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From us! We are a proud retailer of the Big Green Egg and its products. It comes in seven sizes starting at mini and ending at 2XL so no matter how big your family is, you can have a grill that makes sense for your lifestyle. Well also get you set up with any accessories you may need. Did you know you can buy baking stone and smoking wood designed to work with your new grill? Its a one-shop-stop, baby!

If youve finished reading this and now you need a Big Green Egg, contact Kaufman By Design West. Well get you hooked up and ready for grilling season! You can also to keep up to date with all of our specials and new arrivals.

Find The Best Big Green Eggs At A Low Price

Even to novice barbeque enthusiasts, some grills have the advantage of being universally recognizable. This is particularly true for the kamado or iconic ceramic style grill, popularly referred to as the Big Green Egg. It garnered attention as the first of its kind in the US.

While only a handful of products that first hit the market have the luxury of becoming impressively synonymous with their brands, the Big Green Egg remains known to date.

Its been about 50 years since its penetration into the grilling world, but the BGE remains one of the most durable and easily accessible kamado grills in the market.

A myriad of grills appeals to seasoned backyard veterans or novices, but the Big Green Egg is an incredible choice for both.

Big Green Egg Tools For The Ultimate Pizza

The Big Green Egg is the perfect thing for making Brick Oven quality pizza, however you’ll need to arm yourself with the right tools to get the job done.

Baking Stone

Want the best pizza ever? It can be made in the Big Green Egg using the baking stone. Put your pizza on the pre-heated baking stone and you will get a wonderful crispy crust. The ceramic stone pulls the moisture out of your crust for brick-oven style pizza. Is it just for fresh, homemade pizza? No, pull out that frozen pizza and pop it in the Egg. Your friends will never know the difference between homemade and frozen pizza on the Egg.

The Big Green Egg baking stone is not just for Pizza! You can use the baking stone for flatbreads, cookies and pastries.

Pizza Peel

The Big Green Egg Pizza Peel is essential for getting your pizza on and off the baking stone. Itâs design allows your pizza to slide right off onto the stone and to scoop right under your pizza when it is done.

Rockin Pizza Cutter

The Rockin Pizza cutter is a great tool for slicing your pizzas. But it is not just for cutting pizza, it can also be used for chopping garlic, herbs, mushrooms, and any of your other toppings.

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Pulled Pork On The Big Green Egg

Ah, pulled pork. Its one of the simplest meats to make, but it takes the longest amount of time.

All youll need for this pulled pork recipe is Boston butt, pork rub, and your Big Green Egg.

The process for smoking the meat isnt challenging, but itll take you about 18 hours, including rest time, cook time, and everything else.

But again, as Ive said already, true perfection is worth a bit of time!

And you just cant beat the smoky, salty taste of pulled pork made on the Big Green Egg.

Latest From The Big Green Egg Company

Big Green Egg Grill for sale

In January of 2022, Big Green Egg announced that it would now be a purpose-driven company. To speak plainly, the company now promised to put a portion of their profits towards child-focused charities in the more than 50 countries in which their product is sold. Personally, I commend the effort to make the world a better place. You can read the full press release on their website.

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History Of The Kamado

Early clay ovens appeared in China about 3,000 years ago. Around 300 BC, this technology was exported to Japan, and the ceramic ovens were dubbed kamados, or stoves.

How did the kamado come to the States? After World War II, thousands of Westerners stationed in Japan saw these wonderful cookers for the first time. Returning home, many brought kamados back, and some even started importing and selling them. One such entrepreneur was Ed Fisher, who sensed there might be an interest in these ceramic charcoal burners back in the USA. In 1974, he opened a store in Atlanta, and the Big Green Egg was born. Big Green Egg is now the most popular brand of kamado in the world, with legions of devotees who affectionately call themselves Eggheads.

But the Big Green Egg isnt the only kamado out there. You now have a wide range of choices in all different sizes, shapes, and colors.

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Cooking On The Big Green Egg

As I mentioned, I received a few different accessories to assist in my grilling endeavors, such as the convEGGtor. Its a ceramic piece that I can choose to place in the grill when I want to cook something with indirect heat. It basically turns the grill into an outdoor convection oven. This is nice because I can use the grill as a pizza oven, bake cinnamon rolls, or slow cook meats to achieve that fall-off-the-bone effect with barbecue.

I have used the convEGGtor quite a bit, such as with appetizers like bacon wrapped salmon or bacon wrapped jalapenos. For these recipes, I wanted the bacon to thoroughly cook and the smoke from the grill to infuse into the cream cheese and the jalapenos and salmon. The convEGGtor prevented the appetizers from being scorched by an open fire. Using this accessory does mean that the food takes a bit longer to cook, but the results were well worth it.

