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The Process Of Hooking Up A New Gas Line For The Bbq

How to Install a Natural Gas Barbecue Grill | Ask This Old House

An inspection of your natural gas system will confirm it has the capacity to run an additional gas appliance like a barbeque. If your gas meter doesnt have the capacity, you can contact your gas provider and ask if they will upgrade the meter. In many cases, they will be happy to sell you more gas and will install a new meter free of charge.

To start the job, the gasfitter will turn off the gas at the gas meter.

Then they will run piping from a port in the main gas line in the basement to a connect coupling they have installed on the outside of your house on the wall. Around each threaded connection, theyll apply a compound to ensure there are absolutely no leaks. Theyll also ensure the new gas line is fastened to the floor joists, so it doesnt interfere with anything inside the floor as it runs out to the coupling.

A hole will be drilled through your wall to install the coupling and attach the line. You will have a gas shutoff valve for this new line, so you can shut it on and off as you use your grill. Sometimes two valves will be installed; one inside and one outside. Theyll also install a quick-connect hose from the coupling that you will use to easily hook up your barbeque.

Then they will conduct a pressure test to check for leaks. If the line is having a hard time holding pressure, it likely means the gas is escaping somewhere. They will spray a liquid soap solution around the threaded connections to see if it bubbles. If it does, gas is leaking.

How To Properly Connect A One

One-pound propane cylinders like the popular DOT-39 are relatively easy to connect. They are most often found with portable grills that you need to burn for two or three hours. Though there are a few tabletop grills that deserve to pull double duty on a deck that will also run off a one-pound propane cylinder.

Its worth noting that one-pound gas cylinders use a different type of coupler than a larger propane tank. There are even some portable gas grills that have special connections that let you attach either type of cylinder or tank.

When connecting a one-pound propane cylinder to a pre-installed gas hose, you simply need to screw it in place. If you need to install a one-pound cylinder to an adaptor or control arm, it helps to screw the tank onto the adaptor first to make sure you have a firm seal. Then you can insert or screw the gas line adaptor into the grill.

Hire A Pro For Safety And Peace Of Mind

The risk of gas explosion means this is a risky choice and you should only take on this task if you are confident in your skills. What we have shared here is the freely available information on the internet, but we do not recommend any of these steps be taken by anyone without proper skills and experience. If you want to have this work done by pros who can get it done quickly and safely, just reach out to us by calling .

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Keep Your Outdoor Kitchen Clean With A Durable Vent Hood

Once you install your natural gas grill, be sure to install an outdoor range hood as well. It will keep the smoke and fumes produced from your grill outside of your patio. At Proline, our outdoor vent hoods are manufactured with a sleek outdoor-rated 304 stainless steel that is stain and scratch-resistant. Take a look at our professional outdoor hoods below.

Thats it for our article on how to connect a gas grill to your house. Its not something we recommend that you DIY, but if you want to tackle the project, have a professional plumber or gas fitter inspect your work.

For more home improvement ideas, check out our articles below.

Installing A Natural Gas Grill

How to Install a Natural Gas Shutoff Valve for a Grill ...
  • Installing a Natural Gas Grill

June 1, 2018 by The Gas Connection

When installing a natural gas grill please remember these three potential mistakes. Summertime is a special time to enjoy the great outdoors.

One of our favorite events occurs in ones own backyard where friends and family gather to enjoy food prepared on an outdoor grill.

One of the best producers of the right heat for this occasion is natural gas.

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How To Properly Connect A Gas Grill To A Propane Tank

If you are changing from a previously spent tank you need to first make sure to close the valve on the grills gas line as well as the propane tank itself. This will ensure that trace amounts of gas dont escape.

Step 1: Remove the old propane tank to a safe distance.Step 2: Carefully remove the perforated plastic seal from the new propane tank.Step 3: Connect the grills gas hose to the new propane tank by pushing the coupler into the tank and firmly hand tightening the knob.Step 4: Open the propane tanks valve.Step 5: Open the lid of the grill and test fire each burner to ensure that the propane connection is operating correctly and at full pressure.

Time To Fire Up The Grill

According to the 27th;annual Weber GrillWatchTM;Survey, 75 percent of Americans will fire up the grill for a Memorial Day cookout this year. Regardless of your fuel source, be sure to follow these grill safety tips from the;National Fire Protection Association:

  • Only grill outdoorsdont move the grill into the garage or on the porch when it rains.
  • Position the grill well away from the house and deck railings and out from under eaves.
  • Keep children and pets away from the grill area.
  • Keep your grill clean, removing grease buildup from the grills and the trays below.
  • Never leave a hot grill unattended.
  • Turn off the supply of gas to the grill when its not in use.;

And one final safety tip, learned the hard way: Be sure your homes grill master turns the grill off before presenting his or her delicious char-grilled fare!This story was originally published on August 24, 2016. It was updated with new information.

