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Compare Rec Tec Trailblazer Vs Rec Tec Grills Stampede

RT-340 Wood Pellet Grill | REC TEC Grills

Both of these grillers came from Rec Tec. These two products have quite similar design and function. Perhaps, the only difference in their design and function is its color. The Rec Tec Grills Stampede is coated in dirty gold while the latter is white.

Moreover, these two grillers explore on different cooking capacity. The Rec Tec Grills Stampede has a bigger size with large cooking chamber and hopper. Comparing to the other one, it has a 30-pound hopper capacity which is twice as big as the Trailblazer model.

As expected, since its quite big, the Rec Tec Grills Stampede will be more expensive than the Trailblazer one.

Added Features Bells And Whistles

This is an area in which Traeger has really stepped up its game.

The new-for-2019 models are substantially better built than their older models, and come more fully tricked-out with the latest electronics.

All Traeger models feature the new D2 controller, including a variable speed fan and auger, and Wi-Fire technology.

Whats that, other than a clever name?

Its the built-in ability to connect via your home Wi-Fi network to an app on your phone for total control of your smoker. It also hooks you up with recipes with step-by-step instructions.

Plus all six grills come with a single meat probe for internal temperature monitoring.

Finally, Traeger grills come with built-in error reporting. So if for some reason your grill doesnt fire up or work properly, quite often the grill itself can tell you whats wrong! Pretty cool.

Recteqs also feature Wi-Fi connectivity and an app for monitoring and adjusting your cook from anywhere you can connect to the internet. The app also includes access to recipes.

They claim their Smart Grill Technology and proprietary algorithm significantly reduce temperature fluctuations.

All Recteq models featured here include two temperature probes.

As to other gear for kitting out your grill, both manufacturers have a selection of goodies you can tack on to your order.

Rec Tec Pellet Grill Small Size: Trailblazer Rt

· Build

The Trailblazer has the usual Rec Tec stainless steel body. From the cooking chamber to the hopper lid to the bucket hook to even the logo, everything is made using high-quality stainless steel. It has fail-proof lid stops that are guaranteed to last you a long time without bending or breaking. The lid is powder coated and insulated for even heating and heavy-duty grilling or smoking.

It is also an easily portable grill. It weighs 80 pounds and has three sturdy handles for carrying it around. There are also rollerblade style wheels and folding and locking legs, which make it easy to move and store.

The interior consists of 304 stainless steel as well. It features a heat deflector which ensures even heating inside the cooking chamber. The drip pan helps collect grease directly into a bucket which makes clean up quick and easy. The Trailblazer also has state of the art HotFlash Ceramic Ignition System.

· Temperature Control

Along with Tec Recs signature Smart Grill Technology, the Trailblazer has Wi-Pellet WiFi Technology. This allows you to monitor and adjust your grill settings from your phone or any other wireless device. Moreover, it also has automatic lighting and shutdown features, all activated with a push of a button.

· Capacity

· Power and Fuel Source

This grill has a 110 volt AC GFCI outlet. It uses 100% natural hardwood pellets that bring out the best flavor in your food.

· Customer Service

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Rec Tec Grills Review

With a decade of experience under their belt, Rec Tec Grills have successfully built a name for themselves in the market. What started off as just two guys trying to create the ultimate grill for the best BBQ experience, has now become one of the best brands for BBQ grills . With a huge team at their back, Rec Tec Grills now caters to customers all over the country.

Their journey wasnt easy though. There were a lot of hurdles and obstacles on the path to creating the best grill with the highest quality. But they met each obstacle head on and now, that is precisely what sets them apart from the rest of the competition.

· Smart Grill Technology

BBQ is all about temperature control. Whether its beef, chicken, lamb, or any meat, keeping the temperature under control is an art that not many have managed to perfect. More importantly, with Rec Tecs Smart Grill Technology, you dont have to anymore.

Programmed with PID algorithms, the Smart Grill Technology in Rec Tec Grills ensures consistent temperatures throughout the entire cooking process. The sharp sensors and processors can detect the slightest changes in temperature, be it inside the grill or outside, and adjust it accordingly.

· Grills made with Stainless Steel

· Pellet Hopper

Furthermore, Rec Tec Grills are designed to make sure all the pellets end up in the firebox as compared to ordinary grills, which run dry while there are still some pellets left in the hopper.

· The Rec Tec Guarantee

Wood Pellet Grills For Easy Cooking


Beginners and expert grillers alike love the versatility and ease that pellet grills provide. All you need is your favorite type of hardwood pellets and cuts of meat and veggies to create amazing meals. After the pellets are loaded into the hopper, you can grill up your favorite foods with a simple touch of a button or turn of a knob. Many wood pellet smoker and grill models even include advanced technologies that help you maintain precise, consistent temperatures every time you use it.

Whether you want to grill hot and fast or low and slow, pellet smokers and grills offer incredible flexibility. Our selection of pellet grills offers the flexibility to grill, barbecue, smoke, roast, braise and bake a variety of foods. Whats more, many models make it so you can set it and forget it, making grilling easier than ever.

