Where Do I Find Weber Grill Model Number

How To Identify Your Weber Grill Model Step By Step Guide

How-To Find The Model Number Of My Weber Grill

Weber Grills is anAmerican grill manufacturing company that offers charcoal, gas, and electricgrills. They market their grills and grill accessories as by grillers, forgrillers, bringing a legacy of grilling experience and top-quality metal workby founder George Stephen.

As one of the worlds top grill manufacturers, its no surprise that there are a lot of Weber grills inbackyards across the US and beyond. In fact, Weber offers a wide range ofstyles, models, features, and accessories.

Through the years, as models get updated with new features and technology, it can be difficult for consumers to know exactly whichmodel they have. This mostly becomes an issue when it comes to repairs.

Forexample, it may be necessary to identify your Weber grill by model number inorder to acquire parts. If you dont have the original manual, you may not knowwhere to find it.

Do you have a Weber grill? Need to knowwhat type of Weber grill you have?Read on as we walk you through how to find your grill type and model number.

There are predominantly three Weber Gas Grill Series on the market. And now there is a redesigned Genesis II.

Where Can I Buy Replacement Parts

Many of our common replacement parts can be found on weber.com. You can find the replacement parts that will fit your model by checking out our schematics page here and searching by your grills serial number or model number.

Click here to learn how to find the serial number on your grill.

If there is something you cant find for your grill, there is a very good chance that we might have it available through our call center. We can be reached at 1-800-446-1071 and are open every day.

We encourage you to have the serial number of your grill available when calling.

The serial number clearly identifies which model you have, and it will allow us to know exactly which parts are correct for your specific grill.

Gas & Propane Grill Replacement Parts & Accessories Near Me

There are many different gas grill accessories available to purchase these days. These gas grill replacement parts can be replaced once they stop working or stop performing as well as they used to have. Some of them include the gas grill burners, gas grill covers, and cooking grids as well as the gas regulators.

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How To Pick The Best Weber Genesis For You

Now that we have outlined the new grill design and features for the Weber Genesis 2022 models its time to guide you through the different features. To make things easier, well quickly list out the features that you need to pay attention to and the features you dont need to worry about when choosing a model. After that well dive deeper into each differentiating feature.

What To Pay Attention To
  • Cooking Grates
  • Expanded Top Warming Rack
  • Locking Caster Wheels

The reason you dont need to pay attention to the list of items mentioned above is simple: all of those features are standard on every Genesis grill in the 2022 lineup. Now its time to dive into different features.

What Smart Grills Are Available

Can you identify this weber grill Model number? : BBQ

Weber has unveiled four Smart Grill models: Genesis II EX-315, Genesis II EX-335, Genesis II SX-335 and Spirit SX-315. Each model has different features separating them from each other and the grills in their respective class line.

All of the Smart Grills come in LP and natural gas options. The controller on all of these Smart Grills is warrantied for 3 years.

Weber Genesis II Smart Grill SX-335 Gas Grill

Weber Genesis II Smart Grill SX-335 Gas Grill $1,299

The Genesis II Smart Grill SX-335 comes with the most features of all the Smart Grills. Aside from the stainless steel lid and cabinet doors, this grill comes with 7mm Stainless Steel Cooking Grates. All the other Smart Grills will have porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates.While there are some consumers that do prefer the cast-iron grates, we recommend the Weber Grills that come with stainless grates as they hold up and clean up better over time. This grill also features lighted control knobs, a sear zone and side burner. You can learn more about the Genesis II Smart Grill SX-335 Gas Grill here.

Weber Genesis II Smart Grill EX-335 Gas Grill

Weber Genesis II Smart Grill EX-335 Gas Grill $1,199

Weber Genesis II Smart Grill EX-315 Gas Grill

Weber Genesis II Smart Grill EX-315 Gas Grill $999

Weber Spirit Smart Grill SX-315 Gas Grill

Weber Spirit Smart Grill SX-315 Gas Grill $799

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Customer Ratings By Feature

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Where Are Weber Grills Made 2021

The Weber company still manufactures grills in the United Statesin Huntley, Illinoisand is renowned for its longevity, high-quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship. It continues to manufacture the original black kettle charcoal grill, as well as a wide range of additional products, including pellet grills and portable barbecues.

