Where Can I Get My Gas Grill Tank Filled

Blue Rhino Propane Tank Exchanges

How to Tell How Much Propane Is Left for Your Gas Grill – CHOW Tip

Blue Rhino has dubbed its program the Drop, Swap, and Go. You can exchange your tank or buy a new one from these locations.

Dont stress, your current tank doesnt need to be a Blue Rhino model, just be courteous and ensure its in good condition before handing it over.

Heres how you use their system:

Step One: Go to the locked cages at the front of their stores. This is where the pre-filled propane tanks live.

Step Two: Leave your tank outside the locked cages .

Step Three: Head inside the store and ask an attendant to help you out.

Step Four: He or she will hand you a filled tank from the locked cages and place your one inside.

Step Five: And thats it!

If you arent exchanging, just go straight inside to get the attendant and they will hand over the filled tank. You will pay extra for this service but it might be worth it for you.

How To Tell If You Need A Refill

There are a few ways to tell if you need to refill your propane tank. Rather than running out of propane in the middle of grilling been there, done that, – you should check your propane levels before you start cooking. You dont need to do this if you filled the tank a couple weeks ago and have only grilled a few steaks and burgers. However, if youve done a few roasts and grilled every night for a week, you will want to check.

Did you know that you will get more propane into a cylinder when the air around the tank is cooler?

Is Propane Cheaper If You Own Your Own Tank

2) It pays for itself.

Generally speaking, tanks can range in price from $100 to nearly $3,000 depending on the size of the propane tank and whether or not it is installed underground. But, purchasing a propane tank allows you to avoid rental contracts and monthly or yearly rental fees.

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How Much Does It Cost To Fill A Propane Tank For A Grill

The average cost to exchange a propane tank varies from $5.00 $6.00 a gallon. The cost to refill a propane tank varies from $3.00 $4.00 a gallon at most U-Haul propane refill locations. On average, you will be spending $1.76 less per gallon by refilling your propane tank rather than exchanging it.

Neighborhood Gas Stations That Might Refill Propane

How Can I Tell if My Propane Tank is Full?

When youre in need of a propane refill near me, many gas stations can answer the call. There are many gas stations that offer propane refills, but not all of them and not in all locations. Track one down close to you from the list below and give them a shout to see if they offer such a service. There are also many stores and big box stores that might offer this kind of service as well.

  • Esso
  • Costco

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Didnt Find What Youre Looking For Check Our Faqs

Where can I buy propane appliances?

Propane.com has shopping guides for grills and patio heaters. You can also contact your local propane supplier for suggestions in your area. Some propane suppliers offer appliance showrooms featuring everything from space and water heaters to kitchen appliances and fireplaces.

What do I do when my portable propane tank is empty?

When the propane tank you use for grilling or other outdoor appliances is empty, you can drop it off and purchase a full tank at one of thousands of tank exchanges nationwide. Youll find them everywhere from hardware and rental stores to grocers, convenience stores, and gas stations. You can also contact your local propane supplier.

Where can I find someone to service my propane appliances?

Your local propane supplier is an excellent source of information for things like propane appliance servicing and repairs. Whenever you have questions about servicing, repairing, or replacing your propane appliances, give them a call.

How To Tell If You Need To Replace Your Propane Tank

You may not realize it but your propane tank has an expiration date on it. It is between 10 and 12 years from the date of manufacture as seen on the handle of the tank near where you find the tare weight. This depends on the legislations where you live. Tanks may be re-qualified by licensed professionals this adds about five years to a tanks lifespan before it needs to be re-qualified again.


  • A propane tank that is expired, dented, or rusty should not be refilled.

  • Old/empty propane tanks will have residual propane in them and need to be disposed of at hazardous waste collection sites.

  • Do not throw old propane tanks into your household garbage or recycling.

  • This goes for the portable propane cylinders as well.

Using propane is a convenient way to power your Napoleon Grill. As part of your regular grill maintenance, inspecting and changing your grills propane tank is an important part of that. Knowing how much propane you have left is vital to avoiding the embarrassment of getting a refill in the middle of cooking. Tell us your propane stories by sharing on our social pages like Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtags #PropaneBBQ and #NapoleonGrill.

