What Is The Largest Weber Grill

Weber 62006001 Genesis Ii S

The Biggest Weber Ever!! Ranch Kettle (Dski Is A Weber Head!!!)

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The Genesis IIis a high-performance grill that is one of the iconic brands most popular. The grilling system has a continuous-spark infinity ignition, four stainless steel high-performance burners, the Weber-created stainless steel flavorizer bars with a flame view window and a grease management system. Inside, the cooking grates are made from 7mm stainless steel rods and a side burner, and a sear station burner put out a total of 69,000 BTUs of heat. It also features a Tuck-Away warming rack that adds 198 square inches to the cooking area for a total of 844 square inches. The housing of the grill features a durable stainless steel lid and a closed cart design with painted steel doors.

This grill is super handy thanks to its side shelves, one of which folds down when not needed or to save space. Two cart shelves are inside the lower cabinet for storing barbecue essentials while six side shelf tool hooks offer easy hanging storage. Best of all, the Weber 62006001 Genesis II S-435 is compatible with the iGrill 3, which turns it into a Smart grill. The meat problem monitoring system is purchased separately and run through an app on your phone, allowing you to monitor the temperature and doneness of your meat without physically going to the grill. Fabulous for parties!

Are Weber Grills Really That Much Better

If you compare Weber grills to Char-Broil grills any other competitors and wonder if Weber grills are that much better, it probably depends on your perspective. Most gas grills, for instance, have about the same level of performance. Still, the quality of materials used in Weber grills is more consistent and durable, making it a superior grill, particularly when considering affordable models. When considering charcoal grills, Weber products are second-to-none.

Whether you are considering small details like the porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars, or the 10-Year Warranty for many of the grill components, Weber stands tall above the competition. Weber grills are versatile too. Get a good sear with direct heat, dampen the air supply, and cook low-and-slow with indirect heat.

The extended warranty shouldnt be overlooked either. While Char-Broil might be better for individuals on a tight budget, the price difference isnt that substantial. With premium features, industry-lauded innovation, a reliable track record, and more options than most of the competition, there is no question that


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What Is The Best Gas Grill For Under $500

The best grill for under $500 also happens to be our top pick overall: The Weber Spirit II E-310.

Youll be able to read our full take on it below, but in short, we think it’s a great all-around grill that boasts the features of more expensive options, just at a way better price. Plus, it’s compatible with smart devices. How cool!

What Is The Difference Between The Weber Spirit Genesis And Summit Series Bbq Grills

Weber® Summit® Charcoal Grill (18301004)

The differences between the Weber Spirit, Genesis, and Summit seem straightforward but are kind of confusing.

The Spirit is their smaller grill, Genesis is their mid-size to larger grill, with the Summit being their largest and most featured, but it isn’t actually that simple.

For example, a full-featured three-burner Spirit grill with a sear station and side burners is only $50 less than a basic three burner Genesis grill without a sear or a side burner.

The Summit is their best grill, but a four-burner Genesis is 40% larger and 40% less expensive than a four-burner Summit.

To complicate matters, Weber improved their grills a couple of years ago with their GS4 improvements, their code name for a faster one strike ignition with a second row of flavorizer bars for fewer flare-ups and better grease management.

But they only included the GS4 on their lowest priced Spirit II models and all Genesis grills, yet none of their best summit grills.

Their new smart grills with WIFI functionality are only available in the Genesis and the Spirit lines.

So, choosing a Weber Spirit, Genesis, and Summit is a bit complicated.

First, let’s talk about why you might want to consider a Weber grill in the first place.

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Advantages Of Broil King

If you couldnt tell by our product overviews above, we think both brands make quality grills. That being said, Broil King certainly does some things better.

First of all, Broil King grills tend to be more powerful. This means more BTUs. For comparison sake, the Broil King Regal offers 55,000 BTUs on its primary burner, while the Summit offers only 48,800.

In terms of construction, each brand is quite similar. Both offer stainless-steel options on the higher end, and cast-iron options on the lower and mid end. Both grill brands are quite durable and well-constructed.

Overall, we think Broil King offers more in terms of performance. They dont offer the vast array of features of Weber grills, because they have kept the focus on a grill that is powerful and performs consistently. For a quick-heating grill with consistent heat retention, we think Broil King offers more bang for the buck.

Buy a Broil King If:

  • You want more power for the money.
  • You want a grill that puts more emphasis on consistent and reliable performance.
  • You want a high quality, high-functioning grill from a brand you can trust.

