What Model Of Weber Grill Do I Have

How Do I Find My Weber Grill Model

Find the Model Number on Your Grill


If your grill was made from 1979 to 2014, the top vent on the lid will have one of these serial numbers which is a one or two lettered date code listed below. Beginning in 2013, a serial number was added just above the two letter date code.

Likewise, what is the warranty on a Weber grill? Weber quality with up to 10 years warrantyAnd because we are so confident in the quality of our barbecues, we guarantee the individual components of our gas, charcoal and electric barbecues for up to 10 years. To make a warranty claim, please complete our claims form.

Secondly, how much is a Weber Spirit grill?

Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 LP Gas Grill, Black

List Price:

How can I tell how old my Weber grill is?

Kettle Serial NumberYour code can be found on the lid damper on your Weber Kettle, see the image below for an example. Once you’ve found what letter/s your code starts with, reference it to the above table. There you have it, you have now identified how old your Weber kettle is!

Matthew La Rou The Netherlands

Date Code: C

I found one here in The Netherlands and it looks like the real deal, says Matthew. With super orange peel enamel! You can see the orange peel effect in the reflection on the lid in the second photo. Many people find this orange peel effect a desirable characteristic of older Weber grills.

Do Weber Grills Go On Sale

One of the most common questions going on in peoples minds is that do Weber grills go on sale? The answer is, YES.Weber grill is a definitive symbol of respect to grill aces over the US. Intended to deal with the trial of time, there is a Weber grill for each spending limit. We get this inquiry a great deal, Do Weber grill go on special? As we do we look through, we notice that every single trustworthy store has a similar cost and a couple of not exactly legitimate shops veer off. Therefore, clients need to know whether they can get these gas grills at a lower cost in a legitimate store.

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Jim Pfefferle Pewaukee Wi

Date Code: C

I rescued this bad boy from the back porch of my sisters place, where it had gathered dust since my fathers passing five years ago. Before looking, I was pretty confident it would be a C model, since my Dad was always trying out new grills and loved Weber products. I now consider this WSM a family heirloom.

How Can I Tell What Model Weber Gas Grill I Have

Weber Smokey Joe 147

The serial number consists of one or two letters found on the lid damper, plus the bar code containing 5 or 6 numbers, under the control panel. Located on the rear panel. Also located in the upper right-hand corner of owners manual. Older units had a bar code underneath the stainless steel charbin cover.

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Determine Correct Bbq Grill Model Number

Verify you have the correct model number for your Weber grill by finding the CSA appliance tag on the grill. This tag, or label, will have the correct and complete model number. Do not rely solely on your owners manual as these are frequently mixed up at retail outlets. The Weber CSA tag, or plate, is freguently located on the inside of the cart doors but may be on the back of the grill or under the front control panel.

Introducing The Teres Major Steak

Teres major is not a steak you will find at most supermarkets. Youll have to seek it out at a good butcher shop or from online sources. But its worth the effort to find and grill on your Weber gas grill.

Also known as a shoulder petite tender roast, petite tender, shoulder tender, or bistro tender, the teres major steak is lean but juicy, and as the alternate names imply, its very tender. Its shaped like and eats a lot like a tenderloin but with a bit more fat and thus more flavor.

The teres major muscle is tucked away inside the chuck primal and comes from the shoulder blade. It takes more time and effort to fabricate this cut from the shoulder clod, which is why you dont see it often in the usual retail settings. Continue reading Teres Major Steak

Here are some useful tips for winter grilling in cold weather.

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Your Grills Temperature Gauge

Understanding and using your Weber grills temperature gauge is critical to effective grilling. Different meats and foods cook best at different temperatures, so youll want to give your grill the chance to heat properly before you jump into grilling. Weber temperature gauges are designed to be ultra-accurate, giving you real-time information about the internal temperature of your grill. That way youll know exactly when its time to throw on the meat or whatever you happen to be cooking up that day. And of course, these temperature gauges are built to last with highly durable lenses and stainless steel construction.

Best Weber Genesis Ii Series Bbq Grills For 2021

Weber Genesis Silver B Restoration Project

Steve Sheinkopf | April 06, 2021 | 11 Min. Read

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Weber Genesis II is Weber’s most popular grill series.

    This series has decent sizes in three or four burners, good burner output, and is built to last longer than other competitive grills.

    Buying a Genesis is not easy.

    The model numbers are confusing. Genesis also has similar model numbers to their lesser-priced Spirit line.

    First, you will learn about all the features and differences between all the available Genesis grills. Then we’ll show you the main benefits of buying a Weber Genesis grill.

    We’ll also show you how to interpret Weber grill codes along with comparisons between the lesser-priced Weber Spirits and higher-priced Weber Summit grills.