Overall, the Large Big Green Egg is a lot easier to use than I expected. While there is a little bit of a learning curve to using this grill , every single meal that Ive prepared with my Large Big Green Egg has come out nicely and Im beyond enthused to use this grill for many summers to come.

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The Big Green Egg Stays Green

Big Green Eggs come in any size you want, whether you’re looking for a compact tailgate grill or a massive machine to take residence on your patio. However, you can only purchase the grills in the company’s signature bright forest green color. It makes sense considering the color is literally in the name of the product, but it’s easy to imagine BGEs in an array of colors along the lines of KitchenAid stand mixers or Le Creuset cookware.

You can purchase an egg directly from the brand or at one of their authorized dealers, but that’s it. You can find authorized dealers in your area via the BGE website. But if you’re looking for a different color, you’re going to have to go the DIY route and paint it yourself, if you have that kind of dedication and patience. But hey, green always looks good outside, so you can never go wrong leaving it as is.

Best Big Green Egg Recipes You Need To Try

Big Green Egg® and Kamado Style Grills – An Introduction

You wont believe how easy and delicious these Big Green Egg recipes are.

Juicy, tender, and bursting with flavor, this grill is worth every penny and then some!

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Big Green Eggs are grills, smokers, ovens, and more, and they make some of the best barbeque youll ever eat.

Of course, with just a few tweaks, you can make these meaty delights on any grill or smoker.

That said, if youve been on the fence about making such a big purchase, consider this a sign from above! Because these Big Green Egg recipes are too good to miss.

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The Big Green Egg Vs A Gas Grill

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It can generally go without saying that choosing the right grill foryour cooking needs can take a lot of time and effort. After all, there are somany different aspects that you need to think about, such as the size of thegrill, the type of grill, and what you are going to be using the grill for. Agas grill is going to be vastly different than a grill designed for exclusivelysmoking meats.

Out of all the grills out there, many people butt heads over two grills in particular. These grills are the Big Green Egg and the gas grill. While just about everyone who is searching for a grill knows what a gas grill is, not everyone might know what a Big Green Egg is. To put things simply, the Green Egg is a specific type of grill that is meant to charcoal grill , although it can be an oven, smoker or pizza oven if needed.

To decide which grill is best for your needs, there are a few thingsthat you are going to need to look at and think about. First things first, youwill need to think about the purposes that each grill serves, and you will needto decide which one will suit your needs that way.

Before you can compare these two grills, you are going to want to make sure that you know what exactly the Green Egg is.

Big Green Egg Is A Kamado Grill

The Big Green Egg has become synonymous with what is more commonly known as the kamado grill, which is a cylindrical vessel often made of heavy-duty ceramic and complete with a massive dome lid. The peculiar shape creates the ideal environment inside for not only regular grilling needs, but for smoking foods as well. The grills have a long history. Per Kamado Jim, the kamado style grill got its start in China and then eventually made its way to Japan around 300 AD. And then, it was introduced to the U.S. after World War II.

The ceramic make of the kamado grills provide top-tier insulation, making it easier for the vessel to retain heat. It’s a more efficient way to cook food at a particular temperature without having to use a lot of charcoal. Also, the internal environment helps foods retain moisture, which is always an important factor when grilling various proteins. No one likes a dry steak.

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Traeger Vs Big Green Egg: Which Grill You Should Use

Both Traeger Grill and Big Green Egg have different grill machines that are great for barbequing. They share a fair few similarities, but there are many striking differences between the two brands and their designed products.

To understand which one is better for you, let us give you a quick comparison between their different features.

Disclaimer: Since there are many different models out there, it can be hard to pit them up against each other head-to-head. To help you understand the brands easier, we chose the Traeger Grill Ironwood 650 and the Big Green Egg 2XL.

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The Best Kamado Smokers And Grills

Big Green Egg Prices for 2020 * New Updates*

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I’d say that kamados are the best residential outdoor ovens going. These charcoal-fueled devices are modern versions of the Chinese and Indian earthenware cooking ovens and urns that came into use several thousand years ago. Most look a bit like ancient burial urns, or giant eggs. Some are made of ceramics or refractory materials, the same stuff used to make kilns, crucibles, and pizza ovensall extremely good insulators that store and radiate heat effectively. They’re superb smokers and roasters, and they’re unmatched as backyard pizza and bread ovens, because the sides and domes absorb heat and radiate it back like a professional brick oven, so the pizza and bread can cook properly from above. They’re also great for paella and tandoori cooking. So it’s no wonder that ceramic grills/smokers/ovens is a fast-growing category, with more competitors throwing their hats into the ring every year.

