What Is The Best Brand Of Gas Grill To Buy

Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill

Best Grill: Best Gas Grill (Buying Guide)

Best pellet grill

Reasons to avoid

Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill makes the process of smoking pretty much stress free. You add hardwood pellets to a hopper, set a target temperature, and the grill does the rest. It has an electronically-controlled thermostat that works like the one in your indoor oven. The only caveat is that if the temp you want is super-hot to get a steak browned and crusty on the outside and rosy on the inside, you wont be getting it from this grill which tops out at 500°F. ;;

If you want to go about your yard work, or even just loll in a hammock while your ribs are smoking, you can connect the Traeger to an app which will let you know when its time to baste, raise the temp to finish them off, or alert you that theyre ready to serve.

Reasons to avoid

Instead of grates, the Blackstone 36″ Griddle Cooking Station has the kind of large flat cooking surface you see in diners. That gives you room for 28 burgers at once, and means your hot dogs and shrimp wont fall through the slats.;

Underneath are four burners that you can set to different temperatures, so you can keep garlic bread warm on low while simultaneously searing some steaks. Just keep in mind that you wont get grill marks, and wont be able to smoke ribs or brisket.;

Best Overall: Weber Spirit Ii E

  • Price tag is steep for three burners

  • Hood isnt as deep as other models

Weber has a great reputation for grills, and this attractive Spirit grill is a perfect example of why. The design is attractive, the cart is sturdy, and it performs well with its three burners providing a total of 30,000 BTUs of power. Although it comes in just above $500 , we decided it earned our top spot. Our tester found that the burners are indeed high performance, as the company describes them: The grill heated up to 500 degrees in only a few minutes, and heated evenly across the board.

The two side tables give plenty of space for condiments and tools, while the open cart offers handy storage space for extras. To save space, the left-hand table can flip down when not in use. Six tool hooks offer plenty of space for grill brushes, spatulas, and tongs, keeping them easily reachable yet out of the way.

With 529 square inches of grilling space, theres plenty of room to grill a whole meal for the family. This has porcelain-enameled cast iron grill grates for great grill marks and no need for seasoning. The built-in thermometer in the lid makes it easy to monitor the internal temperature while the grease management system makes it easy to clean up after all the cooking is done, saving more time for relaxing after dinner.

Dimensions: 44.5 x 52 x 27 inches | TotalCooking Area: 529 square inches | BTUs: 30,000

Selecting The Right Grill

Its not difficult to select the right grill. The most important thing you can do is think about what you want to cook and how you want to cook it. If all you want to do is grill a few hot dogs and hamburgers at the campsite, theres no sense in getting carried away. Buy an inexpensive grill and use some common sense in preparing that food. If thats where you are now, but you want to, say, move on to grilling seafood or smoking brisket, youre going to need a grill that has the capacity to take you where you want to go. The most important thing for making more sophisticated food on any grillgas, charcoal, or pelletis the ability to control the heat source. For charcoal grills, that means plenty of space for fuel and the means to either add more charcoal, raise and lower the cooking surface, or mound the charcoal up on one side for indirect cooking. For gas grills, you need two or more burners. For pellet grills, its a bit easier, because they have automated temperature control systems.

All of these grills are mobile to one extent or another. However, if mobility is one of your main needs, pay close attention to the portable grills we tested. These are ideal for tailgating and do double duty to expand your firepower in the backyard when your main grill doesnt have enough surface area to cook everything you need when company is expected.

Watch: Dave Joachims best grilling tips.

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Kalamazoo Gourmet K500 Hybrid Fire

  • Grates are thick steel with narrow slots cut into them, so food doesn’t fall through
  • Objectively a wildly expensive product

Cooking Space: 506 square inchesGas Type: Propane or Natural Gas Max Temperature: 1,000° F

Kalamazoos grills are made to order in Kalamazoo, Michigan under the watchful eye of its Chief Designer, Head of Product and total gear nerd Russ Faulk. The price tag its grills demand means youre not buying a summer cookout machine youre buying another kitchen. Thankfully, its functionality backs that up.

A fact: there is no grill like the Hybrid Fire grill. It can cook with gas, yes, but it can also cook with wood, charcoal and even pellets. The build quality is such that it feels like it was made out of aircraft parts. The gas burners are cut from cast bronze for goodness sake. If youre in a place to comfortably spend nearly twenty grand on a gas grill, you buy this and you dont look back.

Prepare For Backyard Season With One Of These Affordable Options

Best 4 Burner Gas Grill 2021: Top Brands Review

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The Spruce Eats / Chloe Jeong

Lets face it: Gas grills are less messy than charcoal grills and let you start cooking in just a few minutes, compared to the long time required when using charcoal or wood-fired grills. Gas grills can be as easy to use as your home stove, while still offering smoky flavor from vaporized drippings. From small to large, there are plenty of choices available at a reasonable price point.

Here, the best gas grills that won’t break the bank.

