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How Do You Use A Charcoal Grill

The Best Way to Light A Charcoal Grill [Without Lighter Fluid]

We have a whole guide right here to help you get started with charcoal grilling, from arranging your coals to determining temperature and even controlling flare-ups. The best way to light your grill without the scent of chemicals is to forego lighter fluid and use a chimney starter. This model from Weber is our favorite for size and usability. To use one, load up the space on the bottom with a piece of newspaper or two, pile coals in from the top, then light the newspaper. The fire and heat from the newspaper ignites the bottom coals, then the fire builds up. When the top coals are covered with gray ash, you’re ready to go. You can read more about using a chimney starter here.

Best Charcoal Briquette For Marathon Grilling Or Smoking

These no-nonsense briquettes are made out of 100% natural hardwood with zero added chemicals. They are some of the least expensive charcoal briquettes on this list, yet, even though their price is low they dont sacrifice quality, burning hot and consistently for an extended amount of time. They also include a minimal amount of filler, not just adding ingredients to lower the cost of production. They can burn steadily for up to 3 hours, so feel free to extend that BBQ. A bonus feature of these charcoal briquettes is there new and improved packaging which is recyclable, resealable, and water-proof.

Their briquettes are larger than the other ones on this list so you dont have to use as many when you grill. However, they have no design enhancements to make lighting easier, so it can be a bit harder to get them lit and started. This product is best suited for capable grillers who throw a lot of long BBQs at home.

Construction And Air Control

Gas grills need to be well vented for safety reasons. If the burners are deprived of oxygen, the flame goes out, but the gas fuel keeps coming, building up under the hood and creating a serious fire hazard. The opposite is true of charcoal grills, which function best as sealed systems with solid, tight construction for effective air control. Just as with gas, the charcoal fire needs oxygen to burn, and you can use this oxygen flow to your advantage. Shut down the air dampers to drop the cooking temp or snuff the charcoal out entirely when finished. Open them wide to flood the fire with oxygen and create a rip-roaring, red-hot coal bed.

Flimsy charcoal grills with loose, warped lids and rickety moving parts make temperature control a nightmare. Charcoal grills don’t need to be tanks made of heavy, quarter inch-thick steel, but they shouldn’t be tin cans that lack structural integrity.

The air control required for charcoal grills actually makes them dang good smokers, too. Unlike smoking on a gas grill, where wood chunks or chips burn up quickly and the small amount of smoke generated blows out the back before your very eyes, charcoal grill vents can be closed down to allow very little air in and out. This gives smoke plenty of time to leisurely caress foods and impart that magic, smoky goodness.

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Cuisinart Ccg190rb Best Budget

  • Cooking Surface: 150 sq. in.
  • Weight: 2 lbs.

If you are a bit short on cash, Cuisinarts CCG190RB is the best camping grill to buy because it is very affordable. The unit is powered by charcoal and therefore, if you prefer charcoal flavor on your grilled food, this can also work.

That said, this grill offers a 150 sq. in. cooking surface, which is enough to serve a small family. The surface consists of a chrome-plated grate that is easy to clean.

Right below the grill is an enamel-coated firebox that is durable and easy to clean, while a mess-free ash catcher is mounted on the legs to keep your grilling table clean.

You get a lid for trapping in the heat and smoke, and it is held securely by three lid locks to the firebox. The lid has an insulated handle for easy handling and transportation while a dual venting system with 3 adjustable holes on the lid enables you to regulate the temperature inside.

The entire setup is very lightweight because it weighs only 2 lbs. However, the grill lacks a temperature gauge for easy monitoring of the temperature level inside.


Our Pick: Royal Oak Classic Briquets

Best Charcoal Grills Under $1000 For 2019

Our pick

*At the time of publishing, the price was $10.

Our pick for all-around briquets suitable for just about any cooking situation is Royal Oak Classic Briquets. Sometimes called Ridge Briquets, these briquets burn almost as hot asand last longer thansome of the best briquets we tested. Testers didnt notice any off tastes from this charcoal, and we measured comparatively little ash mess after the briquets finished burning. Royal Oak has a devoted following online for its consistent quality and reasonable pricing.

Royal Oak burned for a total of 80 minutes30 minutes longer than Kingsford Original.

The briquets burn between 900°F and 1000°F for the first 40 minutes of cooking, and in our tests the temperature dropped only slightly for the remainder of the cook. Royal Oak burned for a total of 80 minutes30 minutes longer than Kingsford Original. The only briquets that lasted longer were those made with coconut husks from Coshell . In the end the Royal Oak briquets produced 3¼ cups of ash, overall just above the average amount of ash among all the charcoal we tested.

In 2014, Royal Oak added a ridged edge to its briquets, which it claims helps the briquets light faster and burn longer. The design creates a voluminous briquet thats significantly larger. This means that individual Royal Oak briquets will ash over a bit faster, fill a chimney with fewer total briquets, and, depending on how you moderate the airflow in your grill, burn a bit longer.

