What Size Grill Cover For Weber Spirit 310

Victsing 600d Heavy Duty 58

Weber Spirit II E-310 Review (New Grill Model)

Why youll love it:

A great choice for those who grill frequently and love having guests over is this cover from VicTsing. It comes in 58 size that fits most standard grills and is easy to use. You can put it on and take it off with minimal effort.

What we liked

  • 58 size fits gas grills with three to four burners
  • Resistant to dust, UV rays, weather and water
  • Easy to clean and maintain

What we didnt like

  • Can fade in the sun
  • Not well suited for colder climates

Designed for grills that feature up to four burners, it covers the top of the grill and hangs down around the sides to protect the storage area below. You can safely use the cover on grills from Char-Broil, Holland and other top brands.

This is one of the only BBQ grill covers on the market that is rip-resistant, making it a good choice for homes with animals or kids. No matter how much action takes place around the grill, the cover wont rip. This cover is also resistant to both weather and water and prevents damage caused by dust and UV rays.

Weber 66015001 Genesis Ii E

Reviews forWeber


  • Grill Dimensions: Lid Open – 62″H X 59″W X 31″D | Lid Closed – 47″H X 59″W X 29″D | Primary Cooking Area 513 Square Inches | Tuck-Away Warming Rack Area 156 Square Inches | Wheel Base Dimensions 38 From Left To Right And 29 From Front To Back
  • Your Purchase Includes One Weber Genesis Ii E-315 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill In Black Color And One Gas Supply Hose. Cover Is Not Included
  • I grill 3 Smart Technology Compatible, For Perfectly Grilled Food
  • Total Cooking Area : 669
  • This Grill Is Factory Built To Operate Using Natural Gas Only. Natural Gas Is Delivered By Your Local Utility Through An Underground Pipeline System. Confirm A Proper Installation Of The Branch Supply Line From The House To The Grill Before Using
  • This Genesis Ii E-315 Has A 39, 000 Btu Output, 3 Stainless Steel Burners And 6 Hooks
  • 3D Interactive Assembly Instructions For This Product Are Available Through The Free Bilt App.

Kingkong Grill Cover 7106 Cover For Weber Spirit

Why youll love it:

If you have a Spirit 200 or 310 from Weber and need a new grill cover, look no further than the Kingkong 7106, which the manufacturer designed specifically for those grills. It has a durable and rugged design to protect against all types of storm damage, including wind and rain. The cover is resistant to UV rays too.

  • Features Velcro straps for a perfect fit
  • Has a three-year warranty from Kingkong

What we didnt like

  • Can develop leaks after just a few months
  • Does not fit all grills from Weber and other manufacturers

This cover fits tighter than others do and comes with Velcro straps to help you get the right fit. Once you slide it over the grill and pull down the sides, you can adjust the Velcro straps to make sure that it doesnt slide out of place.

The included accessories make this a good value too. You get a grill brush that makes it easy to clean your grill and tongs that are perfect for adding and removing food from the grill. The set also features a thermometer for cooking foods to the perfect temperature.

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Old Spirit 220 & Spirit 300

For the fixed table Spirit 220 and 300, you need the larger Weber 7106 cover.

Again, find out which generation Spirit grill you have, because the cover for the old model will not fit the new Spirit II E-310 .

This cover will also fit the first generation Spirit S-315 and Spirit E-330.

Cover dimensions: 52 L x 25.8 W x 42.8 H

The original cover for this grill is quite pricey these days, so you may opt for a cheaper alternative from other manufacturers. Kingkong 7106 and MissGrill 7106 are decent alternatives to the original Weber 7106.

Fuel Type: Liquid Propane

Comp Bind Technology Grill Cover for Weber Spirit

The 20-pound propane gas tank mounts to the outside of the grill underneath the storage arms. This makes it easy to remove and replace, but its not exactly aesthetically pleasing. It may seem like nitpicking, but the rest of the grill is so sleek that having the propane tank visible really draws the eye away from the cool elements of the grill.

However, the easy-to-read fuel gauge located next to the gas tank helps make up for the less-than-attractive tank presentation. We were able to easily check how much fuel was left in the tank with a quick inspection. Its a welcome feature that makes this grill much easier for novices to navigate.