Best Performance: Weber Summit S


Burners: 6 Burners totaling 60,000 BTU’s | Fuel: LP | Cooking Grates: 9 mm Stainless Steel | Color: Stainless Steel, Black | Capacity: 769 sq. in. | Side Burner: Yes, 12,000 BTU | Rotisserie: Yes, Infrared 10,600 BTU | Smoker Box: Yes, 6,800 BTU

If youre looking for the best of the best, the uncontested champion of all things grilling, then brace yourself and meet the Summit S-670 with an awe-inspiring six powerful burners and simply massive 838 square inches of total cooking area, all in a space-age stainless steel body. While it wont literally rocket you into the stratosphere, the grilling capabilities packed into this gorgeous bbq will certainly make you feel like youve broken free from gravity.

Stainless steel flavorizer bars, stainless steel cooking grates, a bonus side burner, a patented Snap-Jet burner ignition system , and built-in lighting round out the flagship Weber model. The Weber Summit comes with a infrared rotisserie which emits close to 11,000 BTU heat.

The build quality of Weber Summit grills is legendary. Assembly requirements are minimum. You simply need to place the hood and slide the sides into their respective position, snap-on the casters and you are ready to go.

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George Stephen Has An Idea

While a guy named George was making marine buoys at his job working for Weber Brothers Metal Works, he came up with the idea of a dome-shaped grill. It was 1952, and at the time the idea of a covered grill was pretty revolutionary!That first grill was called “George’s Barbecue Kettle.” Seven years later, George bought Weber Brothers and a new era of barbecuing was born.

Weber 6434 Deluxe Large Stainless Steel Vegetable Grill Basket

The Weber 22 Inch Kettle – I Love this Grill

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Whether youre a vegetarian or just want to grill veggies to go with your meat, a Stainless Steel Vegetable Grill Basket can make life a lot easier. Small pieces of vegetable or even meat for that matter are a pain to turn and can fall through the grate, so the basket lets you grill them right along with your other items. These baskets can also work like a wok on the grill. The Weber 6434 grill basket is made to fit 18-1/2 inch or larger Weber charcoal kettles, Weber Q 300 Series and all full-size Weber gas grills.

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Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill 18 Inch Black

Weber Jumbo Joe is another portable charcoal grill from Weber where a total of 8 burgers can easily fit into it. They design it in a compact form adding a number of features. The main attention of it is to have the porcelain-enameled lid which is a common one too and for this, it wont wear out or get rust.

Key Features

The feature that catches your concern is to have the Tuck-N-Carry lid lock which tightens the lid in an ultimate order. Again, the dampers also come to great ease of use that helps to lock the heat inside the grill. If you always want a charcoal grill outside of your home, then this one would be the best choice.

The grill diameter comes as 18 inches the lid shield allows you to open up and close it where heat doesnt reach at all. Since it is small in size, so it is easy to assemble. Once, you find it at your doorstep, then it takes less amount of time to assemble. Last but not least, you can easily clean up all the charcoal residue from the bottom of the vent. However, the smoke will exist at the top of that vent.

Webers Commitment To Safe Grilling

Weve already touched on Webers methods of ensuring safety when it comes to burners and fuel sources, but what about other elements of safety? A safe burner doesnt help you much if your entire grill falls over on your foot. Fortunately, Weber has ensured that this will never happen.

Weber grills are built with perfectly balanced bodies and a low center of gravity, making tip-overs nearly impossible. Meanwhile, all wheels lock in place to avoid unwanted rolling while in use. Plus, Weber engineers eliminated all sharp corners so you dont have to worry about cuts by any extruding edges. Nothing derails a fun grilling session like an injury on the field, so Weber has taken every step to guarantee that this doesnt take place.

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Weber Genesis Ii Grill Codes

  • S – stands for stainless grates and cover
  • SE – stands for a color and stainless grates
  • E – Enamel color hoods and porcelain grates
  • 4 – Stands for four burners. The Genesis is now available with 3 or 4 burners.
  • 3 – side burners, Sear Station
  • 5 – Full cabinet doors

Look at this model number: S-435. “S” means it’s stainless. “4” is the number of burners it has. “35” means it has the Sear Station, stainless grates, and a stainless cover.

If you want a three burner with side burners, stainless cover, Sear Zone, and stainless grates, what would the model number be?

It would be an S-335.

You can buy any Genesis in natural or LP gas. However, they are designed to be one or the other and should not be field converted.

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Weber Extra Large Ranch Kettle Grill

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Best Charcoal Grills Of 2021 According To Experts

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The first thing someone looking to buy a new grill might notice is the sheer number of seemingly great options available. But whats ideal for one grill masters backyard might not be for another especially given that grills tend to come in three main styles: pellet grills, charcoal grills and gas grills.