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Things To Consider When Buying Lump Charcoal

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying lump charcoal

For the best lump charcoal for smoking, size matters, Medium-sized chunks provide a more even and longer burn time.

The source of the charcoal is also crucial. High-quality hardwood can provide the high temperatures needed for the best charcoal for grilling steaks.

Lastly, it may also be a good idea to find a charcoal brand that comes in suitable packaging as the best way to store charcoal is to reseal the bag tightly and keep it in a cool, dry place. That way, you can enjoy more barbecues with your family whenever you want.

Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill

From tailgating to camping, this lightweight charcoal grill is made to be on the move with a Tuck-N-Carry lid lock and handle that also doubles as a lid holder when youre grilling so that the lid doesnt touch the ground. The cooking area is 147 square inches it fits six burgers at a time and the porcelain-enameled lid and bowl come in six different colors. It’s a mini version of our winning grill, said McManus.

And for those with little ones, theres a matching Smokey Joe toy version for the tiniest of grill masters to enjoy.

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The Best Charcoal Grills

Beyond BTUs, max temperatures and fuel cost, the fundamental difference between charcoal grills and its competitors is convenience. Charcoal grills are inconvenient in every way that a gas, pellet or electric grill is not. This is the fundamental appeal. In the same way many driving enthusiast prefer manuals to automatics, there is carnal satisfaction in direct control, higher failure rates and sky-high potential. Yes, charcoal grills can do things the others cant, but its the no handlebars process that makes great. From the most iconic backyard toy of the 20th century to something called a Yoder Smoker, these are the best you can buy right now.

How And When To Apply Bbq Sauce

What kind of charcoal should I buy for grilling?

Now is not the time to skimp on the BBQ sauce. A good sauce while grilling will help to lock in moisture and add tons of flavor. However, if you’re using a sweet sauce , wait to brush it on until the middle and end of cooking to prevent it from burning. Make sure to have some sauce set aside that is just for the grill and one just for serving, so you don’t cross-contaminate raw and ready-to-eat food.

Watch the video to see how to grill spice-rubbed baby back ribs over indirect heat, and how to brush on the barbeque sauce at the end before a quick final grill to finish them off.

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Best Overall: Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

  • Flavor is smooth and mild

  • Packaging keeps pieces dry

  • Lights quickly and heats consistently

  • Expensive

One of the top-selling points for this charcoal is the re-designed bag that protects the charcoal better in shipping, so there are more larger pieces and less dust and residue. Its a small thing, but it makes a difference when fire hits the coal.

The coal itself is made from South American hardwoods that users say is similar to oak, but lacking the unpleasant bitterness that sometimes creeps in. The flavor is smooth and mild, so it wont overpower the flavor of your food, even with long, slow cooking. The wood is purposely selected for coal making and is hand-cut and hand-fired in brick kilns built onsite for that purpose. The largest and most intact lumps are chosen for sale, for a consistent product in each bag.

This wood also sparks less than some other types, so its a bit safer and less dramatic to light and use.

Wood Type: South American hardwood | Weight: 35 lbs.

“When youre buying lump charcoal, look for brands that prominently contain 100% hardwoods. The pieces should be between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball and you want to avoid brands where the bags contain lots of charcoal dust and pea sized pieces, as they can hinder airflow.” Paul Sidoriak of Grilling Montana

Royal Gourmet 24 Charcoal Grill

  • 1

Footprint:Cook Surface:

Initially, we were skeptical of the design of the Royal Gourmet 24″ Charcoal Grill, but it far exceeded our expectations. This grill features a “stick shift” on the front that allows you to control the height of the charcoal pan to six different levels. This seems gimmicky at first, but the innovative design provides a level of versatility in temperature control that we didn’t have with other grills in our tests. We were able to keep a coal bed burning in this grill for an impressive length of time, thanks to the combination of a large coal bed with dual dampers located underneath the twin side tables and a chimney to allow for efficient airflow and maximum adjustment. If you need to adjust or add coals, the large front door allows easy access to the coal bed.

Overall, we can’t find much to complain about on this Royal Gourmet grill. Our biggest criticism was common among all the full-size grills there are no handles to help you pull it into place. There are wheels, but still, but we can’t imagine that dragging this 57-pound grill around by its side table will help improve the lifespan of the otherwise superb design. Despite this gripe, it is worth mentioning that not only does the Royal Gourmet perform at the top of its class, but it does so at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

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Weber Q 1200 Gas Grill

Best portable grill

Reasons to avoid

If you want to grill away from home, the Weber Q 1200 Gas Grill is the best portable grill. You can depend on it for the same great cooking results you get from all Weber grills. Rather than a big tank of LP gas, it uses 14- or 16-ounce propane cylinders, which last about a couple of hours. Most likely youll be taking it to a park or beach, and using it for quick-cooking items like steaks or chicken breasts but not for smoking a turkey or a shoulder of pork, so a single cylinder should do per outing.