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Can The Grill Hold Up Against A Shake Test

Gas grills need to be sturdy. A gas grill that tips over is a serious safety concern. If possible, give the grill a shake before buying. If you feel too much wobble and rattling, the grill could fall apart after one season of use. Welded stainless-steel gas grills tend to hold up better. If the grill is built with nuts and bolts, make sure everything is tight and all joints are as seamless as possible. The lid should lift easily yet feel secure when closed. If you assemble the grill yourself, read the instructions carefully. Many grill manufacturers also provide easy-to-follow online videos and tutorials to make sure youre grilling safely.;

The best gas grill should also have wheels or casters for easy mobility. Gas grills can be heavy, so if you plan on moving the grill make sure the wheels are up to the challenge and not cheap, hollow plastic. And always keep your gas grill covered when not in use. Rain is the obvious enemy of grills, but lawn chemicals and pesticides can also seep into the grill and cause damage.;

Coleman Roadtrip 285 Gas Grill: Best Portable Grill

If youve ever wished you could bring a gourmet grill with you on the road, the team behind the Coleman RoadTrip propane grill has risen to the occasion with this high-performance, versatile portable grill. With a propane grill featuring three individually controlled temperature zones, you can wield precise control over how your foods are cookedallowing you to create restaurant-worthy culinary masterpieces no matter where you are.

This grill features fold-up legs and a frame that slides down into a compact carrying case for ultimate space-saving efficiency, making this grill a perfect choice for tiny balconies. It includes two swappable cooktops so you have the option to do more than grill: sautéing, searing are within reach with easy-clean griddles and grates. With two sliding side tables for extra utensil and plating room, this grill truly includes everything you need in a small package.

If youre searching for a fantastic grill with a tiny, flexible footprint, you cant go wrong with the Coleman stand-up propane grill.

If you are looking for an even more compact BBQ grill, opt for a tabletop grill.;

Best for: Spending less time on barbecue setups and more time enjoying the outdoors.

BBQ fuel: Propane gasGrill surface: 1,839 cm2 ;Weight: 21.2 kg Dimensions: 76.8 x 48.7 x 40.97 cmCooking grates: Cast iron

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Your Ultimate Grill Buying Guidetested And Approved

These are the 17 best charcoal, gas, and pellet grills available right now.

We often hear that things were better decades agothe food was fresher, the sky bluer, and all you needed was a big brick barbecue in the backyard. But patio cooking has been reanimated. Across this great land people are searing, roasting, braising, and smoking. Grills have proliferated. When it comes to buying your next grill, theres no shortage of product to chose from in terms of price and features. Check out quick reviews of five of the top models belowfrom homeowner-grade appliances to gourmet options. Scroll down for in-depth reviews of these and others, plus buying advice.


How To Buy The Best Bbq For You

How to Choose The Best Gas Grill 2019 | BBQGuys.com Grill Buying Guide

Image credit: Weber

The most major priority is price, so start out with a rough idea of what you want to spend. Once you know this, its easier to narrow down the rest and fit in what you need with what you can afford. Next up is fuel.

This subject is an area of debate. Some claim that charcoals offer the very best flavour, while others claim gas gives the same result. Then, to make it more complicated, there are gas barbecues that use gas flames to heat charcoals.

For more outdoor essentials check out the best fire pits

Essentially it boils down to this if youre cooking meat, its the juices hitting the coals which create a smoke which adds flavour to the meat. Lose the coals and you lose this extra flavour.

So if you want authentic flavour, coals can be the best way to cook. Then there are the smokers which take this idea to the next level and offer slow cooking which not only packs in the smokey flavour but also allows you to give the perfect tenderness to joints of meat.

The problem with gas and charcoal is that you need to buy the fuels, which can be a hassle. Thats where electric barbecues come in. Theyre a great way ta grill without worrying about anything aside from plugging in the barbecue. Of course, many will argue this is akin to cooking indoors. But with a lid for trapping in flavour youre still going to get a great experience.

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Royal Gourmet Cd1824e 23

Best barrel charcoal grill

Reasons to avoid

If you want to do more than sling hot dogs and burgers on your charcoal grill, the Royal Gourmet is ideal. It has a crank that lets you raise and lower the charcoal pan to help control the heat. When you want to quickly grill brats, move the coals right below them. To slowly smoke a side of salmon without flare-ups, lower them.;

Theres even a door underneath the grates that makes it easy to keep adding charcoal as the hungry crowd thickens. Plus youll find you need a lot of charcoal to keep the Royal Gourmet burning, so make sure you stock up before the party starts.;

Unlike on a kettle-style grill, this model has side tables to hold your tongs and trays and platters. Youll also find a thermometer in the lid to give you a rough idea as to how hot it is under the grill, a warming rack thats helpful for heating buns, and an easy to remove ash tray. Below the grill theres a bottom shelf to keep extra charcoal or a roll of paper towels. ;

Everdure By Heston Blumenthal Force 2 Burner Gas Bbq

Best high-end BBQ

Comes in three beautiful colours Capable cooking for large groups Accessories included High hood for convection cooking

Reasons to avoid: No side burner

Last years must-have BBQ is back. The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Force 2 Burner Gas BBQ has Hestons approval, and its got lots of home chef-approved elements such as the high hood that can accommodate a whole turkey for cooking slow and low. This gas BBQ can be removed from the stand, making it portable for tabletop use, and the servery drops down for more easy transportation.