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Tips For Propane Tank Exchange

  • Pay attention to weight. Different tanks have a different empty tare weight , yet the refilled tanks are filled to a total weight. If your tank weighs more empty than the new one, you’ll be getting less gas added on the refill. If you’re exchanging a tank, look for one with the lowest tare weight, which will be listed on the tank.
  • Inspect the tank’s condition. Do not accept a tank that appears to be corroded or old, nor one that is nearing the end of its lifespan. Otherwise, you may find that the exchange site refuses to accept it on exchange the next time. Some have a policy of not accepting tanks that are more than five years old. If you bought a new grill and the threading on your old tanks doesn’t match the regulator for the new grill, you can exchange them for ones with the correct threading.
  • Buy two at a time. A pro tip is to buy two of the cheapest empty code-compliant tanks you can find and then exchange both tanks for full tanks. Now you have a spare full tank at all times and you can use one tank until it is empty before exchanging it. This will ensure that you never run out of gas while grilling.

Is Your Propane Grill Tank Cylinder Ready For The Next Fill

How to fill your own propane tank

Every portable propane grill tank cylinder has an expiration date of 12 years from original manufacturing date . At the 12-year mark, cylinders must be tested and requalified, or disposed of. As we enter grilling season, many Blossman customers are asking how to know if their propane grill tank cylinders qualify for refilling. Per regulations by the Department of Transportation, there are clear markings to help people know if their cylinders are qualified, safe for residential and recreational use.

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National Chains That Offer Rv Propane Refilling Services

Okay, if you are only looking to fill your camping bottles, you need to do it yourself. There are plenty of instructions online showing you exactly how to refill your 1 pound camping propane cylinders etc.

You can even find printable step-by-step instructions if you need a hard copy.

However, if you are looking for places to refill other portable propane tank sizes, you are in the right place. Lets get into the details, shall we?

RV Propane Tanks

Where Can I Find A Propane Refill Near Me Location

Most gas stations will have a propane refill station, but be careful because not all of them will! There are many big names that will have a separate section on their lot for propane, often tucked in the back or on the side. A lot of times even a convenience store or box store will have one too. Check out the map to see what comes up in your area.

Not usually. Due to many safety regulations, especially in Canada, USA, UK and Australia , the store owner will likely need to do the refill for you. That way they can make sure the gas is handled properly and you dont accidently overfill your tank. It might seem like an inconvenience when your grill fires out and youre in a hurry, but its best for everyone. Its simply due to the complex compound structure of propane that you dont often get to handle it on your own especially within someone elses business!

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What To Know When Filling Your Propane Tank

Depending on if you have just a standard 20-pound tank to fill or an RV most stations fill your cylinder by the pound, not weight. Also, some locations have a set charge even if your propane tank is half full. So make sure you call a tank specialist at a number provided on our map. So use the gas tank to near-empty otherwise you may pay the same rate. Home Depot, Costco, Uhaul, Walmart, Ace Hardware offer some of the cheapest rates, but some local companies may even be cheaper than major stores nearby.

Find directions, phone numbers, and even reviews of propane tank stations below. If you need a tank exchange, Blue Rhino is a great place.

What The Cylinder Markings Mean

How to Tell How Much Propane Is Left for Your Gas Grill ...
  • Heres a key to understanding the original date or requalification markings on your cylinder:
  • A date without a letter indicates the next requalification must be within 12 years.
  • The letter S following the date indicates the cylinder must be requalified within seven years of the marked date.
  • The letter E following the date indicates that requalification is required again within five years of the marked date.
  • No date? A date past one of the guidelines above? Take this cylinder to your propane provider and get your cylinder recertified or get a new one.

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We Can Fill Your Propane Tanks For You

Whether its getting your grill ready for some barbecue, preparing your camper for an adventure, or just making sure your propane heater never runs low, our certified associates can properly and safely fill all of your legally refillable propane bottles. Our professionals can perform your propane filling while you shop, so you can get back to the grill as soon as possible! Why not grab some extra grilling accessories while you wait as well? And if you need a little more, Ace also sells new propane tanks of various sizes.

Whether you are refilling an old propane tank or purchasing a new one we have the product that is right for you.

If you are looking for an affordable and convenient place that will refill propane tanks, then look no further than your local Ace Hardware in Colorado Springs. We are honored to be the most reliable propane refill source in Colorado Springs.

Ace Colorado Springs is committed to supplying Colorado Springs, CO residents with the best propane tanks and refill options in the area. Whether you need a propane tank filled or are looking for a new one, our propane experts can help you find the best tank for your needs.

We refill tanks from 5 lbs to 100 lbs. We will even fill them for you while you shop.

Needing a new propane tank? We also sell brand new tanks and can fill them for you on site while you continue shopping. Make sure to get a spare tank for your grill or heater so you arent stranded when your current tank runs dry.

