasionally, until every side is browned and lightly charred.
  • This should take between 10-15 minutes , turning every 2-3 minutes.

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    Do You Cook Corn On Top Or Bottom Of Grill

    If you answer top, then you should use a Grill pan to cook the corn instead of using a cooking oil or butter. If you answer bottom, then you should use a Grill pan to cook the corn and add water if needed to keep it submerged.

    If you answer top, then you should use a Grill pan to cook the corn instead of using a cooking oil or butter. If you answer bottom, then you should use a Grill pan to cook the corn and add water if needed to keep it submerged.

    How To Grill Corn On The Cob

    The 4 Best Ways to Grill or Barbecue Corn on the Cob
  • Melt butter in a microwave-safe dish. Add in garlic powder, black pepper, and sea salt. Mix until fully combined.
  • Place corn on the cob on a long sheet of aluminum foil. The foil needs to be long enough to fully wrap the corn, so make sure its a nice, long piece. Slather the corn with your garlic butter sauce.Give it a nice coating!
  • Fold one-half of the foil over the corn.Tuck it in, then fold in the other half.Finish the foil pack by tucking in both the top and bottom end nice and snug.
  • Add the foil pack of corn on the cob to your grill over medium-low heat. Grill for 30 minutes.
  • Carefully unwrap from the foil and serve. You must always be careful with this step as the corn will be hot and steamy.
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    Ways To Serve Grilled Corn

    Sweet corn straight off the grill tastes amazing as is. But if theres room for even bigger flavors, you know Im all for that! Heres a few delicious variations to try:

    • Chili Lime: Squeeze some lime over your corn then add a dash of paprika or chipotle powder.
    • Herbed Butter: Stir in some fresh chopped herbs with your melted butter before brushing on.
    • Garlic Parmesan: Mix in minced garlic into your melted butter before brushing onto the corn. Then sprinkle grated parmesan on top.
    • Chipotle: Whip up my chipotle sauce to give it a quick drizzle over the corn before eating.

    And if youve got some leftover corn, shave it into this delicious corn salad!

    How To Boil Corn On The Cob

    Here, all your corn questions answered, down to precisely how long to boil corn on the cob.

    Steamed sweetcorn on the cob with butter

    Amanda is a recipe developer at Food Network.

    Nothing beats sweet corn at its peak in the warm summer months. Whether its eaten right off the cob with a shmear of butter, or tossed into crunchy salads and creamy soups, its a delicious addition to your summer spread. But what is the best way to boil fresh corn thats still on the cob? Heres a simple how-to so you have perfectly cooked corn every time.

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    How To Season Your Corn On The Cob

    This is the fun part. Whether youre craving some elote-style street corn with cotija and cilantro or something simpler like butter, chives and sea salt, the possibilities are endless when adding flavor to your grilled corn.

    If youre grilling your corn with the husks on, you can begin before you get the corn on the grill peel back the husks, but dont remove them completely, and stuff them with flavor.

    To season the corn, mix together butter, salt, pepper, fresh chopped parsley and chopped garlic. Take each corn individually and start to bring the corn husk back up as if you were putting the ears of corn back together. Remove a large husk leaf from each ear and set it aside . Start placing little knobs of butter inside the husk on all sides, lightly pressing the butter into the ears of corn, so they stay. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, fresh parsley and garlic, Scharpf explained.

    Another delicious seasoning suggestion includes adding sambal butter. I love adding sambal butter to my finished corn, Burrell said. Just mix two tablespoons of melted butter with 1 tablespoon of sambal.

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    How To Cook Corn On Cob On Grill

    Grilling Corn on the Cob


    Grill corn on cob on your grill and have a fun time! This easy recipe for grilled corn on cob is sure to be a hit with everyone. Just follow these simple steps to start cooking the corn: 1) Preheat your grill to medium-high heat.

    2) Spread out some Newspaper or other clean material on the grills surface. 3) Grill the corn until its lightly browned, about 5 minutes per side. 4) Serve hot and enjoy!

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    Ways To Grill Corn On The Cob

    There are three delicious ways to grill corn on the cob. No matter which method you choose, always start by preheating your grill to medium heat and lightly oiling the grates. How long to grill corn on the cob depends on the grilling method you choose and how hot your grill is. In general, you grill the corn until it’s perfectly tender, turning occasionally, somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes. Always let the corn cool for a minute or two before you eat it, and offer extra butter, salt, and any of your other favorite condiments on the side.

