Is Infrared Grill Worth It

Should You Be Replacing Your Grates

Worth IT? Truth about Char Broil Grill 2 Go X200 “True” Infrared Grill 8 Month Review.

Youre probably in one of two camps. You either want to avoid buying a new grill for whatever reason and wonder/hope that new grates are the answer to your prayers. At least for the next year or two. Or, you want better performance and are willing to spend some money to get it.

Heres how this decision will break down. Original grates will be the choice if price is most important. However, if you appreciate the underlying design of infrared and what makes it so good then youll appreciate the design choices made in the higher end infrared grills and the aftermarket grill grates well cover below.

You can go with aftermarket replacement grill grates instead of the original ones your grill came with. There are a few designs out there in the marketplace but it dominated by one brand and for good reason great product works as promised but a bit pricey for some folks. It comes down to how much you care about grilling, barbecuing, or smoking meat.

Youre reading this because youre thinking about replacing them, so lets get right to it dont buy the same grates your grill came with. None of them except on high-end grills are worth the money.

How To Clean An Infrared Grill

One of the best ways to clean your infrared grill is to burn off the excess food particles and grease stuck on the grates. You can do this by turning the grill on high heat and closing the lid for about 15 minutes. After this, you can just brush off the ashes.

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Broilmaster R3 Infrared Propane Gas Grill

Come hang out on a deck and enjoy some times with friends and family. At the end of the day, theres no better way to clean up your mess than with a Broilmaster R3 Infrared Propane Gas Grill. Built from heavy-duty cast aluminum construction to last a lifetime, this grill is ready for anything even spilling beer on it by accident!

But dont worry because not only does the V-Channel cooking grid grab drippings that would have just gone into your yard or down your storm drain, turning them into delicious smoke that adds flavor to any food, but the Stainless steel adjustable lids stop automatically centers heat so you can dial in just the right temperature for whatever seafood feast youre cooking. Plus cleanup is quick and easy with the easy-roll wheels and removable grease tray.

The R3 Infrared Series gas grill by Broilmaster is the ultimate barbecue. It features 40,000 BTU dual infrared burners to vaporize any drippings for quick and easy cooking. The 695 square inch grilling area on this stainless steel beauty also includes V-channel grids and a multi-position lid stop for more options when it comes to the perfect sear on the food of your choosing.

Plus, this stainless steel model includes an added benefit: a locking wheeled cart that makes transporting your delicious food from backyard cookouts or even tailgates simple!

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Achieves Steakhouse Quality Barbecuing

Ever wondered what makes steakhouse steak taste so good? Well, for one thing, the grilling equipment they use is second to none. Most of the top-rated steakhouses use infrared grills for cooking their meats since these burners achieve a level of precision that cannot be replicated using any other type of grill. So you, too, can achieve a professional-level sear right in the comfort of your home.

Is The Infrared Grill Worth It

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Enthusiasts say infrared grills are good at searing meat, provide uniform heat and cut down on flare-ups. In our tests of gas grills, we havent found that infrared grills or grills with an infrared element are any better than those with standard burners. All the best grills in our tests cook uniformly.

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Saber Cast 500 Infrared Gas Grill With Side Burner

This 3-burner model is slightly smaller than the Char-Broil unit, but it also includes a side burner for searing. It offers an attractive design and high-quality construction with a price tag to match.

How They Compare:

  • AffordabilityChar-Broil
  • Additional FeaturesChar-Broil

If youd like to take your infrared grill on the road, the TEC G-Sport FR is worth a second look.

Can You Convert A Regular Gas Grill To Infrared

Infrared grills use radiant heat to cook. Unlike normal grill grates, infrared grates have large ridges that keep the food from resting directly on the grate and close to the flame. If you have a grill, you do not need to purchase a new grill to cook with infrared technology; you can convert your current grill instead.

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How Will An Infrared Grill Affect The Taste Of My Food

Taste, of course, is subjective.

Many people enjoy cooking with charcoal because of the residual smoky taste, which you wont get from an infrared grill.

However, there is evidence to suggest that an infrared grill might actually make your food taste better than a charcoal or standard gas grill!

Because of the high direct heat of an infrared grill the drippings are said to actually vaporize and be reintroduced back into the food through steam, rather than being lost to the bowels of your grill.