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Covers For The New Spirit Ii 310 Series Grills

In 2018 Weber launched a new design of the Spirit grill and called it the Series II. These grills are clearly marked with Spirit II badging. The three burner version of this grill is the Spirit II 310 model.

The official Weber Part Number for this cover is Weber 7139. There are other companies that make equivalent sized covers that are usually cheaper than Weber and also include a set of grilling tools. Links to the different manufacturers on Amazon are given below.

Best Cover For Weber Spirit E

If you have a grill, lets say the Weber Grill Spirit E-310, you would have already got a lot of ideas on how to maintain it. When you are not making any use of the same, you might have to cover it adequately. However, many other brands also make the grill cover that you may use. You will have to cover the grill especially if it is on your lawn. Look for nylon or other weatherproof materials for protecting the grill. Let us check the best five available in the market.

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Liba Bbq Gas Grill Cover 7107

  • It is designed for both Weber Spirit and Genesis series.
  • 600D polyester material is used in its manufacturing.
  • This cover has UV inhibitors.
  • It comes with a sturdy velcro strap.
  • Its color fades away after a year or two.


If you are trying to switch to a polyester grill cover, the LiBa grill cover would be the best choice for you. It is suitable for all Weber Genesis and Spirit Grills. With a dimension of 44 x 60, this cover makes sure it perfectly conceals a middle-sized grill.

With other qualities that almost every grill cover has, UV inhibitors are the best ones. The initial purpose of buying a grill cover is to protect the grill from sun exposure, and UV inhibitors are perfect for the job.

Dust and water resistance of this cover is also an inevitable quality. And we shall not ignore its velcro strap! A velcro strap helps keep the cover stick to the grill and supports it during strong windy seasons.

All these qualities make this product worth all the money. It is affordable as compared to other grill covers.

So, if you are looking for a sturdy piece of cloth that is easy to use and even easier to remove, the LiBa cover is for you.

Texas Weber Grill Cover

How To Assemble Spirit Grill Covers | Weber Grills
  • It is perfectly suitable for all Weber Spirit II, 300, and 200 series.
  • It is made from PVC.
  • It has four large fastening straps.
  • It comes with a tong and a brush.
  • A bit heavy as compared to its peers.


If you live in cities with extreme weather conditions, be it heat, rain, wind, or snow, this Texas grill cover would be your muse. The PVC used in making these grill covers ensures durability and sturdiness.

What we loved about this grill cover is its serious commitment to face weather conditions. While PVC is perfectly apt to resist heat and water, rain still stood as a problem. Therefore, they designed FOUR velcro straps to tie the cover to assess the weather.

You can use it for almost all medium-sized Weber Spirit grills, as the width and height are perfect. It is 52 inches wide and 44.5 inches wide, enough to cover a grill perfectly.

It is pocket-friendly and long-lasting. Buy this if you live in any mountainous region or anywhere! It is just so amazingly designed.

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Grill Valueparts 7636 69797 69787 Grill Parts For Weber Spirit E310 E320 E330 Sp320 Sp310 310 E

Reviews for


  • Fits WeberSpirit E 310 S 310 Sp 310 46510001 46700401 47510001 46500401 WeberSpirit E 310 Accessories .
  • Porcelain Enamel Flavorizer Bars, 15 1/4″ X 2 3/5″ Each. Stainless Steel Grill Burner Set. Includes Three Main Burners And One Smaller Crossover Burner. Left And Right Main Burners Measure 18″ And The Center Main Burner 17 3/4″. Crossover Is 15 1/4″ Long. Compatible With Weber Original Part Number 7636 69787
  • 15.3 Flavorizer Bars With Enamel Finish Will Prevent Sturdy Steel Rusting. Burner Is Made Of High Quality Stainless Steel With Excellent Corrosion Resistance. It Is Easy To Rebuild Your WeberGrill With These Grill Parts.
  • Made Of Sturdy Steel For Prolonged Grill Life Expectancy. Heat Tent Flavorizer Bars – Used To Catch Dripppings, Adding A Smoky Flavor To Your Food. Protects Burners From Grease Drippings. Stainless Steel Burner – Allows Grill Temperature To Be Properly Maintained. Puts Out Consistent, Evenly Spread Heat.
  • Fits WeberSpirit E320 S320 Sp320 46710001 46700401 . 47513101 46410674 46513101 46700574 46810001 46500401 47700401 46800401 47800401