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Rec Tec Grills Review: Top Three Grills

Now that you know everything there is to know about Rec Tec, its time to see if they really do deliver on their promise. Well be reviewing three of their popular grills: the Trailblazer RT-340, the Stampede RT-590, and the Bull RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill. But before you make any final decisions, take a look at these tips for choosing the best pellet grill.

Small Size:

REC TEC Grills Trailblazer | RT-340 | Bundle | WiFi Enabled | Portable Wood Pellet Grill | Built in Meat Probes | Stainless Steel | 15lb Hopper | 2 Year Warranty | Hotflash Ceramic Ignition System Whoever said that a good BBQ could only be done at home, obviously didnt know about the Rec Tec Trailblazer RT-340 Grill. With the Trailblazer, you can enjoy all the features that youve come to love, anywhere you like.

Other Rec Teq Pellet Grills Worth Considering


This is one of the biggest Rec Teq grills on the market. At 2535 square inches of cooking space, feel free to cook anything you want. The 53lb hopper capacity can take up many pellets for a lasting cooking experience. It also comes with WIFI enabled feature for convenient control of the pellet grill from your smartphone. Also, the stainless steel material does not corrode or fade away.


This is one of the most portable Rec Teq grills on the market. It comes at 380 square inches of cooking space. The 15lb hopper capacity can take minimal pellet amount. It is also WIFI enabled for convenient control of the pellet grill from your smartphone.

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What Is The Biggest Rec Tec Grill

The Rec Tec grill produces high-quality products with simple and effective easy-to-use features. When the biggest grill in your mind is the RT-700 and RT-590, you are wrong.

The biggest grill at Rec-Tec is the RT-2500 BFG Wood Pellet Grill that they make that can you order online.

The RT-TMG Chuckwagon Wood Pellet Grill and RT-CMG Beast Wood Pellet Grill are only for local pickup as both are huge recteq grill smokers.

A Word Of Caution About Pellet Grills

RecTeq 340 Pellet Grill Burn Off and Walk Around Review

If your pellet grill trips a breaker, call customer support instead of letting matters get out of hand like I did.

Another alarming incident was something that, after a quick web search, proved to be a fairly common occurrence among all types of pellet grills. I experienced two minor explosions. It wasnt quite as dramatic as it sounds, but theres no better word for what happened. It was a loud noise, and the lid popped open as a small flame momentarily shot out of the grill before the lid slammed back shut. The lid is extremely heavy, so thats no small feat.

The first explosion was caused by the fact that the blower was not blowing . As a result, there was a large pile of pellets that did not have enough oxygen to do anything but smolder. This twice tripped the breaker. I simply reset the breaker, though I would strongly advise against this approach.

It then dawned on me to take a peek under the hood, and I noticed the blower was not spinning. I gave it a nudge with a screwdriver and it took off and was blowing like a champ. Of course, all the while, the auger was pouring pellets into the firepot, so with the blower fully functional, there was sufficient oxygen to ignite the smoldering fuel and gasses. And ignite they did!

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Rec Tec Pellet Grill Middle Size: Stampede Rt

With its unique octagon-shaped cooking chamber, the Stampede is not too small or too large, but just the perfect size for your needs. You dont have to sacrifice quality for size or vice versa with this grill.

· Build

Along with the standard stainless steel body that doesnt rust or corrode, the Stampede has a unique octagonal shape that provides more headroom than your typical barrel-style grills. It comes with high-temperature RTV caulk that helps keep any moisture out of the cooking chamber. All the wire holes are fitted with rubber grommets to protect them from damage.

Furthermore, the grill has a modular construction with vented component access panels for easy access and replacement. Its equipped with rollerblade style wheels and locking casters so that your grill doesnt move unless you want it to. Theres also a shelf at the bottom which provides stability and a convenient storage spot.

· Temperature Control

The Stampede has Rec Tecs trademark Smart Grill Technology along with the PID algorithms which monitor and accurately maintain temperatures. The Wi-Pellet WiFi Technology also allows you to watch and adjust your grill temperatures wirelessly without having to be there.

There are additional LO and FUL temperature settings for maintaining temperatures below 200 degrees Fahrenheit or above 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The LO setting is a great help for when youre smoking eat. Check out these common smoking mistakes which you can avoid for better smoke.

· Capacity

Do You Need A Smart Grill

Rec Tec’s grills are made of high strength carbon steel.

Most smoked/grilled foods involve many hours of low and slow cooking. One of my favorites is an eight-pound pork shoulder cooked low and slow at 225°F until it reaches an internal temperature of approximately 205°F. This process commonly takes 12 to 14 hours.

The ability to start this grill, place your temperature probes in the pork, and simply set a temperature and walk away is amazing! The app allows you to set alarms that will alert you when there is a variation in temperature or when your probes reach the temp you have set. So you can go about your life while the grill does the tedious part of the job for you.

Now, if grilling is your excuse to sit on your deck, closely monitor your grill and drink a case of beer, a smart grill might not be for you.