Grills are built with speed, convenience, price and quality in mind, but when it comes to flavor, its hard to beat a charcoal-fired grill, according to Chris Lilly, a world championship pitmaster and spokesperson for Kingsford. When fat renders from meat slowly simmering over the fire, the juices hit the hot coals and create a charred moisture, he said. This directly affects grilled food flavor that you cant replicate in any other grill type. Food over fire equals flavor and charcoal maximizes the grilled taste in foods.

What Is The Difference Between The Weber Spirit Genesis Ii And Summit Series Bbq Grills

Chris Tavares;|; April 23, 2021;|; 10 Min. Read

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  • or Summit Grill?
  • In a short time, Weber has become the household name for grills. However, buying one isn’t easy. You have three different series and several different codes for each series.

    In this article, you will learn the most popular Weber grills, the three different series, Spirit, Genesis, and Summit, as well as their differences.

    In the end, you will also see a comparison between the Summit and high BTU grill options.

    Is a professional grill worth $1,300 more?

    You will find out .

    Let’s dive in.

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    Why Weber Gained Its Popularity

    The first Weber grill was made by a man named George A. Stephen in 1952. George invented this grill out of necessity. At the time, the only grills available were open grate models that didnt have any lids, which limited the amount of control over the temperature that a grill had. This caused many meals to burn or be undercooked. Since these grills had no lids, it was also easy for them to be extinguished by wind or rain.

    George worked at a metal works, which specialized in making buoys. One day, on his way to work, he thought how the shape of a buoy would make for a good grill. So he took a buoy and cut it in half. From there, he added a cooking grate, three leg stand, and a handle on the lid. With the help of a neighbor, he also added ventilation holes to let enough air in order to keep the charcoal lit.

    George then took his grill on the road and demonstrated its usefulness at hardware and grocery stores. The public was incredibly impressed by the high quality of the design and how easy the grill was to use. Before long, George couldnt keep up with production on his own and bought the metal works that he worked for and changed its production towards making his grills.

    Napoleon Pro Charcoal Grill

    Weber Jumbo Joe Review – Best Portable Charcoal Grill Ever!

    At $319, the Napoleon portable charcoal grill is expensive. During our chicken cooking tests, however, this portable grill held its temperature better than any other charcoal grill we’ve tested. The resulting chicken was tasty, and the grill features really well-made cast-iron grates across its 365 square inches of cooking area. The lid houses a temperature gauge and a handy hinge that makes it easy to add charcoal.;

    Napoleon delivered excellent cooking results in our ribs test. It prepared a tender and juicy rack in just four hours, 30 minutes. In our chicken test it held a high temperature for longer than any other grill in the lineup. The searing test was average but satisfactory.;

    Apart from that, this grill just feels really well-built, and I appreciated that it has three heights for your cooking grate, which lets you control how much direct heat your food gets while cooking and grilling. If you’re looking for the fanciest kettle grill out there, this one might just be it.

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    All Weber Genesis Ii Grills Feature:

    • the GS4 high performance grilling system, which includes Infinity Ignition and high performance burners, Flavorizer bars, and grease management system
    • iGrill 3 technology, allowing you to monitor food right from your phone
    • built-in lid thermometer
    • stainless steel side tables and heat deflectors

    The LX S models feature closed cabinets, whereas the E models offer an open cart design.

    The lid, Flavorizer bars, and cooking grates on the LX S models are stainless steel, while on the E models they are porcelain-enameled.

    Chicken And Indirect Medium Heat

    Next, we tested each grill’s medium heat cooking capability by roasting whole chickens. The trick here is to keep the grills at a hot enough temperature to cook a chicken for upward of two hours.;

    For our tests, each grill gets a full chimney of lit charcoal and a 6-pound chicken opposite the coals for indirect heat.;

    Each grill got a chimney of hot charcoal.;

    Cooking over charcoal takes longer than cooking with a gas grill, and we typically need to add more fuel during cooking to keep our grills above 300 F for the full duration. Our favorite bird from this batch was the one cooked on the Weber, though it was a tough call. The bird cooked on the Nexgrill cart-style grill came in right behind, a close second in terms of flavor and texture.

    We cooked chicken over indirect heat until it reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees.;

    The difference between the two was largely in the crispiness of the skin, with the Weber’s results being superior. Meat from the Nexgrill was delicious, with just a bit more flavor than the Weber. Between them, I’d say it largely depends on your budget and what style of grill you prefer for other meats like burgers or steak. Weber certainly had the superior sear in that category.;

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