    Let’s get grilling it’s time to choose your favorite technique.

    Should You Soak Corn Before Grilling

    You may have heard that corn should be soaked in water before grillingbut it really depends on the corn. If the husks are bright green and tightly wrapped, your corn is fresh and can be grilled with no additional steps. Dont shuck it or peel back the husksthe corn silk does not need to be removed before grilling.

    If the husks are dry, peeling or turning yellow, the corn will need a soak first. Soak the whole, un-shucked ears in warm water for 10 minutes before proceeding. This helps rehydrate the husks and keeps the corn from drying out and burning on the grill.

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    How To Remove Corn From The Cob After Grilling

    Now that your corn is grilled, you can eat it off the cob or you can remove the kernels to use it in other recipes like Fresh Sweet Corn Salad.

    1. To cut kernels off the cob, stand the ear of corn upright. Holding the top of the cob with one hand, position your knife against the cob at the top and cut downward with one stroke.

    2. The corn kernels from a few rows will fall to your work surface. Continue all the way around the cob until you’ve removed all the kernels.

    Other Methods Of Cooking Sweet Corn

    Enjoy this Easy Grilled Corn on the Cob using these directions

    Stove top

    Before grilling I had always made corn on the cob on the stovetop. I would take my largest stockpot and fill it ¾ full with water.

    Once it came to a full roiling boil, I added the husked sweet corn. During the cooking process the little strings would float around the pot and the steam above the pot would fill the kitchen.

    Not only did it make the kitchen hot, you had to watch the pot carefully so that the pieces remained submerged in the water for them to cook evenly.

    After about 10-12 minutes, the corn was done cooking. As we would begin to eat it, we would spend half of the time removing the remaining pieces of silk that were stuck between the kernels.

    It always tasted absolutely delicious, but I became a hot mess while standing in the kitchen waiting for it to be done. That is why I prefer to grill corn on the cob whenever possible.

    Instant Pot

    Then I learned how to cook Instant Pot Corn On The Cob.

    I would still husk the corn prior to putting it in the pressure cooker. But the cooking time was a mere 4 minutes, if you didnt count how long it took for the pot to come to pressure.

    However, it was still a much faster and more hands off way to get the corn on the cob on the table.

    But sometimes, I would have to cut the cobs in half for it all to fit inside the pot. And I had to use a steamer basket or trivet so that the corn did not sit in the water that is required to pressurize the pot.

    Air Fryer Corn On The Cob

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    Can I Prep Foil Wrapped Corn Ahead

    Cooking corn on the cob in foil is also a great way to cook corn when camping. You can pre-wrap your ears before leaving home and they are ready to toss into the campfire when you get to your campsite! I do recommend double-wrapping the corn in two layers of foil if you plan to cook it in a campfire.

    How To Grill Corn On The Cob The Perfect Way

    First, use the freshest corn available. Use my tips on how to choose fresh corn cobs. If you plan to shuck the corn, you can also follow my tips for that.

    Also, preheat your gas grill to high .

    Then choose your method on how to make corn on the cob on the grill in foil, in the husk, or no foil no husk.

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    Is Corn Better Grilled Or Boiled

    Boiling, microwaving, and steaming make tender, juicy corn. But grilled corn is muuuuch more flavorful. A hint of tarragon adds an exotic sweetness, and the butter soaks in and drips off so the corn isnt the least bit greasy, yet it is buttery and so flavorful you wont want to put butter and salt on it at tableside.

    Option : How To Grill Corn On The Cob In Husk

    Grilled in foil CORN ON THE COB – How to GRILL CORN

    For that still-juicy, just-grilled smokiness, prep your grill for medium-high heat. Lay your ears straight on the grill grates and cook corn, turning occasionally, until the outer leaves are evenly charred. Depending on your grill model, this should take around 16 to 20 minutes. Want more color? Just loosen those husks slightly before grilling. Dont sweat it if the leaves get charcoal-colored and brittlethats what you want. The leaves prevent the kernels from overcooking while imparting big smoky flavor. Once the cobs are cool enough to handle, you can pull the husks and silk right off.