If I had to choose between the Recteq RT-340 and a charcoal kettle grill, it would be a very difficult choice, but I think I would probably stick with my trusty old kettle grill. I know that with a lot more effort, I can do everything on the kettle that I can do on the pellet grill, and more. The pellet is better at everything except for the one thing I enjoy the most: a thick cut, medium-rare ribeye steak over white hot coals and a chunk of hardwood.

Luckily, my patio has room for both.

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Rec Teq Grills Bull Rt

If you just bought expensive meat and looking for a reliable grill for your cooking, I confidently suggest the RT-700 from Rec Teq. Planning to throw a party? RT-700 is your savior.

Lets take quick navigation into the features:

Quick features

  • 40-pound hopper capacity
  • Wifi technology for easy control

Achieving precise cooking with a grill can be difficult. Thats where Rec Teq GRILLS BULL RT-700 comes in. With this pellet grill, you can cook at, and maintain your desired temperature.

And oh, youre free from the hassles of a propane tank and gases, because the grill runs on a wood pellet. Although the grill is a bit heavy, it still maintained its portability .

It doesnt matter whether you want to cook a large quantity of food this model is ready to accommodate your cooking. Not surprised why it is called the bull, RT-700 is a badass pellet grill.

Firstly, youre not going to get this grill at a low price. So if youre looking for some cheap-stake grill, maybe you should check the next lowlife grill. But if you understand the value of a high-quality grill, youll realize that youre in for luck.

Build quality

I love that the cooking chamber is made with stainless steel material. Not only will your pellet grill lasts for long, but it also saves you from the frustration of peeled or cracked paints. The build quality extends to all parts of the grill.

The package comes with everything you need along with the grill.

Excellent cooking experience

Support mobile operation

What Users Are Saying About Rec Tec Trailblazer

Read This Review of the REC TEC Trailblazer RT

The Rec tec is a flexible brand for use in grilling and smoking purposes. A lot of its users are prettily contented with the devices performance. Its easy to use with closely accurate temperature function. Other than that, users love its simple yet quite traditional design.

Controls and the wifi function are conveniently established with an excellent app which makes things more effortless. It possesses the most comprehensive functions with a well-detailed user manual during its installation and operation.

Its an all-in-one grilling package. Its quite safe and efficient for years of use.

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Our Verdict: The Rec Tec Trailblazer Rt

For anyone hunting down a portable pellet grill built to last the distance, the REC TEC Trailblazer is quite literally in a class of its own. It is small enough to bring with you and powerful enough to get to blazing temperatures in no time. Bring this grill to your next family gathering, the cottage, you name it! You are a master griller and deserve a grill worthy of your passion for grilling.

Whats The Disadvantage Of The Rec Tec Trailblazer

The Rec tec trailblazer is among the newest offer of the Rec tec company to their patrons. Its good-looking equipment for use in smoking and grilling meat. Its quite flexible with highly accurate temperature controls about more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its a grilling system with integrated technology innovations for minimal effort during its operation. Its a versatile cooking experience thats convenient for all users.

Perhaps, the disadvantage that several users complained about this equipment is its portability. You just cant move it anywhere. Thus, youll have to disintegrate it first or else youll have trouble lifting the device.

Also, the back lids are discolored during smoking. Though its quite normal for a lot of grillers, this product should at least improve this function since its quite expensive to buy.

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Recteq Pellet Grills/smokers 2022 Features And Reviews

Want a new grill but dont know where to start? You are not alone! With so many products regularly appearing on the market, it can be difficult to know what to go for.

We have put together this handy guide to take you through everything you need to know about grills and smokers from RECTEQ.

This company has recently brought out some great grill models, ideal for newbies or seasoned grill-masters.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the incredible range of grills and smokers that RECTEQ offers.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying A Pellet Grill

Rec Tec 340 Pellet Grill – Easy Set Up

First, you need to think about your cooking preferences. Do you want to grill low and slow for heaps of flavor and juicy meat?

Or do you prefer quick frying for that wonderful charred finish?

Temperature control is also super important when you are trying to find the perfect grill. Almost all of RECTEQs range come with PID temperature control systems.

This is one of the most superior control systems available at the moment and is super accurate.

An efficient grill is a good grill. This is true for the cooking process, but also fuel economy. All of RECTEQs grills will burn an average of 1lb of pellets per hour.

This strikingly low fuel consumption is partly thanks to its central-hopper design, but also due to the even way that the grill burns pellets.

Next, you need to think about how high-tech you want your grill to be. All RECTEQ grills come with Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to connect to your grill anywhere that you have a Wi-Fi connection or 4G/5G signal.

Out shopping? Preheat your grill on your way home, so you are ready to get cooking as soon as you walk through the door.

The size of the grill you need usually depends on how much cooking surface you want.

All pellet grills will read like they have a massive amount of cooking space, but keep in mind that many companies include two or even three additional upper racks in this size guide.

This means that you have far fewer square inches of cooking space than you thought you had.

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