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Roger Fecher Cincinnati Oh

Date Code: C

After deciding that a Weber Smokey Mountain was the best bet for great BBQ at a reasonable price, I set off to find a smoker. I found this smoker through an online estate auction. The colored manual pictured in the auction led me to believe that it was an early model. As I read more, I got excited that I could be looking at an early 1980s model of the WSM. A few others drove the price up to $80, which I was glad to pay.

When I picked up the item I was pleased to find that the only parts that needed to be replaced were the food grates. It even came with the original teak wood handle in good condition as well as the original assembly guide and full color manual. I got excited when I saw the C date code stamp. I opted to purchase a new door since the original had obvious air gaps and was rather rusty due to its time in the elements. I was amazed at the wonderful condition of the rest of the unit. The legs are rusted over, but the porcelain finish is still in great condition. The charcoal grate is a bit rusty, but perfectly usable.

Where Do I Find My Grill Model Number

Find the Model Number on Your Grill

4.3/5grillnumbermodel numbergrill

Just so, where is the model number on a charmglow grill?

Determine correct BBQ grill model numberThe Charmglow CSA tag, or plate, is freguently located on the inside of the cart doors but may be on the back of the grill or under the front control panel.

Secondly, do grills have serial numbers? Since October of 2012 charcoal models have serial numbers that start with two letters followed by 5 or 6 numbers. Since the Genesis gas grill was first introduced in 1985, all Weber gas grills have included a serial number that starts with one or two letters followed by 5 to 7 numbers.

Similarly, you may ask, where do I find the model number on a Brinkmann grill?

Look for a small metal plate or label with certification information on it, including your model number. These plates are usually on the back of each grill. Look for a number that starts with 8 like 810, 820, etc. The most common models for Brinkmann start with those numbers.

How do I find the model number of my Weber grill?

The serial number consists of one or two letters found on the lid damper, plus the bar code containing 5 or 6 numbers, located under the control panel. Located in the upper right-hand corner of owner’s manual.

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How Do I Read My Weber Serial Number

On the Go-Anywhere Gas Grill, Weber began utilizing the same nine-character alphanumeric code that it employs on its charcoal grills in 2013, and this practice continues today. The code is made up of two letters and seven numbers: two letters indicate the model year, with the term CONSUMABLE serving as the key, and seven digits reflect the serial number of the vehicle.

What’s New In The Weber Genesis Ii Series

Weber puts countless hours and resources into providing the most advanced, user-centric and functional updates for each new update in the Weber line of products. This is a result of their lifetime of commitment to producing gas grills that are both affordable and high-quality in all respects. Here are a few of the most significant changes in the newest line of the iconic Genesis 2 grill series:

  • Improved Grilling System
  • New Size Options
  • Wifi Connectivity for App Enhanced Grilling
  • Weber Genesis II SE Series

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Clay Houser Topeka Ks

Date Code: C

I was looking at Big Green Eggs online, but I was appalled at their price and weight, so I was searching for a better alternative when I came across The Virtual Weber Bullet. The site convinced me that a WSM was what I needed, so I started searching Craigslist and found one for sale about 60 miles away in Kansas City. The pictures looked great, and when I got there the next day I found a well-used but wonderfully maintained WSM, so I paid the man and took it home!

The previous owner was a BBQ enthusiast and hed already changed to a Brinkmann water pan and installed a Tel-Tru thermometer, so I was ready to go as soon as I got home and I havent slowed down since. It was a huge surprise to find out that this WSM left the factory two years before I was born and it still cooks like a dream!

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Get Your Grill Working With Weber Bbq Grill Replacement Parts

How Do I Find Replacement Parts For My Grill?

When you’re grilling outside, you want to make sure you have access to the Weber parts that you need. Whether you need parts to improve the look of your grill or to fix an issue, eBay provides you with plenty of options. You can find new and used parts to ensure your grill has what it needs.

Common replacement parts for a Weber grill

A number of affordable Weber spare parts are available, allowing you to make replacements as needed. Some parts will need to be replaced more frequently than others based on how well you maintain your grill.