This is why many brands claim the ceramic plates often used in infrared grills protect the meat from being dried out during cooking.

The high, even heat also makes them ideal for cooking foods like steak.

Why Is Infrared Better

Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Gas Grill Review |

Various aspects can answer this question. Here are some of them:

  • An infrared grill has a wider range of temperature settings. This makes it easier for you to adjust should you need to cook different types of meat on one occasion.
  • Setting this up or preheating is much faster than the traditional type. Therefore, it cuts your preparation time in half.
  • As for heat distribution, infrared grills are much more efficient because of the way they concentrate heat on the cooking surface. This is also why its easier to achieve evenly-cooked meat using this type of grill.

When it comes to cooking with any type of grill, keep in mind that safety is also essential.

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How Does An Infrared Grill Work

Just as I have mentioned earlier, these grills use either charcoal or gas as fuel. The only difference between these types of grills is how the heat is generated.

With charcoal and gas grills, the heat generated when the fuel is burned is used to heat the air which in turn cooks the meals.

With the infrared grill, however, the heat generated is used to heat an infrared element within the grill which then radiates the heat in order to cook.

Sounds impressive, right?

Well, it is because the radiated heat is distributed evenly.

But before we declare these grills the best invention since sliced bread, lets take a look at their advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision on whether to get one of these or to stick to what you already have.

Are Infrared Grills Worth The Cost Or Are They Just Marketing Hype

Many infrared grill owners swear that there is nothing that compares to the ease, speed, convenience and perfect results that these burners produce. Others, however, claim that a high end grill will produce exactly the same results.

Here are a couple of points to take into consideration when weighing up if one of these grills is right for you.

  • You will need to learn a few new techniques in order to get the best results out of your grill. For some this might seem like a pain, but others love learning new tips and tricks and putting them into action.
  • Infrared grill burners will cook your food incredibly fast. If you regularly sear steaks for large groups, then perhaps the speed at which you can churn out consistently great food will be a selling point for you.
  • Because the grilling surface is usually close to the burner, dripping fat is usually burnt up and produces smoke that flavors the food. As long you dont purchase a model that is prone to flare ups, this will result in some extra flavor in your food.

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What Are Infrared Grills

As the name suggests, infrared grills feature grates that operate on an infrared system. This system generates heat for the grills.

Its different from convection or radiation technology in the sense that it can produce higher temperatures than these two. This has been backed up by the Institute of Culinary Education.

The higher the overall temperature of the grill, the greater the amount of infrared energy needed to operate it.

Some grills are designed to work with other systems for the ignition and the actual cooking process.

Several grill models are equipped with gas burners under the infrared grates for further efficiency of the entire system.

This makes the stainless steel emitters activate the infrared energy and transform it to heat that is eventually used for cooking.

Other companies designed their grills and paired them up with ceramic tiles in place of steel emitters. This is a better choice for those who dont want to cook at higher temperatures. This is also ideal for those who want their food cooked through but not toasted.

What Is A Gas Grill

Infrared grill

Gas grills are a very popular outdoor amenity because they give homeowners easy access to cooking outside.

They are also known to add a particular flavor to food compared to convection ovens or stovetop frying.

With these grills, you will require either natural gas or propane to fuel the fire, and you will cook your food over an open flame.

There are also valves on the outside of the grill that allows you to adjust the flow of gas as well as the heat.

Its common to close the hood of your grill to let the hot air in the unit cook your food thoroughly.

Gas grills are incredibly popular not only thanks to their availability but also their affordability.

You can find them in several different sizes and at various price points that fit your budget well.

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Is Infrared Cooking Safe For Health

Even though infrared cooking is safe, take proper precautions. Do not use your infrared grill or microwave oven if the hinge, seal or latch is damaged. Use caution when cooking with infrared due to the high heat produced. Be careful not to burn yourself and monitor children if they are nearby.

Is An Infrared Grill Worth It

Considering how well they perform and outperform even the best leading charcoal and gas grill, a big yes.

This kind of grills has changed the way meals are prepared and you should consider getting one of them if you want to prepare the best dishes possible.

From the infrared grills pros and cons mentioned above it is quite clear that there are things to consider but you should get one for your exact cooking needs.