    Now, no series of grills are best for every type of grilling, so you will also see a comparison between Genesis and other grill types like charcoal, pellet, and pro grills.

    Let’s get started.

    Note: Weber discontinued some of the lineups several days ago, probably due to component issues adding to the complexity of buying a Genesis grill.

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    How Do You Sear A Weber Grill

    Once the grill has been pre-heated its time to light the Sear Station. For Summit models, turn the outer burners to off or to low, and then light the Sear Station. For Genesis models, turn the right burner to off or low, and then light the Sear Station. Now its time to put the food to be seared onto the Sear Station.

    SX-335 â $1,299 | EX-335â $1,199 | EX-315â $999

    First, any grill can be a Smart grill using the Weber iGrill App. The iGrill uses wireless meat probes to sense the inside temperature of your food.

    Weber was at the forefront of Smart technology, and it is âSmart.â

    You can receive alerts to flip that burger or remove the food from your grill right off your phone.

    Weber has recipes and other grilling ideas as well.

    For the Smart grills, the iGrill is built-in, and you can see the temperature right on the grill and the app.

    Weber Genesis Ii Series Vs Professional Outdoor Grills

    Aspire by Hestan Built-In BBQ Grill at Yale Appliance in Framingham

    So how much better is a pro grill?

    Professional grills have higher BTU output at 23-25,000 BTUs per burner, so you cook much faster than Genesis at 12-13,000 output per burner.

    There is a much better sear as well. Pro grills use infrared technology, a hotter, more direct heat for much faster searing.

    The Aspire by Hestan has a rotisserie that can fit up to 50 pounds of food with a much hotter 14,000 BTU infrared burner. Even the Weber Summit can only hold 20 pounds with a 10,600 BTU rotisserie burner.

    Sounds good? It should.

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    Why You Should Trust Us

    Before opening the valve on a single propane tank, we spoke with more than a dozen experts.

    Joe Salvaggio of Big Apple BBQ spent two hours explaining the fundamentals of gas-grill design, function, materials, and maintenance. Joe and his brother Tony have run Big Apple BBQ, one of the New York regions leading grill shops, for over 30 years. The store carries grills from multiple manufacturers, ranging from $400 backyard portables to five-figure custom built-ins. Because Salvaggio is an independent retailer, he was able to speak freely about what he saw as the relative strengths and weaknesses of various designs.

    At the 2017 Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo, we interviewed senior product managers from almost every major grill-maker in attendance, including all the brands that wound up featured in our test: Weber, Broil King, and Napoleon. We spoke with multiple makers of high-end grills, too, as they predominate at HPBE. Though we wouldnt be testing their grills, we felt that knowing what goes into making a $4,000 grill helped us evaluate the less expensive grills in our test.

    We backed this reporting with comprehensive researchthe in-depth, professional reviews at AmazingRibs.com being a standout sourceand hands-on time with grills at the big hardware chains.

    New Weber Smart Grills What Are They And How Do They Work

    Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill for Sale

    As technology in the world around us continuously advances, we are seeing it slowly seep more and more into the tools we use to cook with. Weber, one of the longest standing names in grilling, has made a push in the past few years to incorporate their technology directly into their grills. Weve seen this with Webers jump into the pellet grill market with the SmokeFire Pellet Grills in 2020.New for 2021, Weber is releasing a Smart Grill line with four model options available. The Genesis II Gas Grill line will feature three models and the Spirit Gas Grill Line will feature one model. All Smart Grills from Weber, at this time, are only available in three burner models.

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    Roger Fecher Cincinnati Oh

    Date Code: C

    After deciding that a Weber Smokey Mountain was the best bet for great BBQ at a reasonable price, I set off to find a smoker. I found this smoker through an online estate auction. The colored manual pictured in the auction led me to believe that it was an early model. As I read more, I got excited that I could be looking at an early 1980s model of the WSM. A few others drove the price up to $80, which I was glad to pay.

    When I picked up the item I was pleased to find that the only parts that needed to be replaced were the food grates. It even came with the original teak wood handle in good condition as well as the original assembly guide and full color manual. I got excited when I saw the C date code stamp. I opted to purchase a new door since the original had obvious air gaps and was rather rusty due to its time in the elements. I was amazed at the wonderful condition of the rest of the unit. The legs are rusted over, but the porcelain finish is still in great condition. The charcoal grate is a bit rusty, but perfectly usable.

    Kevin Steers Cedarburg Wi

    Date Code: B

    Kevin says, Days after an estate sale in my neighborhood in northern Wisconsin, this WSM was found in the bushes, where it had been abandoned. The new homeowner told me to take it, as he knew I was a barbecue guy. I will need to reverse a mod, as the original owner converted it to propane, I believe, as evidenced by the holes in the base.

