Where Can I Buy An Electric Grill

Types Of Electric Grills:

Should You Buy? Pampered Chef Electric Grill and Griddle

In general, electric grills are categorized into three main types electric grills with carts, portable electric grills, and built-in electric grills. Each type has its pros and cons. So, pick the best one as per your grilling needs. Lets know about them in detail.

Electric Grills with Carts These are semi-portable with some kind of built-in storage. They can cook multiple things at a time and can easily make an ideal meal for a large group of people. Most of them come with wheels but not considered super portable. So, an electric grill with an embedded cart will suit perfectly on your patio or deck.

Portable Units Ideal to use in outdoor events or camping trips. It is small, compact and portable that wont take much space. However, the drawback is it wont support cooking a large quantity of cook. You have to cook food in a batch, especially serving a large group of people/families.

Built-in Electric Grills These are specially designed for outdoor kitchens and you can install them directly on a countertop and remain in the same place . They are expensive and the best pick for beginners.

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Buying Guide For Best Electric Grills

Who doesnt love the flavour of grilled meat, fish, and vegetables? And nobody needs to miss out. Even if you live in an area that doesnt allow cooking with an open flame, you can still use an electric grill. Whats more, when its cold and wet outside, many models are designed for delicious indoor grilling!

The sheer variety of sizes and prices can make choosing the right electric grill model difficult, so the BestReviews team has been busy testing .

In this electric grill buying guide, we discuss the features youll want to consider and provide answers to your questions. Weve also included a number of recommendations that show the many different styles available.

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Outdoor Electric Grill Comparison Table

Electric Grill

Barbecue enthusiasts, however, frequently debate which type of barbecue is the best. Gas, charcoal, pellet and the electric barbecue grill all have loyal followers who passionately defend the nuances of their chosen grill.

Now that you have a better idea of what might be the best electric BBQ grill for you, lets dig a little deeper into the features which youll want to pay particular attention to.

Weber Q2400 Outdoor Electric Grill:

Best Outdoor Electric Grills That You Can Buy Under $300 ...

Easy to use and clean

Whats most interesting about Webers outdoor electric grills is that nobody ever suspects their perfectly-grilled dinner was cooked entirely on an electric grill.

This ones a beast! With 280 square inches of cooking area and 1560 Watts of power, Yet it plugs into any regular 110-volt household outlet.

Weber is a top producer of all types of grills and they have a huge legion of fans who swear by the brand, and all Weber outdoor electric grills are easy to use.

It features a removable catch pan for excess grease and fat to drain into and porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates that retain heat better than stainless steel, not only are these easy to clean, they have different temperature settings, and hold the heat exceptionally well, producing a superb sear and evenly cooked food throughout.

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George Foreman Gio2000bk Indoor/outdoor Electric Grill

GEORGE FOREMAN is a famous brand for indoor cooking and they claim to produce upto 85% less smoke with their innovative advanced electric grills.

Their GIO2000BK ELECTRIC GRILL does the same work. It has contact grill plates that cook your food x3 times faster when compared to other brands.

Special Features

  • It has got a decent cooking area of 240 sq.in. means you can make upto 15 servings in one go enough to feed a small get together of your guests.
  • It offers you a temperature control knob that allows you to choose from 5 heat settings. This lets you grill or sear your meal the way you want.
  • If you remain too conscious for your health, then you will be happy to know that its sloped grilling surface removes 42% of fat from your meal.
  • It is apartment approved since it produces little or no smoke and thus paints of your walls will also not get affected.
  • You also get easy to remove stand with it, when outside use this stand for placing your grill. When inside cook simply using your grill.
  • Its tough non-stick coating does not let harsh oil and butter stains stick on your grill. Further, you can clean them easily if it remains there. This makes your grill durable also.


Tips For Choosing An Electric Outdoor Grill

Whether youre upgrading your current model or buying an electric BBQ grill for the first time, there are a few things you should keep in mind when browsing grill models.

  • Wattage: The higher the wattage the more energy your grill will use, but it will also be able to become hotter and potentially cook meat more evenly.
  • Cooking Area: A smaller cooking area may suffice if youre grilling only for yourself, but you may want more space if youre prepping bigger meals or cooking for more people.

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Electric Grills: Pros And Cons

For some people, theres no substitute for a charcoal grill, and thats fair enough, but for a lot of town and city dwellers, an electric grill is the only option. That shouldnt be seen as a negative. Many electric grills are extremely good, and the best provide flavours that are virtually indistinguishable from charcoal-grilled food.


  • No potentially dangerous propane gas to store

  • No smoke use one virtually anywhere

  • Indoor models, outdoor models, and both


  • Some say electric grills dont give food the flavour of real flame cooking .