  • Grate: This is the metal piece that goes over the heat source where you do all of your cooking.
  • Igniter: This is the piece responsible for igniting the gas.
  • Gas regulator and hose: These parts connect to the gas tank to help the flow of gas up to the igniter.
  • Flavor bar: These are tent-shaped parts that go above the heat source.
  • Knob: Various knobs control the temperature of the grill.

How to shop for Weber parts

When you’re shopping for Weber BBQ parts, it’s important to know what it is that you need. There are a few specifics that you should know when you begin looking for parts on eBay. This will make it easier for you to get the right parts.

The benefits of buying new condition partsHow do Weber BBQ spare parts vary based on model?Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Weber.

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Genesis Silver A / B / C

Older Silver Grills had an open cart

2004 – Silver was placed on the emblem. These grills had a center mounted hood thermometer. They had plastic shelves on the left side of the grill and control knobs to the right.

2005 The Silver series had a closed cart, plastic left side shelf and a center mounted heat thermometer. The A has 2 stainless steel burners. The B and C – Three Burner Grill. The difference between the B and the C is the B had no side-burner and the C included side burner attached to the right of the control panel


Control Knobs were on the Side.

The 310 featured 3 main burners and the 320 has 3 main burners and a side burner

2007: E/S 310, 320 – The E has an emailed hood with an enclosed cart with corresponding painted steel doors with stainless steel trim, porcelain cast iron cooking grates and porcelain steel flavorizer bars while the S has a stainless hood, stainless cooking grates and stainless flavorizer bars.

2008,2009E/S/EP 310, 320 The EP was a special edition grill that had an enameled hood but included stainless cooking grids and Flavorizer bars. This series was offered to specialty alliance dealers.

What Is Webers Model Year

The code schemes described below represent a grills model year, not a calendar year. Webers model year runs from . For example, a grill with date code DE is part of the 2009 model year and may have been manufactured anytime between 10/1/2008 and 9/30/2009. Its also possible that for any given model year, a few remaining vent dampers from the previous model year were carried forward and used-up after the start of a new model year.

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Whats New In The Weber Genesis Ii Series

Weber puts countless hours and resources into providing the most advanced, user-centric and functional updates for each new update in the Weber line of products. This is a result of their lifetime of commitment to producing gas grills that are both affordable and high-quality in all respects. Here are a few of the most significant changes in the newest line of the iconic Genesis 2 grill series:

  • Improved Grilling System
  • Wifi Connectivity for App Enhanced Grilling
  • Weber Genesis II SE Series

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I Don’t Know What Kind Of Grill I Have Can You Tell Me The Model

The most effective way to determine what model grill you own is to find the serial number and enter it into our serial number tool here.

Serial numbers start with two letters, and are followed by several numbers.Example: AA 1234567

to find out where to locate a serial number.

If you can’t find your serial number, can’t read it, or it’s not validating in our serial number tool, please reach out to us here or at 1-800-446-1071 and we can help ID your model.

We may ask for photos of the grill to help with the identification.

Addressing The Grease Problem

So as discussed above, the Gen 1 Weber SmokeFire pellet grills had some niggling issues with the firmware/software, pellet hopper and the auger.

However, for me, these werent the main issue with the SmokeFire pellet grills. My main concern and the concern of several others is the grease/ash management on the SmokeFire pellet grills.

Unlike every other pellet grill on the market today, the Weber SmokeFire pellet grills have no dedicated means to keep the grease away from the pellet fire.

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How Do I Register My Traeger Grill

The process to register your Traeger grill is actually very easy and takes just few minutes online.

Here are the basic registration steps for you.

Step 1:

Check out the following link to save your time from searching and visit straight to the site.

Accept cookies and close message option and sign up for trending news as well, if you want.

Step 2:

Fill in the important details in the form such as your First Name, Last Name, Email ID, House Address, City Name, State Name and Postal Code.

Now, select the particular Grill Model you have purchased and enter the UUID correctly.

Finally, put in the date of purchase and put a tick in the options box if you want weekly updates regarding the recipes and firmware updates.

Step 3:

When you fill up all the information properly, then click on the Register option.

After that the screen will refresh saying that Your Grill is now Registered.

Note: The screen interface wont change unless and until you have provided the required credentials correctly.

The 3 Year warranty is issued and now you can freely personalize your Traeger Grill.

Take a look at this video to quickly learn about the whole registration process of your Traeger grill.

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