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Can You Connect A Propane Grill To A Natural Gas Line

Natural gas convenience over propane gas is that you can grill without worrying about your gas getting used up mid-cook or dealing with frequent propane gas tank replacements.

If you own a propane gas grill instead of a natural gas-rated one, you might be wondering if you can safely hook it to a natural gas line.

You can hook a propane gas grill to a natural gas line, but youll first need to convert the grill for natural gas use.

This process involves three simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Study your propane gas grill

BEFORE you attempt to convert your propane grill, you need to carefully study it to ensure its designed with dual fuel capabilities. Your user manual will be a good reference point.

Step 2: Install the conversion kit

If your propane grill can be used with natural, get a conversion kit that lets you turn it into a natural gas grill. You can easily know the type of conversion kit you need by referring to your grills rating label.

Turn off the natural gas line at the main valve and follow the kit manual on how to convert your propane grill to a natural gas grill .

Step 3: get down to grilling!

After you have successfully converted your grill and everything is running smoothly, you can now get down to grilling your favorite recipe!

Final verdict

If you have a propane gas grill that can work with a natural gas line, you can also hook it up with the help of a conversion kit and start enjoying the convenience that comes with natural gas over propane gas.

What Not To Do While Converting To Natural Gas Line/gas Grill

How to Install a Natural Gas Grill | Ask This Old House

If you re new to using a natural gas grill, there are some things you need to focus one, some things you should never do:

  • You should never go over budget with buying the gas grill. Keep in mind the installation will cost you a good amount of money too.;You might need additional parts to set up the grill in place. So whatever your budget is, buy something under that limit.;
  • If you are not very skilled or familiar with gas lines, do not try to install the grill by yourself. Natural gas grills are not the same as propane grills.;They need proper tools and skills to set up. Instead, hire someone to do the job.;
  • Contact your house contractor to know your gas line pressure level. You need it to set up the regulator.;
  • Dont ignore the permit requirements while setting up your natural gas line. It might cost you a lot in the long run.;

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Hook Up And Turn On The Gas

  • Determine if your grill is designed for burning propane or natural gas. Most gas grills use propane, supplied from small portable tanks, but some are connected directly to the natural gas supply of a house.
  • Find your grill’s gas supply hose and regulator . If your grill takes propane, thread the regulator onto the valve at the top of your propane tank . Be sure to thread it all the way on, taking care that it’s aligned properly. Do not over-tighten.
  • The best way to maintain a supply of propane is to have a second tank on hand at all times. When the tank you’re using runs out, which can happen at any moment, simply install the fresh tank and keep on cooking. Then swap out the empty tank for a full one. or have the empty tank refilled before your next grilling session.
  • Open the propane tank valve, or the natural gas valve, all the way.
  • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher within easy reach before lighting.

Can I Hook In My Own Natural Gas Grill

You definitely can hook up your own natural gas grill if you have all the right tools for it. If you dont have prior knowledge of plumbing or you are not familiar with the tools, we recommend hiring a professional to do the job.;

As its natural gas, a small accident can be very detrimental and no one should take a risk.;

A plumbing or heating contractor can easily install your gas grill. Its always better to go natural as it saves a lot of money and energy in the long run.;

You wont have to refill those bulky propane tanks. As you wont have to move around the tank at all, its safer too.;

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How Many Btus Do You Need

The British Thermal Unit rating isnt the most important factor when choosing a grill. Though a higher BTU rating means more heat, most grilling is done within a certain temperature range so higher temperatures are rarely required.

For most cooks, the size and shape of the grill will make more of a difference to the grilling experience than BTU.

However, if one model in your price range has a much lower BTU, it might be a sign that you arent getting good quality for the price.

How To Fix A Gas Grill That Wont Ignite

How To Install A Gas Line or Tank To A Propane Grill ...

Igniting a gas grill is supposed to be simple: Push the spark igniter on your gas grill and youre fired up and ready for steak. But after a few years, those piezo-style igniters stop working. They bind up and refuse to click, or they click but dont produce a spark. Rather than replace the gas grill ignitor every few years with the same trouble-prone style, why not upgrade to a battery-powered spark generator?

You can buy a new-style spark generator and electrode for about $20 at some home centers and online . Youll probably have to mount it in a different location. Thatll mean abandoning the old piezo unit and drilling a new hole. If youre OK with that, grab your drill, bits and a rotary tool and get to work. The entire project takes about one hour from start to fire. Heres how.