    In the first photo, you can see the propane valve attached to the front leg of the charcoal bowl. In the third photo looking inside the charcoal bowl, the rectangular hole is probably access for the propane burner the small hole in the bottom is probably a weep hole for water.

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    Craig Smith Chattanooga Tn

    Date Code: C

    I was talking at work about building a drum smoker and a girl I work with overheard me. She said her husband had an old smoker that doesnt get used at all and offered to call him to see if it was something he wanted to get rid of. Turned out that he was, and this smoker has the date code of C.

    Thanks for putting a website like this up and thanks for all the info to use my new to me old Smokey Mountain.

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    Why Buy A Weber Genesis Ii Series Grill

    HOw to Fix a Weber Grill Ignitor

    You shop at Yale for brand selection.

    For example, you can choose between 14 different dishwasher brands and see 100 wall ovens in our three stores.

    However, we only sell one grill brand, between $379 and $2,799 – Weber.

    We have tried the most competitive brands. However, since we use these grills in demonstrations and leave them outside, many cannot handle a New England winter.

    Others do not perform as their specs and marketing indicate.

    I mentioned our chef placing her hand in the middle of an operating grill to show the cold spot. That is not a grill you would want in your house. Most stores probably would not even let you return it.

    Weber is designed well on the outside with stainless steel, hard plastic, and enameled finishes to survive a New England winter for many years.

    Be careful what you buy. Most grills aren’t designed to last.

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    Size And Cooking Capacity

    Weber grills come in a variety of different sizes and the size of the grate will determine how much food you can cook at any given time. When purchasing a Weber grill, youll want to determine how many people you want to feed and what type of food youll be cooking most often.

    If youre feeding a small group, you can get away with a smaller grill. But if youre often feeding a large family or cooking large items such as ribeyes or rib racks, youre better off with a larger grill. When choosing your grill, pay attention to the size of the total cooking area, which is typically measured in square inches.

    Webers portable grills are generally about 150-250 square inches, which will feed one or two people. Webers electric grills range from 180 to 280 square inches, which will feed one or two people as well.

    Weber charcoal and gas grills tend to be larger and can feed more people at once. A Weber charcoal grill can range in size from 250 to 1100 square inches, comfortably feeding anywhere from two to upwards of five. And a Weber gas grill will be anywhere from 500 to 1,000 square inches with the ability to feed large groups and families.

    Where Is Model Number On Brinkmann Grill

    The model number should be on the front page and will usually be listed on the bottom of each page. Even if you dont have your manual, thats fine too! Look for a small metal plate or label with certification information on it, including your model number. These plates are usually on the back of each grill.

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    Smarts That Target Cooking

    The Weber Genesis II E-310 is among just a few backyard grills that support smart technology. Weber didnât create this tech on its own â it acquired the iGrill brand from iDevices, a line of Bluetooth, app-connected thermometers, including the $50 iGrill Mini.

    The latest product to join the iGrill line postacquisition is the $100 iGrill 3, and it works as an add-on to Weberâs Genesis II and Genesis II LX grills that fits into a physical socket on the front of those units. Weber pushes the iGrill 3 as an upgrade meant for its Genesis II grills alone but aside from the tailored receptacle, it will work fine with any brand of grill, it just wonât have a dedicated slot to mount it securely.

    All of the various iGrill models link to the Weber mobile app, which lets you monitor the Genesis II wirelessly from a distance of 30 feet. The scope of the app is narrow compared to Char-Broilâs SmartChef application. SmartChef tackles lots of things besides food. It tracks propane levels, burner status and even tells you if the grill is cool enough to cover. Weberâs app just sticks to measuring temperatures of meat, fish and poultry as you cook.

    The Weber Genesis II supports useful smart cooking abilities but they donât come standard.

    Are These Grills Available Now

    Weber 22

    All of the Weber Smart Grills are available for pre-order only at this time. The grills have not yet been released to retailers. The indication is that they will likely be available relatively soon but no official word on that date yet.

    Many manufacturers, like Weber, have experienced delays in manufacturing and sourcing of materials, over the course of the last year. Its likely the initial launch will have limited inventory until Weber is caught up on production.

    If you have further questions on these grills, you can contact us here.


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    What Is A Smart Grill

    A Smart Grill is a grill that uses app-connected technology that allows you to monitor food temperatures, get alerts and control the grill .

    Pellet grills tend to be the most advanced of grills ahead of gas and charcoal overall in this space. Lynx was the first reputable gas grill manufacturer to release a smart gas grill. While the Lynx Smart Grill has great capabilities, it is not in the conversation for most consumers due to the high price point.

    Webers Smart Grills come in at much more modest price points in line with what you find with Webers grill lineup. Webers version of a Smart Grill incorporates their Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub technology into the grill.

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