Considering a kamado? Let me be your guide.

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Additional Features For The Big Green Egg

If you plan to purchase a Large Big Green Egg, there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, the Big Green Egg is like an egg, in that if it falls and hits the ground, its going to crack. This is why I highly suggest you purchase a package that includes a nest.

I store my Big Green Egg in the garage and when I want to grill, I pull the Large Big Green Egg outside. If you push the Big Green Egg and hit a rock or divot in the ground, its more likely to topple over and break the egg. Once Ive placed it in the spot I want, I lock the wheels and Im ready to grill.

What Makes The Big Green Egg So Special

In 2019, we brought the Big Green Egg into all of our stores. We stocked our shelves with Big Green products and added Big Green logos and signs all around our grill sections. We raved about what we said called the ultimate game changer on how to cook food outdoors. But what exactly makes the Big Green Egg so special? Well, Im glad you asked.

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How Does It Perform

The vents on a kamado grill allow you to regulate the amount of airflow inside the unit.

Overall, we had no complaints about the Eggs ability to cook everything we threw at it. The Large model had an 18-inch grill space that was large enough to fit a dozen burgers, up to six chickens , a few whole pork shoulders, or a large turkey. Our burgers had perfect grill marks, the chicken drumsticks were infused with a deeply smoky flavor, and our pulled pork turned out super juicy and tender.

Temperature control was one of our favorite features of the Egg. By sliding the lower vent closed, we were able to get the temps as low as 150°F without worrying about extinguishing the coals. Opening up the vent ignited the coal bed, burning them red-hot and building to temperatures as hot as 700°F.

Our model featured a rEGGulator top vent cap that opened all the way, letting in more air than most charcoal grills allow. Fully opened, it helped us achieve maximum airflow to boost the temps, and it trapped all that tasty smoke inside when we slid it halfway or almost all the way closed. Both vents were cool to the touch, even while cooking over high heat.

What Type Of Charcoal Does A Big Green Egg Use

Big Green EGG 101 – Learn to Use the Big Green Egg Grill

Natural lump charcoalis the best source of fuel for the Big Green Egg. You should start each session with a full load of natural lump charcoal. A full load is considered 5 lbs. and it can be lit with an electric lighter or a paraffin fire starter cube, no charcoal chimney is needed. You should also soak your wood chips, chunks, or cooking planks before use.

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But Faithful Customers Say It’s Worth The Money

If you do a quick search online, it’s not hard to find a ton of product reviews for Big Green Egg grills. Bob Vila says that while the price tag for the grills remains its biggest downfall, it ends up costing less for the customer long-term thanks to the minimal maintenance BGE requires. Also, the BGE uses less charcoal than your typical grill, so the owner will probably end up saving money on charcoal in the long run as well.

As Consumer Reports points out, there are plenty of other kamado grills on the market with a much lower price tag. But the lifetime warranty and high-quality craftsmanship makes it stand above the rest, and will totally elevate your grilling game to the next level. And The Kitchn’s review reaches a similar conclusion it’s expensive, but a perfect match for the expert griller in your life. It’s not a necessity, but you’ll likely never regret buying one if you do.

The Only Outdoor Cooker You Will Ever Need Or Want

The Big Green Egg is the highest quality, most versatile and simplest-to-use outdoor cooker on the market, offering more cooking options than all other conventional cookers combined. From appetizers to entrees to desserts, the Big Green Egg will exceed all of your expectations for culinary perfection.

Big Green Egg Now At Ace

Versatile Cooking with the Big Green Egg

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It’s Durable But Not Unbreakable

Because the Big Green Egg is so heavy and expensive, you would think it would be able to survive anything you put it through. And for the most part, that’s true it can withstand scorching flames better than any grill. However, Big Green Egg grills are not totally unbreakable. In fact, they can be cracked or even smashed if dropped roughly on a hard surface. Luckily, the grills are heavy so it’s not super easy to knock over on accident.

If you do crack your egg, there are DIY repair guides all over the internet. Now, it won’t be as pretty as a brand new grill, but there’s no use in getting rid of an expensive grill if it’s fixable . Also, to prevent accidents, there are specific tables sold by the company and other furniture brands that will perfectly fit a Big Green Egg like its a glass in a cup holder.

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