Other things we love include the enamel-coated grates and hood that can be cleaned easily and are rust-proof. Although it has a large cooking area it is powered by only two burners, which is less than some of the other BBQs in our guide. This smaller size does mean its perfect for heating up fast, and its ready to cook only five minutes after ignition.

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Are Weber Grills Really That Much Better

After five days of cooking burgers, barbecue, and chicken on seven top-rated grillsand weeks of researching the dozens availableweve decided that the Weber Spirit II E-310 is our pick as the best gas grill for most people. No grill matches its combination of exceptional performance, usability, durability, and value.

What Are The Top 5 Gas Grills

[BIG SALE] Top Brands: Gas Grills Youll Love In 2020 ...
  • Weber 57060001 Q3200 Best Portable Gas Grill.
  • Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Best Outdoor Gas Grill.
  • Char-Broil Signature 425 3-Burner Best Budget Gas Grill.
  • Weber Spirit E-210 Best 2 Burner Gas Grill.
  • Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Best Gas Grill Smoker Combo.
  • Weber Genesis II E-435 Four-Burner Best Weber Gas Grill.

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The Napoleon Prestige Offers More Accurate Temperature Readouts With Its Accu

As youre probably aware, the majority of grills get a bad rep for poor temperature readings, but I can confirm that Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 gas grill is one of the most accurate as it gets. ;Other Napoleon grill users have noted the same thing.

Regardless of its accuracy, I still recommend investing in a good wireless probe thermometer that will let you know the temperature of the grill exactly where your meat is cooking as well as the temperature of your meat.

Kamado Joe Junior Bbq

Best kamado charcoal BBQ: With included heat deflector and nifty stand, this is stiff competition for the Big Green Egg


The Kamado Joe Junior might look like the over-ripe cousin of the Big Green Egg, and admittedly they do share some resemblance, but its charms are all its own.;


For starters, while the grill area is the same size on the Joe Junior as on Big Green Eggs MiniMax, its a little easier to cart around if need be, thanks to its neat handled cast iron stand and lighter-by-a-whisker weight.;

Extra features

Its also more cost-effective, despite offering a great range of uses thanks to the included heat deflector stone that allows you to hot smoke, roast, and bake as well as grill.

Kamado value

Kamado Grills aren’t cheap, so we think this option for under £500 is a real steal.;

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How Long Do Gas Grills Last For

Though you’re probably making your gas grill investment with this summer in mind, it’s worthwhile to think about how much use you can get out of it for years to come. Given the high temperatures used in grilling, it’s no surprise that wear and tear will have an effect on the quality of your model over time.;

Rather than immediately thinking about replacing your gas grill when it loses its shine, it’s best to consider any repairs that can be done to save it. That might include fixing up its regulator or lighting system, so you can get back to flipping burgers, rather than searching for a whole new grill.

Check out the warranty of each potential gas grill model before you buy too. Even though most grills are said to last around 5-15 years, it’s always best to have a guarantee you can fall back on should anything go wrong.;

Best Outdoor Electric Grill: Spark One Electric Grill

Gas Grill: Best Gas Grill (Buying Guide)

This new-age charcoal and electric combo is a competitor in the outdoor grilling space for more than just its minimalist design. Perhaps the brand’s most unique feature is its proprietary charcoal Briq that quickly lights to infuse every hamburger and hot dog with that distinct smoky taste you simply can’t get from propane.;

Plug the Spark One into a standard three-prong outlet and slide the Briq into a perforated cast iron drawer, and it’ll preheat within just a few minutes for quick and convenient weeknight use. It gives you precise temperature control up to 900 degrees Fahrenheitin fact, it’s the very first charcoal grill with that capabilityso you can really get creative with how and what you cook. When you’re ready to power it down, the grill’s no-mess ash disposal takes care of clean-up.

To buy: Spark One Electric Grill, $899 at sparkgrills.com

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Best With Side Burner: Nexgrill 5

  • Five burners, plus a side burner

  • Spacious cooking area

  • Extremely affordable for its size

  • Material quality isn’t the best

  • Doesn’t perform well in windy conditions

Believe it or not, this 5-burner propane grill from Nexgrill comes in at well under $500, making it a great value for a versatile cooking tool. The grill has five burners that deliver a total of 55,000 BTU, and it even has a convenient side burner where you can cook a side dish as you grill. The grill is equipped with porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids, and you can fit plenty of food across its 618 square inches of cooking area.

Despite its reasonable price, this grill still offers plenty of features, including stainless steel side shelves, a battery-operated electronic igniter system, and a convenient front condiment tray where you can stash BBQ essentials. It’s mounted on two wheels that make it easy to move around your patio, and its burners are protected by a 5-year warranty.

Dimensions: 24.22 x 46.53 x 51.05 inches | TotalCooking Area: 618 square inches | BTUs: 55,000

The top spot goes to the Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill, because of its winning combination of attractive design, durable construction, and high-performance burners that live up to their name. If you want a budget-friendly option that’s ideal for small spaces, we love the Char-Broil Classic Series 3-Burner Gas Grill, which performed well in our tests.

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