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    Corn Is A Frugal Side Dish

    Fresh corn is on sale everywhere in the Spring and Summer so this is also a very frugal side dish. In fact, we just can pick some up for usually for only $.20 EACH at our local grocery store.

    Now is the time to enjoy this inexpensive side dish. This grilled corn on the cob recipe is frugal, fast, and fabulous! It is a must have at any family BBQ at our house and the kids are normally fighting over the last ear.

    How To Grill Corn On The Stovetop

    Grilling corn over the stovetop gas burner is one of the easiest things you can do! Here is how:

    • Clean the corn. Each ear of corn should be shucked and cleaned of all silk.
    • Cook Over Medium-High. Place one ear of corn over the flames of a burner on medium-high heat. Important: be sure to use a pair of long, heat-safe tongs! Turn the ear occasionally, using your tongs, until the corn is charred on all sides to your liking . As the corn cooks, it will pop and sizzle, be sure to stand back for your safety.
    • Season and Enjoy! While the corn is warm, squeeze the lime juice all over or run half a lime, flesh side down, down the length of the corn. Sprinkle with red pepper flakes or Aleppo pepper and enjoy warm.

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    It Doesnt Make A Mess

    Because the microwave method means that you dont need to remove the husk or the silk until after the corn is cooked, it makes far less mess. Because the silk gets steamed in the cooking process, it peels off easily in one piece and doesnt get everywhere like it can if you use a method that requires you to peel your cob before cooking.

    How Long To Grill Corn On The Cob In Husks:

    Herbed Grilled Corn on the Cob Recipe

    Youll want to cook your corn on the grill slowly.

    I use Med-High heat for just about everything I grill, including grilling corn in husk. I like to leave them about 15-20 minutes, turning every 5 minutes or so.

    This grills all sides evenly and your husks will get nicely burn marks like this.

    Dont worry that your husks look a bit burned, your corn is safely protected inside!

    To serve, I hold the end of the corn with a towel because its very, very hot and pull the husks off. Believe it or not, those silks come off very easily. See, I told you to forget that microwave trick!

    One of the reasons that I love to prepare corn this way is because I get to soak up the sunshine while Im outside grilling and the girls get to play in the yard too!

    My family looks forward to the Spring so we can be outside as much as possible, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and grill!

    We tried to plow a little space in our backyard garden a few years ago to plant our own corn, but didnt have any luck so we stick with buying it at our local farmers market.

    Rub a bit of butter on your corn and youre good to go! Honestly, it doesnt need butter because grilling the corn in husk keeps the super sweet flavor, but its hard to break habits.

    I love the flavor of this corn because even though we grill over propane instead of charcoal, you still get a delicious grilled taste!

    Do you love to grill? Here are some of my other favorite grilling recipes!

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    Grilled Corn On The Cob In The Husk

    Try this recipe: Corn on the Grill

    Grilling corn while it’s still wrapped in the husk will help keep in moisture, resulting in a juicier ear of corn. Whether you remove the silk before or after grilling is a matter of personal preference. To remove the silk before grilling, pull back but don’t remove the husk, pull off the silk, and smooth the husk back up. Or, simply peel the whole darn thing after grilling. Don’t be alarmed: The husk will char completely but the tender kernels inside will steam perfectly and the silk will come off cleanly.

    How To Grill Corn In Foil For The Juicy Kernels

    Grilling corn in foil wont provide any char or smoky flavor, but it does keep the kernels moist. Its also a very forgiving method, so its great when you cant constantly watch the cornor if you want to cook the corn over a campfire or at a park.

    1. Shuck the corn like the first two methods and wrap each cob in heavy-duty foil before placing on the grill or over the fire.

    How long to grill corn in foil: Place the foil-wrapped corn on a grill heated to medium-high and cook, turning occasionally, for about 15 minutes. Let cool slightly before carefully unwrapping.

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    Removing Corn From The Cob

    There are a lot of innovative tools for removing corn from the cob specifically designed for removing corn kernels. They can save a lot of time if you want to remove the kernels from multiple cobs, but it can be easily done with a knife.

    To remove the kernels from corn on the cob, hold the cob in one hand and use a sharp knife to cut down the length of the cob. Be sure to angle your knife so youre only cutting through the kernels, not the cob itself. Once youve cut through the kernels, they will fall right off.

    To keep the corn steady, cut the tip off the cob so it can sit flat on the board.

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