How To Safely Remove A Propane Cylinder From Your Propane Grill

Posted: June 25, 2018

Well, July 4th is coming up, which means many of you will be doing lots of grilling in the coming weeks. At some point, you will have to exchange your propane tank or refill it just make sure you do it safely!

Heres a step-by-step guide to safely removing and replacing the propane gas cylinder on your propane grill:

  • Make sure your propane grill is turned off.
  • Find your propane cylinder it may be behind a door .
  • There are two basic parts of your grill that you will need to be concerned with: the propane cylinders tank valve and the pressure regulator from the barbecue .
  • Before you disconnect the pressure regulator, close the tank valve .
  • Once the valve is shut, twist off the threaded pressure regulator.
  • Remove the tank .
  • When transporting your tank, put it in a secure, well-ventilated location in your vehicle. Place it upright and take it directly to the refilling location. Do not leave the tank unaccompanied in the vehicle.
  • Reverse the process to reconnect your propane tank, making sure the tank valve is closed when reconnecting the pressure regulator. Replacement propane cylinders often come with a plastic safety cap over the tank valve assembly simply remove this.

    Be sure to check your tank for leaks after reconnecting your tank heres a video from the National Fire Protection Association with some tips for how to do that.

  • Thats it happy grilling!

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    Get More With Long’s Gas

    At Longs, we fill your gas grill tank to the full 20 pounds of propane for which your tank was designed. You do NOT get a full 20 pounds when you take it to an exchange center. In a propane tank exchange, they only put 15 lbs. in your tank

    • We fill your cylinder by weight so you only pay for the gas we dispense into the tank
    • We will take the cylinder from your vehicle, refill it, and place it back into the vehicle
    • We fill YOUR cylinder while you wait .
    • We will inspect your tank for any safety issues
    • We offer easy drive up access
    • We fill all sizes of propane cylinders

    If your tank is out of date we can requalify the cylinder, or we can dispose of the cylinder for you

    The Cons Of Propane Tank Exchanges

    Refilling Propane Tanks at Home

    The bad side? Well, you dont get any extra credit for your unused propane in your current tank. The exchange price will stay the same regardless of whether you have half a tank left or not.

    Yep, we dont think this is fair but, were not the ones running the show!

    Anyway, lets get into the specific tank exchanges that you might want to take part in.

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    How Can I Tell How Old My Propane Tank Is

    At first glance it might seem difficult to determine when your gas grill tank is reaching its expiration date. But a little knowledge and some examination reveals a consistent way to determine your tanks age.

    Every propane tank manufactured has a series of numbers stamped on its collar, or the handle area near the top of the tank. It includes the original production date in a month-year format.

    For instance, a tank produced in June of 2017 will have the date 06-17 stamped on the collar. Additional letters and numbers provide more information about the tank. An E at the end of the date stamp means the tank has been recertified for use, while the numbers that follow the letters TW indicate the tanks empty, or tare weight.

    What Is A Blue Flame Propane Heater

    Unlike the radiant heaters, most of us are used to, blue flame propane heaters dont use electromagnetic radiation to heat the objects in their path directly.

    What is a blue flame propane heater? The blue flame heaters deliver a constant warmth that heats the air in your room, first warming the wall where it is installed and then moving across the ceiling and the entire room. blue flame heaters gradually heat the room to your chosen temperature.

    A clean-burning blue flame heater uses convection to circulate the warm air around your living space. Blue flame heaters heat the air instead of directly heating the objects in the room, so they are great to place in insulated areas.

    The slow heat build is not as quickly felt as the radiant heaters, but they eventually heat an insulated space to a consistent temperature over time.

    Blue flame heaters offer more precise heating control than the radiant propane heaters and generally are less invasive than the radiant type.

    Radiant heaters have been known to fade furniture over time, which blue flames will not do. The downside of using the blue heaters in more insulated settings is that it is not ideal for those with sensitivities to propane or suffering from allergies.

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    Ace Hardware Propane Filling Stations

    Ace Hardware sites tend to offer both propane refilling and tank exchanging facilities. You can find them by using their Ace Hardware Store Locator online. Just enter your city, state, or zip code to get started.

    Once youve found a store close by, click on it. Then, head down to the Store Services subheading. Here, you will find the type of services they offer. If you see a propane symbol, then youre good to go.

    Tips For Refilling Propane Tanks

    • Note tank expiration dates. Some refill stations refuse to refill tanks that are over a specified age limit, some older than five years. Be sure to note when your tank will expire.
    • You can get an older tank recertified to extend its lifespan if it is in good condition, but you will have to search for a recertification site in your area. You may also be able to exchange it for a newer one at some home improvement stores or other locations, though there may be a fee for this service.

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