Grisun 7642 Grill Igniter For Weber Spirit 210 & Spirit 310 Gas Grill Models

Reviews forGRISUN


  • – Fits For The Weber Models- 46100001 Spirit S- 210 Grill, 46110001 Spirit E- 210 Grill, 46113101 Spirit E- 210 Grill, 47100001 Spirit S- 210 Grill
  • – For WeberSpirit Models E-210, S-210, E-310, Sp-310, Model Years 2013 And Newer
  • – Including 1 Igniter Button, 1 Igniter Module, 2 Igniter Electrode, 1 Instruction. Not Include Aa Battery. Aftermarket Replacements, Replacement For Weber 7642. Not Weber Original Parts
  • – The Gs4 System Includes A New Ignition System That’s Ensured To Ignite Every Time
  • – Easy To Install Within Minutes. With Oem Instruction Guide. Maybe The Metal Electrode That Creates The Spark With The Tube Is Too Close To The Tubes Here Is The Solution: You Can Try To Hold Down The Ceramic Part And Use Some Tools To Bent The Metal Pin Slightly Higher. Create More Space It Would Light. It Will Take A Little Time To Adjust

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Shinestar Durable Grill Cover For Weber Spirit Ii E

Reviews forSHINESTAR


  • Pvc And Anti-Uv Coating 600D Fabric, 100% Waterproof, Will Not Fade Under Long-Term Exposure.
  • Fits For WeberSpirit Ii 200/300, Spirit Ii E 210/310, Weber 22 Inch Performer Premium And Deluxe Charcoal Grills, Also Fits For Charbroil 2 Burner Performance, Ducane 3100, Dyna-Glo And More Grills. 52″ W X 27″ D X 42″ H
  • The Smooth Rubber Coating Faces Outwards For Easier Cleaning, Just Wipe Lightly With A Cloth To Get A New Look.
  • Upgrade The Stitching Process, Add Top Vents On Both Sides, Keep Your Grill Dry In Rainy Days, Allow Moisture Escape After Rain, And Protect Your Grill From Rusting.
  • Fastening Straps & Bottom Drawstring Are Added On Side To Secure The Cover In Place Even In Strong Winds.

Shinestar Upgraded Grill Cover For Weber Genesis Ii 3

JIESUO BBQ Gas Grill Cover for Weber Spirit and Spirit II ...

Reviews forSHINESTAR


  • Two Straps & Bottom Drawstring Are Added On Each Side To Secure The Cover In Place Even In Strong Winds.
  • Fits For Weber Genesis Ii 3-Burner Gas Grill, Nice For Weber Genesis 300 Series, Dimensions: 60″ W X 28″ D X 44.5″ H.
  • The Smooth Rubber Coating Faces Outwards For Easier Cleaning, Just Wipe Lightly With A Cloth To Get A New Look.
  • Pvc And Anti-Uv Coating 600D Fabric, 100% Waterproof, Will Not Fade Under Long-Term Exposure.
  • Upgrade The Stitching Process, Add Top Vents On Both Sides, Keep Your Grill Dry In Rainy Days, Allow Moisture Escape After Rain, And Protect Your Grill From Rusting.

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Weber 44010001 Spirit Ii E

Reviews forWeber


  • Grill Dimensions: Lid Open – 57″H X 48″W X 26″D. Lid Closed – 44.5″H X 48″W X 27″D. Each Cooking Grate Is 10.16 X 17.5″, For A Combined Measurement Of Approximately 20.32″ X 17.5″
  • Your Purchase Includes One WeberSpirit Ii E- 210 2-Burner Liquid Propane Grill In Black Color
  • Two Burner Grill Is Built To Fit Small Spaces, And Packed With Features Such As The Powerful Gs4 Grilling System
  • Propane Gas Grill Works With Standard 20 Lb Lp Tank.
  • Features: Porcelain-Enameled, Cast-Iron Cooking Grates, Porcelain-Enameled Lid, I grill 3 Compatible , Built-In Lid Thermometer, Fold-Down Left Side Table, Open Cart Design, Fuel Gauge, Stainless Steel Heat Deflector, Panel Frame
  • 3D Interactive Assembly Instructions For This Product Are Available Through The Free Bilt App.