  • Electric grills dont get hot enough for thick cuts of meat .

  • Your community might not allow outdoor grills, even electric ones. Check before ordering.

Is An Electric Grill Better Than A Gas Grill

5 Best Electric Grills You Can Buy In 2021

There is no such thing as any one grill thats better than another. What works for you may well not work for us, and vice-versa. If you want to cook indoors, the smoke kicked up by gas grills renders them unsuitable. If youre grilling out in the yard, though, this is a non-issue. With gas grills, youll also need to factor in either a supply of natural gas, or alternatively tanks of liquid propane. With electric grills, the running costs are negligible.

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Best Indoor Grills You Can Buy Right Now

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Learn more about Shop TODAY.

There’s nothing like a good summer barbecue. But in the winter, when the craving for a burger or grilled vegetables hits, you shouldn’t be held back by the weather outside.

Thankfully, you can bring the feel of a cookout into your kitchen with the help of an indoor grill. These types of grills run off electricity, so there’s no heavy tank of propane to deal with. Plus, they can fit snugly on your countertop and many have dishwasher-safe parts, which makes cleaning a breeze.

We rounded up the top-rated and bestselling indoor grill options to shop right now, so you can keep making your favorite foods all year long.

Best Smokeless: Powerxl Smokeless Grill

One of the major problems with grilling indoors is that it can create quite a bit of smoke, setting off your fire alarmand no one wants to deal with that! However, the PowerXL Smokeless Grill promises to solve this common kitchen woe, thanks to its unique design that virtually eliminates smoke with its built-in smoke-extracting fan. The grill can achieve temperatures up to 450 degrees, and it includes a tight-sealing lid to lock in moisture while you cook.

This indoor grill offers a 13-3/4 x 8-inch cooking surface that’s spacious enough for eight large hamburgers, and its nonstick ceramic surface ensures your food is easy to flip and remove. There’s an oil-drip tray below the cook surface to catch drippings, and the unit even comes with an additional griddle plate in case you want to whip up some breakfast. Our tester confirmed that this is truly smokeless and therefore makes a great option for apartment dwellers.

Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 5.5 inches | Cooking Area: 110 square inches | Watts: 1200 |Use: indoor

“The fan did a stellar job removing smoke and steam, and the lid sealed surprisingly well, so smoke didnt have a chance to escape. We fired up the grill to cook a steak, and there wasnt even a wisp of visible smoke.” Donna Currie, Product Tester

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Runner Up Best Overall: Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill

  • Durable and easy to transport

  • Quick assembly

  • Cast iron cooking grates help retain heat

One of the best electric grills you can buy today is the Weber Q1400 Electric Grill. This tabletop model has a 1560-watt heating element and 189 square inches of cooking area, as well as a 6-foot grounded cord.

The Weber Q 1400 has a sleek exterior design featuring a cast aluminum lid and body, as well as a large grip handle and control knobs and ergonomic side handles. You can adjust the inner temperature via the infinite heat control settings, and the porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates will put a delicious sear on your food. Overall, our product reviewer was incredibly happy with the sleek design and performance of this electric grill, saying that its ideal for those looking to save space and that its cast iron grates deliver beautiful sear marks.

If you’re looking for a larger electric grill, Weber also has the Q 2400, which boasts 280 square inches of cooking space for a slightly higher price.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 27 x 16.5 inches | Cooking Area: 189 square inches | Watts: 1560 | Use: outdoor

“I was super pleased with these grates, as they gave us drool-worthy sear marks during different grill sessions.” Michelle Piccolo, Product Tester

George Foreman Grill: Ggr50b Model

CHEFMAN Countertop Indoor Electric Grill Black RJ01 ...

Best for families

The George Foreman Electric Grill GGR50B is versatility defined. It features a domed-top with a large grip handle and is designed to sit on a single pedestal, supported by a five-legged base.

Making it easy to convert from a stand or pedestal-based grill to a tabletop grill in seconds thanks to its removable stand. So you can use it any way you want anywhere you like, both indoors and outdoors.

Want Power! well, Its heating element has 1600 Watts of power providing an even heat distribution across the grill.

You wont have to worry about excess fat with most of George Foremans outdoor electric grills either as they feature the patented Foreman ridged with a sloped grilling surface.

Fat drips off the food and drains into the removable pan directly under the grill. Ideal if youre watching your weight or concerned about youre familys health

Youre only limited by the size of the grill this one gives you a full 240 square inches of circular cooking space. Thats enough for cooking 15 individual servings simultaneously.

Perfect for families and small get-togethers with friends. You can use it year-round, no matter where you live. You can use any of 5 different temperature settings on the adjustable temperature control, but youll probably use the highest two settings the most.