It has side tables that are just as handy on the road as when youre grilling in the backyard, but they fold up for travel so the grill is easy to transport. Other conveniences include a lid thermometer and an easy to remove and clean drip pan.

Ippinka Kishu Binchotan Bbq Charcoal

10 Best Charcoal Grills Under $200 (2020 REVIEWS)

IPPINKA Kishu Binchotan is a specific type of charcoal imported from Japan. Binch-tan or white charcoal is a traditional fuel for Japanese kamado-style cooking pots and is made from Japanese white oak.

Much like the quality Wagyu beef, it was originally used to cook, some regard Binch-tan as the highest quality charcoal in the world.

Kish binch-tan indicates that the charcoal was manufactured in Wakayama province and, much like how Kobe beef is the pinnacle of Wagyu beef, Kish binch-tan is considered to be the best charcoal that Japan produces.

Kish binch-tan is incredibly dense, burns for an extraordinarily long time and partially burned lumps can be reused by dropping them into the water to cool them and then drying them out for a day before burning them again.

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Know The Difference Between Direct Vs Indirect Heat

Another way of controlling how quickly your food cooks is by understanding the difference between direct and indirect heat. A certain amount of coals will produce a certain temperature, but your food will cook faster if it is situated directly above those coals as opposed to away from them. This fact leads us to our next tip…

Best Natural Charcoal: Original Natural Charcoal Quebracho Carbon

This quebracho coal from Original Natural Charcoal is a perfect example of how the natural aromas and flavors of natural coals are superior to anything that artificial briquettes or propane can muster.

Derived from South American wood, this stuff is typical of fuel from the region. Its packed full of the distinct smoky flavors unique to natural hardwood.

This Quebracho coal has stamina in abundance. It can burn at high temperatures for hours, yielding an impressive maximum of 1000°F.

Similarly, its easy to bring it down to a smolder of 200°F for low and slow cooking, burning for three to four hours at a time before needing to be replaced.

Just like with a lot of the other lump charcoal packs in this list, Quebracho Carbon can reach optimum cooking temperatures within just 15 minutes. Not only that, but its clean relative to a lot of other charcoals, leaving minimal ash or residue when cooking.

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Starting Your Grill With An Electric Charcoal Starter

An electric charcoal starter is a device with a handle on one end and a metal loop on the other. Plug in the charcoal starter, using an outdoor-rated extension cord. Load one layer of charcoal close together, near the center of the grill. Place the heating element of the electric charcoal starter onto the center of the pile. Lay a second layer of charcoal on top of the heating element and the surrounding coals. When the charcoal is well-lit, remove the charcoal starter.

Electric starters ignite coals a little more slowly than an open flame, but when you start your grill with an electric charcoal starter, you wont need lighter fluid, newspapers, matches or lighters.

Royal Gourmet 30 Grill And Offset Smoker

Best Charcoal to use on your grill. Comparison of Lump Charcoals
  • 1

Footprint:Cook Surface:

The Royal Gourmet 30″ Grill and Offset Smoker provides an accessible option to the world of Texas-style smoking with much less investment than other comparable grill/smoker combos. Unlike the Char-Griller Outlaw, the side firebox is fully incorporated into this model. Even if you are not into smoking, this is particularly useful for simultaneously cooking other foods over an independent fire. Considering that the main grill surface is 438 sq. inches, the warming rack is 179 sq. inches, and the side firebox offers an additional 183 sq. inches, this is a lot of cooking space at a reasonable value. When it does come time to try out smoking meats, we appreciate that the side firebox has an additional access port, allowing you to add or stoke the coal bed without having to open the lid, a critical escape point for smoke and heat.

Footprint:Cook Surface

The Beau Jardin Premium 18″ is the archetype of the classic charcoal grill. This unit offers some nice features often not available at this price point, like insulated handles and a lid hanger. Specifically, we like that the design of the grill surface includes handles so that you can easily and securely remove the grates to add or adjust coals. Otherwise, it is entirely basic. We mainly appreciate this model for its portability, where its light weight and small footprint make it a great option for those tight on space.

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Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

You dont have to have the budget for a smart grill in order to enjoy the benefits of one, according to McManus. She recommended skipping the smart grill and instead investing in a smart thermometer to track temperatures from your phone instead of needing to stay nearby or open the grill lid. Thi is important when you’re grill-roasting or doing low temperature, slow barbecue, she said. Every time you open the lid to check the food you let out all the heat, so it’s good to monitor the temperature from afar and these also ensure that you don’t overcook the food.

This Smart Grilling Hub does just that with the ability to set your desired level of doneness, remote wifi access and food readiness countdown as well as flip and serve notifications.

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