Weber Spirit Grill Covers: Series Ii 200 And 300 Models

Your Spirit is an Amazing Grill.

Protect Your Investment in Grilling Excellence with a High Quality Cover!

  • The links below will take you to the correct products to purchase on Amazon.
  • Amazon purchases come with free shipping for Prime Members and for orders over $35.
  • These are all high quality covers that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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For The Spirit Of Barbecuing

Kick-start your love of gas barbecuing and taste the difference a Spirit II will make in your life. With a three burner option and exceptional features such the GS4 high performance grilling system to ensure great results, the Spirit II series is the first step to becoming a barbecue hero.

  • Spirit II E-310 Gas Barbecue 60 x 45 cm, BlackA$ 899.00
  • Spirit II E-310 Gas Barbecue 60 x 45 cm, BlackA$ 1,059.00
  • Spirit II E-320 Gas Barbecue 60 x 46 cm, BlackA$ 999.00
  • Spirit II E-320 Gas Barbecue 60 x 46 cm, BlackA$ 1,159.00

Chefun 7139 Grill Cover

Best Cover for Weber Spirit E-310 – Top 5 Product Of 2021
  • This grill cover is apt for WeberSpirit 200 and 300 grills.
  • It is made from 600D polyester fabric.
  • It has UV inhibitors.
  • Only suitable for gas grills.


Every grill cover looks similar to each other. Its their quality that differs them. Chefun grill is a great grill cover that can conceal your grill from all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

Being a light-weighted grill cover, if it were not for their TWO extra strong velcro strap, they would have been flying in the sky.

It is made from polyester, which itself is known for its durability and resistance. So, what is out there which this cover cannot inhibit? Absolutely nothing! It is dust, water, and heat resistant.

This grill cover has made itself a popular product. It is an easy to clean product just one jug of water would be able to ace the job.

If you are having any second thoughts about this grill cover, you can still have it. Chefun grill cover has a 3 years warranty so that you can live without any worries.

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Homitt Gas Grill Cover Heavy Duty Waterproof Bbq Cover

Why youll love this:

For large grills that you keep outside all year, you cant go wrong with this runner up, Homitt cover that fits most gas grills. This is a cover that you can use during the long winter and when you leave your grill sitting out during a hurricane. It offers almost all the protection that you need and is available at a low cost.

What We Didnt Like

  • Can fade faster than other covers do
  • May not properly fit some Weber grills

With a length of 48 inches, this cover wraps around your grill and touches the ground on all sides. That design can keep animals from climbing inside. It also uses a dark type of fabric that wont change colors when constantly exposed to sunlight.

Thanks to the attached straps, this cover is resistant to the wind too and wont blow away. It has straps and handles that keep it attached to your grill and make it easy to remove when needed. The cover comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee too.

Best For Traeger Grills: Traeger 34 Series Full Length Grill Cover

Traeger’s pellet-style grill/smoker combos feature a protruding hopper box and chimney, which means they require a specially made cover for the perfect fit. This form-fitted full-length option is compatible with Traeger’s popular Texas and Pro 34 grill models for full protection from harsh natural elements, like rain, sun, or snow.

It’s made of a water-resistant material that’s both thick and heavy enough to protect your grill through all seasons, ensuring your grill stays dry underneath to avoid potentially costly water damage or performance problems.

To Buy: Traeger 34 Series Full Length Grill Cover, $62 at

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Best Overall: Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

With nearly 17,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, shoppers say this is the best grill cover on the market. Made of heavyweight Gardelle woven polyester fabric, this weather-resistant option stands strong against moisture from rain and snow, and even includes air vents that minimize condensation and protect the cover from lifting off in heavy winds.

Padded handles on both sides make it easy to take off when it’s time to get dinner going, and after cooling and cleaning your grill, click-and-close straps securely keep the cover in place to combat windy weather.

This grill cover comes in nine sizes to fit a wide range of grills, and is compatible with many popular brands, including Weber, Brinkmann, Char-Broil, Jenn-Air, and more.

To Buy: Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover, from $18 at

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