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Best Overall: Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill

What We Love: Easy to set up and use, food cooks relatively quickly, offers precise temperature control and even cooking, imparts nice grill marks

What We Don’t Love: Heavy, stand available separately, some food stuck to the grates

Its no surprise that Weber, the king of charcoal grills, also reigns supreme when it comes to electric grills. The 280-square-inch grill has a 6-foot grounded cord that connects to a temperature controller.

Inside the cast aluminum lid, you’ll find removable cast iron cooking grates and a removable bowl liner, which helps with cleanup. These pieces do add a little bit of heftthe grill weighs over 40 pounds in totalso while the grill is movable, you might need help doing so. Underneath is a removable catch pan that holds a disposable aluminum drip pan. It doesnt come with a stand, though one can be purchased separately.

During our tests, we found the grill easy to set up and simple to use. The grill needs to preheat for about 20 minutes, but once hot, the food cooks fairly quickly. The temperature controller allows for more precise cooking, and overall the food was cooked evenly and developed those really nice classic grill marks.

Overall, if you have a deck where an electric grill is allowed, this is your best bet for the closest thing to a charcoal or gas grill. Plus, its relatively portable and easy to store and clean.

Benefits Of Portable Electric Grills

From their relative ease-of-use to their portability and safety features, electric barbecue grills offer many benefits, making them a viable year-round grilling option. An small electric grill may be the right choice for you if you are looking for:

  • Safety: Electric BBQ grills don’t emit large amounts of carbon monoxide, harmful fumes or open flames.
  • Convenience: Outdoor and indoor electric grills don’t require coal or propane to heat, only access to an electrical outlet. They tend to be easier to clean than gas or charcoal grills and can be used both inside and outside.
  • Portability: These grills are relatively lightweight and easy to bring to parties, campsites, tailgates and more, so long as theres an available power source.
  • Savings: Buying an electric grill is just a one-time expense since they don’t require propane tank refills or replacements. Electric grills are generally more affordable than traditional charcoal or gas style grills, since they also tend to be smaller and more compact.
  • No-Flame Grilling: If you live somewhere that restricts propane use because of the risk of fire, an electric grill is the perfect fit for you, since there is no open flame. From apartment balconies to country kitchens, electric grills are suitable for many occasions.

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George Foreman Evolve Grp4842mb:

Best for multi-choice cooking

Okay, this electric Multi-plate Evolve grill is a little different from the others on our list as its listed as an indoor grill on Amazon but its a beauty none the less.Friends have used this on an outside table next to an electric output to great effect especially with the different plates available.Their verdict was that although it was designed only for indoor use it works just as good as any of the other outdoor electric grills, just check the manufactures details to make sure there are no warranty exclusions.

Included are waffle plates, ceramic grilling plates, and a muffin maker, with all the plates being interchangeable, so you can prepare a variety of meals that tastes great, right from your own home.While the basic unit is a three-in-one, those are not the only possibilities. Numerous other contact grill options are available which make this an even more versatile tool.

If youre a fan of grilled food, especially sandwiches, wraps, and that sort of thing, youre going to love the George Foreman Evolve Grill with its multi plates.It features a built-in adjustable hinge, connecting the top and bottom grills. What this means is that you can cook to perfection any standard-size grilled sandwich, just as easily as a large, stuffed burrito.

For variety and kitchen versatility, this grill is tough to beat.

How To Clean An Electric Grill:

5 Best Electric Grills You Can Buy In 2021

To keep the grill in perfect working condition and shape, it is essential to clean it properly after every use. It requires some special cleaning process than other grill types. Have a look at its step-by-step procedure for cleaning the electric grill.

  • Before starting the cleaning process, make sure to unplug the grill and remove everything from its cooking surface.
  • Let your grill cool down completely and then remove the drip tray and grilling plate.
  • When once it cooled completely, you can use a paper towel to clear any visible debris. Also, use a grill scraper but make sure that it wont damage the grills exterior.
  • Simply pour a tablespoon of warm water onto the grills surface. Sprinkle some more water if needed on its surface.
  • Now add a drop of dish soap to warm water and stir well by using a grill brush. Coat it on the entire exterior surface of your grill.
  • Finally, wipe off the soap mixture completely with a paper towel clean, dry cloth. Do this wiping process till the surface is thoroughly dry.
  • For cleaning the drip tray, remove any oil or excessive grease on the tray and clean it with a bit of dishwashing liquid on the wet sponge. Wash it off thoroughly and let it air dry.
  • Make sure to dry the grill completely before packing/storing it away. Also, after the cleaning process, you have to clean the grill brush with hot water and soap.

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