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Infrared Heat: Is It Right For You

Infrared burners use ceramic tiles with microscopic holes to concentrate flame heat, converting it into infrared energy . This energy means a more intense and consistent heat.

Infrared heating technology is increasingly popular with professional cooks. However, it can be more expensive than standard gas grills . Its super intense heat is great for quick cooking, but some experts like more control over their grill.

Note: Side burners and rotisseries often use infrared technology.

These features are also available for the griller interested in a little luxury:

Side burners

Side burners let you cook your entire meal on one appliance, but can add to the cost. They have less power than main burners, making them good for side dishes or keeping sauces warm.


Rotisseries are popular for those who barbecue often or for many people. But if you dont think you’ll ever cook a whole rotisserie chicken or turkey on your gas grill, this feature may not be necessary.


To smoke your meats or fish, a compartment or drawer is filled with wood chips which release smoke, flavouring the food. Different woods produce different flavours. Some grills have a smoker feature, or you can buy smoker box accessories for use with grills.

Choosing The Finish & Cooking Grids

Barbecues come in many styles of finishes, from classic black to stainless steel and a variety of designer colours. What’s most important is the finish on the cooking grid itself:

  • Stainless steel grids and burners resist weathering, clean up easily, wont rust and last longer.
  • Cast aluminum or powder-coat finishes require less cleaning time than stainless steel and retain heat better.
  • Porcelain-coated steel also holds heat well, and is easiest to clean.
  • Cast iron is durable, heats evenly and is easy to clean, although uncoated cast iron must be seasoned with cooking oil to prevent rust.

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Example Of Mechanical Igniter Installation

Im going to demonstrate how I replaced the igniters in my 2002 Summit 450. The steps are similar on most older Weber grills:

  • Remove the burner control knobs and control panel to access the igniter parts. Remove the cooking grates and Flavorizer bars to access the gas catcher.
  • Remove and replace the igniter parts and gas catcher.
  • Test the new parts.
  • Put the grill back together.

On my Summit, the knobs and control panel are on the front of the grill and there are two igniters to replace:

On other grills like the popular Genesis 1000, the knobs and control panel are on the right side of the grill and theres only one igniter to replace:

Thats my 1992 Genesis 2 in the photo above, now being used by my parents. Heres how the igniter is configured on that grill, shown with the control panel removed. This is the same on Genesis 1-5 and 1000-5000 grills.

Someday Ill photograph the replacement of the igniter in that grill and post them here. Until then, the photos that follow from my Summit igniter replacement will have to do.

Hiring The Right Gas Line Installer

Natural Gas BBQ Grill Gas Line Install

Not all contractors are equal when it comes to installing gas lines. Although contractors specialize in many areas, installing gas lines needs to be done by professionals. We specialize in the installation, repair or replacement of gas lines.

Check reviews, their website, and local building departments to find which contractor can meet the needs of your project.

The Gas Connection is a licensed, bonded, and insured company. We offer our Colorado customers the best natural gas line installation possible. When you need this type of installation, contact us!

If you are thinking of installing a gas grill, contact us at 303-466-4206. We will be happy to discuss your needs for getting a safe, economical, and reliable gas grill installation.

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Popular Mechanical Igniter Replacement Kits

The two most popular mechanical igniter replacement kits are:

  • Weber 7509 Igniter Kit: For Spirit and Genesis , Platinum I and II, Genesis 1000 to 5500, Genesis Silver and Gold , and Genesis Platinum. Does not fit Spirit front-mounted control panel models.
  • Weber 7510 Igniter Kit: For Genesis Silver/Gold/Platinum gas grills and Spirit 200/300 gas grills . Does not fit Genesis Silver/Gold C models after 2003.

These kits come with an igniter button that generates the high voltage discharge,; a ceramic igniter that makes the spark, a black wire and a white wire, a sheet metal gas catcher that collects gas , and installation instructions. The black wire is connected at one end to the ceramic igniter at the factory.

If you have a grill with a mechanical igniter thats not listed above, call Weber Customer Support at 800-446-1071 to determine the correct igniter for your grill. For example, Ive got a 2002 Weber Summit 450 grill with two mechanical igniters and the replacement part is Weber 901a part that looks identical to the Weber 7509 shown above, but theres some difference between the twoperhaps the wires are a different length.

Remove The Old Igniter

Pull the black and white wires off the igniter button.

Find the metal tab on the gas catcher above the ceramic igniter.

Fold the tab DOWN and the white wire connector UP to free the gas catcher box from the firebox.

Push the old igniter through the firebox to remove it.

Remove the igniter button by loosening the nut under the button and sliding the button out of the metal frame.

Heres a look at the two igniters removed from my Summit 450. Again, your older Genesis or Spirit has just one igniter.

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