You should, however, be aware of its high cost and the fact they are heavy and bulky and, therefore, difficult to move around.

How much are you willing to spend on an infrared grill? Tell me your budget in the comment section below.

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Remarkably Simple To Clean

They are much simpler to clean than gas and charcoal grills.

How Do You Clean an Infrared Grill?

The simplest way is to turn on the grill and set the temperature to max. Then close the lid and leave the grill alone for 15 20 minutes. During this time, any remaining debris will be incinerated.

Then just wipe away any residue.

After that, its a good idea to season the grill.

Best Infrared Grills Under 500 Dollars Reviewed

Char Broil Tru Infrared 3 burner Commercial Grill First Review

We took our time to research dozens of infrared grills available in this price class and chose the best ones for this guide. All of the models included here have something special to offer, be it portability, extremely high heat, or versatility.

Here are the reviews of 6 best infrared grills that you can get for under 500 bucks.

Note: Below you can find a few more guides that we think you will find interesting:

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How To Maintain Your Infrared Grill

  • Like traditional charcoal and gas grills, your infrared appliance has to be preheated before grilling. It makes sure that the unit will be expanded and sterilized. And your food wont stick to the unit when cooking. On average, it takes around five minutes for the grill to be heated.
  • You need to reduce the temperature when preparing vegetables and protein foods. Typically, infrared grills usually offer high temperature all through the grilling process. So, basically, cooking on infrared grills takes a shorter time when compared to cooking on traditional gas and charcoal grills.
  • Except you are very familiar with the grilling time on an IR grill, we recommend equipping your grill with a thermometer to ensure precise internal temperature.
  • We recommend you to use the grill at the maximum temperature level. You should decrease around thirty percent of the set temperature when cooking steaks. Meanwhile, your foods arent affected when you raise the temperature.

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Are Infrared Grills Healthier

Infrared grills can be significantly more efficient, and they can also be healthier, since they dont char food and therefore dont create as many of the carcinogens produced by traditional charcoal and gas grills. Its a very healthy way of eating, since the only thing that gets cooked out of the food is the fat.

Possible Drawbacks Of Infrared Grills

Best Infrared Grill & Buying Guide (March 2020)

With all of these benefits, there are also some downsides.;

Besides the fact that infrared burners are more expensive than traditional burners, its important to realize that there are cooking differences as well.;

It will take experienced grillers some time to learn the intricacies of cooking on infrared. You might have a few burned steaks in the early days because things happen fast on infrared.

Also, slow cooking recipes are more difficult without the traditional convection of a standard grill. If you roast, bake, or smoke in your gas grill, an infrared burner is of little benefit.;

Infrared is best used for fast, direct cooking.

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Benefits Of Infrared Grills

If youre thinking about upgrading your current grill, then youre probably torn between going the gas or the charcoal way. However, theres a third option you might not be aware of: The infrared grill.

Infrared grills are not as new as you may think. The first grills were produced in the year 2000 after a four-decade-long patent to the infrared burner expired. This effectively paved the way for manufacturers to use the technology to build infrared grills.

But whats all the hullabaloo about? Heres everything you need to know about the benefits of infrared grills.

Fuel And Time Efficiency

The infrared grill is more efficient than the conventional gas grill in a way that it takes less time to heat up. As soon as an infrared burner is ignited, the temperature of the grill rises above 1000° F in less than sixty seconds. It does not take more than three minutes for an infrared grill to reach a temperature of 1400° F.

A gas grill, on the other hand, takes some time to reach the desired temperature suitable for searing or grilling food. Due to this, the food needs to be grilled for a longer time. Cooking for long makes it dry and drains all its moisture content. The maximum temperature that a gas grill reaches is 500° F. This saves a lot of time.

When cooking meat, each side of a fillet or steak is done under a span of two minutes. Once the meat has been seared on both sides, the flavor, moisture, and juices are all locked and sealed in. Further cooking of the fillet will not let the moisture or flavor drip out. The heat on an infrared burner can be adjusted to slow cook through the meat without burning the outsides.

Since food cooks faster on an infrared grill, less fuel is used. So, a lot of energy and money is saved. On the contrary, a gas grill consumes more time and fuel, and is thus expensive.

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